Protectors & Destroyers ft Naagin – Episode 3

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Episode 3

Scene 1

Yamini is awestruck seeing the beauty of Naaglok. 

Yamini: The daily worship of mine has brought me here. 

She sees Sesha going to a temple.

Yamini: That may be the main temple. I’ll go there and get dharshan.

She comes there.

Sesha goes to temple and sees Maanyata.

Sesha: Ma…

Maanyata: Sesha, are you fine? Where is Shivanya?

Sesha: I’m fine and didi must be here only. Why are you so worried?

Maanyata: Sesha, I met your father’s mistress.

Sesha gets shocked.

Sesha: What???

Maanyata tells her about the challenge.

Sesha: How can she think like this? She made your and dad’s life hell. Because of that guilt, dad died. We need to find that heir and tell Shivanya to be careful.

They both see Yamini standing there and Yamini listens to everything.

Yamini: Please don’t get angry with me. I’ve been a big devotee of snakes since childhood. I’m the queen of Krishnagiri. My family’s ancestors had a great relation with Naaglok snakes.

Maanyata remembers her father telling stories of his friend, king of Krishnagiri.

Maanyata: Are you the daughter of Raja Pallavan?

Yamini: Yes, he is my father. After marriage, I took over the throne as my father didn’t have sons. 

Maanyata smiles and hugs her.

Maanyata: Yamini, I’m Maanyata. Do you remember the days we spent together in our childhood?

Yamini then remembers once she came to Naaglok with her father and met Maanyata and played with her.

Yamini: Maanyata, it’s been many years.

Maanyata: Yes, finally we met each other. How did you come here?

Yamini looks at Sesha and tells them that she followed her.

Maanyata: She is my younger daughter, Sesha. My elder daughter is Shivanya, she is going to become naagrani on naag panchami.

Sesha greets her. Yamini hugs her.

Yamini: What about your husband?

Maanyata tells her that he died.

Yamini: Did he had some other woman in his life?

Maanyata then tells her about Sumitra and her son.

Yamini: I know this Sumitra. She is my best friend. She was a princess and queen.

Maanyata: Yamini, then tell her to stop this drama.

Yamini: Maanyata, you are wrong. She is a nice woman. She always feels guilty for abandoning her son here.

Maanyata: Yamini, please stop praising her. Will you be on my side or hers?

Yamini gets confused.

Yamini: I don’t know what to do? Both of my friends are on opposite sides.

Maanyata: Choice is yours.

Yamini: Shall I think and say?

Maanyata: Sure.

Yamini: I’ll come tomorrow and will tell you.

Maanyata: Ok.

Yamini: I’m leaving now.

Maanyata: Fine, Sesha takes her to the exit place.

Sesha: Ok ma.

Sesha takes Yamini and goes near the cave. Yamini sees her car punctured.

Sesha: What happened?

Yamini tells her.

Yamini: Sesha thanks for leaving me here. You can go. I’ll call my sons.

Sesha: No, I’ll wait here. This place is a bit dangerous.

Yamini smiles and calls Rithik but he is unreachable. So, she calls Rocky. But his P.A attends and he informs her that Rocky will come to pick her.

Rocky is shown as a great businessman and little business minded person.

P.A: Sir, Yamini mam has called and asked you to pick her.

Rocky: Where is ma?

P.A: She shared the location. 

Rocky: Ok, I’ll leave now.

P.A: Sir, do you want to go? We can send drivers.

Rocky: She is my ma. I need to be there for her. 

Just then he receives a mail quoting for naagmani.

Rocky: Sunny (P.A Name), do you know anything about Naagmani?

P.A: No sir, my grandmother used to tell me about an old naagin’s story about protecting naagmani and I watched films regarding this.

Rocky: Is this true?

P.A: I don’t think it is true.

Rocky: Ok, get the details about it. I’ll go and come back.

He goes to the location. Yamini sees Sesha and ask her to change her clothes because Rocky may get a doubt.

Sesha changes to a normal girl’s clothes. Rocky comes there and gets down. Rocky sees Sesha and stands still. Sesha too sees him and gets some flashes like they are both being together.

Sesha: Is he your son?

Yamini: My younger son Rocky.

Rocky comes and hugs Yamini.

Rocky: Ma, why did you come to a place like this? This is not safe.

Sesha: This place is more safe than your place.

Yamini signs Sesha to no. She becomes quiet. 

Rocky: Who is this ma?

Yamini: She is my friend’s daughter, Sesha

Rocky and Sesha shake hands and Yamini leaves with Rocky.

Sesha: Why did I feel some strange feelings when I saw him and during the handshake. Do we have any connection?

Just then Bela comes there.

Sesha: Bela?

Bela: Sesha, what are you doing here?

Sesha: I need to ask you that? What are you doing here? Why do you look so tense?

Bela: Vish is missing.

Sesha: Where will she go?

Bela: I don’t know, but she has been missing for a long time.

Sesha: Ok come, let’s go and search for her.

They both leave…

Scene 2

Vrushali sits sad thinking of the happenings. 

Dev: Ma…

Vrushali wipes her tears.

Dev: I know you are sad thinking of Veer’s words.

Vrushali: He thinks that I made his mom to die but the reality is she snatched my place and made me suffer. I don’t know who poisoned him against me. 

Dev: Ma, leave it. He’ll become better. I’ll talk with Bani, she’ll correct him. You don’t worry. I’m leaving for the office now.

Vrushali thinks that she loves Veer as his own son and she wants a good bahu like Brinda and not Bani. She thinks about how to get rid of her.

Meanwhile, Brinda and Bani are having a chat by walking through the palace corridors. Brinda’s heart skips for a second when they cross a hall. 

Brinda: Bani, did you feel anything?

Bani: No why?

Brinda: Everytime when I come here, I feel something strange. I tried to enter this room but papa stopped.

Bani: Then come, today we’ll enter. Papa is not at home.

Brinda: But Bani…

Bani: Come didi….

They both open the door and go in. They both get shocked to see a naagin idol (looks like Maanyata), a shiv idol, a box which has half part of naagmani. They both are astonished to see that.

Bani: Didi, this naagin idol looks so beautiful. 

Brinda: Bani, look at this stone. It’s like a diamond.

Bani: Didi, look at that.

They both look at that photo and get shocked as it has a picture of Maanyata, Keshav, Shivanya and Sesha.

Brinda: Who are they?

Bani: Definitely we are not that kids. But what are they doing with our papa?

Brinda then finds the idol is Maanyata.

Bani: Yes they both look similar. 

Brinda: She is naagin Bani.

Bani: We need to ask papa.

Brinda: Not now, he won’t tell us anything. We need to find out.

Bani: But how?

Brinda: Call Veer and ask him to come here soon along with Dev. They’ll help us.

Bani nods and goes to call. Brinda sees the pic and goes out…

Scene 3

Rithik gets shocked seeing full of snakes crawling and them taking human forms. The snakes too see him and find that he is a human. One snake comes to bite him by taking its huge form.

Rithik: Please don’t kill me. I came here by mistake. 

But the snake lifts him in its tail and throws him. Shivanya comes and holds him with his tail. He is hell shocked to see her form.

Shivanya brings him down.

Shivanya: He is my guest only. I will send him back, don’t worry.

Snake: Ok Maharani. We are sorry to hurt him. 

The snakes go.

Shivanya comes to her original form. Rithik faints. Shivanya brings him slowly to the pond and sprinkles water on him.

Rithik: Who are you? What is this place?

Shivanya: Relax, this is naglok and I’m going to become naagrani.

Rithik: What? Are these things true? Don’t make fun of me. Is this any movie shooting?

Shivanya: Shut up, this is naaglok. So only I told you to leave. 

Rithik: I was leaving but I forgot the entrance.

Shivanya: Wait, how did you come here?

Rithik: By following a woman.

Shivanya: A woman? Who is it?

Rithik sees Swara going and shows her.

Shivanya: Swara ma? Did she go out?

Rithik: I followed her. 

Shivanya: Could you tell me where she was coming from?

Rithik: Above this place, there is a forest and the current king resides in their palace. Actually, that is a village in the forest.

Shivanya thinks about why Swara is going out.

Rithik: What are you thinking?

Shivanya: Nothing, you come with me.

She holds his hand and he feels happy and smiles. She brings him to the cave’s entrance and asks him to go. He sees her and leaves. Shivanya too sees him and feels why she feels sad for him leaving.

Scene 4

Bela and Sesha are in search of Vish.

Bela: I feel that Vish is in trouble.

Sesha: Bela, nothing will happen to her. You search here, I’ll go and inform didi.

Bela: Ok.

Sesha leaves. Bela continues to search for Vish. She sees Mahir in the same place.

Bela: You didn’t leave still?

Mahir: My mother hasn’t come yet. So, I thought of coming here hoping that I will meet you.

Mahir slowly comes near her and she feels shy.

Bela: I’m in a hurry, let’s meet on some other day.

Mahir: Why do you look so tense?

Bela: My sister is missing and I’m in search of her.

Mahir: I’ll also help you.

Bela: No, you be here, I’ll manage.

She leaves, Mahir feels weird and follows her. 

Meanwhile, Vish and Vikrant are in a cozy state. Vikrant wakes up and finds Vish bleeding. He sees eagles in the sky and gets shocked. He then realizes that they came to the restricted place. He worries about what to do. He ties the cloth in her bleeding and lifts her up and brings her to the temple. He is restless and cries. No one is present there. He then realizes that he loves Vish a lot and he can’t live without her. Sesha comes there calling Shivanya and finds Vikrant and Vish there.

Vikrant: Sesha, thank god you came. Treat her, she is in critical condition. Eagles injured her.

Sesha sees her and treats immediately.

Sesha: Now she is out of danger. Where were you both? Bela was searching for Vish the whole day.

Vikrant gets nervous…

Shivanya and Maanyata come there. They get to know about Vish’s injury.

Shivanya: Sesha, ask someone to inform Bela that Vish is safe with us now.

Shivanya orders some naagins to shift Vish to the palace.

Shivanya sees Vikrant and gets suspicious.

Shivanya: Vikrant, why did you both go to that restricted place?

Vikrant: No, we didn’t go.

Shivanya: Don’t lie to me. Eagles won’t come here. They’ll only be in that place.

Vikrant sees Maanyata and Shivanya ask her to leave. She goes.

Vikrant: Shivanya, we both are in love. So we went there to spend some time.

Shivanya: Act responsibly Vikrant. You could have been here. See now what happened?

Vikrant: I’m sorry.

Vikrant leaves, Shivanya still feels suspicious about him.

She strongly feels that there is something wrong with him.

Sesha comes and finds Bela. She informs her everything. Bela worries for her and they both tend to go. Suddenly, Bela asks Sesha to go first and she turns to find Mahir hiding.

Bela: Come out, I noticed you.

Mahir: No, actually…

Just then Sumitra comes there.

Sumitra: Mahir, can we leave?

Bela and Sumitra see each other.

Sumitra: Who is she?

Mahir: Ma, she is…

Sumitra sees Bela’s clothes and identifies that she is a naagin. So she thinks to befriend her.

Sumitra sees Mahir blushing and thinks to unite them so that she can achieve her mission easily.

Sumitra: Why is she nervous?

Mahir: Ma, her sister was missing and only now she found her.

Bela: Actually, my sister is in love with someone and she was with him. 

Sumitra: Don’t you like their relationship?

Bela: No, I feel bad about him. He doesn’t have anyone and he always wants the throne which is not possible. He also poisons my sister’s mind.

Mahir: What throne?

Bela realizes that she blurted out and worries. Sumitra handles the situation.

Sumitra: What is his name?

Bela: Vikrant. He also has this same shaped mole in his hand.

Bela points out at her hand.

Sumitra then remembers her past where she and Adisesha were in love and she suggests this name for their baby and also about the mole and realizes that he is her son and gets emotional.

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Shivanya, Sesha, Brinda and Bani come to know about Maanyata and Keshav relationship. The family gets united…

Sumitra meets Vikrant and tells him everything…

Bani makes Veer accept Vrushali making her happy and she accepts Bani…

Rithik informs Yamini about everything and he asks her to unite him with Shivanya…

Rocky – Sesha meet again…

Bela, Vish and Vikrant go to Sumitra’s house…

  1. Amazing episode dear 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Amazing episode so yamini is manyata and Sumatra’s friend who will she choose when shesha and rocky handshake they got some flashes is there was something in past or may be they took rebirth o so vrushali truly loves veer I had doubt about it but now it’s clear she think that bani is not perfect but she will accept her soon so finally briba found about their mother and sisters ritik was hell shocked to know that they are no human but also he was smiling was cute behir blush was cute too so finally sumitra knows that her son is vikrant and he too realise his love for vish before realising he was just using her for throne precap is interesting waiting fir next episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    Yamini tells manyata that sumitra is actually it true?why did manyata say that her hus died shocking?shocking that vrushali is not veer’s mom n that’s why he hates her.who is veer’s real mom who has snatched vrushali’s place?why does she feel that bani is not good?oh ritik doesn’t believe that its a naaglok.wonder what will make him see the truth.good that the sisters saw the other sisters pic.hope they will reach the truth.vish bleeding was shocking.but glad that vikrant realized that he can’t live without that sumitra realized that vikrant is her son whats her next step?how is sumitra going to use bela?Rocky shesha scene was nice.whats the connection between them?

  4. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Yamini meeting Manyata and befriending her was nice. Surprising that both are childhood friends. Yamini supporting both Sumitra and Manyata was good. Shesha’s protectiveness towards Yamini was nice. Surprising that Rocky is going to make business deal with Naagmani. B

    1. Shesha485

      Bela and Mahir scenes are nice. Shivanya saving Rithik and sending him safe was amazing. Dev apologizing Vrushali for Veer behavior was good. Wonder who is Veer’s mom. Wonder what is the connection of Rocky and Shesha. Vikrant slowly falls for Vishaka… Good. Brinda and Bani finding about Manyata and others was interesting. Exciting precap.

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