Protectors & Destroyers ft Naagin – Episode 2

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Episode 2

Scene 1

Vrushali with her family comes to Brinda’s mansion. Dev joins them.

Bani and Keshav welcome them.

Vrushali: Dev, where is Veer?

Dev: Ma, he is here only. Don’t worry.

Vrushali then blesses and wishes Bani. She takes Vrushali to Brinda. Vrushali blesses her.

Vrushali: Happy Birthday Brinda. You will be in our home as our bahu for your next birthday.

Brinda blushes. Bani teases her.

Vrushali: Bani, don’t tease my bahu much. We will soon fix a relationship for you too.

Brinda whispers in Bani’s ears.

Brinda: Bani, shall I say that you are her young bahu.

Bani: Didi, shut up.

Vrushali: What are you both murmuring?

Brinda: Nothing ma.

Bani: Come, we’ll go to the hall. Everyone is waiting.

Vrushali takes both Bani and Brinda to the hall.

Keshav sees his both daughters and gets emotional. He thinks of Maanyata.

Keshav gives gifts to both Bani and Brinda. Vrushali too gifts them both. 

Bani looks for Veer and asks Dev about him.

Dev: I don’t know where he went. This boy is disappearing everytime.

Just then, somebody sings Tum hi ho!!!

Everyone sees it as Veer.

Veer sings the song which surprises Bani. Brinda teases her. 

After completing the song, he comes to Bani…

Veer: Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl. Thank you for coming into my life and making it a wonderful place to live in. Will you be on my remaining journey too?

Veer shows her ring and asks for her hand.

Brinda and Dev get happy and ask Bani to persuade. Keshav, Vrushali and the family are kind of shocked and surprised.

Vrushali: Veer, what is all this drama?

Veer doesn’t respond.

Vrushali: I’m asking you only, Veer.

Veer: Oh, stop it. I’m not your son to question me. You don’t have any rights on me. Just stay away from me.

Dev: Veer, she is our mother.

Veer: She is your mother, not mine.

Dev gets angry, Vrushali holds him and nods no.

Keshav: Bani???

Brinda: Papa, Bani and Veer both love each other. They both were in love long before.

Keshav: Is it true Bani?

Bani: Yes papa.

Keshav gets shocked.

Keshav: This can’t happen.

Brinda: Why? 

Keshav: Bani, I’m sorry. I have given a vow to Jai already.

Bani: Who is Jai?

Keshav: He is the prince of Devgiri.

Bani and Veer are shocked.

Bani: Papa, this can’t happen. I love Veer and I’ll marry him only. Veer, put the ring on my finger.

Veer then puts on the ring and they both hug.

Vrushali thinks that Bani is arrogant and fears that she will make the distance between her and Veer a big one and worries.

Keshav: Bani, do you realize what you have done now?

Bani: Papa, I’m sorry. But I love Veer. I can’t live without him.

Veer: Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll talk with Jai and convince him. Is it ok for you if he agrees for our marriage.

Keshav nods.

Veer: Then, don’t worry. It’s my responsibility.

He plays music and asks Dev-Brinda to dance and he also dances with Bani.

Scene 2

Shivanya and Rithik are shown. After kissing Shivanya, she pushes him away.

Shivanya: What are you doing?

Rithik: I’m sorry, but I love you.

Shivanya: Stop this rubbish.

Rithik: This is not rubbish.

Shivanya: Please leave from here. Do you know who I am?

Rithik: Who? Which place is this? This place looks so beautiful like you.

Shivanya: Stop your nonsense talks and leave from here.

Rithik: Why are you forcing me to leave?

Shivanya: Because this is…

She stops realizing that she is about to tell him that it is Naaglok.

Rithik: Because…

Shivanya: Why should I answer you? Just go from here.

She leaves, Rithik holds her hand and drags her towards him and looks into her eyes. They both have an eyelock.

After some time, she frees herself and pleads him to go. Then she leaves.

Rithik: Who is she? Why is she behaving like this? Where am I? How to go from here?

Rithik gets lost and thinks where to go and sees a cave. He thinks it is the way and goes through it. He gets shocked seeing the other end.

Scene 3

Sumitra walks restlessly across the hall in her home.

Sumitra: One of my mistake is making me worse day by day. But I can’t leave my child alone.

Just then a boy comes and calls her as ma. She turns back and sees it as Mahir.

Sumitra: Mahir….

Mahir: Ma, why are you restless? Is there any problem?

Sumitra (in her heart): How Could I tell you that your mom is a characterless girl who lost herself to someone’s betrayal.

Mahir: Ma, why are you silent?

Sumitra: Nothing Mahir, I need to go to a temple. So, I was just thinking about it.

Mahir: Ok ma, I’ll drop you.

Sumitra gets shocked.

Sumitra: No need Mahir, you carry on.

Mahir: Ma, come I’ll drop.

Sumitra goes with him reluctantly.

Mahir and Sumitra come to a jungle. Sumitra asks him to stop the car.

Sumitra: Mahir, you be here in the car. I’ll finish the pooja and come back. But don’t go anywhere. This is a risky place.

Mahir: But why can’t I come to the temple.

Sumitra: You can’t come Mahir. Stay here.

Mahir stays in the car and Sumitra goes near the rock.

Meanwhile Yamini calls Sumitra but she left her phone in the car. So Mahir answers the call.

Mahir: Hi aunty.

Yamini: Mahir, is Sumitra not there?

Mahir: Aunty, we came to a temple near Vedagiri forest. She went inside and I’m staying in the car. She left her phone here.

Yamini thinks that she went to meet her son in naaglok.

Yamini: Ok Mahir, I’ll call her later.

She hangs up the call and decides to go there.

Scene 4

Sumitra comes inside the naaglok and sees the palace.

Sumitra: This is Adisesha’s palace, my son should be living here but don’t know where he is.

She sees Maanyata but both of them don’t know about each other.

Maanyata comes to her.

Maanyata: Who are you? You look new here.

Sumitra: Yes, I’m not from here but I do have relations here.

Maanyata: Really?

Sumitra: Yes, I have come here in search of my long lost son.

Maanyata: What’s his name?

Sumitra: I don’t know.

Maanyata: What? You don’t even know your son’s name?

Sumitra: Actually, I loved a man from your place not knowing that he is a naag. One day we united and he was born as a result. After knowing the truth, I left them both and went to my world.

Maanyata is shocked.

Maanyata: Is he Adishesha?

Sumitra is shocked.

Sumitra: Yes, how do you know him?

Maanyata: He was my husband. 

Sumitra is shocked.

Sumitra: Where is he? I need to meet my son.

Maanyata: Relax, he died.

Sumitra: What? But you have kept sindhoor.

Maanyata then realizes that she is leaving to meet Keshav and he always wishes to see her as suhang. So, she kept sindhoor and wore mangalsutra.

Maanyata: That came accidently.

Sumitra thinks that she is doing something fishy.

Sumitra: Ok, atleast tell me about my son.

Maanyata: We are all searching for him only. We don’t know where he is. 

Sumitra: How is this possible?

Maanyata: You need to believe me.

Sumitra: I can’t believe you. You desperately made him go away so that your daughters can rule this world. That won’t happen for sure. I’ll make my son the king of this place.

Maanyata gets angry.

Maanyata: Shivanya is the one who is born for the throne. Just go away from here. Till I’m here, no one can do anything to my daughter.

Sumitra: Let’s see, I’ll make my son as the ruler on naag panchami.

Maanyata: That’s a challenge, try it if possible.

Maanyata goes angrily. Sumitra thinks to search him and goes near a lake.

Meanwhile, Mahir goes out and sees a pond. He goes near it and sees a beautiful girl dancing. She is Bela. She dances in a fury and slips. Mahir holds her. They both have an eyelock.

Bela: Who are you?

Mahir: I’m Mahir.

Bela: Will you leave me from your clutches?

Mahir: Should I really need to leave you?

Bela smiles and says yes.

Mahir: What are you doing here?

Bela: This is my place. What are you doing here?

Mahir: I came with my mother. She went to a temple.

Bela: Temple? Here?

Mahir: Yes, why?

Bela: What’s your mother’s name?

Mahir: Sumitra.

Bela thinks that she has heard this name before. She feels something wrong has happened in naaglok and decides to go there.

Bela: I need to leave now.

Mahir: Shall I come tomorrow also?

Bela smiles and says yes and goes. Mahir blushes!!!

Bela goes to naaglok and searches for Vishaka.

Bela: Where did this girl go? Ok, I’ll meet Shivanya first.

Meanwhile, Vish and Vikrant are seen in a mountain together.

Vish: Vikrant, didi will be searching for me and I need to be there guarding.

Vikrant: You always think about Shivanya and the safety of this place. Don’t you think, you should become the queen.

Vish: Vikrant, we had a lot of these discussions already. Stop talking about this.

Vikrant: Ok fine, leave it. The weather is cool.

Vish: Yes, romantic climate.

Vikrant comes near her.

Vish: No, Vikrant stay there.

Vikrant: I can’t.

He slowly comes near her and they both get intimate!!!

Scene 5

Maanyata comes to a secluded place and meets Keshav.

They both hug.

Maanyata: I miss you.

Keshav: I too miss you. But why do you look dull?

Maanyata tells him about Sumitra’s challenge.

Keshav: Maanyata, don’t worry. I’m there, I accepted you with both Shivanya and Sesha. They are my daughters too. I will be there for them as their father.

Maanyata gets emotional and hugs him.

Maanyata: Thank you Keshav.

Keshav wipes her tears.

Keshav: Today is your daughters birthday, you should not cry.

Maanyata: Fine, show me their birthday pics and tell me what all happened.

Keshav tells her about Bani and Veer.

Maanyata: Keshav, if they love then accept that.

Keshav: How can I accept? What will I tell Jai.

Maanyata: Leave it, Veer will take care. I wish I could handle all these things.

Keshav: Even now, you can come there.

Maanyata: Now I can’t come leaving Sumitra’s challenge. I’ll come there once I find that heir and make him accept Shivanya as the queen. Then we’ll stay as a family there.

Keshav: I’m waiting for that.

Maanyata lies on his shoulders. Sumitra sees this and smirks. 

Sumitra (to herself): You are hiding your dirty face from your daughters. I’ll make them aware of it and will make you go out.

Meanwhile, Yamini comes to that forest and thinks in which direction to go. She then sees Sesha shifting into the snake and going in. She gets shocked and follows her inside. Yamini goes into naaglok and is astonished to see the beauty.

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: Yamini meets Sesha and Maanyata and comes to know about Shivanya… Vrushali thinks about how to get rid of Bani… Brinda and Bani see Keshav, Maanyata with young Shivanya and Sesha pic and get shocked… Rithik gets trapped in a cave and Shivanya rescues him… Rocky Sesha meet… Mahir – Bela meets Sumitra… Vish gets injured and Vikrant realizes that he loves her so much… Sumitra comes to know that Vikrant is her son…

  1. The chapter is fabulous…Like ur skills and all ff’s. Pls update Angles ans suitors also when you get time……..

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks. Angels and Suitors will be updated once Supriya gets fine.

    2. Okay .No worries….

  2. Shesha485

    Amazing episode. It is interesting to see Sumitra and Manyata having a challenge. Mahir and Bela meeting each other and their conversation was sweet. Rivanya’s argument was interesting… Love at first sight works well for our Rithik… Vrushali blessing Brinda and having a lovely bond was amazing. In the show, both are loggerheads so it is like a positive relief. Shocking that Keshav has promised Jai that Bani would marry him. Veeranshu proposing Bani was romantic. Sad that Vrushali misunderstood Bani. Shocking that Veer is hating his mother. Good that Dev took a stand for Vrushali. Vishaka and Vikrant scenes are nice. Manyata Keshav conversation was emotional and interesting.

    1. Shesha485

      Take care… Will be praying for your recovery.

    2. Supriya_r

      Thank you so much.

  3. Mahitha

    This chapter is superb
    Pls update Angel’s and suitors , siblings, string of love also

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks. Other ff’s will be updated once Supriya gets fine.

  4. Awesome episode dear 💓💓

  5. Interesting episode veer proposed bani was nice why vrushali has problem with bani when she excepted brinda rivanya and bahut movmement was cute and this sumitra she herself left her son and now finding him not for love but for her disire to made her son king evil sumitra waiting for next episode

  6. Jasminerahul

    Take care Supriya.Praying for your health.
    Surprised to see vrushali so good with brinda as in the show she wasn’t.veer proposing bani was romantic. Sad n shocking that keshav wants her to marry Jay n vrushali fears that bani will separate veer from the family.why does veer hate vrushali?.ritik doesn’t know that its a naaglok n is there any reason why shivanya is hiding about naaglok from ritik?now ritik is shocked to see the place.did he know the truth?is vikrant trying to create a distance between vish n shivanya?their consummation was unexpected. Sumitra manyata’s bitter encounter was shocking.hope manyata wins.manyata keshav scene was emotional. Bela dancing n falling in mahir’s arms n sharing eye lock with mahir was romantic.

    1. Supriya_r

      Vrushali is not his own mom. The back story will be revealed later. Yeah, Virkant is trying to make Vish against Shivanya

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