Prithvi Vallabh 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal invites Prithvi for royal dinner, Satyashrah attempts to kill Prithvi, Bhoj and Rasniti

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Prithvi Vallabh 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mrinal asks Prithvi to gift his family members’ head to her and says then she will marry him. Prithvi says this is your disturbed heart’s demand and says your proposal don’t have enmity, but worry. He tells that why Praja shall pay for the kingdom’s enmity. He says if you wanted then you could have killed me, but you didn’t do anything. Mrinal asks him to get himself tested by a doctor. She says I will kill you in the battle field infront of your people. Prithvi says so I am safe in Malwa. Mrinal says you have many enemies here and I am not responsible if anything happens to you. Prithvi says I will leave, but I have a small request. He asks her to permit him to stay here till Diwali. Mrinal turns to go. Prithvi says I will wait for your approval.

Bhoj tells prithvi that Mrinal will not agree. Prithvi says it is not easy to heal deep wounds. Rasniti comes and asks Bhoj not to worry. Prithvi asks did you do my work. Bhoj says yes and asks whose idol he wants to make. Prithvi hopes Mrinal let them stay here. Mrinal tells Tailap that Prithvi will stay here for Diwali. Tailap says Diwali here, don’t you think this is wrong. Guru Aditya says what is wrong in this. Tailap says we haven’t celebrated Diwali since years and says we can’t bend our rules. He says it would have been better if we had done war and killed him. He says I don’t know why you agree for him and says when I asked you to accept their friendship. Mrinal says you have the right to know, she says she has one reason to accept his request and says she wants to know what is Prithvi Vallabh’s intentions and his friendship message. Tailap says I think we shall forgive him, he is our enemy, but never showed enmity. Guru Aditya says I am happy to see your changed thought. He says Manyakheta’s decision is good and I appreciate your decision.

Mrinal comes to Prithvi’s tent and says we have accepted your wish, you can stay here till Diwali. She invites him for dinner and says you are guest of Manyakheta. She says until you are here, you are our guest, we shall keep the past far. Prithvi thanks her. Satyashrah says it is a conspiracy. Tailap asks what is that conspiracy? Satyashrah says I couldn’t understand why Prithvi came here with marriage proposal and friendship. Tailap says you are a kid and asks him not to worry. He tells that Prithvi don’t believe in war and is known for peace. Satyashrah asks do you want to have friendship with Malwa. Tailap gets angry and reminds him that he is his father, and says good king sees all perspectives before taking a decision. Satyashrah is angry. Sulochana thanks Mrinal for inviting Prithvi and others and says this will begin friendship. Mrinal says this is not friendship, but need of hour for humanity sake. Sulochana says diwali will be celebrated after many years and says she will make arrangements for dinner. Mrinal recalls Singhdant killing her family members.

Sulochana tastes the food and says it is safe. Mrinal tells Bhilamp Raj that she wants to talk to him. Satyashrah talks to some men and asks if they talked to Bilal. He says poisonous food shall be served to Malwa guests. Mrinal tells Bheem Raj that he shall return to south. Prithvi and others come there. He says to Mrinal that he hopes that manyakheta and Malwa shall become friends. Bhoj and Vilas look at each other. Vilas smiles seeing him. She comes to Prithvi and asks are you Prithvi Vallabh. Prithvi says yes. Bhoj greets Mrinal. Prithvi asks about Vilas. Mrinal says she is Bhilamp Raj’s daughter. Prithvi says I am happy to meet you. Guru Aditya comes and says we have organized this dinner for Malwa’s king honor. He welcomes King Prithvi Vallabh. Vikram gets angry. Prithvi thanks Guru Aditya, Mrinal, Tailap raj and others. He requests Mrinal that he wants to make idol here. Mrinal is surprised and asks everyone to have food which will be served soon.

Mausi and Kosha are in the jungle while Jakala’s men are searching her. Rasniti asks Prithvi what he will do as Mrinal ignored his wish. Prithvi says he will try and says he is enjoying the nature. Rasniti says ok. Prithvi asks him to be careful from vishkanya. Kosha and Mausi come to Prithvi’s tent to hide there.

Vilas and Bhoj look out at Malwa from the balcony. Bhoj asks what is special today. Vilas says today there is something special and tells about important person. Bhoj looks on. Vilas says your face expression can’t be hidden and tells that she is talking about Prithvi. Vilas says today I met him, my wish is fulfilled to meet him. Bhoj says Prithvi Chacha. Vilas says I felt that nobody can be like him, he has a yoddha and a great poet. Nobody can stand infront of him. Bhoj says I know someone who is young. Vilas says nobody can become tiger. Satyashrah comes and asks Vilas to spend some time with him. Vilas apologizes and says we can get time for each other, but today it is the time of gathering. Satyashrah senses her inclination towards Bhoj. Bhoj says since I came here, I have grown respect for all women here. He praises Mrinal and Vilas. Satyashrah says he is trying to woo Bhoj and says very soon he and his chacha will die. Vikram comes to Prithvi and asks what is the use of poet in war, and asks if there is some reason. Prithvi says no.

Vikram asks you uses poet if loses war. Prithvi says you don’t know importance of poet. He calls him man of narrow thinking. Vikram gets angry. Tailap calms him down and asks Prithvi to have food. Prithvi goes. Vikram says Prithvi will die. Tailap says he is our guest. Sulochana checks the food and tastes it. Rasniti says you are doing your duty good. He tastes sherbet. Sulochana checks all dishes. Rasniti says how can you find that it is not poisonous. Sulochana says we are trained. Rasniti appreciates Manyakheta’s hospitality. He gets scared seeing Sulochana taking out knife. Tailap asks if everyone is fine. Sulochana says everything is safe for consumption. She has something and says it is safe.

Everyone sit to have food. Malwa and Manyakheta royal family sit to have food. Bhoj says he is very hungry. Prithvi asks him to have patience. Tailap asks everyone to start food. Sulochana feels drowsy and runs to stop them. Bhoj tastes food. Prithvi and others are about to taste it, when Sulochana comes and stops them. She says food is having poison in it and faints. Bhoj also faints. Prithvi holds him and tries to make him gain consciousness. Tailap and Mrinal get tensed too. Tailap looks at Vikram. Vikram signs no. Tailap then looks at Mrinal. He calls Raj Vaid. Prithvi looks at Mrinal angrily.

Prithvi tries to make Bhoj gains consciousness. Mrinal tells Tailap that she asked him to make sure that the food served should be good. Mrinal comes to Prithvi. Prithvi says thank you for the poisonous food, we are leaving food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Was there any change in telecast timing as I missed first half.
    Really loved bhoj&vilas’ expresion& conversation in balcony.

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very disappointed with the half hour episode of phritivi vallabh.why change in time! Fedup with CID.

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