Prithvi Vallabh 27th May 2018 Written (Four) Episodes Update: Mrinal confesses love to Prithvi, Gajkesari Prithvi to fight a war against Subuktageen Ghajini to protect his Nation.

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Prithvi Vallabh 27th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

8 pm-9 pm

Sulochana comes to Mrinal and says I want to tell you something, but I have no right to say this, but I can’t stay without telling it. She says you can punish me and give me death sentence for this without any doubt, but your pain is unbearable for me. Truth is that you have become lonely in this palace, whom you love a lot, have hatred for you and whom you hate the most, he has a conditional love and immense love for you. He is ready to do any sacrifice and feel any pain. Mrinal is teary eyes and says Sulochana. Sulochana says I am not yet done and says you have never listened to your heart and asks her to listen to her heart and make her life beautiful. Mrinal says Sulochana. Sulochana says if you think that I have said wrong then here is Prithvi’s sword and my head. She bends her head in front of her and asks her to either accept this sword as love proposal or throw it away. Mrinal looks on with teary eyes.

Bhoj comes to the place where Prithvi is tied and throws a stone on the cage, and calls him Chacha. Prithvi gets up and asks what are you doing here, and why did you return? He asks him to control his emotions. Bhoj comes near Prithvi. Prithvi says Manyakheta people think me as an enemy and says if anything happens to you then what I will answer to Savitri and Maa. Bhoj makes him drink water and asks him to order him, we will take you out from here. Prithvi says my message is to change Mrinal’s hatred into love and asks him to wait. Bhoj says I can’t see you in this condition. Prithvi asks him to return to Malwa and says this place is not safe. Bhoj says I will not return until I take you from here.

Mrinal looks at Prithvi’s sword and thinks of their moments. She recalls Prithvi’s words asking her to agree to his love and taking a stand for her when people blame her for kiss incident.

Lakshmi packs her bag. Mrinal asks what happened? Did anything happened? Lakshmi says no and tells that we are going to Devgiri tomorrow morning. Vilas says I have Mrinal bua’s responsibility. Lakshmi says she can’t hurt her self respect. Vilas asks if anything happened? Lakshmi says when Mrinal can get insulted here, then why can’t I? She says we shall not wait till someone kick us out. Vilas asks her to sit and says I can understand that you are hurt. She says I am grown up and now you can talk to me, I will try to understand you. She says Mrinal Bua is alone, and we shall not leave her alone. She says your decision is right and asks her to rethink again. Lakshmi cries.
Jakala does Tailap and Satyashrah’s aarti. Satyashrah makes face as pained. Jakala blesses him for victory and says today you have increased our prestige. Satyashrah tries to touch her feet, but she stops him. Kosha looks at them.

Sulochana comes to Mrinal and tells that Tailap has won in the war from Chol Rajya and returned to Palace. She says he is waiting for you. Mrinal gets happy and says her decision gets stronger now. She says now she can go from here peacefully. Sulochana apologizes and asks if she is taking this decision because of her words. Mrinal says no and tells that because of her words, she peeped in her heart and came to a conclusion. She says Tailap wants me to go, but he is hesitant. She says now she wants to go.

Tailap is in Kosha’s room and is about to kiss her, but she stops him and reminds of his promise that he will think of giving his name to their baby. Tailap pulls her closer and says we can talk about this later also. Kosha says this is about our child’s future and you ignore it all the time. Tailap says I don’t want to hear your refusal. Kosha says it is not a small matter for me, I never refused you. Tailap slaps her.

Sulochana meets Vilas and asks how is my father? Sulochana says he is fine and apologizes to her for making her restless. Vilas asks what happened which made you sad. Sulochana tells her that Mrinal has decided to leave the palace. Vilas is shocked and asks why? Sulochana says she feels she is not needed here anymore. Vilas cries. Sulochana says we have to do something, we can’t let her go.

Satyashrah tells Jakala that he should have gone to Gurukul and says he has learned so much from Tailap today. He praises his father and tells that he has fought with the soldiers bravely. Jakala says she is proud of Tailap and Satyashrah. Tailap asks Satyashrah to rest and asks Jakala to hear rest of the story tomorrow. Jakala thinks she always wanted this happy and small family. Mrinal comes to Tailap and congratulates him for his victory. She comes to Satyashrah and congratulates him. She asks how are you now? Satyashrah says pain is less. Mrinal asks him to rest.

She tells Tailap that she has decided to leave the palace and take shelter in some other palace. Jakala says your decision is right. Tailap says I can’t oppose your decision due to the situation, but Manyakheta will remember your sacrifices and will try to make Manyakheta greater. Mrinal asks him to take care of him and his people. Tailap says he will. He says you can decide when you return back. Mrinal says it is not needed, I trust you fully. She gets teary eyes and tells him that she is going without informing Guru Aditya, as I have no strength to face you. She asks him to inform Guru Aditya when he returns. Jakala and Satyashrah smile.

Jakala calls Lakshmi and says she is very happy today. Lakshmi says matter must be big. Jakala says you thought my words bitter about Mrinal and says it came true today. She says it will be good for Vilas and Satyashrah as when she comes Maharani then no Mrinal will be there to snatch her rights. Lakshmi congratulates her hesitantly. Jakala says I am ashamed of misbehaving with you and apologizes. Lakshmi asks her not to apologize and says this happens between sister. Jakala says I am very happy and hugs Lakshmi.

Tailap comes to Kosha and says I know a decision is wrong which is taken in anger. He says I can’t have anything against you, I was stressed that day and you… He says I did a mistake and shouldn’t have slapped you. Kosha cries. Tailap asks her to forgive him once else he will not eat anything even if he dies. Kosha says the mistake is mine, I shouldn’t have stressed on it. Tailap assures her that he will give his name to her baby and says there is nobody here to stop me. She hugs him.

Hemraj asks Vaid ji how is Prithvi Vallabh? Vaid ji tells that he is fine. Hemraj greets him as Gajkesari and gives an intro. Prithvi recalls van amma telling her about Gaj Kesari and asks Hemraj to tell who is he? Hemraj says you are unwell now, but you will soon get your answers and asks him to return to his shiver.

Satyashrah asks Bilal where is his prey? Bilal says it is not easy to bring anyone here and asks him not to use Vilas as she is a princess. Satyashrah says Vilas is my future wife and loves me, it is not in her hands to refuse me. I will search her. Bhoj comes to Vilas and asks her to stop crying. Vilas says Bua is leaving the Palace. Bhoj says if she is going then she will return also. Vilas says no. Bhoj asks if Mrinal can’t ignore anyone’s words. Vilas says Guru Aditya whom Mrinal never refuse for anything. Bhoj asks her to go to him and share her problems. Vilas thanks him for his timely decision. Bhoj says now you shall go and prays that she gets successful to stop her.

Tailap tells Vikramjeet that he is very happy and tells Jakala that he gets doubtful on him sometimes as his head is unique. He says he has won because of him. Jakala says we all are grateful to you. Tailap says your role is very important in our victory and says we shall reward you. He says Mrinal is leaving and that’s why he has decided to make him pradhan mantra and sena pati. Vikramjeet thanks him and asks him to tell Mrinal once, but Tailap refuses to tell her. Jakala says we can’t say until she reaches the place, don’t know why she agreed to go so easily. Tailap says you couldn’t know her till now and says she gives priority to sacrifice. He says we shall bid her goodbye with all nation’s respect.

Mrinal sees Manyakheta and thinks it is beautiful. Sevika comes and says your rath is ready. Guru Aditya comes to her and asks what mistake I have done that you didn’t tell me about your decision. Mrinal says I was fearful. Guru Aditya says who gave you fear? Mrinal gives him knife and asks him to kill her. Guru Aditya asks her to return his daughter. Mrinal asks him to let her go. He frees her from all responsibilities, and asks her to fulfill the promise which she gave him. He requests her to stay in Manyakheta. Mrinal says it is difficult to make Tailap understand. Guru Aditya asks her not to worry and says everyone will agree. Jakala comes and says Tailap is waiting for you. Guru Aditya says we have good news for you and says Mrinal will not go from here and will stay here. Jakala gets shocked, but says Tailap will be happy to know this.

Satyashrah comes to Lakshmi and asks about Vilas. Lakshmi says she must be here. He says everyone came to see me, but she didn’t come after I returned back. Lakshmi says she got scared and couldn’t see you in that condition. Satyashrah comes to Vilas and asks can I spend some time with you. Vilas recalls Satyashrah forcing him on herself and recalls Bhoj’s words. She recalls Bhoj asking him to face the fear. Vilas says she wants to be alone now and don’t want anyone in her room now. Satyashrah is shocked with her refusal and says even I like loneliness. He apologizes to her and says if you want someone’s support then come to me, I want to talk to my future wife. He gets angry on her. Vilas closes the door and gets happy.

Tailap is upset. Jakala asks what happened? She asks why he is getting sad. Tailap shows anger on Mrinal. Jakala says I am feeling proud of yourself for getting angry on Mrinal. She says I know she will not go anywhere, as it is not easy to leave politics. She says why she will sacrifice power and have found some reason to stay back. Tailap says Guru Aditya is behind this. Jakala says they are elder than you and you have given them right to take a decision, and asks what you can do? Tailap says I am Manyakheta’s King. Jakala says I never forgot about it and says it is good that you remember and asks him to do something to show his rights. Tailap is angry.

Vikramjeet provokes Satyashrah and says you are burning in fire since Mrinal insulted you. Satyashrah says how did you know? Vikramjeet says when she got insulted, you got peace and says Prithvi took your revenge unintentionally. He challenges him indirectly and tells that Tailap needs us now. Vilas hears them. Vikramjeet tells that Tailap is going through a rough time and says only you can end the problems. He asks him to kill Prithvi and asks can future king is competent to relieve his father’s pain. Satyashrah agrees and asks him to tell the plan. Vikramjeet shows the poison and says it will damage his body parts slowly. Satyashrah says if Hemraj finds about it. Vikramjeet says Hemraj or no other Vaid can find about this and asks him to use his powers and force Vaid to make Prithvi unconscious. Satyashrah agrees. Vilas leaves from there. Vikramjeet holds her neck and stabs her. Vilas is shocked. He tells that he will not let anyone go against him. Vilas faints. He says you will get some other guy in next birth.

Prithvi asks Vaid ji why he is so tensed today. Vaid ji is tensed and makes him drink medicine which makes him unconscious. Prithvi understands and drinks the medicine, and gets unconscious. Vikramjeet says your work is done, go from here. Vaid Raj goes. Vikramjeet thinks now after this poison enters your body, you will die and this Vaid will be responsible.

Vilas writhes in pain and recalls Vikramjeet’s words. She tries to get up. Mrinal thinks to talk to Tailap. Vilas comes there holding her stomach. Mrinal is shocked to see her injured and asks who has stabbed you. Vilas says she is fine and tells that Vikramjeet is doing a conspiracy to kill Prithvi along with Satyashrah. She tells her that Prithvi’s life is in danger. She apologizes and says you will feel his absence if he dies and says I want you to realize that Prithvi loves you a lot and had to bear your tortures and humiliation. Mrinal says I love Prithvi very much and was scared about his protection. She says I won’t let anything happen to you and Prithvi. Vilas says I will be alive to see you both united and asks her to go and save Prithvi. Mrinal calls sevika and they come there to attend Vilas.

Vikramjeet is about to pour poison in Prithvi’s mouth when Hemraj and Guru Aditya come there and stop him. Hemraj asks him who gave him right to make Prithvi drink this and says you don’t know whom you were trying to kill and says he is gajkesari of this yug. Mrinal comes there and sees Prithvi. Hemraj says I told you that Prithvi shall not be attacked and if anyone attacks him then Manyakheta will be destroyed. He says Prithvi is born to protect Bharat and you were trying to kill him. He says he is chosen by nature and has much strength. He says nobody can’t harm him although he didn’t know about his powers. He tells Mrinal that you didn’t know but your father was also a gajkesari. Mrinal is surprised. Hemraj says Gajkesari shall be fine.

9 pm – 10 pm

Guru Aditya tells Tailap and Mrinal that Maharaj Shiv dutt was Gajkesari 30 years ago. Tailap asks who was Hemraj? Guru Aditya says Hemraj is Gajkesari’s Pant and helped Shiv Dutt. Mrinal asks why did you hide about this. Guru Aditya says it is a matter of prestige for others to hear this, but it is a curse for Gajkesari’s himself. He says Pant takes Gajkesari’s life after a big trouble ends.

Hemraj tells Prithvi about Gajkesari’s powers. Prithvi says you want to say that I am not a human and says I want to know who gave me birth and abandoned me. He says I am unable to understand this. Hemraj says you are unique and tells that when Singhdant was going after attacking Manyakheta. A FB is shown, Van Amma stopping Singhdant and telling him that the baby is his. Singhdant asks what nonsense. Van Amma tells him that he is born on this Prithvi and tells that he will wash away your sin which you have done and asks him to take the baby with him. Singhdant takes the baby to his palace. Fb ends.

Hemraj tells Prithvi about a golden bird which Gajkesari have been protecting for years. He tells that Ghajini came to know where is the golden bird and asks him to stop him. He says I had left you at Van Amma’s place. He says you will get your answers and warns him that his strength will get weak for some time, then his enemy can attack him.

Ghajini attacks people and kills them. Ismail boasts about himself and says Ghajini’s throne will be his. Mahmood says you don’t know the nuance of the throne, and laughs.

Sulochana tells Mrinal that she is happy to know that love has won and says she is alive to see your union. Mrinal says Prithvi’s life is in danger. Sulochana asks her to tell what happened. Mrinal tells that Prithvi is next Gajkesari and tells after the war, his enemy will attack him and he will have no strength to fight the enemy. She says Singhdant killed her father who was also a gajkesari and got weak after the war. She tells that she doesn’t want to see him dying. Sulochana says there must be some solution and tells that nobody can separate you both. Mrinal says she has decided to go on a war with him and will protect him.

Mrinal comes to Prithvi and turns to go. Prithvi tells poetry in her honor. Mrinal turns to him and says let me speak today. She says let me get burn in my repentance. Prithvi says Mrinal…Mrinal says I request you not to stop me from confessing my feelings and tells that today I will speak till venom in me ends. She apologizes to him. Prithvi says you are born to forgive, but not to apologize. Mrinal says these hands which should have accepted your love, have tortured you and you were smiling. Prithvi says you were doing your duty. Mrinal says my anger and revenge made me blind and had corrupted my brain. She says I was wrong to do all those things. She comes near him, holds his hand and says I shall have understand your feelings and I was ruining you. She confesses her love and asks him to return his love. Prithvi hugs her. She finds solace in his hug.

Mahmood and Ismail see the stolen stuff and ask to sell it. They eye a woman and fight over her. Subuktageen Ghajini comes and stops them. He slits woman’s neck and walks past her. Mahmood and Ismail get tensed. He asks Mahmood and Ismail if they will get the treasure for him like this.

Hemant tells Prithvi, Mrinal, and Tailap about Subuktageen Ghajini’s aim is a golden bird. He says Manykheta’s Maharaj Shiv Dutt defeated him before and now also he is coming for a golden bird. Tailap asks what is the golden bird? Hemraj tells that Maharaj Shiv Dutt had handover that golden bird to Pataal 3o years ago, ‘s and now it has appeared again in Kabul’s Maharaj Jaipal palace. He says Subuktageen have an aim to get the bird and is on the way to Kabul. He says once he gets that golden bird then he will rule on all nation. Vikramjeet asks him to tell about the golden bird. Hemraj says it means there will be a change in the nation and danger also. He says Gajkesari is the person who has the divine energy to know the secret of golden bird and that’s why he has the right to protect it. Prithvi asks what is your war plan? Hemraj tells that he has invited many kings to their palace without asking Tailap. Tailap says I am thankful that you have given me a honor and offers support.

Prithvi asks Bhoj to write a letter to Singhdant that Malwa soldiers will fight for the nation now. Bhoj calls him Gajkesari. Rasniti is surprised. Bhoj touches his feet and tells that he feels proud and is happy that you got your life’s biggest aim. Rasniti asks him to tell what is Gajkesari.

10 pm -11 pm

Hemraj addresses to all kings and asks them to support Gajkesari. One of the man refuse to help Prithvi and says why we shall help Kabul when they didn’t ask for our help. Hemraj scolds him for his thinking and tells that once subuktageen Ghajini wins over Kabul, he will not take time to reach you. Guru Aditya says we shall fight together for our nation. Other king asks who is the Gajkesari this time. Hemraj says Gajkesari Prithvi Vallabh will head the war. Prithvi says if you permit then we shall decide about Senapati. Hemraj asks him to suggest name. Prithvi proposes Mrinal’s name. Hemraj says she has also Gajkesari’s blood in her and says your proposal is good. Prithvi says I want to ask Mrinal if she will become senapati. He asks Mrinal and she agrees. Tailap is surprised. Vikramjeet gets angry. Prithvi says I am returning Malwa and will return soon. Tailap dismisses the court.

Kosha comes to Prithvi Vallabh and cheers for him. She thanks him for inspiring him to take a stand for her and her rights. Prithvi tells her that he can just give a suggestion, but only the people have the choice to follow his suggestion. Kosha says I am bidding you a bye to see you again. Prithvi says I am hopeful to return Manyakheta again.

Prithvi meets Mrinal and asks if he has been successful to win her trust. Mrinal says if I haven’t trusted you, then there would have been no love for you. Prithvi says if this change is because of my love. Mrinal says don’t know whom to give credit and says she is helpless by her emotions, but one thing is clear that she came here to thank him. She says since I came to know about Gajkesari’s curse, I was restless, but you have kept my worry at far by choosing me as senapati. Prithvi says it was not a selfish decision and says she is competent and that’s why he has chosen her. he says until you are with me, nothing will happen to me. He kisses on her hand. She rests her head on his shoulders.

In Tailap’s court, King gossip about Prithvi’s blood and birth truth. They ask who is Prithvi and he is not at all royal. They refuse to fight with him. Hemraj comes and says I want to talk to you all.

Hemraj says you said right that Prithvi is not like you, but is unique. He says he is born on Prithvi and says I didn’t come here to praise him but to tell you that he is Gajkesari and only he can head the war. Vikramjeet says we will join you late. Hemraj says we will wait for you. They all leave. Vikramjeet tells Tailap that your revenge will be fulfilled now, it will be easy to kill Prithvi after the war. He says we shall make a plan now. Tailap asks if he is drunk and says he has fought with Prithvi and knows his strength. He says forget about killing him. Vikramjeet laughs and says Prithvi will get weak after the war and then we can kill him easily.

Prithvi returns to Malwa with Bhoj and Rasniti. Maharani does his aarti. Sindhu asks if Mrinal agreed to his proposal. Maharani asks what is the marriage date? Prithvi says he needs some time to talk. People of Malwa tell that they are happy to see him back and leave. Bhoj tells Maharani that he is very hungry. Sindhu sees Prithvi tensed and asks him to tell. Prithvi tells him that sometimes we don’t know about the aim for what we are born for and says he will talk to everyone about it.

Mrinal asks Sulochana to make a plan of their safety in war. Tailap comes to Mrinal and asks why did you agree to become senapati. Mrinal says I am going there as Maharaj Shivdutt’s daughter and asks him to stay away from Vikramjeet and his suggestions. Tailap looks on.

Mrinal gets ready and does aarti. Guru Aditya says those are lucky who have an aim in life and they fulfill it. Mrinal takes his blessings. Vikramjeet comes to Tailap and asks him to send Guru Aditya with her so that they can make a plan and attack Malwa in their absence. He says he has requested all kings taking part in the war to kill Prithvi later. Tailap says but Akka. Vikramjeet says you get emotional easily. Tailap asks him to tell the war plan. Vikramjeet says we shall attack Malwa just as Prithvi leaves for big war. Tailap looks on……

11 pm- 11:40 pm

Maharani comes to Prithvi and asks if everything is fine, you called us here in yudh room. Prithvi says there is a reason for everything and tells that he was in search of his birth secret, but couldn’t understand it even after wandering in the jungle. Maharani asks what is that secret? Prithvi says I am against war, but now I want your permission to go on a big war. He tells that Hemraj came to Manyakheta’s palace. Maharani is shocked and asks it is the maha yudh wherein all kings fight the war. She says if our Prithvi will go in that war. Bhoj says Chacha ji will head that war as he is Gajkesari. Sindhu says Gajkesari? Maharani is shocked and says she is proud to have Gajkesari as her son. She tells that Maharaj was repenting all life that he has killed Gajkesari Shivdutt. Prithvi asks did you know that Maharaj Shivdutt was Gajkesari? Maharani says yes, we knew and also knew that Gajkesari will get weak after the war. She says he wait for his energy to go weak and killed him, and was repenting all life thereafter.

Prithvi asks her to forget the past and says it will give pain. Sindhu asks who is the big king? Prithvi tells subuktageen Ghajini is the king who has reached Kabul and our aim is not to let him reach here. He says this is my aim of my life. Sindhu asks where all kings will gather? Prithvi says first Sabha happened in Manyakheta’s palace. Maharani says now it is clear that why Mrinal is with you. Prithvi says yes and says she is senapati of the war. He says he wants Sindhu to handle Malwa as a king in his absence and says I am sure that nobody has objection. Sindhu says I have objection and tells that he can’t handle his responsibilities. Prithvi says it is needed as any nation can think of us weak and can attack Malwa. Sindhu asks did you talk to Kalari? Prithvi says he will talk to him personally.

Subuktageen Ghajini asks his people whom they like to see as the next heir of Ghajini between Mahmood and Ismail. People choose Mahmood as their king, but Ghajini makes Ismail as the king. He asks Mahmood to greet Ismail, but he spits on his hand. Ghajini asks him to bend down and apologize. Mahmood refuses. Ghajini gets angry and says I will kill you. He stops and declares that if anyone goes against Ismail then they will get death punishment.

Tailap and Vikramjeet come to Guru Aditya. Tailap tells that Akka went on a big war and none of us went with her. Guru Aditya asks why he is doubting on Mrinal’s competency. He says she is very competent. Vikramjeet says he is worried for her. Tailap says she is the only woman in the war and asks Guru Aditya to go. Guru Aditya says I have left Astra-Shastra and asks him to give him some time to think. Tailap goes.

Maharaj Jaipal tells his son that he is worried and helpless to send him alone in the war and says he doesn’t know when will Gajkesari meet him. He says I can’t send sena with you as subuktageen can attack us. He asks him to go and search Gajkesari. He asks him to destroy the place from where he goes.

Prithvi comes to Kalari and asks him why he is sharpening the knife. Kalari hugs him and says he is ready for war. He tells that he knew that he is not an ordinary child and tells that Singhdant had told that he may wash his sins. Prithvi asks if he had known about him being Gajkesari. Kalari tells that since Maharaj got you, he has a change in his behavior and got completely against war.

Prithvi says pita ji taught me to help others and you have taught me that a yoddha belongs to matru bhoomi and my matru bhoomi is calling me. Kalari asks him to go and win the war. He promises that he will stand with Sindhu and will not let enemy touch their soil until he is alive. Prithvi says nothing will happen to you. Kalari says a father will wait for you and will challenge you for Dwand yudh. He asks him to go and gets emotional. Prithvi looks on.

Tailap tells Vikramjeet that they will attack Malwa in the night. Mrinal comes to the place where all kings are gathered. They tell that if a woman will go with them to the car. Prithvi says you all can’t win from her altogether. All kings get angry and take their sword out to fight with Mrinal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    if prithvi took birth at the time of singhdant death by which time already mrinal and tailap took birth. she is definitely older than him. isnt it??

    1. I think so too. I think Prithvi is around Tailap’s age and since Mrinal is older than Tailap she’s older than Prithvi too

      1. love is blind sis

    2. don”t u know every thing is fair in love and war and in this both are taking place

    3. The show looked promising at the start. But again the truth is they have messed it up badly. They needed to show a strong, brave, kind hearted warrior king, ie, a human who did great things in life but no they again showed shitty magical powers.

      As usual logic ki ma behen baap bhai kar di. Deserves to go off air now.

      according to this shit logic …. if prithvi is 30 years old … mrinal is maybe 40, tailap maybe 35 … sindhu is less than 30 …. yet 35 year old tailap and maybe 28 year old sindhu both have sons of at least around 18 years of age … excellent logic?

      Now tell me if i am telling wrong

  2. All Sony TV historical shows are good
    Proud to be Indians . How historical kings are sacrifice a lot to protect our mother land . Watch this type of shows and give good TRP .so our generation will also learn some good things from this shows

  3. All Sony TV historical shows are good
    Proud to be Indians . How historical kings are sacrifice a lot to protect our mother land . Watch this type of shows and give good TRP .so our generation will also learn some good things from this shows

  4. Lokesh

    Today it feels like I was watching a movie. Awesome.

  5. Has anyone got the information that Prithvi Vallabh is going off air soon because of Salmaan’s Khan “Dus ka Dum”? Recent news says that they are going to wind up the show and air 40 episodes instead of 60 episodes. Is it true?

  6. Hey riya,
    according to the sources,show is going off air from 1st july completing 45th epi.Earlier they had planned to divide the show into two seasons but due to the failure to attain viewership,they reduced it.And they also revealed that there will be no S2 for PV.

    1. Thanks for replying Sree

  7. Hey riya,
    according to the sources,show is going off air from 1st july completing 45th epi.Earlier they had planned to divide the show into two seasons but due to the failure to attain viewership,they reduced it.And they also revealed that there will be no S2 for PV.
    you can get more info

  8. I would rather watch this then any of Ekta Kapoor’s serials.

  9. i am fan of ashish sharma since my childhood chandragupta maurya ,gunaho ka devta ,rangrasia ,siya k ram and prithvi vallabh .he is a vercetile ,veteran and genius actor . he is the best actor that i have ever seen in my life on tv. and if this serial goes off air then i am very disappointed .but i am waiting for the next show of ashish sharma .well wishes and best of luck for your good future .

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