Prithvi Vallabh 20th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikramjeet misguides Tailap, Prithvi apologizes to Mrinal

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Prithvi Vallabh 20th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prithvi playing a musical instrument. Mrinal hears music and says stop it. Sulochana comes and asks what happened? Mrinal says Prithvi has ruined my life and making fun of me. She says she will give him pain that he will ask for death. She asks Sulochana to bring a hunter. Sulochana reminds her that she has promised Guru Aditya not to harm Prithvi and refuses to help her. Mrinal gets angry and thinks she can’t go against Guru Aditya who is like her father and thinks if he doesn’t see his pain.

Tailap comes to Jakala and tells that you will be happy to read Bhilamp Raj’s letter. He tells that Satyashrah have fought like a warrior in the war. They congratulate each other. Jakala says Satyashrah has proved to be your son and says it is good that you didn’t take your sister’s decision in consideration else she wouldn’t have let him go on a war. She says even you are a kid for her. Tailap is about to go, but Jakala tells that Sevika are talking about Mrinal and Prithvi if they have a relation from before. Tailap gets angry and scolds her. Guru Aditya comes to Prithvi. Prithvi asks if he is upset. Guru Aditya says Mrinal is not like my sister, but my own sister. He asks why is he hurting his daughter. Prithvi asks you are talking about my poetry. Guru Aditya reminds him of the kiss incident indirectly. Prithvi tells that he was trying to make her realize love for him which she had with him for a moment. Guru Aditya says I don’t know, and says whatever was love for you, it is a humiliation for Mrinal. He asks whose mistake is this, people are making fun and teasing her. Prithvi folds his hands and apologizes.

Tailap wakes up seeing a bad dream in Kosha’s room. Kosha asks him what happened and gives him water. She asks what did you see in the dream. Tailap says I saw a very bad dream. He tells that how can I do this in the dream, and says I was silent when people were laughing on Akka and pelting stone on her. Kosha asks him to do something for her very soon and says else your fear may change into reality.

Tailap comes to Mrinal and asks if he has any problem. Tailap says everyone loves you, worries for you and says he wants to request her. Mrinal asks what? Tailap asks her to retire for few days. Mrinal asks to retire? She asks if he has taken a judgment and asks if he thinks her wrong. She says if this happens with an ordinary then, then what did the people would do. She says it is not about only my respect, but all women’s prestige.

Jakala tells Lakshmi that she thought everything will be fine. Lakshmi tells her that it is an incident and will forget soon. Jakala says you are supporting and liking her since she supported Vilas. Lakshmi says I am seeing the truth. Mrinal thinks Tailap should have punished those who were speaking against her, but he advised me to rest. She feels bad. Sulochana comes and says Prithvi is not eating anything. Mrinal says she will teach him a lesson. Vikramjeet tells Tailap that Satyashrah is in problem. He reads Bhilamp Raj’s letter in which he asks him to send 50000 soldiers. He blames Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet says you jump to conclusion so soon and tells that you are a king and you have right to do anything.

Mrinal comes to meet Prithvi and asks why do you want to meet me? He says he wants to say something. Mrinal asks all soldiers to leave. Prithvi tells her that he saw death in front of her and his emotions came out. He says he didn’t mean to hurt her, and asks her to forgive him for hurting her self-respect. Mrinal says you have done a big crime and will bear the punishment. She asks him not to think that her respect will go with his touch. Prithvi thinks he loves her even more.

Vilas hears someone coming. She keeps a knife on his neck and asks who is he? Bhoj reminds her of his words. Vilas sees his face and hugs him.

Vikramjeet tells that only one person Samath Govind Raj can save Satyashrah. Tailap says he is against us and have enmity. Vikramjeet says he is ready to help us with 50000 soldiers. Tailap asks what is hi condition? Vikramjeet says he has two conditions, one is to relieve Mrinal from all her rights and second is to get her married to Prithvi. Tailap shouts and asks why didn’t you kill him right away. Vikramjeet says he didn’t do anything thinking about Satyashrah innocent face. He says the first condition is easy than second. He says he has to decide between Mrinal and him. Vilas locks the door. Bhoj apologizes and says he didn’t mean to scare her. Vilas says she thought Satyashrah came. Bhoj tells her that he needs her help. Vilas says we will meet tomorrow. He signs ok and leaves.

Kosha gets ready sitting in front of the mirror. Tailap comes and sits there shocked. She keeps her hand on his face and asks him to say what happened? Tailap says I am stuck on two ways, and my one mistake can become my life’s biggest mistake. Kosha asks if it related to Akka. Tailap says Akka will never forgive me for my decision. Kosha says if your motive is right then your Akka will understand you. Tailap says I hope Akka will understand my decision. Mrinal looks at the sword. Sulochana comes to Mrinal and tells that Satyashrah’s life is in danger. Mrinal is shocked and asks if Tailap knows. Mrinal says yes, and tells that he came to know about it yesterday, but this news is stopped from reaching you. Mrinal scolds Sulochana and asks if her informers are not working. She goes to Tailap. Tailap agrees to Govind Raj’s condition. Govind Raj tells that he will send 50000 soldiers to help Satyashrah. Mrinal comes there and asks Tailap why didn’t he tell her about Satyashrah’s life being in danger. She asks why you didn’t tell me. She says I am doubtful that your thinking is misguided. Vikramjeet says Tailap just want you to have mental peace. Mrinal turns to sit on her chair, but it is not there. She is shocked.

Precap: People of Manyakheta throws a stone on Prithvi. Prithvi faints. Jakala tells Mrinal that her situation is worse than Kosha, she is neither a lover nor a pr*stitute.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The one thing I like from the epi when “mrinal asks him not to think that her respect will go with his touch”
    every one should be like this,our society makes women weak

  2. Where is 26th May 2018 written update?

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