Princess Is Coming (Intro)

Luckily, I remember just about everything that happened to me. Back in those days it was just me hanging out with princess ,screaming,dancing and enjoying. Then one day , I was hanging out with my brothers Dawin and Jared blissfully until they told me that Princess had left the town one day before. My heart was broken down into pieces.Every day I tried to find reasons to live ,regardless I tried to find reasons to not to die.Every moment I tried to find dream and love. But I never found them.

Princess was the one who use to believe in me , who helped me , and I found that she wasn’t one , she was an infinity. An infinity of love,care,trust,and understanding. I had never been so blissful with someone . Dawin told me everything is gonna be fine and he explained me that how everything keep changing with time and we have to keep pace with it. Time decides our journey. Everyone comes into our life for a reason ,some come to learn while others come to teach.

After it we went back home . Tears were bright in my eyes. Dawin said he wanted some time to think about it and would call me later. He never called me back and would ignore my calls and messages. I was completely broken but after a year he came to my place and gave me such a news that I was walking on air and the news that he gave me was – Princess is coming ;).

  1. Nattu ki viens

    You are lit bro

  2. It’s good homie, just don’t stop now. You’re on the right track.

  3. nyc bro??✌?

  4. Zainab

    It’s interesting. Keep writing???

  5. A very nice story! I liked it…

  6. Awesome Story:)

  7. Nice mate????.!!

  8. well done gunno??KEEP IT UP…

  9. Nice story brodar! ?

  10. Dude!! ? Loved it.

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