Sanskar Maheshwari: A 27 years old and very rich business tycoon, he’s not at all handsome like others (which is not at all true ?) but have a good personality. He’s kind hearted, matured guy and a good son.

Swara Raheja: A 24 years old girl and belongs from a middle class family. Short tempered girl, No doubt she’s damn beautiful and she’s really proud of her beauty. Dreams to marry a really handsome man but also rich who will always praise her for her beauty and keeps her like a Queen.

Sahil Singh Gupta: 26 years old eligible bachelor, he’s a really rich business tycoon like Sanskar and really handsome. His parents died when he was 19.

Laksh Raheja: 27 years old, Swara’s brother. A really obedient child and loves his little sister, pampers her a lot, he even try to keeps her away from wrong path but always fails in front of her stubbornness.

Ragini Raheja: 26 years old, Laksh’s wife, a really decent and well mannered girl. Tries to make Swara understand the difference between wrong and right path but fails as in return Swara taunts her.

Shekhar and Sumi Raheja: Parents of Swara and Laksh.

Ram and Sujata Maheshwari: Parents of Sanskar

Parents of Swasan are really well mannered and doesn’t believe in status and all. Swara’s father and Sanskar’s father were childhood friends and recently met after so many years.


A house is shown design really beautifully of White and Grey colour with a wooded main door. Then in inside there are 4 bedrooms, 1 guestroom, a big living room and a well designed kitchen. Some people are there in room discussing something or you can say arguing on something.

Man: You can’t back off!!! I’ve already fixed the marriage and that’s it. You’ve to do this.

Girl: How dare you!!! How can you fix this marriage without asking me??

Boy: Shut up Swara!!! Is this the way to talk to your father??

Swara: I don’t care Bhai!! How can he fix my marriage without my permission that too with an ugly man. I want someone who can look perfect with me but he….. chi…. how can you all even think that I will marry someone like him!!??

Shekhar: Beta!!! Looks doesn’t matters in relationships, what matters is how strong it is knot.

Swara: Ohh Please!!! Don’t give me that lecture again Papa. This is 21st century… here only beauty matters and I’m do much beautiful that I can get the best man in the world. Now don’t you dare to force me in this relationship or else I’ve my own ways to stop this marriage.

Saying all this she goes from there while Laksh who had enough of it today burst his frustration on his father.

Laksh: You know what Papa!!! It’s all your fault!!! If you would have slapped her on her first mistake then she wouldn’t have been like this but no…. Nor you let me to do something with her nor you let Mom to do so…. For you, she was your princess right!!?? Now see, today she don’t consider herself less than a Queen. Your unconditional love had spoiled her this much that she doesn’t care with whom she’s speaking and in what tone. All she cares is she herself and always proud on her beauty. (points his finger) Mark my words Papa one day her this PRIDE only will be the reason of her disaster.

With this he also left while Shekhar sits on the chair and covers his face with palms while Sumi sits besides him and tries to console him.

Sumi: Shekhar!!! Calm down!!! They are just kids and don’t know what they are saying… don’t take their nonsense talks on your heart.

Shekhar: Sumi I can understand what Swara was just out of anger and ego but whatever Laksh said is right. You know I always wanted a daughter, I wanted to be her best pal, I wanted to be her best friend, I wanted to be her partner in crime, I wanted her to be my princess… and when I got Swara in my life, I was the happiest man in the world. When she hold my finger, I promised to myself that I’ll never let her hand go off, when she used to asked for something by passing her million dollar smile, I just get her that and when she cried for the first time when her teacher scold her, I couldn’t take it…. that’s why I always fulfilled her all wishes not caring that in future the same Swara will disobey me… but it’s not her fault, I’m the one who made her like this and now I’ve to bear the cost of my unconditional love for her.

Sumi (pats his shoulder): No Shekhar!!! You always thinks for her best only. Don’t blame yourself the reason of all this. Don’t take Laksh’s talks in serious and about Swara I’m sure once she gets married then she will starts knowing the importance of relationships and the real meaning of life.

Both of them were hopeless but still were determined that what they’re doing is only for their daughter’s betterment.


Swara’s room

Swara was passing here and there in her room in frustration.

Swara: How can they fix my marriage without even asking me?? There are many boys after me but I never give a damn cause I want someone who can praise me so deeply that I’m touched by him, treats me like Queen and no doubt he should be really handsome that everyone should praise my choice and us. But why the hell my own parents are making my life hell by making me marry that Sanskar.

[Yes you all have guessed right… her marriage is fixed with Sanskar only.]

As she was busy in her thoughts her father came in room and starts talking.

Shekhar: Beta I know you are angry on me for fixing this marriage. You even should be but trust me beta that whatever I’m doing is all just for you.

Swara: Why can’t you understand??? Sanskar is not the person I dream to be. We both are like Sky and Earth which can never be one.

Shekhar: Swara you’ve my swear!!! Please agree with this marriage whole hearty…. or else I’ll die!!!

Swara (blank?): What are you saying Baba???

Shekhar was adamant to make her agree while Swara was helpless to agree as she have her father’s swear.


Marriage preparations started but in all rituals Swara was just blankly moving because after the shattering of all her dreams how can she celebrate her this marriage which she don’t want to happen. Finally the marriage happened and now she was Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!!!!

@ Swasan Room

Swara was sitting on bed blankly with pale, lost in her own thoughts when all of sudden room door opens and Sanskar came in.

Sanskar (smiles): You look really beautiful!!!! I know the marriage happened in all of sudden that we haven’t got to know about this each other…….. (interrupted)

Swara: Look!!!! Before you say anything further, let me clear some points.
1. I did this marriage only for my parents.
2. You and I are two different creatures of God.
3. This is my warning never try to come near me.

Clearing all these points she goes to change but Sanskar was still standing there remembering what all she said. Well this is exactly what he expect because he himself ask his parents that whether the girl (Swara) knows about his this one weakness and when his parents told that the girl knows about it and still the marriage is happening, he was beyond shock. How can a girl will accept him?? But even after that his parents makes him agree to shook off all these ill thoughts and enjoy his marriage ceremony.

Today Swara proved that he was right at first but he didn’t feel bad because he is used to it now and feeling bad for this girl who was forced to marry him. He takes the pillow and sleeps on couch while Swara also comes out and sleeps on her without caring to even look at him.


Next few weeks goes same like this and Swara was always rude to Sanskar while he always behaves calmly. Listening her talks many times Sujata tried to makes her understand the value of true relationships which she was doing even now.

Sujata: Beta don’t be so mean. Relationships are not to be Pearce like this.

Swara: Ohh Please Mom! Now don’t start again. I don’t give a bull shit in all this stuff. What I care is just myself, even if one goes then I can get another one because no one will dare to leave a beauty like me.

Sujata (sights painfully): Don’t be so proud of your beauty Swara. It is just the effect of time, it won’t stays with you for lifelong only these relationships will be there for you.

Swara: Huh! Don’t live in old times Mom. In today’s generation only money and beauty matters and for now I’ve both. Coming to your lecture, My Beauty is my strength and my PRIDE and Swara never regrets on her PRIDE.

Sujata (smiles): One day your this PRIDE will break Swara and if you didn’t give importance to your relationships now then non will give importance to your tears at that time. Mark my words!!!!

With this she leaves from there leaving Swara with a small pinch of in heart and restlessness but she ignores it.


Next few days also goes same as others but watching Sanskar’s patience at last Swara gave in and makes friendship with him.

Swara (to herself): What a man he is?? I say so much to him but he never reacts…. I guess I’m being too much rude, I know we can’t be one but at least we can be friends.

Swara (to Sanskar): Listen!!!!

Sanskar: Yeah!!!

Swara (fumbles): Umm….. I wanted to say…… ummm….. that……

Sanskar: Say I’m hearing!!!

Swara: Canwebefriends.

Sanskar (confused): What??

Swara (sights): Can we be friends??

Sanskar becomes shocks listening her while she noticed it.

Swara (calmly): Look!!! I know I was really rude with you without your fault but what to do… I was so angry on my parent’s decision. I know we can’t be one but at least we can friends. Isn’t it???

Sanskar (nodes): You are right and trust me if I would have new that you don’t agree with this marriage then I myself would have break this alliance.

Swara (smiles): So can we be friends??

With she forwards her hand while he smiles back and shakes hand with her. Slowly Slowly they became friends. Sanskar falls for Swara fully but doesn’t expect her to feel the same while Swara also feels happy with him but never understand the reason.


After 2-3 months one day she meets Sahil in a party.

Sahil: Hello Mrs Maheshwari!!! I’m Sahil Singh Gupta!!!

Swara: I know Mr Gupta!!! One of the well known tycoon of the city.

Sahil: Seems like you know many things around you so why don’t we be friends. Shall we??

He said while forwarding his hand. She smiles and shakes hands with him. Both becomes friends and started hanging out with each other. They share a great bond due to similarities.

Sahil: Must say you’re damn beautiful!!!

Swara (blush a bit): Thanks Sahil!!!

Sahil: No need of thanks!!!! I just said the truth.

Like this some more days passed and whenever they meet Sahil used to praise her. In starting she used to blush but later on she started feeling awkward with his praising. Whenever Sanskar used to praise her she feels heavenly but whenever Sahil praises her she feels uncomfortable. She was so confused with all these happenings in her life.


One day Sahil takes her to a really big restaurant which was beautifully decorated. They had their dinner and we’re about to get up but Sahil stops Swara.

Sahil: Swara wait!!!

Swara (confused): What happened Sahil!!???

Sahil: Swara don’t take me wrong for whatever I’m going to say right now but I can’t keep this thing in my heart now. Swara I Love You!!!!!
Listening this she becomes shock while he continues.

Sahil: Swara first listen to me fully. I know I should have controlled my feelings but I just couldn’t stop myself falling for you. Swara just think wisely, what is in Sanskar, nor he’s handsome like me, nor he can keep you happy like me, nor he can give you freedom like me….. I’m also rich just like him, give me one chance to prove myself.

Swara: Are you done?? Now listen Mr Gupta!!! I may never wanted to marry Sanskar but the truth is I’m his wife and will be loyal to him and now I should leave, thanks for the evening.

With this she started leaving but stopped by Sahil yet again.

Sahil: Swara please…. listen to me. I know you never expected this but thinks once again. Every girl has dream about their life partner. Do you really think got the one you wanted?? You got what you deserve??

Listening the word ‘Dream’ she stops at her track and remembered all the dreams that she used to have about her life partner. Being with Sanskar she forgets her those which were left far away when she took those seven vows with Sanskar. His friendship, his love and care makes her forget everything. Now Sahil has scratch her old wounds. Now she’s is dilemma whether to achieve her dreams which is right in front of her or to Sanskar whom she has started liking.

Sahil (smiles): You don’t have the answer of my questions right!!!?? Think Swara…. destiny is giving you an chance, don’t loose it. I’ll be waiting for your reply.

With this he left, leaving her froze at her stop. Soon gaining some senses she returns home and comes in room. There she sees Sanskar sleeping. Though for her he was not handsome but even in sleep he looks sweet and innocent. She smiles looking at him unknown of the reason. She cares his hairs and leaves to change. After coming out she lye on bed but sleep was far away from her. She was continuously thinking about Sahil’s words and was looking at Sanskar each time.


Next Morning was not a normal one. A girl of her age came in the house dressed well in a jeans, pink top and blue scarf in her neck.

Girl: Hey everyone!!!

Everyone looks at her and smile but Swara looks confused as she don’t know the girl.

Sujata: Sonia!!!! What a pleasant surprise?? When did you came??

With this she hugs her.

Sonia: Just today only. Thought of surprising you.

Uttara: Must say it’s the best surprise ever.

Ram: Beta so where are you going to stay??

Sonia: Here only!!?? For almost an week.

(Sonia is RAM’s niece and is really lovely)

Sanskar who came downstairs looks at Sonia and gets shocks.

Sanskar: Sonia!!!

Sonia turns and happily hugs him which was not liked by Swara who was boiling in anger.

Swara (to Uttara): Who’s she??

Uttara: She’s our cousin and a really good friend of Bhai.

Sonia (breaks the hug): How are you?? Missed you sooooooooo much.

Sanskar: Missed you too!!!

All got engrossed in talking but there was one person who was jealous of the closeness of SonSan (Sonia and Sanskar) which is obviously Swara only.


Days passes like this and Swara’s anger knew no bond regarding SonSan bond but it doesn’t mean Sanskar never cares for her, of course he do but in front his care her angered overpowered her as she’s really short tempered and one day she out bursted causing the trouble to herself.

Swara (to Sanskar): Why don’t you give me divorce?? You very well know I can’t live with you.

Sanskar: Swara we’ve talked about it before also…. It’s not possible, Besides now started being comfortable with me and everyone then what
happened now??

Swara: Comfortable my foot!!! I never waiting to marry you…. You’re just not my type nor you deserve me…. I always wanted a rich and good looking guy and here I’m stuck with you cause of the pressure of my parents but now no more because I’m going to divorce you and will marry Sahil.

Sanskar (shocked): What are you saying Swara!!!???

Swara: Yes I’m saying right, you don’t deserve me!!! And I met Sahil before few months and he’s like a man I wanted…. He even proposed me but I rejected but not now…. Now I’m going!!!!

In anger she blurted so much that even she didn’t realize what she said. Sanskar who heard her was beyond shock but watching her going he quickly holds her hand and started begging her.

Sanskar (moist eyed): Swara please don’t go!!! I can’t live without you!!! I Love You!!!

Swara (frees her hand): But I don’t!! Now just leave me and let me be in Peace. If you want you can go and marry your so called cousin Sonia!!

Sanskar: Swara…….

Before he could say anything she goes from there leaving him heartbroken. While going Swara looks at her in laws who heard her and we’re giving her disgusting look. She didn’t paid any attention to them and leaves.


At an isolated area she stops her car and calms herself and then realized what she said at home.

Swara’s POV

Ohh God!!! What I’ve done!!?? Why I even reacted like that? I’m so confused with my surroundings and my feelings… Sahil is really Perfect but why I rejected him?? Why behave like that with Sanskar just watching that Sonia near him?? I think I should go to Sahil only as he’s even my
friend and can give me nice advice.

Thinking this she goes to Sahil’s house.


At Sahil’s house

Swara was about to knock his room when she heard Sahil speaking with his friend.

Sahil: Uffff!!! That Swara was just too hot than other girls but damn she didn’t got in my trap earlier. But I’m sure within few days she’ll be here only and I’ll be enjoying with her.

Amit (Sahil’s friend): And how’s that possible??

Sahil: Simple she must be thinking about my proposal only and that Sanskar well what is there in him….. Moreover I’ve heard nowadays Sanskar’s cousin with whom he have a great bond is staying there. She must be feeling insecure and within no time she’ll leave him and directly
will come to me for suggestion and I’ll brainwashed her and will use her for my benefit.

Before he could say further he heard a clapping sound and turns only to get shock watching Swara there.

Swara: What a planning Mr Singh Gupta!!!?? Must give you an award for it but sorry planning is failed as I got to know about it.

Sahil: Ahhnn!!! Means now I don’t need to act anymore…. Hmmm that’s good!!!

Swara (said in venom): You’re such an disgusting man!!!

Sahil: Oh Seriously!!! As if you’re really pious!!?? A girl who even being married can roam with other guy… Do you really think she’s able to called good?? No!!! You’re just like me!!!

He said all this in anger but his words touched Swara’s stone heart. Indeed it’s she only who never cares about her love ones. Sanskar was like a flower who’s soft and kind nature and heart can’t change the stone heart like Swara but when another stone heart like Sahil trash with it then only
it can break and the inner beauty can come out but still it’s not break fully still some more is left to break and it’s time to break her PRIDE.

Swara: I’ll deal with you later Mr Gupta!!!

She said with venom and started leaving while Sahil tried to stop her but all in vain as she already left so he also runs behind her.


Outside the house

Swara was walking past the streets to go near her car but Sahil came in between in his car and gets down.

Sahil: Swara stop right there or else it won’t be good for you.

Swara: Or else what will you do huh!!??

Sahil becomes hell angry listening her and takes out kerosene oil from his car and looks towards her.

Sahil: You love your beauty really much right!!?? Your beauty is your PRIDE!!! Now let me give you a last gift from my side dear. Say good bye to your this gorgeous face.

Swara who listened him was numb but before she could do anything it was too late as he already throws acid on her face. She said screams in pain while Sahil ran from there. Some nearby people saw this and took Swara to hospital and calls Sanskar through her mobile and on the other side Sanskar who heard about her was all numb and quickly comes in hospital including both the families. While other side Sahil was arrested for in the charge of acid attack on a girl and was announced to be lifetime prisoned.


They all were shock knowing about the incident and just felt pity for her as they were angry on her for her behavior but Sanskar was the one who was shattered not cause he loved her beauty because he knows how much she loves her face. Soon the whole half day operation was done and when Swara got senses she cried a lot like a mad person cause she loved her beauty very much and now her is no more and only bandage is there on her whole face. Doctors said that once the bandage is opened she’ll get a new face but Swara was not ready for it and was begging to bring her old face back but doctor strictly said that her structure is damaged so it’s impossible to bring her old face back and leaves.
She felt shattered, disgusting on herself, ashamed, regret and what not. Sahil’s words were continuously ringing in her mind. She took an knife and tried to cut her wrist but Sanskar came at that time and saved her. She cried a lot in his embrace regretting of whatever she did with him.


After some days Sujata came in her cabin and started talking to her making her more guilty.

Sujata: So how it feels Swara?? Losing your beauty!? That was the only thing you had to be proud of!!! Now what’ll you do?? My son was at least kind and calm person who always listened to your taunts and you used to say that he’s not Perfect and he doesn’t deserve you. Now say!!! Are you worth of him?? Does he deserves a girl like you??

Saying this she leaves breaking the last walls of her Ego. She yet again felt shattered and remembers the time she said all these things to Sanskar.


More months passed and Sanskar used to take care of Swara in each way. She too started noticing his care, his nature, his matureness, most importantly his love. Her eyes welled up watching all this, she remembers the time she gets angry on him for being close to Sonia. At that time she didn’t realize but now she realized that it was jealousy and even realize where there’s jealousy there’s love. She gets happy that finally she’s in love but yet again Sujata’s words rang her her mind and then Sahil’s. She goes in front of mirror and watch her face which is full of bandages. She cries remembering her face, she cries remembering how her Mother, Bhabi, Bhai and Mother in law used to make her realize her mistakes but now she’s regretting. She again thinks about Sujata’s words.

Swara (to herself): Will he still love me after watching my new face?? I’m not worth of his pious love. My face is no more for which he fall. It’s better to go away from away from his life.

Thinking this she leaves the house. After sometimes Sanskar came in room and saw it empty. He felt worried that where she went. He goes out in search of her and saw her walking blankly on road. He ran towards her.

Sanskar: Swara!!! What the hell are you doing here?? Come let’s go home.

Swara (not in senses): No I won’t come.

Sanskar: What the hell are you talking?? Why won’t you come???

Swara (looks at him blankly): Because I’m not worth of you…..

Sanskar (Shocked as he expect this behavior from her): What are you saying Swara??

Swara (not in her senses): Yes!!! I’m not worth of you!! That beautiful face for which you fall for is no more. Now I’m so ugly, I’m so mean, I’m really bad. I don’t deserve you.

Saying this she started crying. While Sanskar was totally shock and tried to calm her.

Sanskar (cups her face): Swara listen to me!!! Do you really think I fall for your beauty?? No Swara!!! I fall for your heart which was prisoned in the walls of your beauty but now it’s free. I really love you Swara not your beauty.

Swara (hugs him and cries): I hate that face Sanskar!!! I hate that face!!! That face became my PRIDE and I got so blind in it nothing mattered to me than it. I hat it!!! Yes!!! I want a new face which will be for my love ones, which will doesn’t live for itself, which will love you. I wanna have a new face which will not be busy in staring itself in mirror but you, I want a face which will turned into a smile when it sees you, I want which becomes pale when something happens to you. I love you Sanskar….. I really do!!! I know I realized it late but I really do. I don’t wanna get my old face back who didn’t have any heart, now I do have a heart!!! I wanna have a new start with you that too with all my heart!!! Will you accept me Mr Maheshwari???

Sanskar was beyond shocked listening her confession yet really happy. He just hugs her back more tightly claiming how much happy he is. After sometime he breaks the hug and kissed her forehead passionately.

Sanskar: I’ll be the happiest man in the world to have that honor.

Both smiles and leaves to home.


After 4 months now it’s time that Swara’s bandage are going to open. She was nervous yet excited to see her new face. Slowly the bandages were removed and then she firstly looks towards Sanskar and gives her million dollar smile to him. She then looks towards her face in mirror. Well it was not as beautiful as her previous one but indeed it was really beautiful. She looks at Sanskar in nervous whether he liked her or not. Sanskar came towards her and whispers.

Sanskar: You know what?? I love this face more because it glows only when I’m there. I guess I again fallen in love that too in first sight only with my wife only.

She was overwhelmed hearing his confession and hugs him while he kissed her forehead.


After this she seeks Forgiveness from everyone. They just forgive her for Sanskar’s sake and she knows it. She changed herself fully after that incident. Now she’s not short tempered anymore. She’s really calm, kind and matured now. She cares for all them in next few months, helps them, be with them in all conditions and never loses her control. Looking at the change in her and the guilt in her eyes all find true honesty in her eyes and forgives her. Her happiness knew no bound as finally everything is settled.


7 Years later at an picnic spot

A man is shown being blind folded with a cloth in his eyes. He was trying to catch some kids as they’re playing hide & seek. 2 kids who seems to have just one year difference. They are Saras & Meghna Sanskar Maheshwari and the man is Sanskar only.

At some distance from them there is sitting Swara looking beautiful in a yellow suit with a cute baby bump. Yes!!! She’s 7 month pregnant. She smiles and adores their bond. She remembers how things changes in these years, how she was and now she’s totally change because now she’s not that Swara anymore who only loved her beauty and lives for herself. Now She only love Sanskar and now she lives for her love ones. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Sanskar had already come and sat besides her.

Sanskar (whispers): Don’t think much about past… Just live the present and make a beautiful future.
She comes in senses and looks at him. She smiles and looks at font where kids are playing and Again looks at him.

Swara: How you knew what I was thinking??

Sanskar: You’re my life and I know what you were thinking.

Swara (smiles): But seriously I was such a fool, bad……. (Intrrupted)

Sanskar: Don’t say anything to my love.

She stops and smiles.

Swara: Why??

He smiles and kiss at her cheeks just near her earlobe. She smiles feeling his touch.

Sanskar: Because my love is my ‘PRIDE’.

Both Smiles then he kissed her forehead with lots of love and then she puts her head on his shoulder while he held her through shoulder and other hand on her baby bump. Both smiles yet again and looks at their children playing happily in the fields.




“Money, wealth, and beauty can bring you your wants but not your happiness… Happiness are needed love, affection and care… If you recognize the power of love then all these luxurious will melt in front of it… But for that once break the walls of your prisoner heart before the walls of ‘PRIDE’ breaks!!!!”




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