Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana (Episode 4)

Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana: Episode 4

The crash of two lovers- Yuvraaj and Suhani

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In the name of love
Author’s note: Hey guys, I have been extremely busy, so I am sorry for my inconsistency- I would probably write a few chapters at a time and post them once every two days or something, time depending x
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience


I don’t know why I am really hyper today, I was just watching our lip-syncing video to that song in the name of love. You were wearing retro glasses and a shiny silver jacket; a bit like Michael Jackson would’ve! I was wearing your school uniform, which was baggy on my and I was holding a toy microphone. I laughed so much that my stomach came out my mouth! God, then I remembered that I forgot to write to you for a week! It is because the nurses are not allowing us to visit you… I don’t understand why not though; however, I am glad that we recorded the plethora of videos together…
Our encounters after that were just as funny as our first one, I remember Somu recorded our second one…
It started off with me ‘hip-hop dancing, well attempting to anyway, and Somu was recording it for the ‘banter’ (as the young kids say), and I remember kicking you where the sun doesn’t shine, while attempting to do a forward role.
Your face was absolutely priceless, it was a mixture of you going to cry and you trying to think- I know you and think don’t go together! Your face was scrunched up like a raisin and your hands holding onto your prize possession, Somu ended up dropping my phone on the floor while I was rolling on the floor hysterically- when I realised it was you!
I remember how guilty my face looked at first, like a was a homeless puppy, when then I saw your constipatedd façade, I couldn’t control the endless laughs crawling up my throat, your nose expanding, and your face flushed a deep shade of red… Oh God- I am laughing now while writing this!
Anyway I have to go, Pratima Maa wants me to cater some guests, they are sorting Somu’s wedding, the one we were supposed to plan; but hey I will make sure that it suits all your needs, Mr Perfect Kumar x
I will not disappoint!
*salutes, then giggles at how stupid I realise I am being*
You mean millions to me x
Your Crazy one x”


Yuv PoV:

What did I just read, I can’t control my laughter; was I really that loose, that laid back? I remember me being quite stuck up…

Well, all I know it that this girl is definitely the most weird person I had ever associated with…

Precap: Undecided…


I know it is short I just wanted to update for you beautiful people as I felt extremely guilty xx

Hope you enjoyed! Suhani is actually a bit like me XD


Love you all,
Aqsaah x

  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    simply superbbb yaar…!! I loved it very much.. not only yuvi am also laughing imagine tat scene….

    1. Aqsxxh

      Hehe thanks di x

  2. I read all epis of this ff today in one go and now I’m short of words about it.. All I wana say is update asap.. 🙂

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Di this means a lot to me x

  3. Avanikamdar

    It is lovely plz try to post asap ??

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Avani you are awesome x

  4. superb… was waiting for ur ff am happy tat u updated

    1. Aqsxxh

      Abi, how sweet of you thanks x

  5. Hi sis how are u.u dont have any need to say sorry.anyway epi was simply was short and this dint firget us.todays epi was realky funny.i like it a lot.waiting fr my sweet sisters nxt update.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Awh thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the humour! I can’t believe that I actually made you lot laugh x
      Means a lot di x


    I have been yearning to read your extraordinary writing for daaayyyyssss, but being so busy myself (plays and auditions and art gcse take up my life as well as piles of homework) i understand why you could post. Though this was short, it easily made up for your absence, the laughter that iy held within it brightened my day, especially since its a paticularily a tough time for me right now. Thanks for the escape di xx

    1. Aqsxxh

      No problem- writing is my escape too, these college applications will slowly be the death of me! <3 anyway thanks for such a beautiful comment that never suppresses to plaster a smile on my face x

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