Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 11

After two episodes i will give long updates divi ok

Laksh trying to talk to swara but she ignores him.
Ragini and sanskar sees this goes into flashback..
Ragini gets annoyed and started walking fastly..
Sanskar running back of her by saying sorry..
Ragini:-i am waiting for two hours and after that u called me said u will be late for another hour . 3 hours sanskar who will wait.
Sanskar:- come on u girls will always make us to wait na so wats wrong if u wait like us.
Ragini turns in anger and says ..
Did i ever made u wait for 5minutes also. No na ..
Sanskar drags her close to him and says because u hate waiting and making others waiting.
Raginj:-then how can u compare me with all and about to go but he drags her again and hugs her tightly..
Ragini:- leave sanskar i hate u..
Sanskar:- but i love uu..
Fb ends..
Both sees at each other with teardy eyes..
And gets disturbed by their fighting.
Laksh:-ragini say na to forgive me.
Swara:- u were not taking his side ok do u remember these both irritated us.
Ragini thinks and says ok i will ask u to do one work if u both do it perfectly then swara will forgive u.
Swara:- but..
Sanskar:- no
Ragini:- then i cant do any thing lucky.
Laksh:- he will do u say wat we should do.
Swara:- but.
Ragini:- trust me.
Swara:- ok
Ragini:- clean whole hut neatly and do arrangements for all of us to sleep peacefully untill then we Will wait outside .
Swara smiles and laksh opens mouth in shock by seeing whole messy hut.
Sanskar hits his head in nodes head in no manner.
Swara:- if u cant do leave it.
Laksh:- i will do it for u ok.
Ragini:- lets wait outside ..
Swara:- lets see how they will do.
Ragini and swara sits at a corner and sees them cleaning and smiles.
Sanskar sees her smiling and says anything for your smile ragoo..
Laksh:-did u said anything.
Sanskar:- concentrate on cleaning because of u i was also caught.
Laksh:- achaa then u was teasing them with me ..
Sanskar:- fine i am doing naa..
Laksh:- wahhh thank u for your great favor on me..
Both smiles at each other and starts cleaning.
Ragini feels tired and pain in hands..
Sanskar comes towards her and removes one hand cuff and he locks that with him.
Ragini:-wat r u doing…
Sanskar:- i cant open your both hands free and i cant tie u when u sleep so rmthats why both hands are free and u cant escape and lifts his hand and her hand automatically lifted with his hand.
Laksh and swara:- wat a idea sir jii
Ragini looks at him and says i wont sleep with u i am close to u..
Sanskar:-dont worry i have a idea for that also..
Laksh sanskar — ragini swara were sleeping .
Sanskar:-is this distance ok and smiles.
Ragini wants to turn but couldnt because if hand cuff ..
She gets angry and turns towards sanskar and sleeps facing him.

Precap:- sanskar mesmerised by seeing ragini.
Ragini bond slowly increases with swara and laksh.

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