Prem Charitra (Episode 46)

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Radnesh goes inside the OT Manoramma sees him and can’t able to identify him.. he just signalled her then she understands that it her own son..

Manoramma – Hey Radhu!…How much time do you take??.. Do you make necessary arrangements? ??.. whats the plan???

Radnesh – Mom… Cool.. I’m 15 years old… for your sake I cut my classes and came… and don’t call me by that name!

Manoramma – okayyyyy … my son looks big guy with this fake mustache and beared. .. even i can’t identify him..

Radnesh – Stop your talks… listen my plan!!.. The OT is near to Children ward.. so I’m going to set the fire there… How many children are there in ward??..

Manoramma – are you going to kill all the 4 children?… We got money only to kill the mom and Do something to the twins …

Radnesh – If you target only those two it will not look like accident… so I’m going to the Operation Theatre (OT).. and makes the arrangements…okay??

Manoramma – Okay… Be careful!.. we want all the money!!!..

Radnesh enters the OT and sees the electricity board and opens it and finds the wires and smiles…

Here.. Saindhavi is seen sleeping peacefully and Chandran stands near her holding her hand and admires the new beauty of Mother side in his wife’s face..

And in the Next room Radha wakes up and sees the Krishna who is staring her with smile.. Then she try to wake up but Krishna stops her and makes her to lie down… and kisses her forehead… and thanks her!!!

Chandana knocks the door and comes in with papers…

Chandana – Here you go Sir. . It’s the birth Certificate of your twins..

Krishna and Radha sees the Certificate of Sandhya and smiles then another one named Brinda..

Krishna and Radha stared each other in confusion…

And Krishna notices the Name Brinda in the first certificate, father name is Chandran and other details.. suddendly his eyes darted to identification mark column … where he reads “a Mole in her right back shoulder”..

Krishna – we said Sandhya for elder one and Gyathri for younger one… the second one is not ours..

Chandana – I’m sorry Sir..I confused between the two pairs of twins born at the same time. .. I just misplaced the certificates.. I’ll back in a minute…

At the same time Chandran sees the Certificates in his hands.. The first one is Mithra , his first daughter and sees the second one it named Gayatri…

Chandran – I think it belongs to some others.. they wrongly misplace it.. I have to give this to that nurse

He opens the door and finds Manoramma talking to someone in low voice.. He called her but in shock she slipped her mobile down…

Manoramma turns and sees Chandran and sweats forms on her forehead…

Manoramma thought ” Does he heared anything I informed regarding our Fire accident plan “…

Manoramma – You scared me!..

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