Prem Charitra (Episode 41)

Prologue for Prem Charithra……

The blue Flame of globe covers Red flame which is created by Agora Ravnesh ( the one who has supreme evil powers).

There are only three people inside the both flame of globes.

Agora Ravnesh with his magical power tries to free the clutches of the strong and yet determined woman’s hand from his only left over brother Agora Radnesh.

Everyone is shocked to see the women but not for Princess Gyatri. Princess santhoshini helping Princess Gyatri’s delivery her second child. Gyatri’s and Santhoshini’s daughters young princess Nakshatra and Akshara comes there.

Prince Harish Vendra helps his lovable wife in delivering his child and telling soothing words to her.Prince Aarush Arjuna , Prem Advik are shocked and surprised to see the extreme opposite side of their princesses.

Arjun and Prem sees each other…

Arjun – time change… people change… but.

Prem – our love for her never change…

He completed.

Prince Arjun’s mom Queen Nirosha and Prince Prem’s Mom Queen Sakunthala comes nears them

Nirosha – no one can go inside or come outside the Aayush (Soul) Circle.

Sakunthala – only true soul can destroy the evil and break the circle.

Arjun – we believe in her.

Prem – we never ever hurt her feelings like we did already.

There comes Acharya Adhra (Rishi of Knowledge)

All four bow thier heads and folds thier hand to greet The Rishi..

Rishi – Deekayush Bhava ( have a long blissful life)

Today is the day… where the entire empire is going to celebrate the Rebirth of two souls from a single human body but the future is unpredictable.

The sudden silence emitting from the Aayush Circle catches the attention of everyone…

Where Princess Charithra words booms in Air.

She faces the clouds which Turning black by every seconds…

” If only my death brings the Future to My People I just consider even my life is Valueless “.

Saying so she stabs herself and the blood scatters on the statue of girl which is covered by golden white cloth!

hope you like the prolouge…..

prem charithra family tree..

in last part the prem charithra tree might be confusing…. so i thought of giving you the real one…

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