Prem Charitra (Episode 40)

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i just wanna to present the family tree of prem charitra for four generations…

the story mainly revolves around the 6 main empire….

the love , care, affection, enmity, hate, war, sacrifice, possessiveness and all other happens between these kingdoms are part of this story…

reincarnation of person for love we have known a lot… but the main part of reincarnation is for the frienship… ofcourse love forms part of it…

not one or two people reincarnated… but all… all of the people… the entire empire in hindustan…for the promise given.. for the kasam taken… for the word given… for the frienship… for the life.. for a single women… for their princess of their heart…

a lot of empires was there in hindustan… 1000 or more.. but all comes under main 6 empire…

the main kingdom… controlling and protecting all other kingdom. .. the land of water falls… locates in middle of all 5 kingdoms . .. known as..

1.kousalya empire –the land of waterfalls!

sri vijayendra varma – devi vaidhehi

sri mahendra varma devi anahitha sri ramendra varma
devi urvasi (w1) devi urmila(w2) sri indravendh devi chandrikha

devi sri meghrajh sri aadhitya devi
radha varman varman saindhavi

sri krishna devi devi sri chandra
vendha karunya vaishali vendha

devi gyatri devi kaushlya sri rithish devi mithra
devi santhoshini devi myuri varman devi brinda

other important persons:
1. army head – sooraj
2. meghna – sooraj’s sister
3. devi shwetha – princess of sub kingdom
4. kula guru – rishi arjha.

hope you like the family tree of prem charithra…..

next episode ill explain the second empire………

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