Pregnant with a celebrity’s child — PREGNANT?!

2 weeks after that encounter:

Gauri and om were really really awkward around each other since they made love that night. They didn’t talk to each other much because they were really really awkward. It just so happens that since gauri was unable to come to be taught by om.

Why was that?

Gauri’s house:

Gauri’s best friend somu entered her house only to hear vomiting. She went to the bathroom only to find gauri puking her guts out. She reached to her and said: what happened gauri?

Gauri: since me and om sir…

She bit her tongue.

Somu: you and om sir what?

Gauri: first of all, don’t tell anyone at all.

Somu: ok.

Gauri: me and om sir got intimate and it went too far.

Somu: WHAT?!

Gauri: yes. Since then I have been feeling so sick and dizzy time to time. My feet have become swollen. And I haven’t even had my period.

Somu: you must be PREGNANT!

Gauri: WHAT?!

Somu: take a test gauri.

Gauri went to her bedroom and sat on her bed.

Gauri: somu, I am feeling really tired. Please may you get the test?

Somu: yeah sure.

Somu goes out and quickly runs to get the test. Then she went back to gauri’s house.

Somu: here.

She threw the box at gauri and she catched it.

Gauri: thanks.

She went into the bathroom and somu was waiting.


Gauri: two red lines….no! NO! WHAT?!

She went out of the bathroom and somu saw her shocked face.

Somu: what happened gauri?

Gauri cried and hugs somu tight.

Somu: what happened?

Gauri: i am… I am pregnant.

Somu: WHAT?

Gauri: I am carrying his child.

Somu: oh my gosh!

Gauri: what am I going to do?

Somu: tell the baby’s father.

Gauri: good idea.

Somu: anyway congratulations gauri.

Gauri: thank you.

Somu: and baby, come quick, your somu aunty is amazing.

Gauri: oh shut up.

They laughed.

Precap: ‘this is not my child’s





Gauri kumari sharma, age: 18

Omkara Singh oberoi, age: 20

Soumya Mehta, age: 19

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