Pregnant with a celebrity’s child — a night that won’t be forgotten

“Congratulations sir”

Gauri said to her teacher om whose hit single ‘oh saathi’ made it to 700 million views and no.1 on the charts.

Om: thank you gauri. You know something? The only reason for my success was you.

Gauri: what do you mean?

Om: you are my favourite and best student here. Your dedication to music helped me with this song.

Gauri smiles lightly.

Some music came on.

Om: want to dance?

Gauri was happy to hear her crush ask her to dance. She smiles again and says: why not?

He took her hand in his and took her to the dance floor, they started to dance, engaged into each other’s eyes.

A while lager:

They were talking on one side when a waiter came with drinks. Rikara happily took them and started to drink them.

But little did they know that the drink was spiked.


Another room:

He pinned her to the wall, kept her on one side, adoring her neck with wet kisses, biting the crook leaving red marks. He bit her ear as she moaned his name out loud. His touch was like heaven.

he lifts her up into bridal style and placed her on the bed, leaving more kisses on her neck. he goes on top of her, allowing gauri to hold his shirt tightly as he caressed her arm. he kisses her cheeks deeply and then both her eyes. Gauri was too shy. this feeling was really different for her. her body kept tingling.

His hand found her dress zip and he slowly unzipped it, throwing the dress on the floor and then her other clothings. She managed to take his clothes off as he adorned her body with kisses. Their lips met and he entered her as the lights went off.

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