Pregnancy Cravings (Kaanchi) 7

Everyone was tired and as soon as they fell on bed , they slept . Next morning in SDCH Kaanchi and Sonal were doing their work. Ria was planning something big . An idea strikes her mind . She quickly goes to the cafetaria and asks the cafeboy to make fruit juice by adding bananas, papayas and pineapples

Saanchi entered into the cabin and saw a glass of juice on the table . She smiled and sat on the chair . Ria came inside and told her that as she was feeling hungry he herself made this juice for her .Saanchi thanks her . Ria departs and Sonal arrives .

Sonal : Hey Saanchi!  You know Kabir told me to see that you’re having healthy food or not .So , I came here to check . Hey ! There is a glass of juice . You should drink it .

Saanchi : Ok !

Saanchi quickly drinks . She drinks half of the glass and denies drinking the rest.  Ria stands there hiding and smirks .

Timeskip to breaktime . Sonal and Kabir were sitting and talking with Saanchi . Suddenly Saanchi fell down and screamed in pain . She winced in pain . Kabir quickly lifted here and made her lay down on the strethcher in her cabin . She was screaming in pain .
Sonal : Kabir ! Tell her to take long breath , I am coming with the epidural injection .

Kabir : Saanchi!  calm down , take long breaths…

Saanchi was screaming . Kabir was trying to make her stable . He spotted the juice glass on the table and smelled . He sensed strong smell of Papaya and Pineapple. Sonal came rushing and gave her epidural injection . She got a relief .

After sometime Saanchi woke up . She held Kabir’s hand . He jerked her hand . Kabir burst out on her .

Kabir : You know how careless have you been . You drank papaya and pineapple  . Didn’t you even think about your health ? Don’t you bother about the baby ?

Sonal : This is not her fault Kabir !

Kabir: Stop it Sonu ! It’s her fault , she should have checked the juice , is she a child ?

Kabir went out followed by Sonal . Saanchi felt bad and was crying bitterly. Later,kabir went to her cabin and found no one there . He asked the watchman about Saanchi . He told the she went home .

Kabir : How can she go home alone ?

Sonal : She was already stressed.  She must not be feeling well .

When Kabir reached home, he enquired Kusum about Saanchi as she was not in their room .

Kusum : She told that she is not feeling well in that room and slept in the guest room?

Sonal : Has she taken anything ?

Kusum : I forced her but she said that she will eat when she will be hungry .

Kabir : How can she do this ?

He went to the guest room and found the door locked . He tried calling Saanchi and then thought to talk to her later and went upstairs to sleep ,

The next morning  Kabir woke up and straightly went to the guest room . He found no one there .

Sonal: Are you searching for Saanchi ?

Kabir : Yes ! Where is she ?

Sonal : She went to the temple with Kusum aunty .

Kabir : Ok I will wait for her .

They were talking when they heard the doorbell . Sonal opened the door .

Sonal : Aunty !

Kabir : Maa ! Where is Saanchi ?

Kusum : Beta. She directly went to the hospital .

Kabir : What ?

Kabir and Sonal get ready for hospital. Sonir (Kabir and Sonal ) reached hospital .

Kabir : Where is Dr. Saanchi ?

Receptionist : Sir ! She came early and gave these files to give you . Actually she is on leave today .

Sonal : Leave ?

Receptionist :  Yes mam !

Kabir : Tell Dr.Malhotra , I’m on leave today ..

Sonal: Me too !

Suddenly Kusum called kabir . Over phone :-

Kusum : Kabir come home soon ! Saanchi has high fever … she is not eating anything … She has not eaten from last night .

Kabir  : Ok mom ! I am coming soon.

Kabir reached home, he straight went to Saanchi ! He held her hand . She jerked her hand . He touched her forehead to check fever . She removed his hand .

Kabir understood why she was angry ,why she didn’t let him see a glimpse of herself and realized how badly he behaved to her .

Kabir : Saanchi ! If you’re angry on me then don’t punish yourself .

Kabir sat beside her and held her hand . She jerks her hand . Sonals asks Kabir to go out while she is examining Saanchi .Sonal comes out .

Sonal : Kabir ! The baby is absolutely normal but Saanchi. ….

Kabir :What happened to Saanchi ? Is she ok ?

Sonal : She is alright !

Kabir : Then !

Sonal:   Kabir ! Don’t get me wrong, as a doctor you know that she is pregnant . But as a husband , you need to give her your best ,your time ,your love and your care . She needs you Kabir . Although she never asked for your time but she was sad and you know that in Pregnancy the expecting mother shouldn’t be depressed. Do you get me ? So , give her space and time . In this condition she had her cravings and mood swings,  you need to understand her . You have successfully achieved the duty of a doctor but now be a Husband . Ok ?

Kabir : Ok ! Can I go inside now ?

Sonal : Ya sure ! She is unconscious now for the injection.  You can go .

Kabir goes and sits beside her . He holds her hand and gives it a squeeze.  Her rosy lips were pale . She was looking lean and weak . He couldn’t forgive himself . He decides to do something special for her .

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  2. I loved this part. Please neha written next part.Thank you for written this story.??

  3. Outstanding awesome I loved it

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    really great work! Really liked it:)

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  6. Thats really very interesting. Keep it up write it regularly neha

  7. too good neha………kabir’s so concerned & sonal’s very supportive………..finally after sonal’s advice kabir’s rudeness level will come down gradually for our sanchi & he’ll surely become more & more caring…………….eagerly waiting for ur nxt update………

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  9. Ohh poor sanchi.feeling bad for her…but I thought she would understand its papya pineapple juice as she is a doctor…..anyways it was really superb yarr….waiting for next part.

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    what to say
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  11. Really good neha nd kabir’s concern for sanchi…. loved it. Plzz post soon.

  12. Hi Neha. I skylight request for suggestions:
    1) suggestion: Kabir become jeolousy saanchi with Veer.Veer take care saanchi.
    2) Ria blackmail Saanchi. Blackmail consist choose Kabir or save baby.Saanchi choose save baby pack bag leave house Kabir,Kabir in cabin watchman talk Kabir, Saanchi go house cry.Kabir go home see saanchi pack bag,Kabir stop saachi but saanchi leave house.Kabir don’t understand saanchi leave house.SDCH Kabir search saanchi, saanchi don’t talk Kabir.One day Saanchi feel not well and Veer help saanchi. Nurse Fernandez inform Saanchi feeling not well run Saanchi but Kabir talk Saanchi not response.Next morning Kabir not see Saanchi, Kabir go hostel watch Saanchi sleep but phone saanchi arrive messagge Ria,Kabir watch phone Saanchi don’t understand Ria send message stanchi.Neha di like my suggestion.

    1. No plz Don’t complicate it too much.. Ur suggestions r worth for the story but too complicated!! Let it be a simple pregnancy FF with more of Kanchipuram scenes!
      Yes a bit of jealousy is f9 with veer taking care of her but plz no parting away of d 2 souls

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    Very good Neha dear…nice one…post your next epi soon

  14. I suggest that mood swings and cravings of sanchi increases and Kabir have to fulfil her every wish like in midnight she want ice creams……and many funny moments of kanchi and Isha pragya and veer

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    Hey nice epi this Riya ? Aww Saanchi fall sick and kabir felt so bad loving this ff a lot ?

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