Pregnancy Cravings (Kaanchi) 2

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Thank you all for your valuable comments  . I am sorry I couldn’t reply all of you because I’m  very lazy .

Trisha , I loved all ur ffs and os … I loved them … I mean you write superb .Sorry, I was too exhausted to write comments as I am a medical student

Abhilasha, I also loved reading your writing.  It was fabulous. . Again the same thing I was too lazy to comment. 

I have read all the ffs and os of SDCH page and I enjoyed reading them but I didn’t comment but I will comment for sure from now onwards . May you like my ff also .It will only involve kaanchi romance with sanchi being pregnant . It will end soon and then I will start a new ff .

Special thanks to all of you: QVZRQE3M,Ashnita ,alia,Abhilasha,hema,Anahitaannie,Richa,Riya,Parul,Trisha,
Swetatitli,Divya,Anu,Cocoa#love,Nkh,Nutts,Tejaswini Srinivas,Moonlight,neera,sundari…

And sorry I can’t avail precap because my ideas keep changing

Saanchi was sitting on the bed waiting for her beloved caring husband to return . She heard the screeching sound and ran towards the window . A slight smile made a way to her lips . She rushed down the stairs and opened the door . It was none other than her love ;Kabir at the door step. Her face brightened seeing him .

She welcomed him with a warm hug . He too reciprocated the hug.

Kabir : By the way , Where is maa ?

Saanchi : I have given her medicines and she slept .

Kabir : Ok ! Let me change , then I will come for dinner..Ok ?

Saanchi nods positively .She starts serving food and doing some chores of kitchen . She looks at the watch and goes to call Kabir . She enters into the room and finds no one. She is about to go , when a strong pair of hands surrounds her .

Saanchi : kabir !

He kissed her neck making a shock wave pass through her . He pulled her closer . She could feel her back touch with his bare chest (he was in towel as he came from washroom ). She could feel his breath . He held her closer from her waist . He placed a soft kiss on her back . She shivered feeling his touch .

She broke his embrace and was about to go when he pulled her hand and she came twirling in his arms again .

Saanchi felt awkward: Kabir, its getting late..umm.. I think …we…should have….dinner

Kabir sensed her awkwardness and nodded in positiveness.

Kabir : Let’s go .

He squeezed her shoulder and they both went downstairs.Kabir was eating and Saanchi looked at him lovingly. He forwarded a bite to her . She denied to have it.

Kabir : I have not earen and you already ate , that’s not possible  . I know you didn’t eat dinner . C’mon have it .You will fall ill

Saanchi : No kabir, I am not hungry ..

Kabir : Saanchi I can read your face . Tell me what happened ?

Saanchi : Actually from the morning whatever I eat ,I feel nostalgic and vomit . I am also not feeling well .

Kabir tensed : This happened and you didn’t think it to be important to tell me ..

He stood up and goes to wash his hands .

Kabir : You go to the room and I am coming just in a minute .

Saanchi stood up and suddenly felt dizzy . She fell unconscious. Kabir noticed it and rushed to hold her . He held her .

Kabir : Saachi , what happened  ? Saachi ! ….. Oh no ! She has high fever .

He lifted her in his arms . He was very tensed and at the same time angry as she didn’t listen to him. He made her lay on the bed . He gave her medicine. He kept changing the cloths on her forehead .

It was around midnight when Saanchi heard some noises and woke up . It was none other than kabir taking over phone .

Kabir : Ya ok , Yes fine ! Confirm it for tomorrow.

He cuts the call when a weak shaking voice interrupts him.

Saanchi : Kabir ! What have you confirmed for tomorrow and why haven’t you slept yet ?

Kabir didn’t even reply and handed her medicine to eat . She ate the medicine and again asked the same questions .He didn’t reply and slept . Saanchi as well as Kabir felt . She was sleeping with tears . Kabir felt sorry for her .

Kabir: I am sorry ! But I am angry with you …and I had to be rude with you for your good .

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  1. Hey neha its so awesome really loved it. Plzz post nxt ep asap. Nd their romance it was on some other level really good. Really loved ur ff.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks for you comment . Will surely update soon .

  2. Nutts


    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Nutts !

  3. Just fantastic mindblowing and waiting for ur ff

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Ashnita ! I will try updating soon

  4. It was superb…
    Impatiently waiting for the next update…. All the best for your upcoming updates?

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Afia

  5. Awesome super fabulous fantastic there romance was nice update soon don’t be lazy because all rights waiting for ur update and now I can’t wait

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Divya

  6. Moonlight25

    It was fab

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Moonlight

  7. Anee

    Hay neha its good to see one more ff on kanchi really loved it.

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anee ! I also felt good reading os and ff . Felt sorry for your pet Rosy …
      RIP Rosy ??

      1. Anee

        Neha rosy was my pet it was mystery’s PET.

    2. Neha7873

      Sorry ,I was confused a bit

      1. Anee

        it’s okk

  8. As usual one more amazing update update next soon

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Kriya

  9. Neha dear..just loved it to the core of my heart ???amazing update ??eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Riya . Will update asap

  10. Awesome yaar..But pls recognise me also ..As I ‘m too giving compliments for your writings

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Anandi

  11. wow so nice episode and kabir caring for sanchi is to good
    waiting for next one

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks sundari

  12. Abhilasha

    Nehu (can I call that actually my one fend who has shifted has name Neha and I call her nehu)… Coming to episode it was soooo gudd… Kanchi scenes were so romantic and I loved them… Keep writing dear waiting for next!

    1. Neha7873

      You can call me anything you like , and thanks for commenting

  13. Trisha139

    Wow episode was just fab neha continue soon dear …I am loving ur writings …kanchi scenes were osm and eager for next part

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks trisha

  14. Superb yaar

  15. Swetatitli

    Very nice story yaar. I love ur story yaar???

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks sweta

  16. fantastic episode plz next episode updated soon

  17. Neha7873

    Thanks parul

  18. Awesome episode please post the next episode next

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks cocoa

  19. I liked it very much….BT pls update next quick…

  20. Hema69

    fantastic yaar waiting for the next part it’s soo gud

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