Pregnancy (B) – RiAnsh OS by Tanvi

Warning!! An emotional OS requested on wattpad. Decided to post it here too

Scene shows Vansh laying on the bed, teary eyed. When a babies cry breaks his thoughts and he wakes up immediately shaking a bottle of milk, carefully taking baby in his arks and feeding the milk with tears.

“Don’t worry princess, Dadda is here for you.”

He shushed the baby and placed her in the cradle carefully, and burst out crying. He fell on the floor covering his mouth not to make noise to disturb his sleeping princess.


Little Vanya was sitting clapping her hands. Vansh stopped doing his work. Just staring at her, he rushed to her taking in his arms with tears.

“Will you say it again baby?” Vansh pleaded kissing all over her faces.

“Da…d..da!”  Vanya clapped her hands saying and Vansh eyes become full of joy.

After making Vanya asleep, he opened Riddhima’s cupboard. Taking out her dupatta, he sniffed its smell and hugged it tightly.

“I wish you were here Riddhima, you were correct, she called me first.”

Vansh talked in the air for a while and kept it back, before closing it, he found a diary, and started reading it.

It became habitaul to him, Vanya in his arms and him reading the diary smiling with tears.
It was the last page of the diary, Vansh never read it. He never wanted it to end.  All of a sudden Vanya started crying.
Vansh rushed to see her not in the room, he felt tensed and started looking for her in the while mansion and found her with Ishani.
He snatched Vanya from her arms and hugged her tightly kissing all over her face.
Vanya wiped Vansh’s tears and pulled his collar. Vansh smiled at her cute antics.
Vanya pointed her fingers on his chest, on his heart. Vansh had eyes full of tears but he didn’t let them them fall.

“ .ck”
Vanya said looking at Vansh with her innocent eyes.
“So now princess wants chocolate cake? No worries. Dadda and Vanya will make one. Ok?”
Vansh said and Vanya clapped her hands and they both were in the kitchen.
Both were having flour on faces and clothes worn out, but they ended up making a beautiful cake.

Vanya ate the cake and clapped her dirty hands and cupped Vansh’s face smearing chocolate on his beard.
They both had a great time.. 4 eyes were witnessing them behind the pillar. They were Ishani and Angre.

“Bhai loved her so much.” Ishani said.
“She is his lifeline. But not more than Bhabhi.” Angre said.
“She must be watching them, from somewhere.” Ishani said with a sad smile and they both hug each other.

Making Vanya sleep, Vansh took Riddhima’s diary in his hand, and finally got the courage to open the last page.

“Finally you opened the last page! I thought I need to wait more. How is our Vanya?”

Vansh was shocked reading it. Then he read ahead.

“Don’t be so silly. I was alive giving her birth and knowing her gender. Then how did I write it?”

Vansh being lost in it nodded in yes and read ahead.

“A day before my due date, I asked the doctor. I pleaded her as I knew I would not be there. So she told me and I am writing it on my Vanya’s birthday only. Vansh. I love you my jaan. I am sorry. I was not able to see my daughter growing up. Being with her. I am not able to see you, taking care of her. Please forgive me. I am sure our baby must be reminiscing me only. She said Dadda first, right?
Vansh life is name of challenges. See how I came to you, with the blessing of that idiot Kabir.
You are my everything Vansh. My whole life depends on you. Even if a I die. I know you will cry. You ARE crying. I will not stop. You can cry.

Vansh closed the diary, crying. And he opened it stabling himself.

Idiot, you really cried. Not even thought how will I feel watching you from the clouds? Vansh, tell Vanya that her mumma loves her very much. Never let her hate me please. I will not be able to bear it. And my soul must be out there around you keeping an eye. So watch out! I will scare you anytime. I knew I will not be there long ago. But our baby is nothing more than my life. Our symbol of love Vansh. I never thought of this day.
I am always there. In your heart. Not beating around the bush. I love you. I love you meri jaan. Don’t worry for me. Apna khayal rakhna. I know you will take care of Vanya. I don’t need to say. Take care of yourself.
Vansh ki Riddhima ♡

Vansh finished reading it, eyes full of tears. But he didn’t let them fall of. He looked at Vanya who was sitting on the bed rubbing her eyes. Vansh kept the diary aside, and took Vanya in his embrace.
“Your momma knew she would leave me with you. Dadda loves mumma and Vanya too.” Vansh said to Vanya and she smiled, as if she understood his words.

“Your mumma trusts Dadda so much. Don’t worry. I love you more than her. She is the best mumma ever. I would tell you, how she punished your bua, chachu and foofaji….


“Ishani will clean the mess of OUR and HER room for next whole week. And Aryan will not go out of the house, and he will not enter his room from RIGHT now. And Angre, mmmm Yes! Angre will stay 10 metres away from Vansh and not talk to him. WHOLE WEEK. ”

Riddhima was telling each of them their punishment.
“Okk…I will do.” Said Ishani nonchalantly.

“Good! Be ready with a mop I am going to spill tomato sauce on the floor.” Said Riddhima and Ishani’s jaw dropped.

“Bhabhi where will I go? Not my room and not out of the house?” Aryan said.

“You will stay in Ishani and Angre’s room.” Riddhima said making the trio nearly faint.

“Bhabhi how will I work with boss with these punishment?” Angre asked.

“Absolutely” Vansh supported.

“Simple. No work. My Vansh will stay with me only.” Riddhima said with full attitude.

“Riddhima this is…” Vansh was cutted by Riddhima.

“Them why do you need me? Just go and have babies with Angre only.” Riddhima said and Vansh was mum.

Flashback ends

” Vanu..lob Dadda” One year old Vanya kissed Vansh’s cheeks.
“Dadda also loves his princess. Come” Vanya holds his two fingers with both of her hands, just like Riddhima did. Vansh smiled and they reach infront of the big potrait of Riddhima.
Vansh picks Vanya in his arms and both of them were admiring the potrait.

“Moma…Dada.. lob..mumma and Vanu” Vanya was talking to her mother’s potrait.

“Momma… Dadda cly ..vanu no cly…” Vanya said looking at Vansh who was in tears.

Vanya’s voice was cracky and she had lump in her throat, eyes filled with tears.

“Dadda…miss..momma..” Vanya wiped his tears with her tiny hands and Vansh hugged her tightly. Vanya was crying silently while Vansh had already started crying…..

I am also crying writing this… uff…
 hope you liked this emotional OS of mine.🤧

Tanvi 💫

Will post My Love Where Are You today, As soon as this OS gets 20 comments I will post the first ever chapter of Battle Scars too!

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