Preetan SS : Trials of fate Part 2

Later at night Preeta looks at a red hat and Karan remembers their first meeting narrating to Aditya.
Karan is boarding at Rajasthan train when Preeta comes running behind the train. He forwards his hand for her but she is unable to hold his hand. Preeta hurts her leg causing Karan to get down from train with his bag.
Karan : Are you okay?
Preeta : I am fine, (says painly) why did you miss your train
Karan : I cannot leave you like this here at this hour
Preeta : but then what will we do
Karan makes Preeta on bench and holds her leg carefully assuring her to be fine. He twists her leg quickly which cures her injury in a moment.
Preeta : Thank you
Karan : Most welcome
Preeta : But we missed our train what will be do now
Karan : don’t worry I will ask somebody here
Preeta : okay
Karan asks vendor who tells him about another train next morning
Preeta : what will we do till tomorrow , by the way I am Preeta Arora (Shakes her hand)

Karan : I am Karan
Preeta : Pleasure you should have not missed your train for me
Karan : I might be raised on foreign but my values are indian, I cannot leave an indian girl in trouble
Preeta : for your kind information I am a police officer
Karan : You don’t look like a police
Preeta : Excuse me?
Karan : Nothing sorry
Preeta : Where are you from?
Karan : London but truly indian at heart
Preeta : You proved that you are truly indian but I don’t trust men that easily remember that
Next day both of them reaches their destination in train. Both shares their feelings with each other and spend quality time together.

Karan and Preeta are all set to depart for their destination in Rajasthan.
Preeta : So?
Karan : Its time for us to separate
Preeta : it was really pleasure to meet you, hope to see you soon (shakes her hand)
Karan feels strange while shaking hands with her as if he does not want to leave her. Both of them start walking in opposite direction and to their own buses. Preeta remembers Karan’s talk and childish nature. She reaches the house of her friend named Preeti who is getting married.

Preeti : Hi, my love (hugs Preeta) finally you made it
Preeta : how could i miss my friend’s marZoyage, it is such important occasion for you
Preeti : So sweet of you but where is your little princess, why didn’t she come
Preeta : don’t ask me, being her sister I don’t have time to talk with her, I have not seen her from last 3 years
Preeti : thats not fair, she cannot miss my wedding
Preeta : don’t worry, I will show her the CD alright, you send me the copy of the wedding and she will see it
Preeti : okay you go and freshen up, you might be tired from journey and there is event in the nearby village we are going there
Preeta : okay (takes her luggage and goes upstairs)
Preeta goes to the guest room and puts her luggage in the closet. Karan goes to meet his friend Rahul who is coincidentally the would be husband of Priti. Karan : by the way when will I see your fiancee (asks teasingly)
Rahul : in the evening but you control your flintiness for god sake okay
Karan : thats what I cannot do (tells him with attitude)
Rahul : this guy will never understand, oh god please send somebody in his life
Karan : for your kind information, I am already hooked with somebody
Rahul : what? who is it, you never told me
Karan : Actually it was my dad’s friend last wish, that his daughter would become my wife, it is political alliance
Rahul : Karan, are you sure that you want to marry a girl whom you don’t even love
Karan : I always believe, one don’t need love for marZoyage, and I know her from childhood she is my best friend, what else do I need
Rahul : well its your choice but think it over again, you are going to bind in compromise relationship Karan : I know what am I doing, lets forget all this and focus on your marZoyage, come (leaves)
Later in the evening Karan goes with his friend to the nearby village to meet the bride’s family and event. Priti tells Preeta to wear punjabi attire for the event. She wears green salwar with red border on it.
Priti : oh my god, you are looking so beautiful. come on we are getting late
Both girls reaches the place. Preeta feels relaxed with cool breeze in the open area.
Preeta : wow, this weather is so beautiful here, I wish it was the same in the city
Priti : thats why we chose our weeding here
Karan reaches the place with his friend but does not see Preeta for a while.
Priti : come i will introduce you to your brother in law (takes her to Sam)
Priti : hey sam this is my friend I was talking about and you were desperate to meet
“Oh my god, so you are that dangerous cop, damn never saw such a beautiful cop, amazing” says Rahul to make Priti jealous
Preeta gets bit uncomfortable hearing his compliment
Priti ; for your kind information you will not be able to woo her with your sweet talk, she is not crazy like me to get trapped
Rahul : my god, calm down we are getting married, at least learn to respect me
Priti : Preeta lets go from here (drags Preeta away to another side)
Rahul : where did you get lost
Karan : nothing I was not getting network here and dad kept calling me, you tell where is your fiancee, how much time she is taking
Rahul : you are late, she is right there (points towards the side where Preeta and Priti are standing)
Karan misunderstands the girl to be Preeta and kind of feels bad. He goes to meet her
Preeta : Karan, hi (says surprisingly) I didn’t know you were here
Karan : Even i was surprised (whispers), but I didn’t knew you were getting married
Preeta : me? (says confusingly)
Priti takes advantage and tells Preeta is the bride even though Preetar resists
Karan : congratulation (leaves sadly)
Preeta : what was the need to lie, poor guy he thought it was my marZoyage
Preeti : poor guy, how do you know him by the way (asks teasingly)
Preeta : I met in the train, he left his train because I could not reach and hurt my leg
Preeta : hey, i think they are starting the program. lets go
The event starts with the dance of villagers for their festival. They insists Rahul to talk about his love life before marZoyage
Rahul : hello everybody, so as you all know that my wedding is within few days and I am sure it is wonderful experience before marZoyage (teases seeing at Priti)
Karan wonders how Preeta didn’t tell him about her wedding in their meeting.
Rahul : so guys, let me introduce you all to my dear fiancee
Preeti comes forward which confuses Karan who asks his friend
Karan : what is this Rahul? at least don’t make such jokes in name of your marZoyage

“What are you trying to say” says confusingly to Karan
Karan : aren’t you engaged to Preeta?
Rahul : what are you saying? Preeta? No I am getting married to Preeit
Both girls share a laugh for fooling Karan
” What dude, you got fooled by today’s girls ” says Rahul by tapping on his head
Karan : you girls, I will take revenge on you both I promise (teases them)
Preeta : I am so sorry, it is because of this girl (refers to Priti)
Priti : sorry Karan (holds her ears)
Karan fakes to be happy and decides to play prank of Preeta.
Priti : guys I want to tell something very important today
Rahul : what are you talking about
Priti : Have some patience, so everybody on my sangeet our both best friend will enact play for us, I mean Preeta and Karan will show how Rahul and I met, everything
Preeta and Karan get quite amazed with Priti’s demand. Rahul takes her aside
Rahul : Priti, what the hell are talking about? how can you even demand it
Priti : Rahul, whats wrong with you, I am doing all this to make them realize their feeling and you did not see jealous Karan got when I said Preeta is your bride
Rahul : No way, i feel maybe they might not be comfortable doing this, drop this idea
Karan finds it a great opportunity to get close with Preeta but she finds it awkward
Priti ; Karan, your friend is shouting at me, you don’t mind do you?
Karan looks at Preeta’s nervous face and agrees happily
Karan : of course, why not why don’t you ask your best friend once
Priti ; I know her, she is alright with this right Preeta (goes to her)
Priti : then done, you both start rehearsing because sangeet ceremony is after two days
Rahul : thats so much less time, how will they prepare in such less time
Priti ; I am sure they will make it up, all the best guys (gives them thumbs up)
Preeta is pacing around the room when Priti comes to her room
Priti : you haven’t slept yet
Preeta : no, I mean I was just getting ready, you here at this time?
Priti ; I came to tell you that tomorrow is the mehndi in the morning and I was thinking I will stay with you tonight, we met after so many months
Both girls sleep outside in the balcony chatting together after long time.
Priti : by the way Preeta, I must say Shrishti has done what lot of people could not do in their youth, so much achievement
Preeta : that girl will drive me crazy one day, her hacking habit is not good sometimes
Priti : oh come on, she is from this generation and it is very common don’t worry
The girls dozes off while chatting. Next day Karan and Preeta enact the act on how the couple met and after that. The play starts with Karan and Preeta clashing in the bookstore and helping each other pick up the books. Both have very intense eye lock.
Karan : I am so sorry, are you okay
Preeta ; I am fine, thank you
Karan ; this is our third coincidental meeting, what should we call it, destiny
Preeta : I would still call it coincidence, anyway I am Preeta (shakes her hand)
Karan : Karan Luthra
Priti and Rahul are delighted to see the realistic act of Preeta and Karan. The scene reaches to the confession part
Karan : it is said you can run away from everything not from destiny It is said life is incomplete without a companion
Preeta : Love and trust is needed in every companionship
Karan : The day I saw you I felt you will fulfill the loneliness in my life,
Preeta : I always wanted someone who will love me as I am, will you be able to fulfill that promise
Karan :Do you want to be my life partner forever, I love you
Everybody claps to see the passion in the act. Preeta feels restless about the act and runs away
Karan : I am sorry if I did any mistake
Preeta ; its not your fault, just life is not fair with everybody
Karan wipes her tears gently telling her not waste her precious tears
Priti : wow guys you both were amazing, I must say for one second I thought you both were saying it really to each other
Next day Priti and Rahul get married with all rituals. Priti tells Preeta to reveal her feelings to Karan before it gets too late
Rahul : look Karan, I know you are committed, but try to listen to your heart
Both of them reaches bus station for their own city.
Karan feels tense seeing her leave. Preeta goes inside her bus and starts feeling restless to leave Karan with whom she spent couple days.
Preeta : what is happening to me? why am I feeling so restless to leave him
Karan sits on the bench looking at his phone. Though he does not wanted to let Preeta go but let her leave instead.
Karan : I wish I stopped you,
When he is about to leave with his bag he notices a girl standing behind him with tears in her eyes.
Karan : Preeta? you missed your bus again
Preeta ; If I have to meet you then I am ready to miss it every time (comes close and touches his nose)
Karan : Really?
Preeta : For first time somebody touched my heart and soul and that guy like you
Karan confesses his feeling to Preeta which she reciprocates by giving him tight hug. Later both of them lights campfire on beach and lay on the sand. Preeta : what are you looking (asks Karan who is watching stars)
Karan :I was always looking for a beautiful face in those star who could bright up my life
Preeta : and what did you find?
Karan : My mom always says that whenever somebody dies they can see from those stars
Preeta : My parents are also with god, that means they can see me
Karan : Of course they can
Preeta : Give me a promise that you will always keep our love brightened in our heart forever
Karan : Promise

Preeta shows Shrishti’s picture to Karan.
Karan : she is beautiful
Preeta : You won’t believe she is female version of you
Karan : Then I should meet her, where is she
Preeta : she is in Singapore
Next day Karan promises Preeta he will come to meet her in Pune after he seeks permission from his family. Preeta reaches Pune with happiness to see Karan again. He calls Preeta and she senses his tensed voice. Karan tells her will not be able to come back and cannot marry her.
Preeta : its okay, I will understand that I met a stranger who helped me, good bye
Flashback ends
Preeta : I have waited seven years for you but you chose to betray me Karan
Luthra house
Adi : why did you not go back?
Karan : Dad did not let me go back to India until I agree with his condition to marry Naina and I did not wanted to stay there so I agreed to marry her Adi : just for your freedom you left that girl in altar
Karan : I went to see her but could not find her so I gave my hope and moved on to marry Naina but truth is I could not take her out of my heart Adi Adi : If you really love her then try to win her back and she will forgive you one day
Sameer decides to go meet his brother
Akira : where are you going?
Sameer : its none of your business, you can go handle your work
Akira : Do I not have right to ask you that
Sameer : you lost that right years ago, but for your information I am telling you that I am going to meet Dev bro (leaves)
Anjali : i am so sorry Sameer I cannot go with you, i have a client waiting
Sameer : should i go alone
Anjali : Shrishti is going to that town
Sameer : Am i crazy to go with her
Anjali : Oh come on she is not that bad
Shrishti : Sis I have to go to out for some work near bandra
Preeta : I cannot let you go alone
Sameer asks permission from Preeta to go with Shrishti
Preeta : You?

Sameer : I will bring her back safely, I am going there Preeta : Fine, take care

Sameer and Shrishti heads towards software office to complete the task Shrishti is given by her boss. Shrishti : I will be right back (leaves out of car)
She goes to meet the head of the company Rosy.
Rosy :Yes, how can I help you?

Shrishti : I am Shrishti, my boss Tanya talked to you about it
Rosy ; Oh yeah, have a seat please
Shrishti: Thank you, this is the design of our new project and i have the video to crack the code of this design
Rosy check the cd and is impressed by the design Shrishti made.
Rosy : this is fantastic
Shrishti : this design is very rare, only very companies make it and the other one tells you the code, let me know if you have any questions, this is my number
Rosy : it was nice meeting you (shakes her hand)
Shrishti : Thank you ma’am
Sameer starts to drive for his brother’s farm house and notices Shrishti watching the scenery smilingly.
Sameer ; what are you watching?
Shrishti: this place is so beautiful, Sameer, don’t you ever feel like settle life in here
Sameer : if we start thinking to think like that then nobody would feel they are living in real life
Shrishti : why do you have to be so serious, if I am not wrong then you are always happy with your friends
Sameer : You will not understand Shrishti, people like us do not have time for fun in our family
Shrishti: Really? then you should have lived my sister’s life then you would know what life is
Sameer : we are here (parks his car)
Shrishti : Wow (looks at the mountain near the house)
Sameer : This is my brother’s farm house, I meet him every weekend here, lets go
Both of them goes inside the house and meets Dev who is overjoyed to see his brother after 5 years.
Dev : I am so happy to see you, (sees Shrishti standing behind smiling)
Sameer : Bro, she is Shrishti, Zoya’s best friend
Dev: why are you standing there, come here
Shrishti : Nice meeting you br.. can I call you bro
Dev : Of course you can, come inside
Later the trio spend some time together while Dev is impressed by Shrishti’s nature.
Shrishti : Your house is really beautiful
Dev : thank you so much,
Sameer : Shrishti (whispers something) and leaves them alone for a while to see outside view
Dev ; so Sameer how is everything?
Sameer : Everything is fine bro, just I am missing you ever since you left
Dev : You know Sameer there is no place for me in that house, I will not return
Sameer ; I never told you anything but you don’t even realize what I am going through right now
Dev : You have Akira, with you

Sameer : how many times I told you not to mention her name in front of me, only because of you I am staying with them
Dev : Sameer, she is our sister, you cannot behave like this with her, I know I could not fulfill brother’s role in her life and I will be guilty for that for whole life
Sameer ; You will be guilty but she does not even care about anybody, she is enjoying her life
Dev ; Please Sameer, you cannot be harsh on her like this, the truth is in this mess the only person who is suffering is Akira
Sameer : I don’t have any sympathy left for her, she never tried to talk to you or convince dad to bring you back
Dev : do you want her to suffer in out fight
Sameer ; Bro, I don’t care about her, I came here to talk to you and you are concerned about her, nobody loves me (leaves)
Shrishti overhears their conversation and asks Dev the reason of Sameer’s anger towards life.
Shrishti : I don’t know much about him but since I met I never saw him happy, you can share with me if it is okay
Dev : Year ago during my college I decided to go in police training but my dad was against it so I had an argument with him, that time Akira was around 15 and Sameer was 10 years old
Shrishti stands up slowly from sofa
Dev : Leaving behind everything, I started new life, and my young sister had to take my place in the house because dad was not well either, but my Sameer is blaming her for not doing anything.
Shrishti : you did not think of anything ?
Dev : I realized how miserable is staying alone, I don’t know how to make Sameer understand, thats why I pray for the day when he gets such a girl who can understand him
Shrishti :I am sorry, I did not know there was such a big reason
Dev : I want Sameer to understand that life is about to move on not to look on past
Shrishti : don’t worry time heals everything and who knows maybe one day your family will reunite
Later at night Sameer tells his brother about their leave
Dev : It was nice talking to you Shrishti
Shrishti : Pleasure is all mine bro
Sameer : Bro, I will see you soon
Dev : drive carefully and take care
Both of them drives back to their perspective. Shrishti remembers Dev’s words to make Sameer understand.
Shrishti ; I know the reason of fight in your family, I think you should talk your sister
Sameer stops the car in anger which scares Shrishti.
Shrishti : What are you doing?
Sameer goes out of car immediately while Shrishti follows him.
Shrishti : are you okay?
Sameer : Don’t you dare interfere in our matter, stay out of it you will not understand what happens when your loved one leaves you
Shrishti gets emotional knowing how they grew up without parents support
Shrishti : Its not only you who have problems in life, there are many people in this world who don’t have shelter, family or resources and you are stressed just because your rbother is away from you
Sameer looks at her confusingly on what she just said
Shrishti ; The truth is you are not brave enough to face problem, you are blaming your sister who worked hard only for you, I don’t know how she is but one thing I can say, love cannot be shown it is feeling
Sameer : You don’t know my sister yet
Shrishti : You are right, i might not know her but you are her brother, even you does not understand your brother, if she never really cared then she would have also left you
Sameer stands quietly as he does not have any words to say
Shrishti : Sameer Khanna, life is not about past it is about moving on, you never tried to look at the love she must be having for you, some people does not show love but they are the only one who loves their family the most
Sameer : what do you mean?
Shrishti : You have sympathy for your brother who left you but not the sister who worked hare to give you the lavish lifestyle, you are not appreciating her effort that she stood with you but the brother who left you in altar
Their conversation is interrupted when Preeta calls Shrishti at home as it is quite late.
Sameer : get in the car, its quite late
Later Sameer drops off Shrishti at her home, She tells him to remember her words and work on it once.
Shrishti : Good night Sameer
Sameer : good night (leaves)
Preeta : what took you so long Shrishti
Shrishti : Nothing sis, we went to see Sameer’s brother Dev
Preeta : Dev Khanna?
Shrishti : You know him
Preeta : He works with me in headquarters
While driving car Sameer goes into flashback when Akira used to first feed him before her and taught him to walk.
Sameer goes to his house and finds Akira resting her head on dining table. He remembers Shrishti’s words on taking care of his sister.
Sameer : Sie (puts hand on her shoulder)
Akira ; You came? I will get dinner for you
Sameer ; Today I will feed you with my hands
Akira for a second does not realize what happened to Sameer.
Sameer ; You must be tired from whole day, sit
Akira is overwhelmed with Sameer’s changed behavior and also feeds him with her hands.
Sameer : I have hurted you a lot (holds her hand and cries)
Akira : No, you have not but you are right now by crying
Sameer ; From today I promise I will never let this tear flow from your eyes (wipes her tears)
Akira: you know I always taught how to stand on your feet i feel you have grown up now
Sameer : Every year you tie this rakhi, from now I will fulfill every responsibility I could not fill
Both them share light moments while Sameer rest his head on her lap.

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