Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 7

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Tanya comes back home in evening but other girls ignore her

Preeta : if you are looking for Khushi she is not at home

Tanya : actually the meeting went little late and I didn’t realize timing

Preeta : I hope one day you don’t forget that you are mother of a girl

Tanya : what are you saying?

“What should I say? applause for wonderful job you have done today” Preeta gets angry

Shrishti : she worked so hard only on this hope that once in life you appreciate her talent

Preeta : I said nothing in all this years but today if you were there then you had understood what that little girl went through

Shrishti : let it be di, she won’t understand right now the day Khushi goes far away from her she will realize

Preeta : I will pray that day never come in our life or god forbid any parent have to see that

Tanya runs into her room shedding tears she was holding up since many years.


As soon as Khushi turned five, rumors spread around about her illegitimacy. Shobha chachi added fuel in fire of making Tanya and Khushi look bad in front of people.

Shobha : look Rakhi, no matter what truth won’t change that Pari is our daughter and this Khushi will always remain outsider

Rakhi : what are you saying? she will also be raised like other children in this family

Shobha : saying and doing is different, there are other girls in this family who will marry them knowing Khushi’s identity

Tanya ; enough not more word, I tolerated everything but when it comes to my daughter I will not hear anything

Shobha : its not me, whole world is saying, who will you shut up

Tanya : I don’t care what other says, and I know who is doing that so better not make me speak anything

Rishab : Tanya go to room, you cannot speak to her like this she is elder

Tanya : and being old she has rights to say anything? I won’t apologize (leaves)

Shobha : you all didn’t listen to me now see the consequence

Rishab comes to room much to his shock, he sees Tanya packing clothes

Rishab : what are you upto

Tanya : I am leaving this house, place where my daughter is not given respect I won’t stay there even for a minute

“Have you lost it? I didn’t even tell you to ask for apology when I know you are right” Rishab tries to stop her

Tanya : then go and tell this to your aunt, are you same Rishab who fought with his own parents and whole world for me, now its question of our daughter where did that go

Rishab : how many times I told you just ignore that thing, she will leave in few days

Tanya : yea right, but did you imagine when Khushi grows up and she will find truth, right now she is kid but in future if all this reaches to her what affect that girl will have

Rishab : even I can say that where did that Tanya go who put all her faith in me more than anybody else

Tanya : this world have me lose trust in humanity now, one thing you also listen to me carefully I won’t let Khushi face any insult and for that even I have to leave this place I will

Rishab is extremely hurt with her words more than action. Both have been distanced than they were close.

Rishab : and Pari? does she not mean anything to you, Khushi is your daughter is Pari not related to you before doing anything just think that you have more daughter (leaves with tears)

Preeta : Tanya, what is going on? how can you even think of leaving

Tanya : then what should I do? sit back and enjoy all this, at least you understand how can I let anybody pointing finger on her

Preeta : I understand but please calm down

Sameer signals her to go out

Tanya : Sameer you also think I am wrong here (asks him emotionally)

Sameer : you are my sister, nobody knows you better than me even before we knew about our relation, before taking any step just think of those two small girls, both needs you

Tanya : I cannot handle all this anymore, my heart is piercing

Sameer : listen to me, for few days you go with Rishab bhai and girls, it will be a change for all of us okay

Tanya nods wiping her tears

Sameer : I know you are tensed but getting frustrated will make things worst for you, us come lets go

Tanya : I will be right there you go

Sameer : okay come soon

Flashback ends

Shrishti : di I think we were little harsh on Tanya she was also right at her place

Preeta : I am not blaming her for coming here, but for Khushi’s sake she has to change her attitude towards everything

Shrishti : we all know more than anybody you have raised Khushi like own daughter

Preeta : I just hope things get better by today’s incidence, at least Tanya gets some sense

Khushi sits on bench outside in garden when Yash comes next to her.

Khushi : I am sorry I didn’t mean

Yash ; you know my dadi always say sharing your heart when somebody is sad makes them feel their pain less

Khushi : for first I feel mom does not love me, till today I thought maybe its her work pressure and concern for me

Yash : at least you have your masi, siblings they love you a lot my parents never looked at me in all this years

Khushi looks at him with tears

Yash ; when I was 10 they left me with dadi and went away to try their luck on money, they didn’t even ask me how am I

Khushi puts hand on his to console him

“You know Khushi, in my own I feel like orphan, no brother sister, how much I rely on dadi she will be today maybe not tomorrow, then you came in my life completing me” Yash turns towards her seeing tears in her eyes

Khushi : I am sorry

Yash ; sometime whole world’s love is less, we just need one person who can share heart

Khushi : you are not alone I am always with you (wipes his tears)

Yash ; you trust me?

Khushi : more than anything

Yash blindfold her and takes to his house

Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se

Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley

Khushi sees candles in whole room with her name decorated

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke

Dil diyan gallan haaye…
Karaange roz roz beh ke
Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke

Yash ; congratulations for success, your favorite food

Khushi : oh my god italian food I just love it thank you (hugs him happily)

Yash : okay enough for today lets eat I am starving

Both enjoys their moment forgetting pain


Dhruv scolds Sona and Maya for their insolent behavior with each other

Maya ; but uncle she started hitting me first

Sona : really and who abused Krissh, won’t you tell that why would you

Dhruv : stop it enough both of you, right reconcile your difference or else from tomorrow I will put ban on going out everywhere

Sona ; dad? you cannot do this

Dhruv : you both didn’t hear me, forget your difference right now, and if after today there should be no complain from school

Sona and Maya have fake hug with each other to put an end to argument.

Dhruv : good now both of you go back to your rooms alright

Maya ; don’t think because of uncle I will forgive you

Sona ; hello you think yourself as Ms universe please, I don’t even care about you, my dad is everything to me only for his happiness


Rishab : you missed Khushi’s dance ?

Tanya : my meeting went little late, I didn’t mean to do it

Rishab : anyway now that you missed it, for your information her group is going to india

Tanya : what does my permission matter, she is 18 free to to anywhere

Rishab : whats your problem? you have changed completely

Tanya leaves room in distress

Karan : I knew it anyway I have stopped telling her anything

Preeta : should I tell something interesting, one thing I am very happy that my Dev is not flirt

Karan : what do you mean by that?

Preeta :remember you said from first class you are never alone Dev is one woman guy

Karan : good for him (starts throwing things around funnily)

Preeta : I never saw a father getting jealous of his own son wow

Karan: don’t chew my brain

Preeta : only if you had one my dear husband

‘If he did not have, how would have wooed a doctor right” Khushi interrupts them

Karan : thanks only you understand me

Preeta : madam, next time come with your desires I won’t give you single pocket money

Karan ; excuse me I will give her double, you take care of your beloved son, by the way champ you were mind blowing

Khushi : thank you uncle (hugs him) love you

Karan : love you too, don’t worry I will see who stops you from going to india

Khushi : we will think about that later there is lot of time for that, aunty I am very hungry

Preeta : get changed I will set table

Karan (hugs her from back) : listen weather is too romantic lets go somewhere

Preeta : have some shame you are father now

Karan : so what if my dad is still enjoying like youth I have full rights

Preeta : leave me kids will come again

“Masi, dad” Pari shouts from other room

Preeta : what happened

Pari : dev bhai is unconscious, I don’t know what happened

Shrishti : I think we should take him to hospital quickly lets not waste time

Karan : don’t worry we are almost there

“Dev my baby mom is here” Preeta rubs his hands

Karan ; everything will be fine okay

Rishab : but suddenly he was alright while ago

Sameer : we will find out only when doctor comes out

Preeta : doctor how is Dev

Doctor ; we have to arrange for kidney right away only in 48 hours, or else

Karan : nothing can happen to Dev

Preeta : then arrange for kidney doctor what are you waiting for

Doctor : we are trying our best, but in such cases its very hard to arrange suddenly

Preeta and Karan remains tensed

“I will be donor” khushi comes forward
Karan : have you lost it?

Khushi : I am in my senses, doctor said they cannot wait for more than 48 hours

Preeta : you are a girl you cannot do this

“You only taught boys and girls are equal this is my duty towards my siblings ” khushi hugs her emotionally

Karan : bhai you explain her, she is talking nonsense, even I am worried for Dev

Preeta : we don’t have a choice either, if they don’t find a donor we will lose Dev

Karan ; nothing like that will happen, how can we let Khushi make big sacrifice

Preeta : I am also her aunt, more than you I am worried for her

Shrishti ; di think once again, she is a girl if in future any problem comes up

Khushi : no problem is bigger than my brother’s life, dad I am right na?

Rishab nods and gives silent consent

Precap : Khushi is dismissed from dance competition due to surgery. Dev gets selected in sports team.

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