Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 6

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Khushi, Pari, and Rajiv comes back home after school

Preeta ; good evening

“Hello aunty, mom all shouts together

Shrishti : she just wished but didn’t tell you all to shout calm down

Rajiv ; mom today was fantastic day

Shrishti : why not for you when is bad day, you go to school only for fun

Rajiv : just let me go to college, I will come first every year with distinction

Shrishti : don’t build castle in air, it does not suit your personality

Rajiv ; my mother india, you are very sweet (pulls her cheeks)

Shrishti : hey leave it, go freshen up first

Khushi tells Pari about a trip to India if she wins dance competition

Khushi : you know I am so excited for this already I will ask mom

Pari ; yea sure why not? lets go inform her right now, mom I have to go India give me permission ( mimics her)

Khushi (throws pillow on her) : I know my mom she will agree

Pari : go ahead, should I call her, mom

“Shut up mom’s spy Khushi puts hand on her mouth

Pari signals her to take hand

Khushi : once I win that dance, you see how mom will agree, she will very happy

Pari : I hope you are right di

Khushi : you remember what to to right

Pari : don’t worry I will bring mom

“Love you bye Khushi leaves happily

Pari (goes to temple) : bappa, you know how much di craves for mom’s attention, please this time let things be fine

Preeta : india? first go check with doctor first silly girl

Khushi ; masi at least you understand, this is such great opportunity for me

Preeta : no way this time I cannot be lenient on you, I mean your mean is not allowing to go for nearby party and madam wants to see india

Khushi : please masi

Preeta : you are arguing with me for no reason, first ask your angry mother india

Khushi : thats the problem in this house only you or dad can handle her, wait there is one more (talks about Karan)

Preeta : don’t even think about it, he will mess up everything

Khushi : this is correct way my Karan chachu knows how to handle

Preeta : fine go ahead and if something goes wrong don’t come to me, where is Dev he didn’t come back

Khushi : he went to library, don’t worry he will be back soon

Preeta : okay

Dev walks to park nearby where he meet Zara who is feeding some kids

Dev : hi (goes to her)

“Hey whats up, one second Zara sends the kids to other side

Dev : I haven’t seen you for a while

Zara : you know exams are coming and I have to handle cultural event from my school side

Dev : even my school is participating, are you not taking part

Zara : maybe I am way too busy with all arrangement but I just love dancing and I want my school to win

Dev : well then competition will be challenging my sister is also terrific dancer

Zara : I would love to watch such show, lets have a deal whoever school wins, they will give treat if my wins I owe you treat

Dev : don’t forget your promise

“I am true Muslim, I never take my words back Mr Dev, are you not participating in anything Zara asks him

Dev : not really only my sister, I never got interested in outside activities

Zara : its not harmful to try something new, who knows when luck comes in favor, seeing you it looks like you have forgot yourself

Dev gets into deep thinking

Zara : hey where are you lost

Dev ; nothing at all where do you live

Zara : cross street, okay listen I gotta go, see you later on event day best of luck to your sister

Dev is lost in her thinking


Maya goes to cafeteria with her friends when Sona Krissh also come.

Lisa : hey Maya take a look, he is so cute (talks about Krissh)

Maya : your choice is so bad, I mean there are more cute guys

Lisa : you wait here, I will be right back

Sona : bro did you get results

Krissh : of course I would pass, first one in whole class and as usual you might have not passed

Sona : whatever lets order I am very hungry what will you have

Krissh : just give me orange juice

Sona : okay will just be back, reserve a seat for us

Lisa : hey cute boy (comes at table)

Krissh : yes can I help you ?

“Will you to to prom with me Lisa offers him with rose

Krissh : I am sorry but I don’t go to prom better luck next time

Lisa : please its a request

Krissh : you are bothering for no reason there are so many people

Lisa : but nobody is cool like you

“Excuse me how about me Sona pats her

Lisa : actually if you were boy then maybe but right now I am talking with him

Sona : he is my brother before him talk with me

Lisa : why should I?

Sona : if you don’t go from here in a minute I will show why should you leave

Maya : stop it Lisa who are you fighting for this guy, didn’t you find any other

Sona : what did you say? tell me (pushes Lisa away)

Maya : you better not argue with me, or else I will not spare you

Sona : you what? if you say anything against my brother I will drag you grabbing your hair

Krissh : Sona leave it, why are you arguing for no reason

Maya : at least for first time you said something sensible take her from here

“Just let me get one chance I will settle all scores with you Sona gets angry

Krissh : hey stop it enough

“You both don’t come in front of me again Maya does not step back

Both sisters have serious fight when dean calls them in office

Dean : what is going in my school?

Sona : Sir it was her and her friend who started me and Krissh just went for lunch

Maya : sir this brother sister always come argue with me

Sona : really? have you seen yourself we won’t even look at you

Maya : I don’t even care what you think about me

Dean ; enough, last time I gave you both warning but now you left me no choice than calling your parents

Sona : but Sir

Dean calls Ruchika and Kritika in school who are equally shocked

Roo : what have they done?

Dean ; on both of your insistence, I let them go last time but this is concern of discipline of school

Kritika : Sir we are very sorry for everything but please don’t suspend them

Dean : fine but last chance, if again I get complain about them I will rusticate them from school right away

Roo : thank you Sir

Both mothers shout at girls for behaving badly with each other

Maya : you always take her side, sometime I feel I am not your daughter

Roo : just stop with your nonsense, what was the need to fight

Maya : and she was right of being rude with my friend

Roo : for god sake they are your siblings at least behave properly

Maya : I don’t consider them my brother sister and dont expect me to apologize to her alright (leaves to her room)

Sona : mom please on your saying I always behave properly with Maya but did that girl ever talked with decency

Kritika : I know she was also at fault but how may times I told you be patient

Sona : I am always calm but if somebody dares to say anything to Krissh I won’t spare that person be it anybody

Krissh : listen to me, I know you care for me but what if dean had rusticated you from school

Sona : I don’t care but how dare she say something to you

Krissh : you know I didn’t feel bad of what she said to me, let her bark

Sona : but I care for you my brother and sisters a lot, if she again does anything to you I will not spare her (leaves)

Kritika : more than Maya I am scared of her temper now

Krissh : mom you dont’ worry I will handle her but please don’t tell dad unnecessarily things will blow out

Kritika : I won’t but I hope Maya remains silent about it

Krissh : hey my angry sister why are you venting out on poor books

Sona : till today I was quiet but today was limit how dare she

Krissh : sit here, listen to me forget about whole world, just think about our family, you are dad’s princess do you want anybody questioning him

Sona nods negatively

Krissh : you are his pride, I am worried more about your temper don’t make yourself down due to others

Sona : I love you a lot bhai (hugs him emotionally) more than anybody, you and Khushi di are my idol

Krissh : then listen to this brother’s plea just ignore Maya

Sona : anything for you


Rishab comes late at night where Tanya is waiting for him

Tanya : I will set table for you, lets have dinner for together

Rishab : i had food with clients

“Its long time  you didn’t talk with me properly lets go out Tanya stops him

Rishab ; I am very tired, good night and don’t forget tomorrow is cultural event in Khushi’s school

Tanya controls her emotion very hardly with his ignorance.

“Hey baby doll Karan hugs Preeta from back happily

Preeta : you are back great

Karan : this work makes me tired, by the way what time is Khushi’s performance tomorrow

Preeta : at 12, madam have new desire today want to hear

Karan ; of course what is it

Preeta : her group will go to india if they win dance competition

Karan ; why are you talking no sense talk with me thats not possible, after that club incidence Tanya won’t even let her out of city

Preeta : I will convince her for that

Next day family goes to venue for Khushi’s dance performance.

Zara ; Jack, please check the lights and music there should no mistake (collides with Dev while walking)

Dev : you are okay

Zara : thanks, sorry I am too busy right now but best of luck

Dev : thanks (sees her working hard)mom

Preeta : who is she?

Dev : nobody, I mean just a friend and she is from different school

Preeta : I only asked identity you told me her biography good

Khushi : masi keep an eye on him very soon you will need her horoscope

Dev : oh hello creature from different world, focus on your dance okay

“Didi, didi ” Pari comes with flower

Khushi : calm down, take a deep breath

Pari : your lucky charm is here best of luck and don’t worry mom will come soon

Shrishti : Preeta di, we should take chair or else front seat won’t be available

Preeta ; good luck my champ

Khushi : Pari you are sure mom will come

Pari : she will just concentrate on dance love ya bye (leaves with everybody)

Host : our next performance for today’s cultural event is Zara khan from Trinity please give round of applause

Dev sees her from TV screen on floor.

Zara sits in middle wearing golden dress and hat holding guitar.

Nabhatun aali apsara
Nabhatun aali apsara
Asi sundara saaj sazpunna
Aali aali aali
Aali ga aali..
Kesa madhi maandla gajra
Lokachya nazra khilya tichyavar
Aali aali aali..

Duniyachi pyaari tu
Agrani harni ga
Agrani sundaraa ha ha..
Aali ga aali
Aali ga aali
Aali ga aali
Oh maharani aali..
Aga ga ga ga…

Zara (greets audience) : Nazar jo teri laagi main deewani ho gayi
Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi
Mash’hoor mere ishq ki kahaani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi..
Kehte hain ye deewani mastani ho gayi

Mash’hoor mere ishq ki ye kahani ho gayi
Jo jag ne na maani toh maine bhi thaani
Kahaan thi main dekho kahaan chali aayi..
Kehte hain ye deewani mastani ho gayi
Deewani haan deewani, deewani ho gayi

Dev is mesmerized with her beauty and personality throughout whole dance.

Khushi does her final touch up when somebody throws flower on her. She goes out to check but does not find anybody and comes back inside.

Khushi : you? but how did you come inside

“I don’t need anybody’s permission to meet you sweetheart, today you really look from different world Yash pulls her closer

Khushi : keep this romance for other time I have to go leave me

Yash : I won’t what will you do

Khushi : you forgot I am wrestler’s daughter, okay listen can you keep an eye on door and let me know when mom comes

Yash ; even today you are making me bodyguard, I also want to see my bestie rocking stage

Khushi ; this is nothing just let me win this event you will watch me live on big screen

“Next performance is Khushi Luthra from St Xaviers Host announces her name

Khushi : won’t you wish me luck

Yash : best ones don’t need that, they only need inspiration go rock is

Khushi winks before leaving while Yash waits to signal her about Tanya’s arrival.

Lights shifts on Khushi who is wearing Rajasthani dress and is ready to perform

Ghoomar ramvane aap padharo saa.

Aavo ji aavo ji Ghoomardi khelba ne

Padharo sa Ghoomardi khelba ne

Balam tharo ghurar ghurar ghurraave

Aaj mharo jivdo ghano hichkaave

O ghabraave mann mein bhaave

Mharo badilo bhanwar mann bhaave

Chamak cham baaje payal baaje

Baaisa khele.

Chhamak chhamak ghunghra baaje

Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne

Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne

Kanak preet ki sar pe odh kar

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

Haan ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

 Khushi : O.ralak reet sab jag ki chhod kar

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome bharke

Dhola waale thaath

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Mhaari saari kaaya bole

Dhola ji ki chhaaya hole

Mann ka ghoomar jab bhi dole

Soonepan mein nehla pharke

Dhola waale thaath ghoomar

ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Preeta and Shrishti are very much overwhelmed seeing her dance. Their children are still under shadow of indian culture and their given upbringing. Pari keeps calling Tanya who is busy in meeting.

Khushi (looks at Yash) : Thaare ehsaason ki raunak hai mhari Diwali

Mann mehal ki saari deewaarein

Thaare rang rangwa li

Paake thara saaya tann hai jagmagaya

Taaron bhari ho gayi mhari saari kaali raat bharke

Dholan waale thaath ghoomar

ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome re baaisa ghoomar ghoome re

Aavo ji aavo ghoomar khelba aavo

Aapan saath saath ghooma sagla khelba aavo

Arey lehango kurti chunri payaliya thhe pehno

Oye loomar jhoomar ghoomar ghoomar thhe khelo

Towards the end Khushi who was waiting for her mom realizes has not come. Her feet does not stop dancing recalling her mother’s cold behavior from years. Khushi’s heart breaks into million pieces this time and unable to heal deep wound.

Devrani, Jethani khele

Saasu ji ghoomar khele

Nanad Bhojai khele

Baaisa ghoomardi khele

Ghoome re ghoome re ghoome

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

Loome jhoome ghoome jhoome

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

Ghoome re ghoome re ghoome

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

Loome jhoome ghoome jhoome

Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome

Khushi falls on floor panting and shocking audience with breathtaking performance. Yash and Pari understands her inner feelings more than anybody.

Dev : mom, Tanya masi didn’t come

Shrishti ; I knew it, di today you have to talk with her just look at that girl’s face

Host : that was just amazing, big round of applause for our last performance of tonight and now I want all contestant to come on stage for final results

All the students from other schools come on stage to know about winner.

Host : wow, there was tie between Xaviers’ and Trinity school, this year has been very competitive indian cultural event for judges

Shrishti : why is he creating so much suspense just say name

Host : winner of tonight’s performance will go to india for final round after finals and most breathtaking dance award goes to Khushi Luthra from Xaviers college

“Yay, woohoo Pari and Dev comes to stage along with Preeta and Shrishti

Khushi shows fake smile but inside is completely broken.

Preeta : you were just fabulous (hugs her) and here is your gift take it

Pari : di, you gave tough competition to those big dancer so proud of you

Shrishti : you get changed then we will all go out for lunch

Rajiv : yes Chinese my sister love it

Shrishti : hello it will be her favorite food, at least you also do something to get treat

Rajiv : that day will also come one day

Khushi takes out all jewelry and is about to leave after changing. Yash comes to her but she goes away ignoring him.

In car

Khushi : masi, lets go home please I am very tired we will go sometime later

Preeta : are you sure

Khushi : I want to stay alone for a while please aunty

Shrishti : okay as you wish, but today we will make your favorite food

Tanya ; oh no its noon, Khushi’s performance might be over, god how did I missed it (starts rushing at home)


Ruchika and Kritika sits in park recalling their childhood

Roo : di I sometime wonder if me and Tanya bhabhi ere right in coming here

Kritika : Exactly you both were so eager to come here and now see you both are the ones to regret most

Both sees video of Khushi’s dance

Kritika : whatever you say, this girl have all qualities of Tanya bhabhi

Roo : I wish one day Maya also make me proud like this

Sona : wow, thats amazing, so now she must be excited to go india

Pari : calm down, mom has not given permission for that, you know how much di is broken right now

Sona : but aunty might have reason, she had not done in purposely

Pari : I don’t know but right now Khushi di is very upset

Precap : Khushi becomes donor for Dev much to everybody’s shock

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