Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 3

Luthra mansion

Preeta comes home during lunch to meet Karan who is doing work out.

Karan : you are back already?

Preeta : I came to meet you, everyday you leave in early morning

Karan : this days we are very busy with practice, next match is coming soon

Preeta ; I talked to Kritika this morning, why can’t we take some break and go for trip

Karan : coach will not grant leave right due to busy schedule

Preeta : lets go out for dinner today, only three of us you never get time for Dev

Karan nods without giving response to her plea. Preeta breaks down into tears knowing how much they have distanced.

Karan : why are you crying?

“Everyday I wake up thinking everything will be fine with us but you went far away from me” Preeta holds his hands

Karan : I am sorry baby doll, I know I hurt you a lot from so many years, you are craving for my attention

“Karan I have nothing important than you and Dev, he is also suffering for no reason” Preeta sheds tears

Karan : I promise from now my whole time is yours and nothing will happen to Dev

Preeta hugs him when Khushi interrupts them with Dev

Khushi : sorry we didn’t see anything

“Oh junior Tanya, what” Karan gets into teasing mode again

Khushi : chachu, I meant I had my eyes closed now you know I have no habit of knocking door

Preeta laughs

Dev : mom are you okay?

Preeta : I am fine but you both at this time?

Khushi : actually our class is done so we came back home

Karan : don’t you have other work to do, your exams are coming

Khushi : you are saying as if you attended all lectures in college

Karan : see her tongue (tells Preeta)

Khushi : chachi, I am actually going to my friends’ party tonight you know if I ask mom she will not let me go directly, and she don’t even have time for me

Karan : no way, if your mom finds out she will beat us with that cricket bat

Preeta : fine go but only one condition

Khushi : yes I will take Dev with me, and bring him back safely

Karan : oh hello he will be safe think about your

“I am Khushi Luthra, who can dare to touch me without my permission” shows her attitude

Karan : baby doll why are you even allowing them, this girl will spoil Dev

Khushi : not spoil but see how he changes, once i heard mom and chachi saying you were also big flirt right

Karan ; now I won’t spare you, little mice (runs after her but later hugs her)

Preeta : okay stop now enough, Khushi its fine you with Dev but please come back before 10

Khushi ; promise aunty love you

“Love you too have fun” Preeta gets happy

Khushi : dev lets get ready

Dev gets excited too for party

Preeta : from all of them only with Khushi he always finds happiness even she is elder one

Karan : I remember my and pinky’s childhood seeing them she was same

Preeta’s smile disappears hearing her name

Karan ; whats wrong

Preeta : you know things are not right either, Rishabji and Tanya life is so much complicated, this girls are not even aware about it

Karan : did you talk with Tanya?

Preeta : I have been doing that from long time but she is not ready to listen

Karan : both are right and wrong in their own ways we cannot do anything


Ruchika goes to talk with Maya about the recent behavior

Maya ; mom what are you saying?

Roo : till today I have not said anything and I can see results of this, your bad behavior

Maya ; its called attitude mom and you should not be saying like this

Roo : I have rights to tell you if you are going wrong ways

Maya ; correction, which duty have you fulfilled, you and dad never had time for me, left in hands of servants is that your duty

“Not one more word or else” Roo is about to slap her but is stopped

Dhruv : what are you doing? is this way to behave with a child

Roo : jiju but did you see how mannerless she has become

Dhruv : Maya you go and get ready, I will drop you to school with Sona go

The only person who understand Maya beneath all her temper is Dhruv. She could never refused his words anytime

Dhruv : whats wrong with you? she is grown up and one more thing you both are at fault to see this day

Roo : jiju please don’t take her side, she is already out of control

Dhruv : then bring her on right path politely, try to understand her point anyway we have decided to go to London with Rishab bhai, maybe there she will meet her cousins and feel better

Roo ; she won’t agree in all this years for once she never talked to them how will she cope and those kids at least respect their parents

Dhruv : I don’t want to hear your any baseless arguments, inform Sahil we are going to London soon when vacation starts

Roo : okay jiju

Sona calls Khushi on video call

“Hey my little pie whats up” Khushi asks her

Sona ; I am great didi how are you, I feel being elder you forgot me

Khushi ; please don’t do that emotional blackmail with me

Sona : now listen I have great news for you guess what

Khushi : that you are coming in vacation

“thats not fair di, you always spoil my surprise” Sona pouts

Khushi ; then do one thing don’t get that topic out maybe that will be a surprise for me, by the way how is Maya

Sona : don’t even ask about her, even after staying nearby I hardly meet once in a month, forget about that where are you

Khushi ; party time baby, listen I have to get ready see you later love ya

Sona : bye didi (hangs up)

Law office

Tanya goes through file of all the clients and does paperwork. She calls Rishab who does not picks her phone up


In Mumbai

Rishab ; do you even know what you are saying?

Tanya : of course I am in my senses, but maybe you forgot giving somebody your name will not change identity

Rishab : you promised you will never say that again Khushi is not just your daughter

Tanya : but I am forced to say this, I don’t want her to face same insult like again

Rishab leaves angrily

Flashback ends

Tanya : I am sorry Rishab but one day you will understand my point

Julie : ma’am you have appointment with client today in Blue diamond hotel

Tanya : confirm that I will go ahead

Julie : okay ma’am

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