Preetan FF : Truth of life (sequel) Part 10


Xavier school

Khushi, Rajiv, Dev and Yash goes to canteen in lunch time for school.

Yash ; you both remember audition is next month

Khushi : actually god have given me a talent of having calendar in mind

Dev : Yash you better not argue with her its futile

“Yea right she is creature from another planet Yash sips his coffee


The place where everybody’s life continued smooth but later changed everything.

A woman wearing pants and white Kurti moves all the luggage and belonging at a bungalow. It turns out to be Sherlyn who has been married to Rehaan (Karan Tacker)  who is honest and smart cop. They both are married happily with very few arguments sometime and have 17 years old boy Vicky (Anuj Pandit Sharma) and a 16 years old daughter Isha (Malini Kumra).  Vicky is big prankster and often crack jokes all the time but is very honest like his father. Almost aged as Sona and Krissh. Isha lives in boarding school at Darjeeling and is often studios. She is much like her mother in sense of looks and styling. She often comes during holidays

Sherlyn ; Vicky can you put this bag in that room upstairs

Vicky is busy in looking at phone trying to take pictures of river view.

Sherlyn : hello I am trying to say something

“What did you say I didn’t hear Vicky pretends

Sherlyn : I said can you please put this bag (says sarcastically)

Vicky : now I hear it (grabs the bag)

Sherlyn : like father like son, both are on my head always

Rehaan ; dear, your mom’s temperament is too high right now

Vicky : dad she would be, you forgot your anniversary, my mom is too nice

Rehaan : son of spy, whenever you have problem you come with me

Vicky : relax, I have made all arrangement here is your card just make sure to add some limit to card you know I had to take my commission for working so hard

“You Rehaan runs after him

Sherlyn vents her anger out on things seeing both of them enjoying and she organize house. She waits for him to at least wish her

Rehaan : hey go upstairs to your room

“Sherlyn can you pass me the wallet please Rehan irritates her

She puts on table and leaves

Rehaan : can I have some water? you know I am very thirsty

Sherlyn gives him water

“Hey love, did somebody said this you look very cute in anger too Rehaan hugs her from back

Sherlyn smiles with his gesture when next moment he takes her to their room which is fully decorated

Rehaan : happy anniversary love (kisses her forehead)

Sherlyn gifts him couple watch

Rehaan : this is amazing, your choice is great

Sherlyn : if my choice is was not good would I have married you

Rehaan : this attitude of yours is killing me

Kachi doriyoon, doriyoon, doriyon se

Mainu tu baandh le

Paki yaariyoon, yaariyoon, yaariyon mein

Honde na faasle..

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri

Mere sohneya sunn le meri

Dil diyan gallan

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu milaa ke..

Dil diyan gallan haaye!

Karaange roz roz beh ke

Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke..

Sataaye mainu kyun

Dikhaaye mainu kyun

Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake

Dil diyan gallan haaye

Karaange naal naal beh ke

Akh naale akh nu mila ke

Tenu lakhaan ton chupa ke rakhaan

Akhaan te saja ke tu ae meri wafa

Rakh apna bana ke

Main tere layi aan

Tere layi aan yaaran

Naa paavin kade dooriyan (x2)

Main jeena haan tera

Main jeena haan tera

Tu jeena hai mera

Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke

Both shares romantic moments.

Rehaan : listen I have to go another mission in Dehradun, reports have come about some terrorists hiding there

Sherlyn : In 365 days of year you only spend five days with me and leave

Rehaan : what should I do? my duty is like that but every time my heart is left with you both

Sherlyn : don’t batter me much, get ready I will make dinner

Somebody said it right, time is the greatest healer. Sherlyn masi might have done lot of mistake but at the end she found her true love. My mom dad, their siblings whose life changed even after all love but here love did not go out Khushi compares Sherlyn’s life with her parents and other Luthra couples 

Far away in darjeeling

A woman named Naintara (Nia Sharma) is wife of Prithvi who he married and got boy named Ayaan (Rakshit Wahi)  who is aged as Maya around 15 years.

Naintara is very sophisticated and sorted girl who believes in commitment. She is able to win Prithvi’s heart unlike Sherlyn who was tool for him to reach his destination. Ayaan has taken most inheritance of his mother but only thing he got from his father was ambition to achieve something by hook or crook. Even though Prithvi has change of heart with positive vibes from Naintara he still deep down is not able to overcome guilt of ruining innocent people and the horrendous deed he did with Tanya.

Naintara : Ayaan hurry up, your bus will be coming soon

Ayaan : coming, mom you worry for no reason, bus will wait for me

Naintara : he is not our relative who will wait for you, drink this milk quickly

Ayaan : your hands are magical anyway I have extra classes today so will be late

Naintara : okay fine, i am happy you are working hard but mind it don’t mess up in other activity

Ayaan : mom there is nobody who can compete with me, every year I come first

Naintara : now listen to me carefully, my next event is going to be in Mumbai and you are coming with me

Ayaan ; and dad

Naintara : he will come later

Ayaan : I am so excited Mumbai, I have heard so much about there but where is dad

Naintara : he went to hotel and will come to pick you up, i am very busy this week

Ayaan ; mom bus is here, I am leaving

“Wait, take your lunch you always forget she puts in his bag

Ayaan : bye mom love you

Naintara works as coordinator for India’s biggest music event which Khushi and Rajiv are going to participate. She is given in charge to finalize the candidates from different places of world. Her personal and professional personality are too different. She is very career orientated women and follow strict ethics towards music and does not tolerate any carelessness. Prithvi works in hotel as event manager and raised high standards of the place due to his cooperation with clients.

My life was no less than a movie where every part was filled with twist now see na game of fate. The past my mom wanted to take far away and which brought big gap is again coming like storm. We had no idea about who will get affected with this but one thing was sure it would change my little world Khushi laughs 


Khushi is listening to music in the room when she gets video calling of Sona

Khushi : hello my sister, whats up

Sona : di I heard you and Rajiv are participating in playing music how exciting

Khushi ; yea but I am little nervous you know cello is very hard to learn and that Rajiv god knows how will be sing

Sona : I am sure he will rock at least he might be good in something

Khushi : anyway how is your school? this time we will have a blast

Sona : then hear another blast update, Maya is also coming

Khushi : what? really then it will be double fun by chance we will meet her

Sona : di please, that girl is not worth it, did you know what she did (narrates her)

Khushi : you both are grown up but still fighting like 5 years old, come on

Sona : but didi, how would I stayed quiet she abused Krissh

Khushi : I know she was wrong but why do you lose control on your anger, what if dean had rusticated you

Sona : chill nothing like that happened

Pari : good evening

Sona : hey my sweet sis whats up? you look so tired did books burden got heavy

Pari : one should know how to handle then everything would be easy

Khushi : Sona you better not argue with her, you won’t be able to win Pari

Sona : then who will, how would her boyfriend win against her

Pari : I am really not interested in getting one it suits you both not me

Khushi : looking at your behavior I don’t think any boy will dare to propose you (laughs)

Pari : very funny (throw pillows on her) you both are terrible sisters, I am telling right now I will settle all scores when you both have your boyfriends

Khushi : I tell you what Sona, there was a guy in our class he only touched her mistakenly and imagine next

Sona ; what tell me?

Pari starts at both to them

Khushi : his cheeks turned red with her soft hands on face

The sisters make fun of her

Pari : I hate both of you, the day you get in trouble I won’t help either mind it

Khushi ; oh my little princess, you are so cute come on we are sisters, its common and all i am saying learn to be little extrovert

Sona : that reminds me, Pari di this time also you are going to win hockey tournament

Khushi : of course there is nobody who can defeat my start sister

Pari : its next month, but coach is little grumpy whole team responsibility is on me

Sona : chill I am sure you will rock this time

“No matter how much I trouble Pari but at the end of day she was my only shield and I was idol for her. They say things change with time love, friendship have its own ups and down but some relation stays same. Very soon that test will also come in our sister’s life where fate will question our love for each other” Khushi says

Shrishti : di, Roo called this morning, again Maya and Sona fought with each other and this time dean gave last morning

Preeta : I don’t know what to tell them, we have enough problems to deal with here and Dhruv is there to handle everything

Shrishti : di listen

Preeta : I have to visit Dev, his fitness test is coming close (leaves)

Preeta gets happy seeing Karan helping Dev doing exercise.

Preeta : wow not bad, father son duo

Karan : dear tell your mom she is not allowed to come

Preeta : excuse me

Dev : you both don’t get tired of fighting, like even WWF would not hire you both

Karan : Preeta, this is influence your son have got from everybody

Dev sees Zara from far and runs to her

Preeta : hey wait?

Karan : where did he go? ah girl

Dev ; hi

Zara : woah are you coming from gym, have some water

Dev : thanks, I wanted to ask you, our school is going to trip at science city are you coming

Zara: yes I will be how did you know

Dev : actually tomorrow is friendship day, do you want to meet outside of school

Zara : sure (gets little surprised with his gesture) after school, I am getting late see you tomorrow

Dev : bye

Pehla Nasha bg

Karan : oh hello she left at least now stop waving now

Preeta : jealous? your son is not like you

Karan :  I am not jealous but happy he is not karela like you

Dev : what is that

Karan : nothing dear she is little bitter from tongue and from brain

Dev ; don’t say anything to my mom

Preeta : aww so sweet (hugs him)

Karan : mom’s sycophant, nobody values in this house only that wrestler’s daughter

Khushi : and she is right here

“See only she understands me proud of you Karan hugs her

Dev : what are you doing here?

Khushi : I came to meet my chachu, you stay with your mom

Preeta : such a brat you are, every time you need something you come with me and side with your chachu

Karan : now who is jealous? all kids are fond of you at least spare one for me

Preeta : because they know everything is in my control and only I can handle them

Karan ; don’t mess with me

Preeta : or else what? don’t challenge me remember cricket bet

Dev : what happened mom?

“Hey sshh Karan puts hand on his mouth

Preeta : see now who is coward, nothing dear your dad lost with me in his own game

Khushi : chachu its question of reputation show her you are no less and that spirit is still inside this body

Karan : you are right, lets have basketball match one more time what say

Preeta ; agree (tightens her duppatta)

Khushi : see my chachu will win

Dev : my mom is no less okay, she is ringmaster of our house

Pari : whats going on

Khushi : here comes the umpire, madam only you were missing welcome

Rajiv ; is there any live show coming

Shrishti : wow di and Karan jiju, I am on my jiju’s side okay

Preeta : as expected whoever is in my team come on

Sameer ; I am with you bhabhi count me in

Rajiv : me too masi

Preeta : told you Mr Luthra watch out

Karan : don’t underestimate me dumbo, I will win this bet and if I win you will do what i say

Preeta : done and my victory means your slavery (gives thumbs down)

Precap : Dev Zara share friendship day very friendly. Yash Khushi have their own tashan

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