Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part Epilogue


Khushi : Daughter of Tanya and Prithvi (given name by Rishab). Another version of her mother and eldest one, very protective of all siblings. She is fearless and often create chaos everywhere but at the same time is shrewd.

2nd  Dev: Son of Karan Preeta . Very quiet and reserved like his mother but ambitious like his father. He is often studios. Son of Karan Preeta. Suffers from juvenile diabetes

3rd : Pari; daughter of Rishab Tanya; She has taken mixture of both her parents. Mature from all children’s in the clan and often tries to stop the fighting between all the siblings.

4th : Rajiv : another mischievous of Luthra family clan. Son of Sameer Shrishti. Carbon copy of Shrishti who is always on verge of making pranks. He is shortest in height like Sameer.

5th : Krissh/Sona : Twins of Kritika and Dhruv. Sona is another prankster like her dad while Krisshh becomes the scapegoat of pranks done by Khushi and Rajiv.

6th : Maya : Daughter of Sahil and Roo. Her name itself opts about her personality. Being raised in foreign country she has adopted culture and values of foreign.

Luthra house 

“Mom, mom” Pari comes inside shouting

Tanya : why are you screaming, what happened

Krissh : aunty today again Khushi fought with guys and beaten them black and blue

“What, let her come today” Tanya gets angry

Family gets on table for lunch. All the children come from school.

Khushi : Hi mom, dad everybody (says funnily)

Tanya stands crossing her arms

Khushi : did you scold dad again?

“Stand right there and now will you do me a favor by explaining reason for today’s fight” Tanya makes her stand straight

Khushi stares at Pari and Krissh with glare making faces.

Tanya : don’t even think about my dear daughter

“Mom those boys were teasing Pari how can I remain quiet and you also used to hit three people together I am daughter of wrestler” Khushi imitates her

Tanya widens her mouth and ask about the person who taught her

Khushi ; sorry mom I can’t say the name, you know i had deal

“To hell with your deal, okay now I see only one person in this house can do this noble deed” Tanya looks for Karan

Rishab and gang laughs seeing Khushi’s behavior and antics of teasing Tanya. Everybody follows Tanya to garden where Karan is playing cricket with Dev. She catches ball and outs Karan with bowling.

Karan : what the hell

“Dev darling, learn to clean bowl your opposite person using their antics” Tanya holds ball

Dev : thank you chachi, love you

Karan : are you in my team or her? next time come with your desire of new cricket bat

Tanya ; hello excuse me, I am not invisible, and what are you teaching this kids?

Karan : what did I do now? and put that bat down now

Tanya : I won’t

“Don’t worry chachu I am with you” Khushi takes his side

“Help somebody “ Sona comes there crying

Rishab : now what happened?

Dhruv : what happened to my princess? just tell me the name who made you cry

“Krissh and Rajiv took my favorite toy” Sona starts complaining

Dhruv ; that shorty, and son of fool, I will straighten them right now

Kritika stands in his way

Dhruv : don’t stop me today, hey come here both right now

Krissh : what happened papa?

“Why did you take her toys” Dhruv scolds them

Krissh : what toys? am I fool to get her toys? god have given me some brain

“Rajiv you tell” Sameer asks him

Shrishti : why are you shouting to my son? ask your niece

Sameer : hello excuse me stop protecting your beloved son

Shrishti : I will what you do (pushes Rajiv on side to side during fight)

Sona stars crying loudly

“Stop it” Kritika realizes her daughters antics

Dhruv : now what?

Kritika gets toys from Sona’s basket in her room surprising everybody

Kritika : this is your daughter, first tell me who gave you such brilliant idea

Sona remains quiet but reveals Roo’s name

Kritika : I should have known only two people in this family have come from crazy hospital

Later in evening all the kids start with their homework. Pari and Dev who are smart among all finishes their work quickly.

Pari ; mom, I am all done (shows her notebook)

Tanya : my smartest daughter, please give some sense to your sister, she is still on same page from one hour

Khushi makes funny faces seeing sister getting praised like always.

Tanya : hello madam finish your homework fast only then you will get dinner alright, Pari come

Pari : mom I am not hungry right now, you go I will come soon

Tanya : okay (leaves tapping on Khushi’s head)

Pari helps her sister finish homework but is called by Sona in room.

Pari : listen I will be right back, you continue

The girls work in kitchen for dinner together.

“Shrishti how long will you take I need veggies” Preeta scolds her

Shrishti does not respond much

Kritika : whats wrong? why are you upset ?

“Yaar I am upset with Rajiv’s behavior, Sameer have warned if he didn’t get good marks” shares her problem

Preeta : oh my god just that, be little strict to him and he will be fine

Shrishti ; you are very lucky di, your son is always studious like you, please help me na

Tanya : use my idea, send him to Roo and Sahil

“Then its finished, he won’t even pass, when did that girl seen her own books” Kritika criticizes

Shrishti : Sameer threatened to send him in boarding this time

Preeta : thats not the solution, you have to be less lenient on him

“Mom I am very hungry” Dev comes to her

Preeta : aww my dear is hungry, little more time okay

Tanya : hey my shorty, will you a favor for me

Dev : yes chachi

“will you take this plate to Khushi’s room, that girl never think about herself” Tanya gives him food

Dev : okay aunty

Tanya : thank you my dear

Dev takes food to Khushi’s room but on way Rajiv takes him to play again. Dev leaves the plate in Pari’s table.

Pari ; wow my favorite curry thank you mom, I am starving but did Khushi didi went

(starts eating)

Shrishti : see I am starving now, where this all boys went

Kritika : i am sure as usual they might having their own time, wives are waiting but who cares

Pari starts getting rashes on her body and unable to breath properly.

“Chachi, chachi, Pari again got reaction” Sona informs Tanya

Tanya : what?

Everybody runs upstairs to Pari including boys

“Pari my baby what happened” Tanya holds her closely asking Preeta to get medicine

Preeta gives her injection quickly

Tanya : this reaction didn’t came in a while, how did she eat peanut

Dev : actually chachi, the plate you gave me for Khushi, I think Pari ate that food

Preeta : what? how could be so careless

Dev : I am sorry mom, dad

Karan : thank god nothing serious happened, and dev please be careful next time

Rishab : thats okay, it happens, Tanya put her properly on bed

Tanya : yea (takes Pari to their room)

Khushi takes care of her sister whole night putting aside her school work.

Pari donor forhave peanut allergy while Dev have juvenile diabetes. Doctors have been looking for kidney transplant. They diagnosed diseases after one year of born.

Later at night Dev sleeps between Preeta and Karan after she insists.

“hey baby doll what are you thinking” Karan goes to her in midnight

Preeta : I feel helpless seeing our children like this, if we didn’t get donor for our Dev then

Karan : see listen to me, I know this is very difficult situation for us but we will deal with it like always (gives solace to her)

Dev comes between them getting emotional seeing his parents

“Mom, dad I want to stay with you both, if that machine stops” Dev is about to complete

Karan : don’t ever say that, you are God’s gift and he never takes his gift back, now lets cheer up mom okay

Father son duo smirks

Preeta : your both smile is very dangerous for me stay away

Both puts small kiss on her cheeks on each side making her tearful. The trio shares heart wrenching moment.

PS : Sorry for not adding all couples because I have shocking news for readers. YES I am going to write sequel of the story adding stories of our beloved couple’s children. But for that I need help deciding actors and actresses to play the role. On a reader’s request I will start writing later if anybody else is interested too. 

  1. Great epilogue
    Tanya and karan can never improve nor can dhruv and roo??????
    Dev’s and pari’s medical problems???
    Dev dialogue in the last part was so emotional??
    I was actually wondering why you did not add all the couples and then I read the note and I was over the moon. I am so excited for its sequel
    Plz do write when the couples got news of them becoming parents and the time during expectancy (maybe in flashbacks)
    As for suggestion of actors and actresses, if they are for the kids I would suggest the following names
    Shivika Rishi as khushi
    Chahat Tewani as maya
    Myra Singh as pari
    As soon as I come up with more actors I will post their names as well
    Super excited for the sequel
    Also post realisation
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

    1. Thank you dear
      Yes I need suggestion for kids and maybe little later I might need some about teenager ones too.
      I hope sequel turns out to be great as well and for other couple I will add one more epilogue or maybe in updates not sure yet.

  2. Unbelievable how on Earth did you come up with an idea like this??? Awesome!!! It’s like a breath of fresh air keep it up.

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