Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 70

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Later at night everybody feels nervous as wedding time comes closer.
Shrishti : di I am getting so nervous now imagine tomorrow we are getting married
Kritika :this is the best feelings we girls can get in our life
Preeta : are you happy? (asks Kritka)
Kritika : of course I am infact I feel the most luckiest girl , I didn’t see my dad too much but always one image came in mind my husband would be have some qualities of my dear brothers
Shrishti : please say which qualities your dear brothers have
Kritika : oh please at least show some respect they are my brothers, sweet like my Rishab bhai, caring like Sameer and finally another version of Karan biggest prankster of this world
Roo : yes he played big one in Canada right I heard that stupid one
Preeta : I have same situation like you, before I just handled Dhruv now thank god finally you will take care of that
Tanya : hello I am also in this room somebody ask me also
Preeta : aww you are so sweet pie okay you say your story
Tanya : let it be stop that battering I know everything
Preeta : come on forget that we said sorry na (holds her ears)
Tanya : thats better (starts laughing)
Preeta : you drama queen don’t be have enough prankster in this house (hits her with pillows)
Tanya : okay sorry so what were we discussing
Shrishti : feelings for your grumpy husbands
“Yes I was very liberal from young age but everybody knows my mom was second hitler and always forced me to get in proper relationship” Tanya narrates her story
The girls listen carefully
“Mom always said one truth that all this fairy tale are only book stories in real life you don’t get such people even I lived on that conclusion until I met my prince” Tanya recalls her first meeting to Rishab in car
Other girls too goes in flashback of meeting to their fiancee.
Tanya ; when this whole world made gave me wounds, his one touch just took away all the pain inside me and whisked me in his own little world where only love and faith exist, okay that’s it, Preeta you say
“What should I say, whole life I lived on elder’s decision even if they supported me but then one day a wind came in my life he showed me real world, where so many things exist true friendship, emotions, encouraging to fight to whole world just for self respect and most important love is not perfect, we fought for every single thing but didn’t even realize when our love became inseparable, he became my biggest strength ” Preeta pours her heart for Karan she has been hiding
“Umm Sameer, my cute shorty cool breeze of air came in life same way, when we met first I thought he was so grumpy and arrogant but they say na don’t judge book by its cover, I can’t count how many times we fought called each other names but still he always stood with me no matter what situations, I have only wish now that I will remove all bitterness from his life” Shrishti gets in her thoughts
Kritika : you all very well know about mine but still I will tell share something, when I married Akshay I didn’t really know what should I expect from him or this marriage, I was just confused where I married him for my own or just family (recalls his rude behavior though it was all fake), I was just dealing with this emotions when Dhruv came in my life and showed me real self of mine, I started to chase my dream, thats when my mind and heart had to fight between duty and love now finally both got its own place I found my real love and now my duty is to protect that any cost
Finally comes the turn of Ruchika who hesitates to share her feeling
Kritika : come on don’t be shy
Sahil passes from there when Ruchika is about to confess her feelings.
“My life has been similar to Tanya bhabhi, I was queen bee from childhood in college, where so many guys wanted to date me just for outer beauty and I always knew that, my friend always said people who run from commitment, love chases them first but I made fun that, where did I know such things comes into reality, in all this bad world there was somebody whose eyes not only had decency but the one who loves inner beauty, respect a girl’s feeling, today’s world girls like us don’t even know whats the meaning of true love why because we don’t meet such guys in our life, he just touched my soul and left like that, when one side we get so much love from family but those people receive nothing except loneliness, life is never fair with such pure hearted people” Ruchika’s heart feels pain with each and every word
Sahil gets extremely teary eyes with the pain in her voice and leaves from there.
Kritika ; my princess sister deserves the best in this world and she will get that for sure
Ruchika sobs in her sister’s arm who always stands shield against everybody
Preeta : were you talking about Sahil?
Ruchika shares everything with them which brings shock for all girls
Tanya ; but if your friend really wanted this then whats the problem
Roo ; but love cannot be forced I want Sahil to accept me with whole heart not just for the sake of somebody’s promise you only said love is not a compromise
Preeta : she is right love should never be forced or compromised
Rakhi : you girls didn’t sleep yet
Shrishti ; nothing aunty we were just pacing around you know how girls get nervous before wedding
Rakhi ; oho, of course I know very well what happens night before wedding, you all at least know me well I was not even aware of your Mahesh uncle that much, our generation was all arrange marriage
Tanya ; wow aunty thats such great experience
Sarla ; dear marriage’s feeling is like that, everybody have their own desires but we are lucky that we got such great people
Shrishti : you are right mom, I am very happy that I will go with my sister in same house
“Kritika dear we all know how you might be feelings but forget the past, now you have to see your bright future” Rakhi suggest her
Kareena ; bhabhi thats too much for today now let them rest or else tomorrow their husbands would not even recognize them girls you all go to sleep right now
“Good night” the girls leave together for their room at the same time
While walking in room Kritika’s duppatta gets stuck outside the room.
Roo : what happened di
Kritika : nothing just this duppatta (tries to take it out )
Roo : wait I got it (finally takes out)
Kritika : thanks lets go come on
Somebody watches them going inside. Rishab leans towards the wall in his room recalling everything
Karan : bhai you didn’t sleep yet?
Rishab ; nothing just feeling finally tomorrow our dreams will come true
Karan ; yea, I can’t wait I mean last time things didn’t turn in our favor but now that time has come
Sameer : who would have imagined that we all brothers will get married on same day, same family girls
Dhruv ; and include me in that part, I got the girl from my best friend’s in law wow
Rishab : but be careful, you will keep our sister happy na (asks him promise)
Dhruv : more than my own life and till last breathe I will love her
Karan : bhai, this heavy words is only your department and this Sammy’s not us
Dhruv ; I know right everybody forces me to say this heavy line I cannot deal with that
Rishab : Sahil why are you quiet, I always feel that you are hiding some pain in your heart, share with us
Sahil : you all are very lucky to get such beautiful fiancee, some people don’t get their love and family
Karan : sorry buddy we didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
Sahil : don’t worry, its just that I never got to see or feel what a family love is, mom dad brother sister dadi nothing
Dhruv : I tell you what, even I never got such love in life mom left than dad also died, whatever love I got was from this family
“Sahil you are not just the person who saved our Preeta’s life but member of our family, from today we are your own” Luthra boys assures to make him their family
Ruchika who is standing outside gets smile of relieved hearing them and leaves.
Sahil : thank you for everything, thats why I came here (hugs Dhruv joined by other boys)
Rishab : okay now everybody lets go to sleep or else we will look like ghost tomorrow for our wedding
Karan ; good night bhai
All goes to sleep
Next day the wedding bell rings for the four couple who are finally tying knots after long and painful separation. The elders gets in full swing for proper arrangements. The girls starts getting ready for the most important day of their life.
Shrishti ; di help me na this chain is stuck (tries hard)
Preeta : you always have that problem wait a second let me do mine first
Shrishti : hurry up I am not even half ready
Roo : wait wait let me help you with this let her get ready
Shrishti : you are my life saver where are our other two unique brides
Roo : they both are almost ready, okay all done now just some final touch up
Boys’ room
Karan : bhai is this sherwani looking good
Rishab ; you have tried this for 5th time come on hurry up mom is shouting
Sameer : i am ready bhai
Rishab : everybody is ready but this prince is taking forever
Karan ; come on bhai if on marriage day people don’t wait for groom whats the fun
Sahil : exactly there should be some sort of entertainment before wedding
Rishab ; oh yes, Sahil can you do me a favor can you tell girish to keep all the gifts properly in the store room
Sahil : yea sure
Rishab : thanks and you please hurry up
Sahil passes from Ruchika’s room who is busy getting ready after helping her sister and bhabhis
Roo : where did that pendal go (looks for her necklace in room)
Sahil (sees it near bed) : what are you are looking is with me dear
Roo (looks at him) : and its time you give that to me now
Sahil : not so easily Ms Queen bee, I found it so obviously you need to pay
Roo : what nonsense? Sahil I am getting late that back to me (Tries to take it)
Sahil : the more you try more harder I will make challenge for you
Roo : wait what challenge? you have gone crazy today
Sahil : dancing my dear, that day you performed so well on stage but won’t you show your family
Roo : they know my talent and I don’t dance to prove myself to others
Sahil : lets see for how long you keep this attitude, wedding is in one hour before that I want to see you on floor what say (plays with her necklace)
Roo : fine challenge accepted Ruchika Luthra does not like to lose, I will take that necklace from you I promise
Sahil : well lets see , your time starts now
Sarla and Rakhi brings their angel looking brides downstairs. The boys eyes glues on their glamorous and simplicity. Karan gives signal to his baby doll.
Ruchika and Sahil starts with her dance followed by the other four couple.
Balle Balle Je Soniya De Rang Dekhlo
Bina Dor Di U Dh Di Patang Dekh Lo
Aj Munde Hue Enhan De Malang Dekh Lo
Bina Dor Di U Dh Di Patang Dekh Lo
Ay Kudiyan Kudiyan, Ay Tikhiyan Churiyan
Kudiyan Jawan Hath Na Aawan
Ena Pundiyan De Maare Hue Tang Dekh Lo
Sat Sri Akal Soniyo
Sunaao Sanuun Haal Soniyo
Oh Zaraa Nach Ke Dikhaoo Sa De Naal Soniyo
Na Soch Sawal Soniyon, Ehdi Kyun Chaal Soniyo
Eh Naara Naara Naara, Eh Tikhiyan Tejh Katara
Bijili Di Nangiyan Taara.N, Oh Taara Taara Taara
Je Kol Ena De Aaoge Ta Pyaar De Chakke Khaoge
Baage Vich Aaya Karo
Jado Chand Chup Jaave
Tusi Mukhda Dikhaya Karo
Tu Aagaya To Bahaar Aayi
Haseen Ho Gaye Nazare Saare
Mala Vich Phul Tangeya
Umraan Lang Chali Aa.N
Par Joban Nahin Langeya
Sahil runs from Roo to prevent giving back her necklace.
Roo : you promised that you will give this back to me
Sahil : not so easily
Roo : please (pretends to be sad) this is my favorite necklace
Sahil : you should better learn some acting it was terrible
Roo sits with despair on stairs. The next moment she feels something on her neck. Sahil removes her hair in front slowly to see the lock on the chain. Roo feels thunderbolt with his touch and runs away with shy.
The priest starts with the ritual of the wedding. The couple exchange garlands happily and sits in mandap.
Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnuh, Mangalam Garunadhwajah।
Mangalam Pundari Kakshah, Mangalaya Tano Harih॥
Pandit chants the mantra while each couple takes rounds. Karan fills vermilion in Preeta’s hairline and tie mangalsutra as final ritual of their most awaited union. Rishab also ties mangalsutra on Tanya’s neck uniting with her for lifetime bond. Shrishti and Sameer share their cute eye lock while taking rounds and tying the sacred thread. Kritika burns all her painful and bitter memory in the fire to build a new life with Dhruv.
Sarla gets emotional to see her both daughters becoming honor of another family. Kareena too gets teary eyes to see her daughter getting all happiness she deserved
Kritika : mom this is not time to cry
“May god bless you with everything” Kareena ask Dhruv to take care of her
Karan : aunty you always considered me your son now see I officially became one but you got three instead
Sarla : and Sameer if she troubles you let me know I will hold her ears
Shrishti : mom thats not fair
Rakhi takes Roo and Sahil aside telling them to decorate the rooms for all couple.
Roo and Sahil decides to decorate room together to save time
Sahil : pass me that flowers, hello I am telling you
Roo : say please give me
Sahil : do I look crazy from face who would say please, I can take it by myself
Roo takes the flower basket in her hands and starts running
Sahil : what are you doing? you are doing time pass give me that
Roo : you made me run whole palace, if mom ask I will tell her that Sahil was eating instead of decoration
Sahil : I won’t spare you today
Both plays with flower basket while decorating the couple’s room beautifully
Precap : Blissful night for four couples. Comic and mysterious things happen in palace during stay

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  1. Loved it to the core
    Girls talking about their their life..?
    Poor Roo…feel sad for her ?
    Loved how boys made Sahil a member of their family?
    Roo teasing Sahil for flowers?
    Too running with the flower basket???
    Precap; excited to see what happens
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Keep smiling??
    Stay blessed??

  2. Avneil_Mady

    The best ever one yaar..!
    U have a great trait of writing a clean and perfect screenplay…keep writing and iam sure you gonna reach great heights …Stay blessed dear..and Happy writing?????

  3. This was too good??
    Sweet family moments and the girls’ talking about their feelings was so emotional and perfect?
    Specially RuHil ? emotional ..
    Sahil got family ,lovely scene?
    Now girls also know about RuHil
    Party time???????❣?
    PreeRan,RishNya,SamIshti and RuvIka got married????
    RuHil are only left . Fingers crossed for their marriage .
    Sahil challenging Roo and making her wear necklace ? and Roo irritating Sahil with flower basket?? . Good signs? .
    Exciting precap
    Waiting eagerly for the horror track
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling ?

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