Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 69

The boys go back to sleep again turning off lights and close the door.
“If I make noise everybody will know that I am inside the room Tanya curses both girls

Tanya gets stuck under the bed but nobody feels her presence. Preeta and Shrishti signals her to come out but in vain as Tanya is not able to see them properly .
Shrishti : di how will she come out now, because of us she again got into trouble
Preeta : I have an idea (whispers)
Shrishti : you think she will agree, what mess is this now
Preeta : lets go
“No way I am doing this you both will make me scapegoat really Kritika disagrees with plan
Preeta : please at least for Tanya she will be stuck in room
Kritika ; who told you to send that sleepy tigress in their room
Shrishti : please
Kritika : okay fine I will try (goes outside the room)

Mahesh : see our girls are so nice still awake and look at your prince they are sleeping like horses in room

Rakhi : why are you behind them? they might be tired from the trip
Preeta : aunty, mom is calling you to talk something important
Rakhi : okay (leaves)
Mahesh : where are you all heading right now
Kritika : don’t ask me mamu, this two have become so much bold with their action
Preeta : actually uncle (tells him)
“Oh my god so you made plan of another world war here, dear I didn’t expect this from you Mahesh scolds them
Krtika : see na mamaji this two are completely under influence of your Karan
Mahesh : you are scolding me? he is your mami’s spoiled brat anyway how will you bring that stuck tiger out from cage

Tanya comes out of bed seeing all four sleeping but puts leg on the blanket mistakenly. Sameer and Karan fights for it in sleep.
Tanya : this two will defeat kumbkaran (whispers)
In sleep Dhruv pushes Karan on floor which makes Tanya hide on another side of room behind closet. She drops her phone near door

Ruchika calls Tanya on her phone unaware she is hiding in the room. .
Phone rings in the room
Dhruv : whoever phone is that keep it silent (gets irritated)
Rishab gets annoyed with the noise and disturbing their sleep.
Rishab : what the hell? (wakes up)
Tanya : oh no thats my phone, god please help me from this mess now I will offer you 10 coconuts if I go from here safely
Sameer too wakes up due to Karan’s phone who is snoring in sleep.
Rishab kicks Karan to wake up and also Dhruv. They turn on the lights
Karan: yaar bhai let me sleep
Rishab : are you deaf or what?
Dhruv : what are you guys arguing for, here is the phone take it (gets from near door)
Rishab : this phone
Karan ; its not definitely mine, and case looks different too
The girls stands outside the room hearing their conversation.

Rishab sees the wallpaper of his and Tanya on phone in background.
Sameer : oh this is wrestlers’ phone
Dhruv : but why its here? (looks around)
Mahesh comes there to handle the situation
Karan : dad see what your dear daughter has done her phone is in the room
Mahesh : so? she might have come have here and left her phone (blurts out the truth mistakenly)
Preeta : oh god (rubs her head)
“Mahesh uncle you didn’t do good Tanya gets annoyed
Rishab : what?
Preeta, Shrishti and Kritika comes there too
Karan : there you go the whole patalian came here to see drama
Preeta : excuse me what do you mean? in midnight you all will make noise how would we sleep then
Shrishti and Kritika stands near the closet covering Tanya
Sameer : you tell where is that wrestler don’t say she goes into her dream land that she cannot hear noises
Preeta : we don’t know where is she and you all stop making noise
Karan : oh hello we are not making noise you girls are disturbing us
Rishab ; dad you were saying something about Tanya : this guy will dug my hole today where did I get trapped here
Preeta : nothing Rishabji uncle meant she might have accidentally left the phone here
Karan : but bhai asked dad why are you answering question
Preeta stares at him with red eyes
Sameer : you cannot scare bhai like this
“You leave it shorty don’t say anything to my sister okay Shrishti warns him
Dhruv half asleep falls on Kritka’s shoulder who loses balance. Everybody’s eyes fall on Tanya
Karan : see see bhai finally madam got caught shame on you so many people have to come still you could not hide (taunts her)
Rishab : what are you doing here?
Tanya looks at Preeta and Shrishti with rolling eyes
Karan : one second don’t even say they told you to be here I know you have old habit

“Shut up god have given you mouth so you will speak nonsense Tanya loses patience on him and starts throwing things
Rishab : wait a minute, first you tell me how did you come inside
Tanya : through door (says casually)
Rishab (fists his hand in annoyed) : I meant why did you come here at night
Preeta : actually we wanted to tell you that we girls want to stay here few days after marriage and who would be better choice to say this
Karan : what? you could have told us directly
Preeta : you would have agreed?
Sameer : at least we could have given a thought, why do you always bother Rishab bhai
Dhruv : boys who are you telling this, they have old habit of disturbing our sleep
Kritika : really (stamps on his feet) did you came out of sleep or want me to give you some more
Dhruv : no its enough for today (stands on one feet holding leg)
Rakhi : whats going on here
Sarla : Preeta Shrishti you didn’t sleep yet
“Where would they sleep aunty here they ruined our good night with her nonsense banter Dhruv complains them
Kritika : Preeta, Shrishti Tanya bhabhi lets go from here this guys are useless
Mahesh : you all go to sleep, good night Rakhiji lets talk outside
Dhruv : turn off the lights please (tells Kritika covering with duvet)
Kritika kicks him from bed before leaving
Dhruv : yaar why don’t you brothers teach anything to your sister she is behaving violent with her husband
Kritika (Comes back) : because thats what you deserve fool
Luthra boys laugh at their fighting
Preeta : please lets go its futile to talk with them
Karan : wait wait where are you going dear, mom dad you see now this girls came to our room they should be punished
Tanya ; what do you mean ? we are girls we should not be punished
Karan : hello you only said girls and boys are equal right Sammy
Sameer : of course bhai
Tanya ; oh I see you switched the sides so quickly don’t worry next is your turn
Dhruv ; so aunty what do you say
Sarla : let it be why take it longer
Rakhi : okay fine sorry girls but you all have to sleep in hall today happy except Roo
Kritika: mami thats not fair, I was not at fault, I came to help Tanya
Tanya : and I was stuck due to this Preeta and Shrishti
Sameer : its futile to blame each other decision is done now
Shrishti : hello who are you?
“I am Sameer Luthra Sammy says
Shrishti : I didn’t ask for your bio data
Mahesh ; okay enough everybody stop fighting and Rakhiji how will they sleep in hall
“Why don’t give them company too what say, you also supported them Rakhi tells him
Mahesh : but why me? I have done nothing
Rakhi : you have two choices either come in room quietly or sleep in hall
Karan : thats like our mom (gives hifi to Rishab)
Rakhi : sorry girls last time boys had to take punishment but this is your turn

The girls make their bed in hall annoyingly blaming each other.

Tanya : because of you both we have to sleep on floor here
Shrishti: you both are so mean to us who told you hide under bed
Tanya : how would I know that other three losers were sleeping inside too
Kritika : stop fighting lets sleep now

The boys comes there to add fuel and taunts to their situation.
Karan ; this is so much fun wow, do you want me to bring some more blankets Preeta
Preeta does not respond to him
Sameer ; tall pole be careful I heard at night ghost and insects come here (scares her)

Tanya and Kritika beats them up with blankets and sends back in room.

Preeta feels restless with blowing wind. She sees her picture with Karan from all ceremonies to prevent the fear in her mind. She feels peace seeing his cute face every time
Preeta : only few more hours my karela then all my fears will vanish (goes to sleep)

“When will that day come when finally I will become yours, never mind I have waited for long little bit more Tanya holds Rishab’s picture while sleeping

Kritika goes to terrace due to sleepless nights and Ruchika’s tensed mood. She feels a hand on her shoulder scaring her
Kritika : you really scared me
“what are you doing here right now Dhruv ask her confusingly
Kritika : nothing I was not feeling sleepy
Dhruv : were you missing me (holds her closer but shouts in pain)
Kritika : whats wrong
Dhruv : your hand is like wrestler its so hard, my muscle is still paining
Kritika : should I help?
Dhruv : no thanks you helped me enough for today but tell me what are you doing here
“I was recalling everything how time changes quickly it was only few months ago when I married Akshay who I knew from years and now you who I know hardly in few months Kritika leans on the pillar
Dhruv : I don’t know about you but I feel extremely lucky to get you, I want to fill your life with colors and happiness
Kritika (hugs him) : when you left on that day I felt that life again cheated with me, there was not single day I didn’t miss you but my duty came in between every time
Dhruv : but now there will be no chains just love everywhere okay (kisses her forehead)
Kritika : I just my Roo gets over that grief, life have given her big pain right now
Dhruv : she is very strong girl you see she will come out of this storm soon
Kritika : she loves Sahil a lot but I don’t know when he will understand

Dhruv : some wounds take their own time to heal and same with relations, if fate have brought them together they will definitely unite
Kritika : thanks, its too late we should go before somebody sees us
Dhruv : good night

Next day families get in full swing from morning to get all arrangement
Rakhi : kaka hurry we only have today to do all this decoration
Dadi : Mahesh did you give order for the sweets and flower
Mahesh : don’t worry I did everything
Preeta : dadi you sit here, or else your feet will get swelling again come (makes her sit)
Dadi : you won’t stop me tomorrow its my Karan Rishab Sameer’s marriage
Preeta : okay I won’t but only if you don’t take too much stress on it
Sarla : Preeta where is your beloved sister please wake her up quickly
Preeta : she went to take shower
Sarla : and Tanya did she get ready
“Good morning aunty Tanya comes there
Kareena : dear did you see Kritika and Roo somewhere I am calling them but none of them showed up yet
Preeta : no aunty when I left the room, Roo was not there but kritika was sleeping
Kareena : this girl na, she is not worried about her marriage at all let me go
Tanya ; wait aunty you don’t bother we will go
Preeta : yea you stay here
Kareena : okay but please hurry up your all wedding dresses are here, you have to check the sizes for it
Preeta : just give us two minutes

The girls goes to wake up Kritika and Shrishti who already got ready. Ruchika tries to be happy for her sister and brother’s marriage.
Roo : where is bhai and everybody
Preeta : what do you think? they might be sleeping like slog horses in room
Shrishti : yesterday they took our sleep now our turn okay (whispers them)

The girls puts small cockroach and mouse near the bed and locks the room from outside.
Shrishti : now watch the fun
Dhruv wakes up from sleep first and sees mouse coming towards them.
“Mouse he shouts loud waking up everybody
Rishab : what?
” Bhai cockroach Sameer starts jumping on bed Karan tries to open the door but could not
The trio surround on Rishab to protect themselves

Their’ voice echoes in whole palace. Inside the room some furniture break itself

Karan : bhai help us
They hear giggling when girls open the door quickly laughing
Shrishti : oh my god shorty what did you say? be careful there will lot of insects here
Dhruv : you all are nuts if something happened to us then its our wedding day
Kritika ; oh so you remember its your wedding, when you could make your would be wife sleep in hall where did that love go
Preeta : exactly now so much love is blooming

Ruchika climbs up on ladder to decorate on the welcome door for guest. She almost loses balance when somebody else falls with her in pool of flowers none other than Sahil. Her face gets buried in his arms sharing another intense eye lock than before

Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqeen
Main jo… tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin…
Kisi ka nahin..
Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…
Le jaayein tujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…
Begaani hai yeh baaghi
Hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye mujhe kahan
Hawayein, hawayein

Sahil ; I am so sorry are you okay
Roo : thanks, you are finally here (looks on other side avoiding him)
Sahil : if my friend is unhappy then of course its my duty to cheer her up for this happy occasion
Roo : I am very happy you dont’ have to worry about me okay (leaves)
Sahil : no worries now I will go from here after bringing the old Roo back and its my promise Ruchika Luthra (smirks)
Dhruv : wow look who is here, finally nice to see you here man thanks for coming
Sahil : of course I had to for some people
Rishab : where is aunty she didn’t came?
Sahil : no actually she cannot travel too much but she sent best wishes to all of you
Rishab : girish, put his luggage near our room

Shrishti : di I am so bored why can’t we go out today its nice weather
Preeta ; yea sure let me ask mom if we all can go out for few hours

Sarla and Rakhi gives permission to their children to go out for few hours in afternoon. The group goes to visit some old palaces of King and Queens in town.

Kritika : this is amazing, palaces might be 100 years old but still looks new
Preeta : who wants to go elephant ride over there, Karan lets go
Rishab : come on everybody
Tanya : I must say Kritika you picked the best place in town
Everybody goes for ride on elephant. Tanya, Shrishti Rishab Sameer goes on one. Karan Preeta, Kritika and Dhruv climbs on another.

Kritika : where will this two go
Dhruv : there is one more, you guys are lucky to go in two hurry up
Kritika : shut up
Sahil and Roo takes on another elephant. She takes his hand hesitantly to climb up
Preeta : see peacock

Kritika and Preeta starts dancing in midway. Other girls join them too

Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Bhavre Ne Machaya Shor, Khili Dil Ki Kaliyan,
Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Karan and Preeta goes to another side while dancing in rain with others cherishing their moment.

Yah Pyar Ka Sawan Aaya Hai,
Sang Preet Ka Mausam Laaya Hai,
Jo Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Rakha Tha,
Woh Raaz Labon Par Aaya Hai,
Dil Mein Basake, Apna Banake, Le Chalun Prem Nagariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Chahe Le Jao Jis Ore, Sang Chalungi Saiyan,
Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Yah Pyar Ka Sawan Aaya Hai,
Sang Preet Ka Mausam Laaya Hai,
Jo Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Rakha Tha,
Woh Raaz Labon Par Aaya Hai,
Dil Mein Basake, Apna Banake, Le Chalun Prem Nagariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Chahe Le Jao Jis Ore, Sang Chalungi Saiyan,
Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Everybody goes back to the palace after enjoying long day in city.

Precap : Marriage day with lot of drama, love, romance, fights. Things settled happily

  1. Fantabulous episode
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    Girls leaving cockroach and mouse in boys room….??. Boy’s reaction was seriously hilarious?
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    Precap;omg it’s so exciting
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  2. Wow what a hilariously sweet chapter!??
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