Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 68

Ruchika gets in deep shock after knowing about her best friend’s death.

Sahil : this are some letters she wanted me to give you as last wish don’t worry I didn’t read

Roo : thanks (takes from his hands)

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Sahil : so strange na she waited for us to meet and we met in such situation

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Roo : how did this happen?

Sahil : you might remember that day when she called me to meet in Ooty and I had to travel from Pune but you still didn’t knew till today

Roo : yea that day when you were supposed to come I had to leave for Mumbai in evening my dad was hospitalized

Sahil : due to weather my flights was cancelled and I came by bus, but I still told her not to drive in that condition you know how stubborn she is

Ruchika’s heart start shivering hearing every words carefully

Sahil : on the way she met with an accident and till she was taken to hospital our Kaya gave her life (gets in tears)

Ruchika breakdown in his arms with heavy flood to tears. Sahil cries his heart out too that has been buried deep inside heart. Both comes out of their emotional zone.

Roo : thanks for this and mom wanted me to tell you we are leaving tomorrow for Rajasthan

and wedding is after two days, good night

Sahil sees her leaving in tears from the door.

Luthra house

Everybody gets ready for dinner. Roo comes home upset but tries hard to hide her pain

Kritika ; are you okay? whats wrong

Rishab : wow my dance champion you are everywhere today (hugs her)

Sameer : after all whose sister she is

Kritika : if she does good then yours and something wrong then mine how inconvenient logic you all have

Karan ; at least we have something not empty like yours I don’t know how does that dhruv handle you

Kritika ; don’t say anything about him okay he is not like you all

Karan ; woah look who’s saying this? he is Preeta’s friend not yours

Kritika ; do you have any memory loss in happiness of marriage, he is my would be husband

Karan : oh yea sorry I forgot

Rishab : are you both done? I am going from here I thought we are gonna celebrate Roo’s success but no our sibling have no time from their fighting come (takes Roo)

Karan : bhai she is our sister too

Rishab : wow you remember that too great, can we eat now

Kritika quickly notices her sister’s pain on the dining table

Mahesh : Roo, why do you look so tensed before on every prize your voice echoed

Roo : nothing dad I am just tired and not hungry good night (leaves)

Rakhi : what has got into her

Kritika : dont’ worry mami I will talk to her she might be tired and tomorrow we have to leave for trip too

Ruchika runs to her room not able to control her emotions in front of everybody.



Ruchika came over to Kaya’s house during holidays

“Kaya you are not doing this right at least tell me something about your beau” Roo sits on kitchen counter top

Kaya : no way he is coming soon then you will see by yourself and then appreciate my choice

Roo ; okay fine

Kaya : you better change yourself tomorrow you will also get married then what

Roo : you know this love thing is not my part I will stay single like my Karan bhai freedom

Kaya : I tell you what, god will send love in those type of people who make fun of this feelings, that day you and your Karan bhai will remember my words (makes food)

Roo : oh please that day will never come I bet on that trust me

Kaya : really trust on you for this, I know god will give you wisdom one day and my prayer would be he should also send somebody like my beau

Roo : now you stop this praising my voice is scratching from last 6 months

Kaya : patience sweetheart, now try this fritters and tell me how is it

Roo (smells the aroma) : wow you know you are very addictive influence in my life for everything I love you so much (hugs her)

Kaya : love you too my sweet pie

Roo : what a weather and now the taste will be double delicious

Kaya : come lets eat

Flashback ends

Ruchika look at the letters written by her best friend before dying.

Dear Roo you know there are two important people in my life you and my Sahil. We both grew up with lot of difficulties after our parents left us in this cruel world. When Sahil proposed me I could not say no at that time and did not regret my decision. But as they say love is not enough for any relationship. Inspite of our happy go lucky life I could not give Sahil the love he was craving for. He needs a good friend and family love that fate snatched away. Roo I don’t have much time left to live life and thats why I called Sahil to meet you. I had no courage to tell him about my disease and cannot trust anybody other than you. Today I am going to ask something very precious for my Sahil maybe you might not agree. He is very delicate when it comes to relationships and lost everybody close to him. Now he won’t be able to take this grief and only you are the one I trust the most who can take care of him. After me please take care of him, I know this will be very hard for both of you but believe me he is the most decent and golden hearted guy you will ever have in life. I know you don’t believe in all this love and marriage stuff but my only wish from god will be to show how beautiful feeling this is which I could not live in this life. Please fulfill my last wish accept Sahil, I know just how your family made me own they will give all the love to him, fate took away years ago. People often success easily but some like my Sahil are not destined to share those with their loved ones. Only you can bring colors in his life and give a good family. You might think I am being selfish for asking wrong thing but I know you will not put me down. Forgive me if you can. 

Your best friend Kaya

Ruchika’s tear fall on the letter getting in dilemma. She and Sahil have sleepless night with another change in their relationship

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain

Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain

Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon

Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain

Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain

Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho

Kyun Poori Ho Na Payee Daastan

Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyaan

Sahil looks at Roo and Kaya’s picture together in one frame. His heart and mind have fight between love and friendship.

Donon Ke Dilon Mein Chhupa Hai Jo Ek Anjana Sa Gham

Kya Ho Payega Wo Kam, Koi Kya Kahe

Donon Ne Kabhi Zindagi Ki Ik Mod Pe Thi Jo Paayee

Hai Kaisi Wo Tanhai, Koi Kya Kahe

Kitna Veeran Hai Ye Sama

Saanson Mein Jaise Ghulta Hai Dhuan

Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyan

Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain

Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain

Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon

“Sahil what happened” Roshni comes to his room later at night

Sahil : nothing mom how strange is destiny sometimes when Kaya was alive I could meet Roo and now she is not with us when things have changed

Roshni : tell me something honestly don’t you love Ruchika, you never felt anything

“I never saw from that side, she is very nice but maybe because of my love for Kaya I could not bring girl in life

Roshni : thats where you have to change your thinking dear, you cannot spend life on somebody’s memory

Sahil : after all this I know even she might not be able to have same feelings

Roshni ; love in not for sale that you can change every minute, she might feel guilty too for loving her best friend’s beloved

Sahil : everybody is going to Rajasthan tomorrow for few days I hope she feels better

Roshni : you should go there right now she is miserable, it is happy moment for her family but she won’t be able to enjoy you know why because she cares for you (leaves room)

Her every words strike Sahil’s mind and decides to go on trip of help Ruchika get over the grief of Kaya’s death and broken heart.

Next day everybody starts heading towards Rajasthan in their car.

Luthra house

Karan : Sammy hurry up how much time will you take come on

Sameer : you don’t say anything you are the one who takes longer than girls to get ready

Rishab ignores their bantering

Karan : just wait till you get married then I will settle all your scores through my tall fan

Sameer : aha and I will instigate Preeta di so she will make you dance on her tunes

“Really? you will make her do that” Karan beats him funnily

Rishab : stop it both of you we are getting late and you are not concerned about anything

Mahesh : leave it dear they won’t mend their ways even now when their marriage is happening

Sameer : why should we? this is our last few moments before going into prison right Karan bhai (asks him)

Karan : Sammy don’t fly so high did you forget

The girls hear them from back with crossing arms

Sameer : bhai again because of you

Karan : really can’t you keep your mouth shut for few minutes

Tanya ; no no keep saying we also hear how much you appreciate us

Shrishti : I think we should make yesterday’s joke true what do you say di

Preeta makes weird face and put her luggage in the car

Karan : baby doll where are you putting your bag in her car

Tanya : hello empty brain, that means she is going in my car in fact we girls and you boys will go separately okay

Karan ; no way bhai please tell her

Tanya ; this time your pleading won’t work so better luck next time (takes her bag)

The boys except Sahil and girls head to their different car while Mahesh takes all elder with him.

Everybody reaches Rajasthan and stay in very old palace.

Karan : amazing this will be so much fun

Preeta : palace seems to be very old isn’t it

Karan : thank you baby doll we didn’t even knew about that

Tanya : wow beautiful my long life dream of visiting old King’s palace

Rishab : is there anything you never wished

Karan : bhai who are you asking this girl is born in her dream fantasy

Tanya : oh hello look who is talking the one who is born to live in his own fantasy world

Preeta looks at the place strangely thinking about something.

Shrishti : didi what happened? come on lets go inside

Preeta : yea

The families gets overwhelmed with the place.

Mahesh ; wow girls you made me so proud this is best place for romance

Rakhi : have some shame your children are getting married

Shrishti : aunty there is no age for romance right uncle

Mahesh : wrong because you cannot call me uncle now

Shrishti : what?

Mahesh : you are becoming our daughter so call me papa

Shrishti : okay papa

“Chachu don’t pamper her too much I am your son and she is stranger” Sameer gets in jealousy tone

Shrishti : aha did you see how he is getting jealous from now

Sameer : I am no jealous and that too from your please

Karan goes into Preeta’s hiding from everybody

Preeta : what are you doing?

“Baby doll finally the time have come, I can’t wait anymore” Karan hugs her from bag

Preeta : Mr Luthra control yourself, you know everybody is here right now

Karan ; so what? its only matter of two more days and then you and me in same room

Preeta : okay now listen to me I want a good wedding gift on our night

Karan : you are getting world’s hottest guy what else do you need

Preeta : I know that but its ritual you have to give me something

Karan : okay I will think about it (about to kiss her but is interrupted)

“Preeta I was saying” Tanya barges in without knocking

Both separates little bit

Tanya : I am sorry I didn’t see anything

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Karan : you should be I mean so mannerless can’t you knock while coming inside

Tanya : excuse me who are you to tell me that and I apologized to my sister not you

Karan ; then you better say sorry

Preeta tries to stop them but in vain

Tanya : today I will show you wait (runs after him in whole palace)

Karan hides behind the pillar but runs when Rishab calls him

Tanya : where are you coward come out?

A ball hits on her head hardly from air

Tanya ; oouch (sees the ball) this Karan here also brought his stupid cricket ball idiot

Somebody invisible looks at her from back.

“Di this place is so beautiful, I think we should stay here for few days after marriage what do you say’ Shrishti asks Preeta

Preeta : thats good idea but we have to ask our families first

Shrishti : come on di, I don’t have trust on this guys for honeymoon but at least have some peace here

Ruchika sorts her belongings in closet seeing the picture of Kaya with her.

Kritika : Roo what are you doing here? everybody is waiting downstairs come one

Roo : you go I will be there soon

Kritika : wait a minute, sit here first and tell me whats going on

Roo : nothing didi just like that

“My always cheering bird suddenly became so quiet there might be some reason” Kritika asks her calmly

Roo : didi you remember Kaya? my roommate who came to our house before

Kritika ; oh yea that one of course how would I forget her but she has not come for a while

Roo : and won’t come either

Kritika : but why?

Roo : she is no more and do you know who was her boyfriend Sahil

Kritika is taken aback with her words and more shocked when Roo tells about the letter

Kritika ; I don’t believe this, Kaya is no more and she wanted you to marry Sahil

Roo : even I was shocked didi, I don’t know what to do (gets in tears) one side is my friend’s loyalty and other is my love who will never accept me

Kritika : but whatever happened was destiny that day you both didn’t meet it was fate

Roo : I want to win Sahil’s heart but will that not be deceiving my friend too and he will never forget Kaya

Kritika : look here some relations take their own time to form and see one day even Sahil will realize that life does not go with a gone person’s memory, see Tanya also lost her parents but moved on from life

Roo : but she have Rishab bhai’s love, Karan and Sameer bhai’s friendship, Sarla aunty’s affection, Sahil got nothing in life except loneliness

Kritika : my heart says he will come back, your love and faith will bring him here

Dhruv, Sameer and Karan chill out in Rishab’s room in evening.

Karan : I don’t know when will this marriage get over  this is so tiring

Dhruv : seriously thank god I didn’t have any sort of sangeet and everything

Sameer : but we both participated in everything so thats all

Karan : you both stop taunting us okay

Shrishti and Preeta keeps calling Karan and Sameer at night to talk

Dhruv ; yaar both of you go outside and talk with your chatter box (says in sleep)

Rishab : I know even here there is no peace (pushes Karan on other side)

Preeta tells Tanya to convince Rishab for staying in palace after marriage for few days.

Tanya : right now? look at time let me sleep (puts pillow on her face)

Preeta : look who is saying this, the one who stays up like owl in night

Tanya stays in half sleep while talking to the girls who tell her to sneak in Rishab’s room.

Preeta : go (pushes Tanya outside)

Tanya unaware starts sleep walking in Rishab’s room. Not known to her, Karan, Dhruv, Sameer and Rishab sleep together in the same room. They all gets congested between two beds. Preeta and Shrishti follows her to avoid any sort of chaos. She enters the room in sleep and falls on Karan’s leg

“Who is it” Karan shouts waking up

Tanya hides under the bed

Rishab : what is wrong with you? shouting in sleep (rubs his eyes)

Karan ; there was somebody in room

Sameer : you must have dreamt something please go to sleep

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