Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 66

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Arora house

The girls insists to take the wedding in Rajasthan in grand way

Karan : baby doll I hope this is not your choice I know others don’t have brain (looks at Tanya who is grinning at him)

Shrishti : thank you Karan sir

“Don’t be so mean bhai your judgment is so poor” Sameer criticizes him

Rakhi : why do you girls want to have wedding over there all our relatives are here

Sarla : thats right we have everything prepared here now

Mahesh ; there are still few days left we can inform everybody, if girls want to have wedding somewhere else there should not be any problem

RS Dadi : thats right after all they also have some desires for their wedding

Kritika : dadi actually we saw that big palace on internet and its amazing imagine the wedding will be so grand

Dhruv : say clearly you want to marry in old style of Mughle hazam Anarkali and Salim

Preeta : hello lack of knowledge book, they both didn’t marry

Dhruv : exactly thats what I am saying but madam wants to marry same way

“Preeta this friend of yours is getting on my nerves now where did you find him” Kritika asks her irritatedly

Roo ; I am sure bhabhi must have found him from great treasure

Sahil : and what about you? I think god has made you in free time

Roo : oh hello I am a unique piece only the person needs to check his eyes

Rakhi : will you all kids give some break to your mouth here we are discussing something serious, Maheshji all the cards are ready

“But we should also see our daughters wish maybe this time we won’t make it too grand” Mahesh remain firm on his words

Sarla : I think he is right, if he want to take wedding in Rajashan then we have to leave in next three days

Shrishti : wow mom, then you all can come on your own time we will leave tomorrow

Sameer : hello super fast express sit down they have not decided everything

Shrishti : shorty do you have any hearing problem (teases him)

Karan : relax sammy

Rakhi : then we should hurry up already there is too much late in all the weddings

Mahesh : then give us permission its quite late we should take leave

Tanya : I will also leave bye Preeta (hugs her)

Preeta : bye take care

Everybody goes to their respective house. Next day Kritika gets ready to take Dhruv on her class reunion party. Rohan arranges for bachelor party in club for both boys.

Luthra house

Dhruv : what is this problem magnet doing here?

Roo : and you are magnet of foolishness

Dhruv : never mind today I am in good mood don’t spoil it

Roo : I will sit in front with my didi

Dhruv “ no way either of you will drive that day it was my good luck I was saved by your sister

Kritika : if you both are done can we leave we are already late because of this stupid banter

The trio leaves for their party


Dhruv and Kritika reaches the hall for the party along with Ruchika. Sahil has been invited as musician for evening. Kritika introduces her fiancé to all her friends.

Anu : wow Kritu your fiancé is so handsome, I wish I met him before

Kritika : hello Ms fantasy save your eyes for somebody else

Ruchika keeps waiting for Sahil to come and starts getting desperate

Oberoi house

Preeta and Shrishti comes to meet Tanya

Tanya ; what a surprise you both

Preeta : actually we both were going from here so I thought

Tanya : come have a sit

Preeta : other day Roo was saying she wanted to learn some dance from me

Tanya : really? she didn’t told me anything

Shrishti ; she must have forgot but yesterday was fun I am so excited for our trip to Rajasthan

Tanya : marriage in palace, wow how romantic

Preeta : I see you also got influenced by her

“Wow Tanya what are those paintings in that room” Shrishti asks her

Tanya :oh nothing mom loved painting and she taught to some kids

Shrishti : can I see the collection

Tanya : yea sure

“Thank you” Shrishti runs inside

Preeta : this girl will always be kid she is getting married but her childishness has not gone

Tanya ; let it be you sit I will bring something

“No formalities come sit” Preeta stops her

Tanya : okay

“From long time i wanted to talk something but don’t know if I should” Preeta gets hesitant

Tanya : please don’t be embarrassed

“You know when I first got to know you had some feelings for Karan I felt some jealousy inside but did you not feel same way when you found out that Karan loved me” Preeta ask her

Tanya ; why are you asking that now

Preeta : I don’t know why but my heart said I should ask you if I didn’t take your friend away

Tanya : not at all you all are my family you know mom always said marriage is not outer love but devotion from heart

Preeta ; you love Rishabji a lot?

“honestly I got to know what life means when I understood his pure heart” Tanya gets emotional

Preeta : before Karan only Dhruv had that place in my heart of best friend but I don’t know when Karan became my strength

Tanya : we are so lucky na, only few people get such love and in laws

Shrishti ; wow amazing, I must say Nandini aunty was so talented I wish I could give her tight hug (sees both girls emotional) you both are crying

Preeta : now everybody is not like you hiding emotions all the time

“Aww my lovely sis” Shrishti hugs her

Tanya : you both are so mean I am your sister too and avoiding me from now

Preeta : who stopped you come

Tanya joins their cute hug


Karan and Sameer reaches the party filled with drinks , girls and freedom

Sameer : wow bhai this is amazing

“hey Buddy” Karan greets his friends

Rohan : welcome to my party boys lets have fun this is your final bachelor party

Karan : why are you spoiling fun from right now?

Rohan calls the girls for dance

Humko Kehte Superman

On Karlo Handy Cam From AM To PM

Bande At Your Service Ma’am

Tainu Main Love Karda, Bematlab Karda

Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye

Saadi Taan Desi Hai Adaa, Saade Te Hoja Ni Fida

Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye

Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De

Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De

Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo

Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo

Karan sees Preeta in other girls while dancing but gulps drink.

Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De

Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De

Main Tera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo

Haan Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo

Haan Hero, Main Tera Hero

Karan and Sameer gets drunk in the party

Rohan : hello bhabhiji all set (calls Tanya and sends her the video)

Karan : listen up everybody today I am very happy (says loudly) finally the Karan Luthra is getting married

Sameer : bhai calm down

Karan ; guys this love stuff is so much fun you all should fall in love once in life

Preeta, Shrishti and Tanya comes there too. Sameer sees them coming and tries to warn his pitched drunk brother. Preeta gets disappointed with his behavior.

Karan (sees Preeta) : love is when you see your beloved everywhere just like how I am looking

Sameer : bhai this is not dream she is here

Preeta throws cold water on his face to bring him on senses

Karan : Preeta you here?

She leaves teary eyes due to his irresponsibly

“Baby doll listen to me” Karan runs after her

Preeta : I don’t want to talk with you we will talk tomorrow when you are in your senses

Sameer calls Rishab for help

“I didn’t expect this from you shorty like really this is your bachelor party” Shrishti scolds him while looking at the surroundings

Sameer : you are getting it wrong, pinky at least you make them understand

Tanya does not say anything and leaves with girls at home. Rishab arrives there as soon they leave the club sadly

Rishab : first of all tell me what is going on here

Karan : bhai trust I didn’t mean to hurt Preeta we were just

Rishab : really? more than you I am hurt with you Sameer what was the need for all this

Rohan : actually bhai it was my fault, I organized this party (comes forward)

Karan : yes bhai he is the one but tell me how did this idea came in your head

Rohan ; actually bhai

Rishab : please speak up before I do something

“This was all Tanya bhabhi’s plan” Rohan tells him everything

Rishab ; what ?

Karan and Sameer remain shocked hearing

Rishab ; no way you are lying

“No bhai I swear she wanted to play prank on them by telling Preeta and Shrishti that they are doing party here hiding from them but we didn’t know things would turn bad” Rohan says

Karan ; I won’t spare her now

“No wait you are angry right now talk tomorrow” Rishab tries to stop him

Karan ; no bhai please don’t try to stop me lets go Sammy she have to answer our question

Both heads to Tanya’s house with rage

Xaviers college 

Dhruv : what are you waiting for?

Roo : you know who am I looking for so stop asking me that question

Lights turn off

Kritika ; what happened now

They hear some guitar tunes with Sahil rocking the stage. Roo is mesmerized in singing. He reveals the inspiration behind the song is none other than love of his life Kaya who is not between them. This breaks Ruchika’s heart into pieces.

Khuda yaaaaa..aaaa…
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chein banke chein churana
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chein banke chein churana


Nazrein kahan soti hai
Needein dhuan hoti hai
Nazrein kahan soti hai
Needein dhuan hoti hai

Jab din yeh dhale, palko ke tale
Koi saanse le o jaana
Khamosh rahe, kabhi chupke se
Koi baat kare o jaana
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chein banke chein churana
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chein banke chein churana

Nazrein kahan soti hai
Needein dhua hoti hai
Jab din yeh dhale, palko ke tale
Koi saanse le o jaana

Everybody claps on his firing performance. Kritika appreciates his talent of voice and inspirational lyrics.

Roo goes to the bar and drinks shot of vodka

Dhruv ; what are you doing? stop it

Roo have five shots of vodka. Dhruv curses himself for instigating her

“Beta Dhruv you are gone today, tomorrow people will welcome you with garbage” Dhruv talks to himself

Kritika : what are you talking by yourself

Sahil : poor guy must be bored when his fiancé must be busy

Kritika ; oh thats the case so sweet (batters Dhruv lovingly)

He leaves in despair thinking about Roo

Sahil : for one day become his love not just an RJ for whole world (gives her an idea)

“Attention everybody till today everybody saw me as simple and introvert girl but in this crowd a hand showed me right way” Kritika takes the mike in her hand

Dhruv stops hearing her words

Kritika : he showed me life is not just shopping or family but something more, finding yourself in this generation

Dhruv gets extremely overwhelmed with her genuine words and pure heart

She starts humming in her sweet and soft voice

Ho Sun saathiya, mahiya barsa de
Ishqan ki siyahiyan

Rang jaaoon, rang rang jaaoon ri
Haan ri main
Tujhpe main jhar jhar, jhar jaaoon haan ri
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhoole to khari main
To khari main, khari main
Sun saathiya, mahiya barsa de
Ishqan ki siyahiyan

Main reit si boond ka zariya tu
Paake tujhe bheeg jaaoon ri
Main reit si boond ka zariya tu
Paake tujhe bheeg jaaoon ri
Tar jaaoon, tar tar jaaoon
Dariya yeh tar jaaoon ji
Ishq yeh paake main tera nikhar jaaoon ri
Piya bas teri main
Ho chhoole to khari main
To khari main, khari main

Sun saathiya, mahiya barsa de
Ishqan ki siyahiyan

Both embraces in front of everybody rejoicing their love. Sahil recalls the similar confession to his ex girlfriend getting in tears. Party takes another turn when Roo finally gets highly pitched and breaks the glass

Kritika ; Roo are you okay? whats wrong

“You are asking whats wrong with me, didi being my sister you didn’t know” Roo questions her

Kritka : thats why I am asking you

“You know my problem is this love speech you just gave a while ago, didi I am in love” Roo holds another bottle in her hand

Dhruv : please put that down

“No you gave me idea now I have got good chance to say everything” Roo tells him

Kritika looks at him with confusing eyes. Sahil and Kritika manages to take her out

Roo ; leave me alone

“What are you doing? if you have any problem then tell” Sahil asks her calmly

Roo : problem? you are the problem like for the first time in my life I am seeing a guy who does not look at me with bad eyes

Sahil ; what?

“You tell me am I so bad that you are not even looking at me, here I was craving for your one attention but no Mr rockstar is busy with his lady fans good” Roo is about is lose balance but holds his hand for support

Kritika : we will talk later please lets go from here its very late

Roo ; didi you also had hard time finding love right isn’t that you said while ago

Kritika looks at Dhruv who feels guilty

Roo : didi now I feel I am lacking something that I could not win his heart how will I when somebody else have that place

Sahil turns her towards him but only to find her teary eyes

Roo : you are right, you made me fall for you (confesses her feeling) I love you a lot

Sahil is taken aback with her confession

“You were the one who made me feel love is not looking beautiful due to face but only a true heart and your caring nature made me like this” Roo breakdown in front of them

Kritika takes Dhruv with her to let them stay alone

Dhruv ; I am sorry Kritu

“What sorry how many times I warned you not to play with fire I don’t know how Sahil must be feeling and when Roo get to know she will not be able to take it” Kritika starts worrying about her little sister

Oberoi house

Karan and Sameer barges into the house angrily

Tanya : actually I am sorry I didn’t wanted things to out of hands

Karan ; what do you think of yourself? keep that sorry to you

Sameer : I always supported you then why all this what might those girls thinking about us we are getting married with them

Tanya : you are getting me wrong

“Enough Tanya not one more word if you were upset that we played that prank then you should have told us but this is limit” Karan holds her shoulder tightly

Tanya : Karan its hurting

Karan : this pain is nothing I got to see in my Preeta’s eyes today

Sameer : let it be bhai she will not realize what happened today was out of limit lets go

Karan leaves her shoulder. Tanya wipes her tears seeing them leave


Roo’s final dance competition

Karan-Sameer patch up with Tanya

Everybody leaves for Rajasthan for wedding

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  1. Amazing episode
    Loved it
    Loved everyone’s playful fight???
    Wedding in Rajistan…WoW
    So much drama….??
    Finally Roo confessed her feelings??
    Preeta and shrishti upset?
    Poor karan and sameer…
    Their fight with Tanya??
    Precap; exciting
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  2. This family is the craziest banter family . Always bickering ?
    Marriage in rajasthan . Wow… I Love Rajashtani culture a lot??
    Preeta-Shriti-Tanya Sweet sisters??
    Karan-Sameer and Tanya’s fight . So sad?
    Preeti were so disappointed and karan-sameer’s rage . Shocking!!
    Hope everything gets healed soon .
    Thanks to the precap I am relieved no more serious fight .
    Ruvika were cute??
    RuHil drama from kaya’s truth to roo’s confession . Hope everything gets fine soon . Poor Roo and dhruv also as he didn’t knew anything about kaya .
    Now Ruhil story is getting more -and-more interesting .
    This was a very dramatic part yaar .
    Very excited for you the next part Ruhil …Roo’s final performance…karan-sameer-tanya…preeran and samishti…Rajasthan wedding dhamaka..and the Horror Track..
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling didu?

  3. too good Yaar…?

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