Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 63

Neil’s goon follow Kritika through their car
Kritika ; shit (tries hard to apply accelerator)
Dhruv : what now (covers himself under jacket in fear) I told you
Kritika : something is wrong with the car
Tanya : try harder please (looks behind)
Goons comes to capture them. The girls hit them with car door and starts running. Preeta joins them too after the failure of not able to get the cops.
Dhruv ; run come on (stays at the last to save the girls)
Everybody reaches to the mall while running around to save their lives.
Sheru (goon) : caught you where will you go now (holds Roo’s leg)
Roo sees bee on the table and puts on his face. The goon shouts out loud while she runs away to the other side
Neil’s another goon catches Kritika and Preeta near the music department. He scares them with his muscles.
“I am the daughter of Punjabi indian he man” Preeta hits him with the helmet
Kritika gives him good beating and leaves
The environment becomes hilarious with the girls fighting with Neil’s goons. The boys comes there to save them. Tanya sees Neil hiding gun in pocket but searching for her. She passes from him on scooter throwing marbles under his feet causing him to slip on floor.
Tanya ; I hope you are enjoying this sequence corporator have fun (kicks him to the bowling ball goal)
Small kids claps at her antics
Shrishti beats Neil with her sandals to settle scores from morning. Prithvi comes at mall to save himself from police. The girls and boys hide in the dressing room
Roo ; wow didi this is so much fun in my whole life this is best experience
Kritika : shut up you are thinking of joking
Tanya : girls please think something
Roo : idea clothes we can easily go out from here (shows them different costumes)
Shrishti : if we all go out at the same time they will doubt us
Preeta : Kritika, Roo you both start walking out together wearing this clothes
Kritika and Roo wears glasses and hat to avoid getting caught. Preeta covers her face with the scarf and leaves the premise with Shrishti and Tanya quickly.
The whole group meets outside the mall after long brawl
Rishab : is everybody okay
Kritika : bhai these goons are not leaving us what will be do now
Suddenly they hear the noise of gunshot coming from back. Neil and Prithvi with their goon fires on them
Karan ; everybody run
Everybody keeps running on road passing from the small areas. Sahil and Roo gets separated from the group
“Ah, Sahil” Roo’s leg gets stuck in the woods
Sahil steps back to help her out but have hard time getting her leg out
Sahil : don’t worry (finally gets her leg out)
Roo cries in pain seeing the blood on her leg. The goons nearly catch them but both manages to escape and reaches boathouse.
Tanya loses her way while running and is captured by Neil. Rishab, Karan Preeta Sameer Shrishti are brought at the factory too and tied up except Tanya. Prithvi makes fun of her relation with Luthra brothers
Tanya : rascal I don’t even give damn what you or whole world think
Prithvi drags her on the upper side of construction.
Rishab : I will chop your hands if you dare to touch her again
Dhruv : somebody help please (pretends to be thief who is running from police)
Neil : hey who are you? wait aren’t you the one in the car
Dhruv ; no no what are you saying uncle I don’t have connection with this rich class people
Neil : fine then shoot them (gives him gun) kill this cricketer first he is always bickering first
Preeta : no please leave him if you want kill me but don’t do anything to him
Karan : Preeta don’t beg in front of this monsters
Neil : what are you thinking shoot I said
“I will but first let me blow your empty brain” Dhruv points gun towards him showing him video of police getting hold of his family
Neil : what the hell? you captured my family
“Why, only you have family, hey all mice goon untie everybody or else your boss won’t be able to give you the money till next birth” Dhruv orders the goons
Sheru unties everybody. Another lengthy fight occurs between Neil and boys. Rishab goes to save Tanya but is not able to find her. Mahesh brings the cops to finally arrest Neil
During the scuffle between Prithvi and Tanya fire ignites in the whole construction area.
Karan ; everybody out
Sameer : bhai Tanya is inside how can we leave her alone
Karan ; Sammy I know but you take the girls out from this building I will go and save her
Preeta gets stuck in the fire amidst as well as Tanya when Prithvi is arrested by police while he is trying to escape. Both girls get trapped badly in the fire. Preeta gets the old flashes of her childhood incident and gets unconsciousness. Tanya too loses her senses for not able to breathe. Rishab and Karan manages to bring out both girls safely.
Sahil cleans Ruchika’s wound on her leg due to the woods
Roo : slowly its paining
Sahil : you are so delicate if you don’t let me apply this medicine how will you dance on floor
Both shares the passionate eye lock
Hai Kash Kash Yu Hota
Har Sham Sath Tu Hota
Chup Chap Dil Na Yu Rota
Har Sham Sath Tu Hota
Gujara Ho Tere Bin Gujara
Ab Mushkil Hai Lagta
Najara Ho Tera Hi Najara
Ab Har Din Hai Lagta
Hale Dil Tujhko Sunata Dil Agar
Ye Bol Pata Bakhuda
Tujhko Hai Chahta Ja
Tere Sang Jo Pal Bitata
Waqt Se Mai Wo Mang Lata
Yad Karke Mushkurata
Roo : thank you for help (breaks the eye lock)
Sahil : what is new in that? this has become part of my life now to save you
Roo : I am so sorry because of our enemies you had to face this
Sahil ; you should be sorry this was like rollar coaster ride for me
Roo : in that case you have to thank us too (tries to be funny but shouts in pain) I don’t know when this pain will go away, wait your hand is bleeding too
Sahil ; no worries its small injury
Roo : you are calling it ordinary don’t you know it could become infection (bandages on his hand wound )
Sahil could not take his eyes from her innocence and simplicity behind the whole fun loving personality.
Tu Meri Rah Ka Sitara
Tere Bina Hu Mai Aawara
Jab Bhi Tanhai Ne Sataya
Tujhko Besakhta Pukara
Chahat Hai Meri Lapanah
Par Meri Ja Dil Me Hu Rakhta
Sahil : I will arrange for some transport to go back at home
Roo : let me call bhai and inform them
Luthra house
Doctor checks on both girls’s condition
Sarla : doctor how are both girls right now
Doctor : nothing to worry only trauma, I have given injection they should be fine soon
Sameer : come I will drop you outside
Kritika : bhai where is Roo and Sahil
Rishab ; both are fine, I sent the driver to pick them up from the place
Shrishti asks Sarla about the dream of Preeta she has been getting lately
Shrishti : mom please if you know anything tell us I am getting worried now
Sarla reveals the most horrifying truth of both girls past related together.
Karan ; I don’t believe this, now I know why both of them always get in problem at the same time okay
Rishab : is this time for joke Karan?
Karan : I am serious bhai I mean imagine
every time this two find one way or other to trouble us
Rakhi ; you all kids must be tired why don’t you take some rest
Kareena : bhabhi is right and anyway there is only few days left for your marriages
Dhruv : aunty I will take your leave
Kareena ; okay dear take care
Dhruv : bye
Kritika ; bye (waves him)
Karan sits next to Preeta holding her hands
“Baby doll you have swore to make me desperate more” plays with her hair

  1. Splendid update
    Loved it
    Girls fighting the goons was hilarious ???
    Tanya antics??
    Shrishti beating them with sandals??
    Dhruv saved everyone??
    Finally the goons got captured
    Thanks God Tanya and Preeta are fine
    Precap; ???
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed???

  2. Girls vs goons -Yippee and hilarious
    Shrishti beats neil with slipper.??It would have been lovely if they had beaten prithvi too.
    Dhruv bana babli ?He was the saviour of the day
    Ruhil are becoming surprising day-by-day
    Prithvi deserves a severe punishment
    What is Preeta and Tanya’s past ?Mystery huh…
    Wedding coming near, I am so excited
    Keep smiling ?????

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