Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 62

On road
Sahil and Roo follows the tempo without letting them know.
Sahil : Roo call your brother quickly and inform about the location
Roo : my phone battery died can I use yours
Sahil gives his phone to her
Neil captures Shrishti in the old godown. She irritates them to the core
Shrishti : just open the rope once and then see what I will do
Neil : shut your mouth or I will blow your brains right now (shows her the gun)
Shrishti ; leave it, I am not scared of cowards like you
Neil : shut up (is about to slap her but stops)
Arora house
Rakhi consoles Sarla and Dadi. Karan tries to call Shrishti but in vain
Karan : but who could have taken her
Preeta : I am sure it might be that Neil he argued with us this morning
Karan gets furious on learning the corporator misbehavior with both girls
Rishab : Karan we should not mess up anything in anger, it could be harmful to Shrishti
Sameer ; bhai we cannot sit like this, and I don’t think police might be helpful to us
Rishab : you are right, one of them might definitely with him and it could be dangerous
Preeta : so now what can we do
Rishab : Preetaji you don’t worry we will bring back Shrishti safely
Karan : exactly but question is how?
Rishab : we should check on his house maybe his family can tell us something
Karan ; lets go
Phone rings
Rishab : hello? yea Sahil
Roo ; bhai this is Ruchika
Rishab : Roo? why are you calling from Sahil’s phone
Roo : bhai don’t ask me questions, Shrishti is kidnapped you just come here
Rishab ; you know where is she? tell me quickly
Roo sends him the address on the phone
Rishab ; you leave from there, we are coming okay just go back home
Roo : hello? bhai I can’t hear you
Rishab : you leave the place
Karan : bhai what did Roo say
Rishab : she and Sahil know where they took Shrishti, they followed the tempo to some old factory
Preeta : then lets go there na, what are we waiting for hurry up
Karan ; Ms speed jet we need a back up, what do you think they might be waiting for us to welcome
Sameer : they might have guns and everything we need some sort of weapon to deal with them
The phone dies out of battery
Sahil : what happened
Roo ; your phone is just like you, it switched off and I could not hear what bhai said
Sahil : we should wait here till they come, you know how to drive the car
Roo : yes why
Sahil : then take this car key and go back home, its not safe for you to stay here
Roo ; I won’t go anywhere my bhabhi is in trouble and I leave her
Sahil : you think you can save her alone, they have guns we can’t do anything
Roo ; so what? I am not less than my brothers
Sahil : I didn’t ask your bio data or qualification for marriage
Roo : when did I say its for marriage
Sahil : forget it (ignores her)
Tanya goes in hunt of the boys on road after finding nobody at Arora house either. She keeps calling but none of them picks
Tanya ; what is going on? why is nobody picking up my call
One of the goon sees her and takes inside
Rishab, Karan, Sameer, and Preeta reaches the factory meeting Sahil and Roo
Sahil : thank god you are here
Karan ; where is that Neil, let me go straighten his mind right now
Sahil : wait, where are you going, they have so many people inside with guns
Rishab ; thats right we need a good plan to go inside
Sameer sees a shadow of person outside the building with blanket covered
Sameer : bhai somebody is there
Preeta starts worrying about her little sister
Karan : baby doll please stop crying, I told you na I will bring back Shrishti
“Karan she is my whole life please bring her back I want her did you hear me” Preeta yells at him cryingly
Roo ; I have an idea Karan bhai one of you boys can go inside posing a fake inspector
Sahil ; hello is there some kind of movie drama going on here
Roo : I didn’t ask for your opinion, at least I gave good suggestion not like you
Sahil : what do you mean? I don’t have brain excuse me I was a topper in university
Roo ; what a joke, thats why you have standing here doing nothing
Everybody is surprised to see them fighting
Rishab ; quiet everybody and Roo please for god sake don’t use your brains
Sahil : see you brother also does not agree with your foolish plan
Roo ; if you have better option please tell me
Sahil : Preeta can you please do me a favor send this problem at home we have enough tensions to deal with
Roo ; you called me problem magnet
Karan ; Sahil this is not fair my silly sister gave such great idea I will go inside faking inspector Chalu Pandey
Preeta and Rishab ignores his idea as well
Sameer : I think you are right bhai we don’t have any other option
Rishab ; Sammy you step aside from him, you are getting influenced
Karan ; bhai, Shrishti was organizing a costume party after the marriage, she selected so many role for all of us
Rishab ; so?
Karan ; that means bhai she selected inspector role for me and Sholay’s Gabbar Singh for you
Rishab : okay fine do whatever you want but lets make it quick, when you are distracting them Sameer can take Shrishti
Roo : what about us?
Sahil : you girls will be our audience
Roo : what?
“What do you mean? use your little pea brain that when we doing all this you call the real cops okay” Sahil taunts her
Roo : bhabhi please explain him to talk with some manner
Preeta : can we save this for later
Rishab ; Preetaji, you and Roo go to police station and explain them everything we will keep them busy here
Preeta : okay Roo lets go (leaves with her)
The goons bring Tanya inside forcefully. The boys wear their costumes to get inside
Tanya : be careful don’t you have any manners how to behave with a girl
Sheru : bhai this is another radio station whose FM does not stop
Tanya : at least don’t compare me with that I have some standard
“Hey bring the tape to put on their mouth” Neil tells to one of them
Sheru : Sir we forge the tape
Tanya starts laughing calling them fools from face and brain
Shrishti : she is right you all have to deal with us with this face of mouse
Tanya : even mouse are better they can run faster look at them
Neil : I have very good way to shut your mouth, look who have come to meet you (points toward somebody)
Tanya is hell shocked to see Prithvi coming towards her. She keeps moving back with the flashes of the horrible night
Prithvi : hi baby (touches her hair but she moves his hand )
Tanya : oh you brought this third grade goon to scare me there is limit to cheapness
Prithvi ; I couldn’t help you are so special, last time you escaped from me but not anymore
Tanya ; you are really worst than animal, you had to reach me through Shrishti
Rishab’s blood start boiling and could not control his anger. He goes to hit Prithvi even though stopped by Karan and Sahil
“You are that monster who dared to touch my Tanya with the dirty hands” Rishab starts beating him badly
The goons find Sahil and Karan hiding behind the pillar and captures them too.
Prithvi : finally you all came to my clutches and who is this new puppet
Sahil : puppet? I have never seen pauper like you in my life using a girl to get work done is not considered man
“What did you say” Prithvi punches Sahil
Sahil : did I say anything wrong?
Prithvi : Tanya why don’t you tell him? who would know better
Karan : jerk if you are real man leave the girls and fight with us
Prithvi ; sure but after you die (points gun at him)
Sameer frees Shrishti but are caught by the goons again
Prithvi : what do you think I don’t know? this girl is your three brother’s life, but i will give you one chance if you want to save Shrishti, your beloved pinky will stay with me
Karan : do you consider us fool no way we will trade any girls
Prithvi ; okay then you left no choice, good bye Mr cricketer
The trigger is about to pull when a car speed up inside crashing everything. The driver is none other than Kritika while Dhruv and Roo sits on passengers sit.
Roo : wow didi come on
She messes up the whole factory and signals Tanya and Shrishti to get inside. The boys starts with the lengthy fight with Neil and Prithvi. Some goons follow Kritika but she keeps driving in the whole construction area rashly
Dhruv ; my life’s biggest mistake was to take you in rally race slow down

Roo keeps encouraging her sister

Dhruv : shut up, both of you will make me die at young age

  1. Great yaar..! Its superb..keep writing..Happy writing ???

  2. Very interesting chapter
    Why was everyone ignoring tanta’s calls??
    Shrishti irritated the goons to the core??
    Ruhil’s dead battery fight???
    Ruhil’s fight in front of eveybody????
    Tanya calling mouses better than goons?????
    Prithvi? Sahil’s criticisms for prithvi were very true .How ….. he wants tanya in exchange of shrishti ?? . Rishabh don’t leave him . Beat him black and blue. Even Tanya should punish him.
    Ruvika/krituv entry was rocking?? They are the saviours of the day .
    Dhruv’s biggest mistake is to take kritika to rally race . Dhruv don’t wanna die at young age??????
    The whole chain of saving shrishti plan was amazing .
    Now only preeta is left to come with real cops.
    Want to see heroic Tanya bringing justice to herself .
    Please update soon . Can’t stay with more suspense
    Keep smiling??

  3. Fantastic??
    Shrishti irritated goons to the core???
    Roohil’s fight…???
    Dead battery fight…???
    They can never stop or can they??
    Tanya calling mouse better??
    Prithvi….urgh….he is so disgusting??
    Ruvika and Roo’s entry…..rocking
    Dhruv biggest mistake taking kritika in a rally race??
    Now waiting for Preeta to get their with the cops
    Excited for next episode
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤
    Stay blessed?

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