Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 60

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Sahil and Ruchika breaks their eye lock. He makes her stand up properly
Sahil : be careful if you get sprain then who will dance on floor
Roo : you forgot who I am Ruchika Luthra, nothing can happen to me
Sahil : her overconfidence will never break (whispers to himself)
Roo : what did you say?
Sahil : nothing, did you hear something
Roo : I have very good ears by the way thats call self confidence (praises herself)
Sahil : I don’t have time to talk with you, I am getting late
Roo : who said I am free, I have to do rehearsal for my dance you know I am the best
Sahil leaves hearing her non stop attitude
Pooja : Roo who is this handsome charmer
Roo : hey don’t say anything about him
Luthra house
Preeta tells Kareena to talk with Rakhi
Kareena : I will try dear but you know when it comes to Rishab she does not listen to anybody
Preeta : do you also blame Tanya for this
Kareena : I don’t dear if I did there will be no difference between me and the society gossips, both are right on their place, we should give some time to calm down matter
Preeta : okay aunty when is Kritika coming back
Kareena : she said her flight has been take off so maybe later tonight even I am a mother of daughter, I can understand Tanya’s pain
Preeta : thank you Kareena aunty
Rishab goes to Rakhi’s room after the big brawl happened
“Mom you know ever since childhood I considered you the most important person in my life after Karan, I never denied your wish won’t today either” Rishab sits next to her
Rakhi : I am very bad right thats why i could not accept the girl who was at no fault
Rishab : mom please don’t say that, you all mean everything to me but you also know that Tanya is the only happiness I truly want , if not her then nobody else in my life (leaves the room)
Mahesh enters the room to explain her
Rakhi : how should I say yes, this is not just about my son but good for Tanya too
Mahesh : what do you mean
Rakhi : even if they get married do you think both will be able to live their life forgetting whatever happened
Mahesh : you don’t trust your son or our upbringing
Rakhi : I have full trust on my Rishab but not on this world, you saw how bad Tanya felt when I said this and imagine if any outsiders says the same thing would she not feel bad and this can affect their marriage too
Mahesh : marriage is based on trust for each other and no third person can ever shake that foundation until they allow somebody
This strikes hard to Rakhi’s heart
Tanya goes back to her house heartbroken with everything.
“Mom why are you not here, you left me in this cruel world please come back” Tanya talks with her mom’s picture
She closes her eyes going into another world meeting her world
“Mom” Tanya sees shadow of her mom and runs
Nandini : how is my little princess doing
Tanya : why did you go away from me? you know nobody understands my pain only you knew my inner feelings
Nandini ; you should not say that dear, don’t forget your Rishab, friend brother everybody is with you
Tanya : but I want you (shouts out)
Nandini : I am always with you not matter what like a shadow don’t ever think you are alone
“I lost everything, dad you now even the dignity that I fought my life for how will I face everybody, specially to Rishab” Tanya weeps
Nandini ; dear true relation belong from heart not body Rishab’s love is big example for that
Tanya : Rakhi aunty was right I was not able to live the promise of keeping her son happy, he is so much upset with everything
Nandini : you have not understood your love, he is worried seeing you like this if you are happy his face will glow
Tanya : can’t you stay with me like this
Nandini leaves her hand breaking Tanya’s dream in present. She sees Rakhi coming to meet her
Tanya : aunty you? please come
Rakhi : i hope I didnt’ disturb you
Tanya : no actually, what brings you here
“You know today everybody tried to explain me that you are not fault and I should accept you but honestly I don’t have problem with your relation with Rishab” Rakhi explains her calmly
Tanya: aunty you don’t have to worry about others I know as a mother you are right
Rakhi : before saying anything I want to ask you what do you want matters to me
Tanya : I want your blessing aunty to face this bad phase (holds her hands) nothing else until your heart won’t agree I will not even meet Rishab
“You respect your aunty so much to forget your love, did you forget that you won my heart the day you came in our life” makes her wear the ancestral bangles
Tanya : aunty that means
Rakhi ; for me nothing is important than my Rishab’s happiness and my daughter’s future from today you will came mom (kisses her forehead tearfully)
Both shares very emotional moment
Rakhi : i have talked with Panditji to get all of your wedding date are you happy
Tanya nods positively
“Of course mom now we should not wait even for a minute right bhabhiji” Karan comes there
Tanya : not bad you already started battering your sister in law duffer (wipes her tears)
Rakhi ; before you both start your prank show again lets go Karan
Karan : mom you go one minute
Rakhi : come soon okay (leaves to outside)
Tanya : yes
“You know my heart is shivering right now, that Preeta has given me big warning” Karan plays prank with her
Tanya : warning for what ?
Karan : we both should disappear before our Tanya bhabhi comes in Luthra house
“Karan you are making fun of me” Tanya hits him with pillow
Karan : okay sorry listen to me
Tanya : I am so worried right now and you are playing stupid pranks
Karan : are you worried for bhai? I have very good idea (whispers something in her ears)
Tanya : will I be able to do this
Karan : of course you can, now take some rest I will take your leave bye buddy
Tanya : bye (thinks of his plan)
Arora house
Karan sneaks into Preeta’s room after everybody slept from long day.
“Karan what are you doing here” Preeta gets shocked to see him
Karan : thats not fair I came to meet you after so much difficulty
Preeta takes him to terrace before Shrishti or others wake up
Karan : ah this is the only place I love in your house the fresh air
Preeta : now will you tell me the reason for coming at such great time
Karan : you won’t believe mom agreed for Rishab’s marriage with Tanya
Preeta : what? oh my god I am so happy (hugs him excitedly)
Karan : not bad I got benefit from bhai’s marriage I am very happy
Preeta : shut up by the way you could have told me on phone
“If I said that how would I see this pure smile on your face, my baby doll who finds happiness in small things “ Karan pulls her waist
Preeta : keep your romance in limit Mr Luthra, we are getting married soon
Karan : now I don’t have courage to leave you alone for a minute, you have no idea how each day passed for me
“I can’t imagine how my Karan was living without me every moment, that thought is just killing me inside how you and Shrishti were” Preeta starts feeling guilt stricken
Karan (wipes her tears) : It was not your fault we both were destined to live that bad phase but now see we are together
“If my memory had not come back would you still have supported me” asks him
Karan : till my last breathe
Preeta : don’t ever say that again, now even god will not separate us (leans to give peck on his cheeks )
Karan’s heart gets relieved from big burden feeling the moment with his baby doll.
Preeta (moves back) : you should leave from here before somebody comes
Karan : good night baby doll (leaves)
Luthra house
Kritika comes back only to find how situation has changed when she left. Kareena tells her everything happened
Kritika : mom who could have done that heinous deed , how is Tanya
Kareena : she is fine and Preeta is at her home too tell me about you did you meet Dhruv
Kritika shows her the ring on finger
“Oh my god” Kareena gets overwhelmed seeing her daughter finally getting her share of happiness
Kareena : I will tell bhabhi today to get your marriage date set with Dhruv on same day
Kritika : thank you mom if you had not supported me I would never have got this chance
Kareena : what are mothers for? this house will come out of the storm finally
Kritika ; I am going to meet Tanya, will be back
Kareena : dear go tomorrow you might be tired from journey and she might also be resting
Kritika : okay as you say I am very hungry its been so many days I have not eaten Rakhi mami’s hand made food
Kareena : come I will get table set for you
Tanya sees Rishab standing on the pool side looking at the stars.
Rishab : how mean you are Tanya? always break your promise to not leave me
“Not Tanya, pinky” Tanya brings small cake for him to celebrate their moment
Rishab turns around to sees a beautiful angel standing in front of him with shining eyes wearing red dress and notices the bracelet he gave. She tells him to blow the candle and ask for wish. Rishab closes his eyes but only two people in his life are important to him more than anybody his brother Karan and the love of his life standing in front of him. He feeds cake to her lovingly.
“Today I want to give you biggest gift of your life” bends on her knees
Rishab’s heart starts pumping fast seeing the glow in her face.
“Till today I could not get the courage to tell you this but now my heart says to tell everything that you made pinky fall in love with you” closes her eyes while confessing
Rishab freezes the moment not wanting to end. He was always right about her being pinky only wanted to hear from her mouth. Yes she was his pinky whom he lost years ago and the burden of guilt carrying inside. His heart always had soft corner somewhere deep down but never got chance to grow up with her.
“Hey look here its not your fault” slowly kisses her eyes leaning forward
Tanya’s hand run on his hair gently putting small kisses on his neck. Rishab removes the hair from the face coming in between touching her lips
Xavier’s college
The college celebrates the farewell party for graduating students. Sahil is invited there due to Kaya who studied in the same college.
Roo : hello Mr rockstar don’t tell me you are following me here
Sahil : who said that? I thought you are spying on me here
Roo : oh please I don’t follow boys they run behind me
Sahil : tell me something what is that quality you think boys run behind you
Roo : don’t you think I am beautiful enough for boys to like me
Sahil : I look at inner beauty that shows real person what is there in outer side, everybody have good face
Ruchika finds him to be completely opposite of the guys who run behind her only due to her queen bee style.
Sahil : what are you thinking
“Nothing for first time I met somebody can think beyond face do you have girlfriend” Roo asks him smilingly
Before Sahil could reply some students take him to the stage for performance. Ruchika watches him from glass door holding guitar

Chand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna
Chand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna
Tu bhi sun bekhabar pyar kar o ho ho pyar kar
Aayi hai chandni mujhse kehne yehi
Aayi hai chandni mujhse kehne yehi
Meri gali, mere ghar pyar kar o ho ho pyar kar
Chand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna
Tu bhi sun bekhabar pyar kar o ho ho pyar kar

Kya kahoon kya pata baat kya ho gayi
Dillagi yeh mere sath kya ho gayi
Ik ishara hai yeh, dil pukara hai yeh
Ik ishara hai yeh, dil pukara hai yeh
Is-se chura na nazar pyar kar o ho ho pyar kar
Chand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna
Tu bhi sun bekhabar pyar kar o ho ho pyar kar

Ruchika imagines herself in the room filled with heart shaped balloons. Her heart starts falling for Sahil even after so much attitude.
Ho oo..jispe hum, mar mite,
usko pata bhi nahi..
Kya gila hum karei,
woh bewafa bhi nahi..
Humne jo sun liya,
usne kaha bhi nahi..
Aye dil zara soch kar
pyar kar, o ho ho pyar kar

The night ends with Roo’s feelings getting more deep for Sahil.
“Roo” Kritika tries to bring her back
Ruchika does not respond
Kritika ; Ms dream girl wake up (pats her shoulder) she won’t say easily (throws water on her face)
Roo : didi what are you doing? is this way to call somebody
Kritika ; to wake up dreamers this is best way tell me who were you thinking about
Roo : nothing di who would I think, first I am not sleepy and you are irritating me
Kritika ; aha irritating? now your sister has become burden on you
Roo : wait a second you came back with Dhruv but forgot my promise (looks for something around)
Kritika : what are you doing? please forgive me
Roo starts throwing soft things on her
Kritika : okay I said sorry na please let me explain everything went so quickly that I didn’t get chance to tell you
Roo : stop giving me that excuse now (gets tired running after her)
Kritika : now you tell me honestly who was in your dreams while ago
Roo : but you won’t tell anybody
Kritika : I promise I won’t now come on
“Sahil” Roo tells her
Kritika : who is that? do we know her
Roo : the one who saved Preeta Bhabhi’s life, and everybody met him except you
Kritika : aha not bad tell me when did this happened and does he like you
Roo : I don’t know di he is such a mystery that nobody could crack easily
Kritika : look I won’t say much but if you really like him don’t rush understand him first and then go with next step
Roo : I guess you are right this is impossible task to do for first time
Kritika : you have to be careful with this okay promise
Roo : yes promise now you go I want to sleep (goes to bed covering with duvet)
Kritika makes her sleep properly on bed and leaves turning light off
Shrishti climbs in Sameer’s room at night scaring him like death.
Sameer : lambu what are you doing
Shrishti ; I came here to meet you thats not fair
Sameer : Oh I see this is the influence of that wrestler ruining my sleep (rubs his hair)
Shrishti : I was very bored and you are my favorite time pass and would be husband
Sameer : what a mess, is this time to come in a decent guy’s room
Shrishti : lets go out for a drive get ready
Sameer : I am not going anywhere good night (goes to bed again)
Shrishti pours water on his bed sheet
Sameer : what the hell
Shrishti : you should not sleep on wet bed come on get up quickly
Sameer : fine go down let me change
Shrishti : I will stay here go in washroom and change I am your fiancé don’t be shy if I go down you will close the window
Sameer grabs the clothes from closet and goes to change in washroom
Shrishti looks at the picture on table with small Sameer, Tanya, karan and Rishab
“Hello lambu come on what are you looking” Sameer sees her looking at picture
Shrishti : this photo is so cute you all look so sweet here shorty I want to see your childhood pictures
Sameer : why don’t you decide your choice lambu, you wanted to go out for drive right
Shrishti : okay lets go
Both climbs down through window and leaves in Sameer’s car. Karan watches him but does not see Shrishti inside
Karan ; where is he going right now? oh maybe to meet his lambu
Sameer takes Shrishti for drive in the small river side around the city.
Shrishti : this place is so beautiful shorty, moonlight, shining water just amazing
Sameer : but for me this face will remain my light always (holds her hands)
Shrishti : you know I cannot wait for that day when you will come to take me (embraces him)
Sameer : that day will also come soon tall pole but there is one problem
Shrishti : what ?
Sameer : you know you are too tall for me to reach you for garland
Shrishti : oh my god you are so sweet my shorty don’t worry I won’t give you that chance
Sameer : okay don’t batter me too much lets go I will drop you home
Next day at Xaviers college
Everybody gets in full swing for the upcoming event in the college. Ruchika starts with her practice of solo dance. Sahil passes from there getting mesmerized with her innocence while rehearsing
Sahil : I don’t know what is so special in this girl I forget everything
Roo (sees him) : Sahil wait come inside
Sahil : you are good dancer I must say
Roo : thank you (drinks water) dancing is my passion from always
Sahil : but there is something missing in your dance
Roo ; and what is that?
Sahil ; feelings every dancer should show have some sort of emotions can I show you
Roo : yea sure
Sahil holds her hands and starts with slow dancing steps. Both does salsa dance in fast version. Roo is lost in his charms and decency

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    Kareena bus is so good…..???. Loving her now❤
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    Preetan moments…?????
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    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Keep smiling???
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  2. Extremely sorry for the late comments???
    Kareena bua is still good . That’s nice
    Great that Rakhi agreed for the marriage??
    Tanya’dialogues were emotional along with her dream about nandini?
    Karan can’t stop tesing tanya?
    Lagta hai raat ko ek doosre ke room mein sneakily enter karna iss ff mein pratha ban gayi hai . Samishti ko bhi yeh pratha follow karvadi??
    Wow tanya’s identity revealed . Now rishabh also knows that she is his pinky???
    Rishnya romance was refreshing ???
    Preeran romance and preeta hugging karan???
    Kritika and roo’s bonding is also amazing ?
    Samishti scene was too cute???
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    Keep smiling??
    Please update so… Oops you have already updated . Thankyou . Straightaway going to read that one .

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