Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 53

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Luthra house

Akshay and Kritika sings divorce papers in front of their families.

Sunita : are you both sure about this?

Akshay : yes mom I have freed her with my own wish and she have right to live her life

Kareena takes Kritika inside the room to have some talk with her.

Kritika :what happened mom? do you have any objection with my going

Kareena ; absolutely not in fact I am very happy my little princess found her real destination but also guilty for not able to do anything for you

Kritika : mom please dont say like that after dad left only you, uncle this family is my strength

Kareena : every time I made so many bad allegations against you and Dhruv

Kritika : you did nothing any mother would have done that and you also realized your mistake I have no complaint against you

Kareena : okay now get ready your flight is in two hours I have packed some food for you and best of luck my daughter have become RJ now

Kritika : thank you mom love you (hugs her)

“Love you too my lovely baccha Kareena embraces her too

Kritika : don’t make me sentimental okay, its a very big day for me

Karan : bua don’t shed tears for this ungrateful human (teases her)

Kritika : hello excuse me what did I do?

“Really she is asking so innocently Karan mimics her words

Kritika : mom he always does this with me

“Bua she did not even inform us about her plans and secretly started eyeing on that doctor wow Karan takes her bags

“So even you did the same in case of Preeta Kritika’s words make him sad and apologies

“Don’t worry it didn’t make me feel bad you take care of yourself okay Karan hugs her

Kritika bids farewell to everybody and lastly to Roo the main cause of her happiness

Kritika : you are happy now?

Roo : I told you to bring him back not go away from us like this

Kritika : silly girl I am not going for lifetime, I am going to meet your buddy now come on cheer up please

Roo : on one condition you will first tell me whenever you both patch up

Kritika : promise now can I leave please

Roo : I will miss you di and this is for dhruv (gives her small box) from my side don’t open it

Kritika ; okay fine, Dhruv’s sycopanth

Roo : how rude didi you are not getting late

Kritika : and see this is your last year okay work hard and then we will find a hottie for you what say sister

Roo : stop it there is no such guy who can win Ruchika Luthra;s heart easily

Kritika : really? lets see if he wins your or you will end up winning his heart

Rishab : your both talks will never end can we leave now please

Everybody drops Kritika at airport. She is extremely excited to meet Dhruv finally after waiting long time. For first time her heart felt the meaning of freedom in everything.

Kritika : I am coming to you Mr Dhruv be ready for becoming my permanent doctor

After checking inside the gate Kritika boards the flight to Toronto Canada.


Next day morning

Shrishti’s bus reaches the station in Goa. She takes her luggage and gets the taxi who can drop to hotel office accommodated her. She is located on the beach resort close to the workplace.

Shrishti ; thank you, how much is it?

Driver : 75 Rs madam

Shrishti ; there you go

Driver gives her change back and leaves

Shrishti goes to check in the resort suite and meets the manager Payal.

“Hi I am Shrishti Arora, the one who is managing the events of the resort Shrishti introduces herself

Payal : yes I remember, wait I will call somebody to put your luggage in the room, Ronny can you have her bags put in room

Shrishti ; thank you so much

Payal : you must be tired from journey, why don’t you take some rest there is nothing really to do right now we will have a meeting in evening because you know most parties are at that time

Shrishti : oh sure, let me know when you need me for work

Payal : take care see you in evening

Shrishti looks around the view of the resort with people enjoying vacation. She remembers Preeta and her times in Nasik.


Shrishti : di if you ever want to visit a place what would that dream place will be

Preeta : Ladakh, Rishikesh, Kashmir, Lonavla

Shrishti : how boring di, you should say goa, New York, Paris imagine it would be so romantic

Preeta : only your mind can work like that but I will tell my future husband he will understand me

Shrishti : and my lover would take me everywhere Paris, America

Flashback ends 

Shrishti looks at her finger where Sameer put the ring before.

Shrishti : I am sorry Sameer you must be thinking how selfish I was but you would understand I did for our well being

Sameer comes behind her looking around to find somebody in the hotel. Both of them have hit and miss meeting.


Sahil and Roshni brings Preeta to Mumbai in afternoon at their house which was closed from many years. Preeta feels very old connection with the city.

Sahil : mom you and Preeta can organize everything I will go meet the director

Roshni : okay dear, Preeta you can take some rest you might be tired

Preeta : no aunty its okay I will help you settle everything

Roshni : there is so much dust we haven’t opened this house since Sir and madam died

Preeta : then where did Sahil and you stayed?

Roshni : there was big loan on Sir’s name and we had to mortgage it but you know how Sahil is when he started working he payed all debts and secured our Sir and Madam’s memory

Preeta : he is such a nice person I wonder how he did not find any girl

Roshni : that day will also come soon

Roshni talks with the coach of Karan’s cricket team after seeing the advertisement.

Preeta : what happened aunty?

Roshni : I have talked with one of my old colleagues he is coach of cricket team and they need a physio for their team, so i recommended you for that job

Preeta : but aunty how can I?

Roshni : why not? are you not the doctor of that field this is your job, coach called you in morning tomorrow at field I will tell Sahil he will drop you

Preeta : sure, you are doing so much for me nobody even does that for their own

Roshni ; why not? you are like my daughter, I did not have my own children only Sahil is there for me and now you

Preeta : come I will help you to prepare dinner

After getting date of concert Sahil sits in cafe to practice for next album. He tries to focus on the lyrics when Ruchika comes there too. She orders the same coffee as Sahil and notices him as familiar face.

“You are that singer Sahil right, I remember you came to our college once Ruchika disturbs him


Sahil : you could have asked that without screaming I would answered calmly

Roo : sorry when are you performing next time, you know I am waiting from so long (takes chair with him)

Sahil : you will get to know when time comes

The coffee arrives for Sahil. Roo misunderstands it to be hers and starts drinking.

Waiter : excuse me ma’am it was his coffee

“What Roo scolds him for not telling before

Sahil : if you let anybody speak then they would tell you politely, anyway give madam her coffee too she needs it and get the bill

Roo : I don’t take favors no matter who is in front of me

Sahil : and I have no interest in doing favors who said I am paying for you

Roo is impressed with his nature

Sahil : one more thing I am not from those guys

do favors to impress a girl, have a good day

Roo : impressive not bad, we will meet soon Mr Sahil for sure


Shrishti comes to the resort to get started with next event preparation

Payal : so yesterday a group of college students booked the nearby resort and they want to have their youth festival event on our resort

Shrishti : thats awesome

Payal : every year that college have group of students coming here for event

Shrishti : I will get that whole hall reserved and tell the staff to clean everything

Payal : and you know this is summer time so beach and resort will be all full, we have to make sure nobody get any type of problem

Shrishti : I have more concern since it will be very busy I am sure you all have security alert too so many incidences happen

Payal : thank god you reminded me, I will have to increase security last year so many accidents happened

Shrishti : why don’t you give me that consent form and I will make sure every person will have checking before staying

Payal : i will make sure you get those paper by tomorrow morning

Luthra house 

Karan does practice for at home for his next match

Rishab : you have not sleep yet?

Karan : no bhai tomorrow coach called me for practice, and somebody was saying they got new physio for the team

Rishab : thats great you know if Preetaji was here I would have told coach to make her your team physio

Karan : what are you saying bhai? in our team you know I am very possessive

Rishab : oh shut up its part of her job and you both have time to be with each other

Karan : yea but still you know me better

Rishab : of course nobody can know you better than me remember that

“Bhai I really miss Preeta and that nutcase, you know every corner of this house echoed with their voice plays with ball

Rishab : I never imagined we could be so lonely without them its not even funny

Karan : now Kritika left, that Sammy went to Goa, Roo is always in her own world we both are only ones here

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  1. Lovely , oh god! Kitni taareef karvaoge aap mujhse . Now, preera is karan’s team’s physio which means their meeting . Still no news about tanya . Ruvika are also patching up now and samishti will also patch up soon . Mere man mein vishwas hai . Now,we have one more couple roo and sahil . But I still feel bad for luthra bros and sahil also. And how much you will make us suffer for our nutcase,tanya yaar .
    Please update soon along with tanya or at least her whereabouts this time.
    Keep smiling ?

  2. Sorry for late comment was kinda busy yesterday
    BTW awesome episode
    Preeta the new physio in karan’s team….awesome
    Missing Tanya …??
    Post soon dear
    Love u ❤❤
    Keep smiling

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