Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 48

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Tanya signals other girls to sneak outside through kitchen.

Preeta : how can we leave you (whispers)

Tanya : no you all go I will not go from here till I find anything

Preeta : I won’t leave you alone here let Kritika and Shrishti go from here, you saved me last time now I will do same

Tanya : don’t be stupid, if something happens to you then Karan will never forgive me

Shrishti : stop it both of you, di you go with Kritika I will stay here

“Listen nobody has to stay with me, alright you all go from here Tanya insists them

Preeta gives her swear of Nandini which opens Tanya’s wound again recalling her mother.

Shrishti : di what are you saying?

Tanya : fine, Shrishti take Kritika and here is the keys for car go and hide, if something happens just run from there

Kritika and Shrishti jumps out of window before killer could strike them. Preeta and Tanya remains inside the living room. They see killer approaching near the couch close to them.

“Tanya run Preeta saves her from killer splashing her from back and turns the chair over the person. Both girls starts running around the house messing everything. Tanya hold files in her hands securing them. Preeta hides under kitchen table trying to proven noise. Her heart starts beating faster but killer goes to the other side. Tanya gets sweating in the suffocated room going into her flashbacks. She have hard time breathing inside but keeps moving to save herself. Killer sees Tanya’s shadow behind the bed through the mirror. She freezes seeing him in same room, instantly her mind thinks about Rishab holding her hands during previous encounter in library. Tanya pushes the killer breaking the mirror and closes the room from outside. Preeta and Tanya escape through the same window in kitchen.

Luthra house

Sameer puts medicine on Shrishti’s fingers crushed under the killer’s feet.

Sameer : seriously is this way to get in somebody’s house

Kritika : bhai did we have another choice?

Rishab : so what? you will just go there without any security in dark (recalls Tanya)

“Really Kritika I still wonder how did you stay in that house its so dangerous, and I was suffocated till death Shrishti complains him

Rishab gets worried for Tanya knowing her fears in dark and closed space

“Where is Preetaji and Tanya, I have to go check them Rishab starts to leave when sees them coming inside

Kritika : are you both okay? Tanya why are you sweating

Tanya : nothing just like that for first time I got scared to witness close to death

Rishab : coms sit both of you, have some water

Sameer : but who was the person

Rishab : whoever that was, he is very sharp and not letting us find the truth

Sameer : did you find anything

Tanya : not really just some papers but they are not any us for our case

Preeta : one more day went like that but we could find anything what will we tell Karan

Kritika blames herself for the reason of everybody’s misery.

Rishab : its not your fault stop blaming yourself

Kritika : of course that is my fault, I could not recognize that cheater and now Karan bhai is trapped for no mistake

“Kritika listen nothing will happen to Karan bhai, he is fighter and honest, god will help us Sameer assures her

Outside Arora house

Somebody hears the conversation of the girls turning out to be Sherlyn.

Tanya : even today we could not find anything

Preeta : tomorrow is the last day and after that is the court case day

Shrishti : di lets go inside I think it will be raining good night Tanya

Tanya : bye take care

Preeta and Shrishti goest inside their house. Sherlyn too leaves from there

Tanya looks at the picture inside her phone she took before leaving.


After locking the killer inside Tanya picks the file she hid in living room. She takes picture of the papers in phone with flashlights on and leaves the file on the table. Her eyes fall on small bracelet which she immediately recognize.

The girls plan something while driving back in car on their way.

Preeta : you left the files inside?

Tanya : don’t worry I got pictures but this is between only both of us

Preeta : what do you mean?

Tanya : remember what mom said, you should use manipulation when your enemy is too strong to handle we will make them believe we have nothing

Preeta : thats such brilliant idea but whats the next step

Tanya : these are all insurance and medical bills I will forward to you, have a look you are a doctor I am sure there will be something

Preeta : okay I will, now I got you are manipulating the person stalking on us

Tanya : exactly

Flashback ends

“I know Sherlyn Khurana your hand is definitely in this but don’t worry this sister will give you back with interest I promise Tanya looks at Sherlyn’s bracelet.

Rishab goes to meet Karan in police station revealing everything to him.

Karan : what are you saying? are they okay

Rishab : yea they are fine for a second even I got scared how did they manage to come out

Karan ; only one more day bhai, how is mom and dadi tell them I will come home soon (gets emotional)

“Karan look at me you trust your brother I will not let anything happen, and you will not go to jail Rishab too gets teary eyes

Kritika paces around the room thinking very hard about something. She texts Tanya immediately very vital information about case.

Tanya : yes Kritika

Kritika : I got clue there is a birthmark on Akshay’s left hand if we are able to trace that we are very close to truth

Tanya : thats great but remember don’t let this thing out I will talk with Preeta she will be able to find that

The girls get on conference at phone talking about the case.

Preeta : thats great news, but Kritika tell me what kind of birthmark

Kritika : its a small mole on left hand right in middle but how will you get there

Shrishti :kritu my sister is a doctor I am sure she will find the way

Preeta : but which hospital did they took the dead body

Tanya : City hospital, the one you work, so it should not be that hard but just be safe

Preeta : okay I will go there and find out tomorrow itself

Tanya : good luck

Next day

Tanya texts Preeta to find about the patient which was on file in Akshay’s house. Preeta reaches the hospital as usual goes to her cabin and meet Dhruv.

Dhruv : where were you? I am searching for you all what is happening

Preeta : Dhruv, you know Karan is trapped in Akshay’s murder case

Dhruv : yea i saw that in news but how is this even possible, Tanya told me post mortem report mentioned face was not visible

Preeta : whats in your hand

Dhruv : nothing just the file of patient but this case is also weird, treatment is going on for while and bills are pending

Preeta : show me (sees the papers which are exact same they found) who is this patient

Dhruv : read na it should be on top, Sunita Mehta she is here for couple years

Preeta : Sunita Mehta? this surname is of Akshay (in her mind) is she his mom

Dhruv : hello where are you lost

Preeta : nothing is she admitted in this hospital where is her room

Dhruv : upstairs near OPD but she is in trauma from like a year and one of the nurse said somebody often came to meet her every 3 months here

The senior doctor calls Dhruv for emergency case in hospital.

Dhruv : I will see you later bye (leaves)

Preeta goes to morgue room to identify Akshay’s body. She is able to trace the place his body was kept and quickly looks at the left hand to find birthmark. Shocking her there is not mole on his hand.

Preeta : that means Tanya was right this is not Akshay’s body, he is alive and the lady upstairs is his mom, then who died?

Prithvi and Sherlyn meet at her guest house cheering for victory.

Prithvi : finally that cricketer will get his own taste of medicine

Sherlyn : nobody will even able to identify the body was not Akshays but somebody else, poor Tanya yesterday I scared them to death, she will not be able to find anything

Prithvi ; you are still underestimating her, the girl who came to take his friend out leaving her mom on death bed, will she stay quiet

Sherlyn : what will she do more? just going around last night I heard her talking with those Arora girls they left the proof in Akshay’s house

Unaware Tanya fixed the microphone on Sherlyn’s bracelet last night. The girls are again on their conference in phone listening to Prithvi and Sherlyn talks.


After dropping Preeta, Tanya comes at Sherlyn’s house. She opens her car through the pin fixing the tracker inside and leaves the bracelet with microphone in it.

Flashback ends

Preeta : oh now I see they have kept Akshay safely somewhere and killed someone else

Tanya : but we have to first prove that person died was not Akshay, only Kritika’s testimony won’t work because law won’t accept her statement it is personal

Preeta : there is a way, if we show Akshay’s picture that can show he had some kind of birthmark on his hand and prove in court

Tanya : but pictures will be in that house its impossible to go there again

Shrishti : there is one way, maybe Kritika might have saved some pictures in phone

Tanya : Preeta why don’t you go and check Akshay’s mom, if she is able to help us we will easily win this case

Shrishti : we have to find out where did they hid Akshay only then Karan sir will be able to come out with justice

Tanya : I know what to do, you guys just go and see Sunita aunty

Preeta : okay come on Shrishti (hangs up the call) lets go

Preeta and Shrishti goes to meet Sunita in the ward room upstairs. They open door quietly without making noise. All they could see was a woman lying on bed surrounded with machines.

Sunita : who are you?

Preeta : hello  (greets) are you Akshay’s mom?

Sunita does not give any reaction

Preeta : please we need your help, this is matter of somebody’s life an innocent person is behind bars his whole future depends on your one answer

Sunita : yes I am his mother what do you need from me (Stares at wall while talking)

Shrishti : we want to know about his past

“After my husband died, Akshay took the responsibility at young age, he was small editor in magazine company, there was big debt on us left by my husband Rakesh, my child worked day and hard to repay that loan Sunita starts opening up past mysteries

Preeta and Shrishti are not able to believe their own ears.

Sunita : one day due to some misunderstanding, Akshay was blamed to cheat on his company with rivals, that time a guy name Prithvi came to our help he cleared our debts and saved us from getting onto streets but who had imagined he was doing all this just for his own benefit

Preeta : what?  but Akshay never told us about you not even to his wife

Sunita : he is suppressed under burden of favor of somebody’s help, Prithvi killed Mr Oberoi and made my Akshay believe he was culprit

Shrishti ; di but one thing is why did he marry Kritika? he could have refused to do that

Sunita : every time he tried to go against them, he was framed, when I found out about Prithvi and Sherlyn’s deed I went to tell truth to Akshay he is innocent but before that I got into accident

Preeta : that means they played the dirty tricks to trap Karan and kidnapped Akshay somewhere else outside the city

Shrishti : di I will go inform Rishabji and Tanya quickly

Sunita : Akshay used to tell me everything how he felt guilty every time he tortured Kritika but I was unable to do anything for my son now when I am fine he is not with me

Rishab gets the additional footage from the practice field. Somebody stole the car keys of Karan while they were practicing out. The guy leaves the key near the car to avoid suspicions.

Sameer : it means they made duplicate keys and then dumped body in Karan bhai’s car trunk when he was out somewhere.

Rishab : Kritika said the person who died was not Akshay if thats the case first question is how did he escape

Sameer : if you ask me my doubt is clearly on that Prtihvi he might played some trick

Tanya plays another move to find out Akshay’s location. She make Sameer make fake call to Prithvi and Sherlyn

Sameer calls them from private number but from different phone. Tanya and Rishab send detective outside Sherlyn’s farm house

Prithvi : who is this

Sameer : Akshay, you both have used me a lot but not anymore, I will go tell the police everything you both have done

Sherlyn : have you gone crazy? did you forget if you trap us then trouble will haunt you more

Sameer : I have lost everything if I go down i will take you both with me either free me from your clutches or I will make you capture by police and tell them how you killed a bar tender that night and framed karan

Prithvi : you will not do anything like that do you get me, hello

Sherlyn : Prithvi, whats going on, if Akshay escaped he will show that footage, you killed that bar tender in his house

Prithvi : you have to go check on him go what are you thinking

Rishab : what footage are they talking about?

Tanya : we can only find that when we reach Akshay maybe he would played their trick by getting evidence against them

Rishab ; I am sure detective will find out their locations

Sherlyn starts to go at factory where they kept Akshay hidden. Detective follows them behind to the secret place. Sherlyn is shocked to see Akshay is still there and somebody played a trick on them. Tanya punches on her face knocking unconscious. Rishab frees Akshay and asks about the footage.

Rishab : Are you okay?

Akshay : yes bhai ( gives them flash drive he hid from Prithvi and Sherlyn that have Karan’s innocence)

Rishab, Preeta, Sameer goes at police station to bail out Karan. Inspector is ordered to find about Prithvi as soon as possible. Preeta and Rishab could not resist from hugging Karan after many days. Akshay is freed of charges after his mom gave the testimony

Karan ; baby doll I am hungry please can we home quickly

Rishab : you won’t mend still joking

Karan : thanks champion I knew your detective brain will work this time

Tanya : no this time your fianc is the real hero she supported me a lot

Karan ; wow thats a good quality I didn’t knew my fianc was so brave

Rishab : will you all talk here or want to go home mom is waiting for you

After the case everybody goes at their home. Kritika have mixed feelings about Akshay’s return with happiness and sadness at the same time.


Tanya gets call from doctor about her mom’s deteriorating condition. She runs to the hospital but her steps slows down opening the door of the room. Sameer follows her to hospital

“Tanya come here Nandini calls her close

She is not able to walk properly but holds her mother’s hand for support.

Nandini : let those tears fall from your face right now I don’t want you to shed any after

“Why are you doing thing this mom you know I cannot do anything without your support she lays head on her mom’s chest sobbing loudly

Nandini : you are not alone my wishes are with  you and now you have Rishab what else you need in life (caress her hair)

“No mom I will not let you go away from me please don’t leave me alone Tanya’s eyes flood with all pain from heart

Tanya feels the stop the of her mother’s breathing taking away her senses too. Her heartbeats stops for a minute looking at Nandini.

“Pinky hold yourself Sammy comes to her quickly knowing she has lost her energy to speak or do anything

Sameer goes to call Rishab and Karan leaving devastated Tanya on floor. Her eyes does not blink even for a second from her mother’s sight

“Rishab bhai that Sameer stammers not having guts to tell truth

Rishab ; whats wrong? say clearly

Karan : are you okay Sammy?

“Nandini aunty is no more with us Sameer’s words blows everybody’s thinking

Rishab’s steps paces as fast as he can to hold Tanya from losing herself. He sees her sitting in same position Sammy left room.

“Tanya please say something Rishab tries to bring her back on senses

Preeta tries to console heartbroken Tanya giving solace with her hug.

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  1. Yar why Tanya mother died & I’m feeling very low for her death even though I am feeling happy for karan’s innocence

    Waiting for ur next chapter

  2. Too good yaar
    The way you soved the mystery was fabulous
    Tanya was only the real hero she is so brave and intelligent
    Preeta also did good this time . She is also learning to be brave .
    Karan kabhi nahi sudhrega
    Now Kritika will be paired with dhruv or akshay?
    Yeah no more sherlin get prithvi also arrested ASAP
    Oh no! Nandini ….poor tanya . Her situation made me cry
    How will luthras react when they will get to know about Tanya’s brave act and what will happen to tanya and how will she recover from the shock she got?
    Update soon
    Keep smiling

    1. Ashinipatel3

      Thank you behna. I would say all girls were heroes to save a guy lol. Kritika will be paired with Dhruv but after some brawl. Sherlyn is still there till marriage drama of all couples and leave.

      1. Yes all of them were heroes . Wait heroines. Heroines can also be brave and saviour . Please make this sherlyn -prithvi exit soon . And I was thinking what will hapen with akshay then . And please take care of tanya rockstar di??
        Keep smiling

  3. And wat abt that akshay and I’m waiting for ur next episode pls have Tanya a brave person and bring her out this shock as soon as possible

  4. Awesome episode
    Sorry for late comment
    Poor Tanya???..Nandini left her
    Karan is bailed:)
    Take care
    Love u ❤❤❤

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