Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 43

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Rishab scolds Karan for his childish behavior

“Bhai you always take her side , you dont’ a value me anymore sits on couch

Rishab ; is there anybody who cannot love my brother, you know I love you the most in this world right

Karan : more than that silly girl

“Shut up she is not that bad okay you both mean lot to me taps on his head

Karan : bhai I still can’t believe we are getting married like something we both never thought in life

Rishab : you are right did you see everybody is so happy, mom’s happiness has no length

Karan : you know funny thing we are doing love marriage but sometime I feel will I be able to live the expectation of that girl

“Just remember one thing don’t ever let your faith lose in this relation or else everything will be finished, I am scared for Tanya she has been through so much I want to give her everything in this world shares his pain

Karan : bhai nobody can love her like you and see one day she will also realize that you both are made for each other

Rishab : we both know Preeta and Tanya both had ups and downs in their life but they remained strong for their families

“I feel very lucky they are becoming part of our lives and bhai you know what I will dance in your marriage and don’t stop me puts head on his lap

Rishab puts on him on sleep like childhood when Sameer joins them in room. He gets overwhelmed to see both his brothers getting mature with time but are still kids.

Tanya sits in front of mirror recalling Rishab’s haldi moment earlier . His touch, closeness makes her feel special in every sense. She looks at his name on her Mehndi shining in the middle like bright light. She holds her diary that is witness of her every pain, happiness and feelings

Today for the first time I feel life is mercy on me by giving most precious gem of this world. How can I even describe my happiness, never thought anybody could love so much to somebody. Today when Rishab painted me in his love I felt I am in different world which has only love and devotion. My heart always tells me he have right to know my real identity but what should I tell him when I myself have not been able to understand till now. That silly guy does not know pinky loved Karan as friend but Tanya loves him a lot from bottom of her heart, she will pull the world upside down for him. Pinky was weak she did not know the cruel world but his Tanya has seen reality. My heart and soul always belonged to him but there is always certain time for everything to happen. 

She dozes off leaving her diary on table whose pages were blowing due to wind.

Arora house

Preeta recalls Karan’s gesture during Haldi moment. He always remained gentle during their intimacy knowing she is not ready to take relation to another level before marriage.

Shrishti : what are you thinking di

“Nothing you have not slept yet asks her turning to her side

Shrishti : I am not feeling sleepy tell me first what are you thinking

Preeta : everything is happening so fast and happily its scaring me

Shrishti : di please for god sake you are a doctor stop believing in this all superstitions, that photo frame incident you told was just an accident nothing else

Preeta : whatever it is but I am not getting good vibes from all this and on the top that Akshay is on our heads

“Di you are stressing out for no reason and Kritika is not alone she has her whole family her brothers will

never let anything happen wrong with her, go to sleep we have sangeet tomorrow covers herself with duvet

Preeta : this marriage feelings is very strange, more time come close restless increases

Shrishti : really? di is it really the best feeling for every girl in life

Preeta : you will understand when you will do all this rituals now go to sleep

Shrishti gets eager to do every ritual with her shorty for life long commitment.

On a old factory a person in dark gives money to the sniper and hands Karan’s picture along with Rishab.

“Don’t worry there will be no mistakes this time this will be last event for both brothers sniper tells him

The guy signals him to leave looking carefully at their pictures.

Families organize Sangeet in Luthra house. Ruchika ask help from Dhruv to make the event successful.

Dhruv : what do you need?

Ruchika :  you know my Kritika di, I want to something special for her too

Dhruv’s face gets bit moody hearing about it and agrees to help her

Ruchika : will you become my dance partner (forwards her hand)

Dhruv is hesitant at first but gives in to her condition to make Kritika happy.

Dhruv : I will take your leave see you in evening bye

“Bye,  Kritika di just wait and watch if I don’t make you speak your heart then Ruchika smirks

Arora house 

Preeta and Shrishti goes out to pick their dress for sangeet ceremony near the mall. They go to meet Tanya at her house who messed up her room with all sort of clothes on bed.

“Oh my god di look at this her room is so clean Shrishti says sarcastically

“Tanya what is all this asks her

“Girls you both are so lucky you got your dresses, I have nothing to wear for evening pouts like child

Preeta ; aww our friend is so cute, the famous lawyer is having trouble finding clothes

“Don’t worry tonight both brides will shine like moon Shrishti makes Tanya sit in between them while talking.

Preeta : exactly and frankly speaking Rishabi ji is so nice he loves your inner beauty more than outside.

Shrishti : di mom is calling I think we should leave soon

Luthra house

Preeta and Tanya talk with both families about Sameer and Shrishti engagement in both of their absence from house.

Rakhi and Mahesh scolds all couples for hiding everything from them

“You all have become so sensible that nobody care for us now, Rishab Preeta I have no hope from this two but you both really Dadi gets upset

“My dadi don’t be so emotional we girls should be shedding tears Preeta batters her

Dadi ; forget it you will have to pay for this

Rakhi : mummji then today we will get them engaged what do you say Sarla ji

Sarla : but what about arrangements

Preeta : you don’t worry at all we will handle everything you just say yes

Sarla : okay then we will get things ready

Everybody decides to surprise the couple in evening.

“Shrishti dear what are you wearing tonight Tanya talks way too sweetly

Shrishti : you know I feel your sweetness is very dangerous what is cooking

Preeta : oh no this girl will spoil everything (in her mind) nothing Shrishti don’t take her seriously you know she has habit of joking around

Shrishti ; I will wear the dress I got for sangeet why should I wear that heavy one

Preeta : because I want my sister to look gorgeous tonight consider there is big surprise for you

Shrishti : for me?

Preeta : I said consider just imagine okay

“There is something fishy here this all are trying to fool me but I am Shrishti Arora they don’t know me yet talks in her mind

Tanya : hello where are you lost and today you both will go with me

Shrishti : why? what about mom and dadi

Preeta ; they have to make some arrangement

The girls get Shrishti ready with heavy lehenga and jewelry with new hair style.


Everybody gathers in Luthra house for sangeet. Sameer notices Shrishti’s dress up with heavy ornaments like engagement

Sameer :tall pole I thought today is only sangeet then why are you so much dressed

“You know shorty I feel everybody here is hiding something from us, I mean I thought we both will host today but instead Ruchika and Dhruv are announcing ” informs him

Sameer : yea bhai told me that forget it lets enjoy this event

Shrishti : by the way you don’t look bad either shorty your choice is good

Dhruv sees Kritika doing some work on other side of room.

“Are you ready Ms RJ for challenge remember you owe me the treat whisper to her

Kritika : you are being over confident doctor, it does not suit personality

“Thats called self confidence RJ watch out looks at her with intensity

Karan deliberately does not come out of his room to annoy Preeta who misses her dad for special occasion. She stands outside his room recalling her father. Karan senses his baby doll’s presence from far.

“Will you stand outside or come in baby doll ” asks her to come

Preeta comes sadly looking at him.

“What happened, why is your face so upset makes her sit down

Preeta : I am missing papa today you know he was my everything, his desire was to see me getting married with so many hopes

“Hey don’t be sad okay or he will feel bad that his daughter is not happy in her own wedding and I promised that you I will give you complete family mom, dad, me holds her face on both sides gently

“Karan when you are with me I feel very safe, I don’t want anything now from life, just want to be with you touches his hands

Karan ; now don’t make me too sentimental okay I am the Karan luthra

Preeta : of course I know who you are, we should go downstairs

“Whats so hurry we are couple now gives her back hug stops from leaving

Preeta ; you know we are not allowed to meet after today right for 5 days

“Exactly then let me see this face properly, I don’t know how will this 5 days go , I cannot sleep without seeing this face plays with her hair facing on her side

Preeta : what was the need to mess with that girl now you both dig this hole by yourself

Karan : it was not my fault how would I know that mice comes at night in bhai’s room

Preeta : now you created mess then no choice

Tanya looks around for Preeta when somebody tells her she went to Karan’s room.

Rakhi : dear wait I want to show you something

Tanya : yes aunty

“You seem to be very close to Shrishti so you can see this, we go this ring for engagement how is it shows her the design

Tanya : wow aunty this is so gorgeous, it will be perfect on her hands, your choice is amazing

Mahesh : give some credit to me for helping your mother in law

Tanya : uncle you will get credit but when I officially get married in this house then see what I do with this mom’s spoiled brats

Rishab stands behind her listening the complaints. Mahesh signals her to watch behind but she does not takes seriously. Rishab keeps patting her back when she annoyingly turns behind and gets scared.

Rishab : you were saying something about me

Tanya : no no I was praising that you all are such good sons right uncle

Rakhi : really? I might have heard something wrong then

Rishab runs behind her upstairs and ends up playing hide and seek.

“Ms wrestler you cannot run today away I will find you from anywhere walks around pillar

Tanya accidentally enters Karan’s room interrupting their moment.

Tanya ; I am so sorry did I come on wrong time I swear I didn’t see anything (closes her eyes)

Preeta : no thats okay we were just talking

Karan : pinky tell me something were you born like this I am sure you might have came out on wrong time thats why you always to at wrong place on wrong time

Tanya : I said I am sorry and don’t argue with me because of you I cannot meet my Rishab for next few days

Karan : really? look who is talking because of your stupidity I won’t be able to see my Preeta

Rishab comes there in between their argument rolling eyes to Preeta.

Tanya ; you know what I am leaving right now, I don’t have useless time Preeta lets go your mom was looking for you

“Oh hello what does it say here, that I am fool? Preeta is not going anywhere holds her hand tightly not letting go

“You are the most annoying creature on this earth leave her hand, I need her help holds Preeta from other side

Rishab : listen both of you runaway kids from school now you are making her target after me

“But Rishab tell him I need Preeta’s help for something fakes being emotional

Karan : bhai don’t be fooled by her drama and you first decide the reason Sarla aunty or you

Tanya ; none of your business okay

Preeta tries to stop them both but ends up becoming tug of war.

Shrishti : what are you doing to my di? (frees her sister from them)

Rishab : thank god you are here

Shrishti : Rishabji this two will never improve but why my di became scapegoat

Sameer : bhai, Preeta are you all thinking to enjoy your sangeet here then tell Rakhi aunty she will send all guest away come hurry up they are waiting

The couple goes downstairs for ceremony to make it blast.

Dhruv : so ladies and gentleman as we know today is the sangeet event

Ruchika : one of the most entertaining ceremony in marriage ritual no more waste of time lets start

Dhruv : our first performance will be the three beautiful girls

The girls Preeta, Shrishti and Tanya starts with their sweet and emotional song for their fiancee’s.

O O O O O …

Meethi Meethi Baatan Karke

Chand Mulaakataan Karke

Meethi Meethi Baatan Karke

Chand Mulaakataan Karke

Dilasa De Gaya

Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

O Rabba Mera Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

O Rabba Mera Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

Meethi Meethi Baatan Karke

Chand Mulaakataan Karke

Meethi Meethi Baatan Karke

Chand Mulaakataan Karke

Dilasa De Gaya

Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

O Rabba Mera Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

O Rabba Mera Dil Maahiya Lay Gaya

Nandini and Sarla gets overwhelmed with their daughter’s performance.

Dhruv ; okay so next one will be our special dance couple Shrishti and Sameer come on give them big round of applause.

Their dance starts with fire on stage with passionate and full of energy.

Yeah.. O What A Look, What A Grace

Tenu Hi Karan Main Chase

What A Naksh What A Nain

Dil Tera Ho Gaya Fan

What A Smile, What A Style…

Kabhi Soft, Kabhi Rude Kinna Tera Attitude

Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Taad Ke

Aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke (X2)

O Teri Ankh Da Ishaara Mujhe Fraud Lage

Tu Toh Majnu Aawaara By God Lage

O Kasme Waade Khake Apni Pocket Money Bacha Ke

Aaya Tere Liye Paise Waise Jod Jaad Ke..

Ghar Waalon Ko Bhi Bye-Shye Bol Baal Ke

Aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke

Tere Liye Hi Toh Signal Tod Taad Ke

Aaya Dilli Wali Girlfriend Chhod Chhad Ke

Ruchika : this was just amazing, wow Sameer bhai, Shrishti I must say nobody can match their performance


Dhruv : lets decide that later, should we move on to the next performance,  (looks at list) wow Roo I think next will definitely be on fire

Roo : so guys lets give round of applause for our bridegroom Karan bhai

Paan Main Pudeena Dekha

Naak Ka Nageena Dekha

Chikni Chameli Dekhi 

Chikna Kameena Dekha

Chaand Ne Cheater Hoke Cheat Kiya Toh

Saare Taare Bole Gilli Gilli Akhaa

Pa Para Para…

Meri Baat, Teri Baat

Zyada Baatein Boori Baat

Thaali Mein Katora Leke

Aaloo Bhat, Muli Bhat

Mere Peeche Kisi Ne Repeat Kiya Toh

Saala Maine Tere Muh Pe Maara Mukka

Ispe Bhoot Koi Chadha Hai

Theharna Jaane Naa

Karan brings Preeta on dance floor along with Shrishti and Sameer.

Ab Toh Kya Buraa Kyaa Bhalaa Hai

Fark Pehchaane Naa

Zidd Pakad Ke Khadaa Hai Kambakht

Chhodna Jaane Naa

Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil

Maane Na, Maane Na

Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil

Maane Na, Maane Na

Yeh Jo Haal Hai, Sawaal Hai, Kamaal Hai

Jaane Na Jaane Na

Badtameez Dil, Battameez Dil Badtameez Dil

Maane Naa..

The girls surround Karan around while dancing on stage with Preeta. Shrishti holds the mike to sing something special for her sister.

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai

Both girls share their warmth of their sisterly bonding from childhood.

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai

Ruchika : My karan bhai is multitalented I guess after all he is my brother anyway this sangeet cannot be complete without the solo dance of my gorgeous, beautiful Tanya bhabhi

Everybody hears small voice of anklet echoing in the room. Tanya sits under small light playing guitar intensely. She starts dancing on slow version of Mastani.

Navatunni Aali Apsara

Navatunni Aali Apsara

Aashi Sundara Saaj Sazpunna

Aali Aali Aali Aali Ho Aali

Jaisa Maathi Maanla Gajra

Dokyecha Nazra Theel Tichyauvar

Aali Aali

Duniya Chi Pyari Tu

Aaga Naari Harnigey

Aaga Raani Sundaraa Ha Ha

Aali Ho Aali Aali Ho Aali

Aali O Aali

Nazar Jo Teri Laagi

Main Deewani Ho Gayi

Deewani Haan Deewani

Deewani Ho Gayi

Mash’hoor Mere Ishq

Ki Kahaani Ho Gayi

Jo Jag Ne Na Maani

Toh Maine Bhi Thaani

Kahaan Thi Main

Dekho Kahaan Chali Aayi

Kehte Hain Ye Deewani

Mastani Ho Gayi

Mash’hoor Mere Ishq

Ki Ye Kahani Ho Gayi

Jo Jag Ne Na Maani

Toh Maine Bhi Thaani

Kahaan Thi Main

Dekho Kahaan Chali Aayi

Kehte Hain Ye Deewani

Mastani Ho Gayi

Deewani Haan Deewani

Deewani Ho Gayi

Rishab is not surprised with her dance performance but seeing the passion and energy that runs in her body while dancing.

Dhruv : So Roo who is next, I think girls had enough now time for our guys to show some action right

Ruchika ; yes why not there should be equal competition but before that ask your boys are they ready

Dhruv : we boys don’t even need practice for dance, yes it is some girl’s illusion that we are only good for our work

Ruchika : then break that illusion

Dhruv ; come on boys time for some action (calls Karan, Sameer)

Teri ankhiyon ka war jaise sher ka shikaar
Tera husn dhuyeindhar jaise jalta cigar x (2)
Tere pyar ka nasha kabhi aar, kabhi paar
Tera pyar pyar pyar 
Hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar bar bar bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar

Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar bar bar bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar

Rishab joins them in the middle of the dhamakedar performance.

Tu jo na ho mere ru-ba-ru
Bin tere jeene se main daroon
Hai yehi tamanna meri
Bus tere liye jiyoon maroon
Tera hua jo deedar baaje dil mein sitar
Tera husn dhuyeindhar jaise jalta cigar
Tere pyar ka nasha kabhi aar, kabhi paar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar bar bar bar
Tera pyar pyar pyar hookah bar

Ruchika : okay people now time for couple dance so come on up the pride of tonight, my three handsome brothers with their fiancee’s and Kritika di Akshay jiju

Dhruv ; everybody else too join please, Mahesh uncle you are still young its your son’s wedding

Mahesh ; thank you dear, you took my words

Rakhi : you started again I won’t dance with you now go alone

Dhruv ; sorry aunty but today no excuses, Roo go tell DJ to play the most romantic song of the evening for our lovely couples

Rishab Tanya, Karan Preeta, Sameer Shrishti and Akshay Kritika goes on dance floor as couple performance.

(Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hu, tum pe hi aake rukata hu

 Kya yeh sabko hota hai

 Humko kya lena hai sab se, tum se hi sab baate abb se

 Ban gaye ho tum meri duwa) – (2)

 Khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

 Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda


Karan becomes naughty holding Preeta’s waist while dancing.  

 Dil kahe ke aaj to chupa lo tum panaho mein

 Ke darr hai tum ko kha dunga

 Dil kahe sambhal jara khushi ko na najar laga

 Ke darr hai mein to ro dunga

 O karti hu sau vaade tum se, baandhe dil ke dhaage tum se

 Yeh tumhe na jaane kya huwa

 Khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

 Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

Kritika’s jealousy rises up high seeing Dhruv and Ruchika together.

 Sajde mein yu hi jhukta hu, tum pe hi aake rukata hu

 Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

 Hum ko kya lena hai sab se, tum se hi sab baatein abb se

 Ban gaye ho tum meri duwa

 Khuda jaane ke main fida hu, khuda jaane main mitt gaya

 Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, (ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda -2)

Dhruv ; thank you everybody, now the last being at least you cannot miss our performance right Roo

Ruchika ; so guys tighten your seats for our last performance of evening

Lights turn off for a while

Ruchika’s voice joined by Dhruv performing on Radha.

 Gopiyon sang ghoome kanhaiya

 Raas rachaiya radha na jaaye re

 Abb saanwra naa bhaaye re


 (Radha on the dance floor

 Radha likes to party

 Radha likes to move that s*xy radha party) – 2

 Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan

 And everybody crazy on radha

 Chedde humka daiyaan bairi kanhaiya

 And everybody crazy on radha

 Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor

 Humka toh laage woh hua hai aise bawla jo kehta jaaye

 (O radha teri chunri

 O radha tera challa

 O radha teri natkhat najariya

 O radha tera jhumka

 O radha tera thumka

 O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya) – 2

 Radha on the dance floor

 Radha likes to party 

 Radha likes to move that s*xy radha party


The dances end with Ruchika and Dhruv’s perfect coordinated dance.

Ruchika : thank you so much everybody for joining us tonight and please help yourself out

Sameer ; amazing you guys I mean you both gave us good competition right tall pole

Shrishti : Exactly I was so worried how will you both host this

Dhruv : you are insulting my talent? there is nothing I cannot do

Shrishti : hatts off to you buddy

Kritika asks Roo about her dance with Dhruv without any reason

Roo : why di? he is Preeta’s friend not yours why so much attitude

Kritika : don’t argue with me

“I tell you why because you cannot see Dhruv giving attention to anybody confronts her

Kritika :listen you are now crossing limit okay I don’t care who he hangs out with

“Of course you care , only lovers can feel jealous when their beloved is with somebody else and Akshay ji he does not even care about your reputation Roo gets serious

Kritika : if you say one word then you will see the worst side of mine

Roo : fine I won’t say anything but just for once ask your heart do you really love Akshay ji, the one who humiliated you in front of whole family that day remember

Kritika ; if you are done with your nonsense Akshay is waiting for me (leaves)

Roo : when will you understand di that your destination is with somebody else and till you realize it will be very late

Rakhi asks Mahesh to do ring ceremony of Sameer and Shrishti.

“Di what’s going is there anything elseShrishti asks her

Preeta : I don’t know

“Attention everybody time for the last and final event for this evening Karan holds the mike

Preeta (in her mind) : surely this guy will add his own words

“So as everybody here knows in every event of our Luthra family my brother Sameer and from few months my favorite fan Shrishti has been making every function successful, both are youngest one in our family but are the dark horse hiding, today my foolish but innocent brother sameer will get ready to become scapegoat right bro Karan gives them hint

Tanya : sorry people I know this guy is making you bore with his useless talk like always (takes mike from his hands)

Karan : here also you are ordering me leave that mike for me

Tanya : if you don’t stop your nonsense then I will surely hit this on your head at least your brain will start working

“Oh god they started again please save us from this torture Preeta prays

Shrishti : shorty did you understand what they are doing

Sameer : no I thought you were smart enough

“So tonight we have a more couple who will become officially one, Sameer and Shrishti, yes guys they are getting engaged Tanya finally announces throwing Karan from stage

Sameer and Shrishti remains complete numb hearing about their engagement. Both could not expected that to be so early.

“Mom you didn’t tell me anything either asks Sarla who smiles at her reaction

RS Dadi : if we had told you it would not be surprised then

Shrishti : okay thats why di and that Tanya were making me ready so much

Preeta : aww my cute little sister you are so innocent, I knew you would have figure it out but dont’ forget i am your sister

Sameer : aunty everything so suddenly

“Dear, love cannot be hidden what is the use of hiding like his now, are you happy Rakhi ask him again

Sameer : of course I am happy, thank you so much it means a lot to me

Mahesh : children don’t thank their parents now come on lets start the ceremony your aunty is so desperate

Both families stands together for ring ceremony. Kareena fumes in anger but is not able to do anything about situation. Sameer and Shrishti exchanges ring happily with the blessings of their families.

Rishab : finally you became scapegoat now enjoy your freedom

“Thats not good Rishabji you cannot say that about me Shrishti offends

Tanya : excuse me Mr Luthra, what do you mean by scapegoat don’t instigate him okay

Karan ; look who is saying this? always poking nose in other’s business

The sniper target Karan with his gun and looks carefully. Preeta sees a red spotlight running

around Karan’s clothes. She rushes to save him from the firing bullet which accidentally hits the chandler. Both falls on floor saving themselves from the disaster. Everybody panics in the house with incidence

“Preeta are you okay Karan tries to wake her up as she gets unconscious due to shock.

Shrishti : di what happened

Dhru : Karan take her to room, I will be right there in few minutes

Karan carries Preeta upstairs in his room quickly. His heart pumps rapidly seeing her unconscious.

Sarla : dhruv what happened

Dhruv : don’t worry aunty she is fine, I guess she became unconscious due to shock

Karan : when will she come to her senses

Dhruv ; maybe in few hours relax

Tanya goes near the fallen chandelier sensing something fishy. She sees the bullet in on the glass pisces that broke inside.

Rishab : dad how this fall, I made sure everything was correct

Mahesh : even I am thinking same Preeta ran to save Karan from something and then at the same time it fell

“Because somebody fired here is the proof shows them bullet

Rishab : oh my god bullet, somebody fired from gun that too from outside

Sameer : bhai that means Preeta saw the sniper and she ran to save Karan bhai

Rishab : why would somebody want to kill Karan who could be his enemy

“Bhai is celebrity it could be a rival or some professional’ Sameer tells them

Tanya ; I don’t think so usually rivals attack publicly or in profession why would somebody plan an attack like this

Rishab : you are right thank god everybody is safe now god forbid if anything wrong had happened

Sameer : I think we should get security tight now for safety

Rishab : go ahead you have my permission for house, office and more guards specially around Karan every time

Sherlyn asks Prithvi for purposely trying to kill Karan which he deny.

Prithvi : have you considered me stupid like you who will plan anything without back up,

Sherlyn : if you didn’t do this then who is that new enemy of Luthras

Prithvi : did you ask Akshay? no I don’t think he has that in him, when he is already drowned in all crimes how would he

Sherlyn : whoever it is we should find out, maybe that person will be benefit to us

Prithvi ; call Akshay right now, I am sure by now the party would be over

Akshay comes to meet them at night but is unaware Karan and Rishabs’s detective following him.

Akshay : why did you call me here?

Prithvi : to find out who is that new enemy of Luthras, that attacked Karan did you hear anything from that Rishab

Akshay ; I could not get much they thought it to be some professional

Prithvi : you keep an eye on them, I am sure they won’t have doubt on you right now

Sherlyn : you are forgetting those girl have planted doubt in their minds

Prithvi : that won’t work anyway, nobody believed them baby, did you forget how Akshay turned the tables at the last moment

Luthra house

Everybody waits for Preeta to come in her sense so they can leave. Karan sits next to her caressing her hair but feels her hands moving.

Preeta : you got scared

“Ms mental this time you got it too high, if something had happened to you holds her hands

Preeta : I am the Karan luthra’s fianc how can anybody take me away from him easily

Karan : are you okay?

Preeta : yea feeling better but that sniper

“Listen you need rest okay forget about that leave that to me come on aunty is waiting for you downstairs, Tanya will drop you all at home makes her get up from bed

“Karan today I don’t want to go away from you pulls him into passionate hug with small tears falling from her losing for almost losing him.

“Save your tears for marriage and then after there will be no place for them in our life got it Karan buries his face inside her hair

Tanya drops Aroras at home and goes to her house. Rishab and Karan discuss about the incident happened.

Karan : you were right that Prithvi is out of jail, that detective you hired gave me information

Rishab : what about the accident today?

“They didn’t do it the guy heard carefully, this attack was not in their planKaran informs him

Rishab ; if it was not Prithvi then who is the stranger

Karan : we will find that out later but right now think about Kritika, that Akshay I won’t spare him now how dare he

Rishab : don’t react impulsively, it would directly affect our sister we have to collect strong evidence against Akshay

Karan : the girls were right I wish we trusted them little bit that day

Rishab ; I know instead we told them to leave everything behind, first I want to find out what is the connection of Akshay and Tanya’s dad

Karan : as you told me I gave the detective  three days to bring out every single detail about that cheater soon

Later at night Kritka could not stop thinking about Dhruv and his closeness with Ruchika. Though she does not want to think about him deep down knows there is soft corner developed inside for him.

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