Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 39

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Sameer and Shrishti goes to mall for shopping

“Shorty wait I have this list cosmetics and everything then we will go for clothes shows him list of things

Sameer choices a pink reshami sardosi design for Shrishti to wear in engagement.

“Tall pole look at the design you will look gorgeous in this dress shows her design

Shrishti : wow I wil go try this right now (goes in the dressing room)

Sameer looks sherwani for himself

“Hey shorty how am I looking comes out wearing the lehenga

Sameer’ eyes get stuck on the mesmerizing beauty in front of him.

Shrishti : shorty where are you lost

“Nothing you are looking perfect is the size okay ask her

Shrishti : yea but its little bit loose I will get that fixed after so final we will get this

“Uncle pack this lehenga how much Shrishti gets her purse

Sameer : tall pole you remember na that we are getting married in future and my pocket money is yours so put that purse away (his tone changes)

Shrishti ; you could have said that without yelling out loud my ears work properly

Luthra family gathers for dinner in evening with Kritika and Akshay joining them. Tanya texts Preeta about sneaking in their house but needs key to get inside.

Tanya : you have to get the keys from her purse I am waiting at on backside of garden

Preeta goes into Kritika’s room taking the keys of house from her purse and give to Tanya.

“Thanks now you go inside tells Preeta

Preeta : but please be careful and come soon before anybody ask about you

Tanya : don’t worry I will come back soon

Preeta goes back inside the house while Tanya drives to Akshay’s house. Everybody gets ready for dinner on table. Rishab looks around for Tanya but is not reachable on her phone.

“Karan did you have any talk with Tanya she is not picking my calls asks him

Karan : no bhai, she will be on her way chill come lets have dinner

Rishab : you all go I will join you when she comes

Tanya opens the lock quickly and starts finding some documents from the study room. She finds an important file on his desk related to his past issues.

Luthra house

“Wow aunty this food is just fabulous I must say nobody can compare you Shrishti compliments

Karan : tall pole there is one more but she is not here right now let her come

Somebody taps on his head from behind turning out to be his fighting partner.

“Speak of devil and devil comes here Karan makes fun of her

“Decide first what name you call me, cat or devil then talk with me sits next to Rishab

“Pinky Sameer blurts out happily but Shrishti kicks him hard on leg

Rishab : what

“Nothing bhai not pinky, hichki (hiccups) ” Sameer pretends to do

Tanya : have a glass of water shorty (stares at him with red eyes)


Karan and Sameer tells Tanya to reveal her identity in front of everybody.

Tanya : but what does that matter? I am getting married anyway

“Listen Rishab always had soft corner for you now if he gets to know then imagine how much happiness he will feel Karan tries to convince “Not this time Karan I will tell him when right time and that is on our marriage day but till then I warn both you don’t spill beans threatens them with knife funnily

Karan : put that down please its not a toy

“I will keep this safely if you both even try then watch out hugs them both

Flashback ends

Tanya holds fork in front of Karan and Sameer but controls her anger.

“Tanya why are you playing with fork we use that to eat Rishab tells her

Preeta and Shrishti hide their laughs seeing their partners’ scared face. Preeta runs her feet on Karan while drinking water who tries to reciprocate but ends up touching Tanya’s leg. She feels his silly antics and looks down under table kicking him like football. Karan spills water from his mouth

“Are you okay Preeta and Rakhi gives him water to stop his coughing

“Nothing mom, just a small ant was screeching in my leg looks at Tanya

“Aunty so when is the engagement Kritika asks Rakhi and Sarla

Sarla : dear after two days and you are the sister of your brothers, you have to all arrangements

Kareena ; she is my daughter always perfect in everything

Tanya : one does not have to be somebody’s daughter to be perfect nobody is perfect in this world aunty

Kareena controls her anger hardly recalling about their plan.

“Tanya dear where is your mom she didn’t come today Sarla asks her

Tanya : actually aunty she is very busy with all the arrangement of engagement.

The girls help Rakhi to clean everything after dinner on table.

“Aunty next time we girls will make food for you after all you should also know that your daughter in laws are capable of giving some competition Tanya batters her

Rakhi : how sweet but you don’t have to batter me like that and you both have to cook sweet desert on first ritual

Preeta : but I don’t know how to make desert

“Sis why are you worrying I am sure this wrestler will help you right gives hi5 to Tanya

Tanya :absolutely but on one condition I will not feed that to Karan

Shrishti : why not?

Tanya : that guy is on my head, he would find several errors in my cooking

“Actually your tongue is too spicy so I am sure your sweet will not be that sugary Karan comes there jokingly

Tanya : yea right (grabs pressure cooker) if you say one more word about my skills I will break your head with this cooker

Karan : did you see mom how she is always behind me, I care so much for her

Rakhi goes out of kitchen

“Oh really if that was the joke it was worst one ever I swear if you were to spoil my surprise I would have showed both of you gets angry on him about spilling her identity

Karan ; you are venting out anger on me, it was Sammy who was going to tell everything

Tanya ; don’t even blame my naive brother he is not loser like you

Rakhi gets Kulfi for desert but again Tanya and Karan chooses same mango flavor which was only one left.

“Not again this time I will eat this, I have not eaten this from many years Tanya opens the kulfi and starts to eat

“You are such a stealer first gift, popcorn and now this one I will not spare you takes away from her

Tanya : you are so shameless eating my leftover disgusting

Karan : oh please I am eating from other side so how it can be yours (starts eating)

He gives the leftover to her she ate but Tanya breaks the small piece on his head. Situation turns hilarious everybody making fun of him.

“Karan go and wash your face ” Preeta gets worried for him

Rishab ; yes Karan go ahead

Before leaving he sees Tanya laughing at him but his mind gets lights up to pay her back.

Rishab : you have not eaten in London

Tanya : no the place I lived had no indian food till 15 miles away

Dadi : our Mumbai is famous for everything pav bhaji, corn on cob

Kritika’s mind starts recalling Dhruv about their corn on cob they shared in rain.

Sarla : I think we should take leave its quite late and we have work at house too

Karan brings a bucket of ice water to throw on Tanya as prank. He comes down splashing water on quickly on her. Tanya takes the bucket from his hand throwing remaining water on his face.

“How dare you Luthra now wait and watch grabs his bat starts hitting him

“Somebody stop this violence bhai save your kid from this monster Karan asks his brother

Rishab and Preeta are able to stop their fight pulling them away from each other.

“Bhai tell her to put my bat down or else stops

Tanya : else what? flirt no 1 you are a fool who does not how to play a game other than cricket

Karan : you are insulting me? Preeta leave me today I will show this girl my real color

“Rishab leave me today this cricketer cannot go anywhere away from me tries to get out of his tight grip

“Stop it both of you, Maheshji you are enjoying here tell them to stop act like kids Rakhi scolds him for watching entertainment

Rishab ; you both are worst than kids enough, go and change

Karan ; bhai you didn’t tell me you were going to change your fianc

“You Tanya goes to scratch his hair again

Rishab takes Tanya in his room to end their never ending fights.

“Tanya I will send Ruchika’s fresh clothes for you” Rakhi suggest her to towel dry

Mahesh : and you spoilt brat do we have to tell you after auspicious time to change your clothes or you want your engagement of be delayed we dont have problem

Karan : mom please explain him

Preeta takes him to their room upstairs. Kareena irritated with everything goes out to drop Kritika and Akshay outside the house.

“Okay mom take care hugs her

Kareena : you too baby bye Akshay

Akshay : thank you mom for the great dinner

“Karan you are too much what was the need to do that both of you will get cold when will your childlessness go away Preeta scolds him drying his hair with towel

Karan : everybody shout at me nobody tells her anything, so much emotional blackmail to this innocent kid

“Forget everybody I am here with you to take your side sits on his lap wrapping her arms

Karan : not bad you are already influenced by my charms you could not resist from me (pull her closer)

Preeta : and you always take advantage of my romance this is not done

“Really, you are my sweetest kareli if not me who will do that romance with you teases her

Preeta : okay now leave me I am getting late because of your stupid fight we had to stay back seriously

“When will you come here now I cannot wait Karan complains to her

Preeta : I reside in your heart and as far as room goes very soon we both will be under same roof too

Their conversation is interrupted with fast wind coming inside and breaks their picture frame in room. Preeta finds it bad omen

“Karan the glass broke this is not good sign touches the glass

Karan : what are you doing? you will get hurt leave it and dont’ be silly you are doctor don’t believe in all this superstitious

Preeta : No Karan this is not joke really its a warning for us

“Baby doll listen to me you only said we are bounded by hearts even god will not separate us, we are together na just relax okay calms her down hugging

Preeta still remains disturbed with the incidence.

Tanya changes in clothes in Rishab’s washroom. He sees her bit uncomfortable with Roo’s half pants trying to hide his laugh.

“What happened, am I looking joker adjusts her clothes

Rishab : no actually your face is worth watching I mean you and uneasy with shorts little bit hard to imagine

Tanya : very funny but how can I wear this outside everybody is there what will they think, it all happened because of that duffer (gets on her action mode again)

“Calm down please you both had given us enough dose for today and you are just going home don’t worry makes her feel comfortable

Tanya ; okay now even I will leave quite late

Karan taunts Tanya about the dressing and not looking great.

Tanya : I don’t wear clothes for people or impress them like you

Karan : you know I don’t need to impress they come by themselves because I am the Karan Luthra star

Tanya : what star? I have never seen an ugly star like you

Sameer : you both started again

“Preeta, Sarla ji its quite late and you won’t get transport I cannot let you go alone Rakhi decides to send somebody with them

Karan and Sameer fight to drop Aroras at home but gets annoyed when Tanya offers.

Tanya : its okay aunty I will drop them home right boys better luck next time

“All because of you shorty, fool Karan vents out on Sameer for fighting

Shrishti : did you see aunty how they are fighting only to give life, shorty why don’t you start driving taxi you are fond of giving lifts

Sameer : no thank you I am really happy with my job alright

“Okay now thats enough for today, and Tanya be careful drop them safely and take care asks her to drive properly

Tanya : sure no worries

Preeta and Shrishti waves to boys who pouts of not able to go with them. Tanya drops them home in a while.

“Good night Tanya thanks for life Shrishti and Sarla leaves the car

Preeta : Tanya did you find anything

“Not too much but I found his passport and birth certificate guess what both have different date of birth, I think he definitely got old connection with illegal business doubts him

Preeta : but how will we prove that?

Tanya : dad had good contacts here in headquarters and i will take advantage of that you don’t worry take some rest see you tomorrow good night

“Good night Preeta leaves from car

Next day families get in full swinging in preparation of engagement.

“Janki did check the list properly nothing should be missed Sarla’s voice echoes in the house

Shrishti : di hurry up we have to go pick up your dress, its your engagement tomorrow

Preeta : mom what about the ring? where will we find that is only one day left

Sarla : don’t freak out I will give you address of the shop and you can pick ring of your choice

Preeta : give me quickly I have to pick up my dress from store

Tanya finds some contacts from her dad’s diary who can help her get information from headquarters. She finds number of one constable who have the keys of old headquarters.

“Tanya look what I got for you, at least for few days get rid of this busy schedule tells her to focus on her engagement

Tanya : one second mom this is about an innocent girl’s life other things can wait

Nandini : what are you talking about? more important than engagement

Tanya : mom do you remember that guy dad had a fight in terms of rival company

Nandini : I can’t remember his name oh yes Akshay how can I forget him, world’s biggest cheater

Tanya : you know who is he right now?

Nandini : what?

Tanya : he is Kritika’s husband, Karan and Rishab’s brother in law and he is with Prithvi and Sherlyn trying to ruin her life

Nandini : oh my god, did you tell Rishab

Tanya : I would have but nobody would believe us without any proof I need solid evidence about his background, past every little detail

Nandini : I know you are doing this because of humanity but don’t forget you are in important phase of your life too

Tanya : come on mom, you know I always give priority to my principals and right now my only concern is that girl who is burning in revenge for no mistake of her

Nandini : I can understand, anyway whatever you do just remember you are going to be daughter in law of Luthra, their honor dignity is in your hands don’t let it down at any cost

Tanya : sure mom thats why I am doing all this saving dignity of that family

Luthra brothers goes to the jewelry shop to buy rings for their fiancee.

“Rishab you see there if you find good one, I must say this time mom let us choose the ring by ourself she is great Karan appreciates their mom like always

Sameer looks a diamond ring with heavy design for Shrishti but gets aware she would love the simple design

Karan picks up the simplest design with prong settings on it.

“My baby doll is so simple that even this ring design will blush in front of her beauty Karan looks at ring and tells manager to pack

Rishab have hard time looking at the perfect ring for Tanya knowing she is one unique piece in his life.

“Bhai did you find anything let me help you I know your would be fianc is half cracked so you have to buy something unique for her Karan and Sameer helps him

“hey look at this Rishab selects heart shaped diamond ring with shining stars

Karan : wow bhai what a fabulous choice I am sure she will burn seeing this

“Shut up Karan behave yourself Rishab gets the ring packed for engagement

Sherlyn informs Akshay to be careful as Tanya has started digging information about him. Preeta and Shrishti goes to the store to pick up the engagement dress and buys the ring thereafter. Tanya meets them at the jewelry store to buy ring for Rishab.

Preeta : did you get your dress and everything

“Yea I have given for proper fitting should be done by tomorrow informs her

Shrishti : you both are getting married soon not bad girls and i will be single for a while

Preeta : don’t fly so high only few months if you don’t tell mom anything we will go to her

Tanya ; okay do you want to come with me get some jewelry to wear on dress I am very terrible at picking those

Shrishti : there is one on walking distance lets go come (grabs their bags)

As soon as girls step out from store it starts raining unexpectedly

Jeb mein humrai do hi rupaiya

Duniya ko rakhe thenge pe bhaiya

Sukh dukh  ko khuti pe tange

Aur paap punya chooti se baandhe

Nache hai hum ta ta thaiya

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya 2

Yeh apna fashion ha bhaiya

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya

Ek gali mein bum bum bhole

Duji gali mein allah miya

Ek gali mein  gunje azaane

Duji gali mein bansi bajiya

Sab ki labo mein lahu bahe hai ..lahu bahe hai

Apni rago mein ganga maiya

Suraj aur chanda bhi dhalta

Apne ishaao pe chalta

Duniya ka gol gol pahiya

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya 2

Yeh apna fashion ha bhaiya

Are hum to aise hai bhaiya

The trio enjoys the moment with dancing together and eating vendor food. Tanya feels lucky to have friends like them and sharing all her happiness and pain to sister like friends.

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  1. Finally after a long time u are back☺☺
    I missed u so much
    Everyday I used to check TU for this update
    Coming to episode
    It was perfect!
    Karan and tanya… They are hilarious
    Shishmeer are so awesome and rishnya as well??
    Tanya spoils plan of luthra bros to drop aroras…???
    Tanya is very brave and smart…?? Every girl should have bravery like her. Her character is so inspirational
    Hopefully Tanya finds solid evidence against that akshay and his game gets over
    Kareena is soon bad. I hate her and sherlyn and prithvi too. End their game too
    Very excited for next
    Cannot wait for it
    Plz plz plz post ASAP
    Don’t delay plz
    Love u loads??

  2. Sorry for late reply again . This was v.v. cute update . So sweet . All the bondings . The would to be luthra bahus bonding?. I am in love with karnya’s fights. Tanya spoiling sameer-karan plan and their puppy faces ?. Tanya ‘s character is so motivational for me . Please give her a face as well . Any beautiful actress will work but she should have a fire in her eyes . This kareena bua is a fool to come in sherlyn’s talks .Why can’t kritika take a step against akshay .Please make her a bit courageous like Tanya . Sherlyn -prithvi-akshay ko bhi jaldi se bahaga do .I don’t want to see them . And please don’t part away preetan . Please don’t tell me that the bad omen was a sign of their judaai track . I want to see them together . Show shrishmeer’s marriage also along with preetan and rishnya .And start giving precaps. Anyways you made me smile now uou please
    Keep smiling

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