Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 5

Note : I forgot to mention earlier there is a voiceover as somebody narrating whole story with female voice. You call can keep guessing the person because it won’t be revealed till end  


Armaan and Kritika goes to police headquarters when police informs about something terrible. His sister Durga has been arrested for drink and drive.

Armaan ; whats the matter officer?

Officer Patel : you are Armaan Malik right? nephew of renowned Pratap Singh

Armaan : yes but whats wrong

“Last time I let Durga go because of your convenience but not this time, she was not only drunk but drug test came positive” Patel sits on chair

Armaan : what ? (shocked)

Patel : I am sorry but this time I cannot leave her without bail

Kritika : sir please you are also indian, understand her feelings

Patel : my job is to protect law also, and she has broken law by doing this

Armaan : you are right sir, she should be punished for doing this but everybody deserves a chance, I promise if she again do this I will not come to release her that time

Patel : fine but as culprit, I suspend her license of driving and penalty of $5000

Kritika : can we meet her sir

Patel releases Durga but after putting charges on her for drink and drive.

Durga has been living as introvert and isolated from world due to her parent’s failed marriage. The only light of her life is Armaan who have loved her more than real sister. Kritika sees her sitting outside lifelessly with swollen eyes and little torn clothes. Armaan drops Kritika home first and take Durga back at their house.

Nanny : what happened to her?

Armaan : nothing nanny, she is drunk I will put her in room first

Nanny : okay I will get lemon juice

“I want to party “ she murmurs softly

Armaan : nanny where is uncle aunty

Nanny : as usual at their party thank god they are not here or seeing her in this condition would be worst for them

Armaan : when did they care for her that now they will bother (puts duvet on her properly and leaves)

Nanny : dear only you understand our Durga, do something I cannot see her like this

Armaan : even I am afraid of her behavior now, police have given last warning, in last five months this is 7th time

Nanny : should I say something ? why don’t you find a good suitable guy for her, she needs a friend in her life who will understand her feelings

Armaan : if it was so easy I would have done that long time ago (drinks water) for her I want somebody who will not only give respect but one who will dwell in her heart

Nanny : dear this is natures truth one cannot fight with destiny

Armaan ; I am very tired for today I will take leave good night, let me know if you need anything (lives in his apartment nearby)

Nanny : good night dear

Armaan leaves

Both are known as cousins for world but nobody can dare to say they are not real siblings, Armaan can be flirt or does show off but for Durga he is only light of her dark life” 


Arora house

Pragya shares her anger with Dadi of Abhi

Dadi : who can dare to mess with my strong son

“That guy is on my nerves” Pragya prepares food

Dadi : calm down, leave office work over there

Pragya : you are right dadi, I will also not lose in front of that grumpy guy

Preeta recalls Rishab and Karan meeting with her in different circumstance.

Preeta : so much difference both seemed from rich family but far is their thinking

Shrishti looks at her portfolio late night for interview but decides not to go after losing her camera.

There Shrishti was fighting with her feelings other side far away Durga had same situation, who knew this two emotion would clash one day” voiceover says 

Bulbul and Shrishti starts preparing for their final exams in college.

Next day Preeta reaches Luthra house for the treatment of Dadi. She starts walking inside feeling awkward in such big mansion.

Rishab ; hey good morning, very punctual

“Thank you, after all I am doctor” she smiles and ask for Dadi

Rishab : she is upstairs, come I will take you

Preeta : yea sure (grabs her purse and kit)

“Dadi look who is here your new physiotherapist” Rishab informs her

Preeta enters nervously in the room of facing her

Dadi : I told you I don’t need any doctor and what is guarantee she is best

Rishab ; dadi, calm down your promised me that you will not say no without getting treatment

Dadi : okay fine (gives attitude to Preeta)

Preeta starts the treatment of Dadi.

“So where are you from” Dadi asks her

Preeta : I live in Mumbai with my family, right now I just work in small firm

Dadi : nice who is in your family

“Just dadi, mom and we four sisters” does massage to her leg

Dadi : and your father?

“He is no more, he died when we all were too young” Preeta says sadly

Dadi : your mom must have hard time raising you all four girls na, it gets really difficult for a woman to raise children and that too daughters without husband

Preeta :but she is very strong, mom never let us miss dad and now we all are grown up

Dadi : your hands are magical

“You are feeling better now” she asks with smile

Dadi : of course if you do this few days then see I will start running around again

Preeta ; thats what I wanted to hear, now I will tell Rishabji to appoint me as your permanent doctor

Dadi ; only on one condition

Preeta : what?

“That you will come as my daughter no doctor promise” Dadi gets impressed with her

Preeta feels proud of herself

Fashion City 

Ruhi gets big contract from Paris league to participate in next fashion show.

Ruhi : listen to me carefully next week very important client are coming did you arranged for a photographer

Mahi : not yet ma’am (says nervously)

“Then hurry up I don’t have enough time, Paris league is coming soon, I want results do you get me now move” Ruhi leaves angrily

Phoenix company

Pragya starts the work of backstage on Abhi’s upcoming concert.

Pragya : guys hurry up we don’t have enough time

Worker : yes ma’am everything is done just lights are to be fixed I will get that

Pragya : okay make sure there is no mistake, this concert is very important for our company

Worker : okay madam,

The employee informs Pragya about the demand of more tickets for concert

Sophia : you don’t worry I will take care of that, I want this show super hit, this is question of our brand and company

Pragya bring special coffee to Abhi’s room who is busy in his tuning

Abhi : thanks

Pragya smiles sarcastically while Abhi have hard time making tune

Pragya : can I give some suggestion?

“From face you don’t like too smart but I always welcome suggestion go ahead” asks her

Pragya : I have heard your album, I think problem is the inspiration and lyrics always come from that do you have love in life?

Abhi : of course my dadi, fans

Pragya (laughs) : no I am talking about true love, life time partner one

“Sweetheart i am Abhi the Rockstar, million girls surround me but in that crowd I didn’t find one I want” Abhi shares his feeling first time

Pragya : thats why, your lyrics are missing some passion which only a lover can understand (leaves)

Abhi gets into thinking with her deep words targeting directly in his heart.

Pragya : did I say too much? oh god I don’t know what happens to me all the time

Both thinks about each other smiling

Reh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Seh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Behti Hi Jaaye Dastaan

Reh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Seh Bhi Na Paaye Yaar

Behti Hi Jaaye Dastaan

Umra Bhar Ka Intezaar

Ik Pal Bhi Na Karaar

Ungli Pe Nachaaye Dastaan

Ho..Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..


Navya informs Shrishti about upcoming trekking camp to Manali.

Navya : you are coming right? I put your name on the list

Shrishti : no you go I am not in mood and exams are also coming

Navya : so what? picnic is after exam come on it will be too much fun imagine big mountain

Shrishti agrees hesitantly. During the arrangement Bulbul sees a ladder falling to the side Shrishti is standing and runs immediately.

“Are you okay” Bulbul asks her panicking

Shrishti nods leaving her hand

Navya : you both are you alright?

Shrishti sees Bulbul leaving with little bleeding on her hands while saving her. She tears pieces of cloth from her scarf

“Wait” she stops Bulbul

Bulbul gets emotional with her one gesture

“Your hand is bleeding, don’t think I am doing all this for you, our sisters will get worried and exams are also coming” Shrishti blabbers while tying cloth on her hands

Bulbul : thank you

Shrishti is about to say something but leaves

“I know one day I will surely win your heart and that will be most important day of my life” Bulbul promises herself

This two sisters relation was such like water and fire, we always use water when to extinguish fire but more than fire the heat is very hot to burn and that does not cool down with water” Voiceover hints the estranged relation between sisters will take lot of time to get back normal 

On way back Preeta gets her umbrella out to shelter from the rain. Karan sees her rushing in the bus filled with crowd. She misses the bus during the chaos.

“god when will this rain go, why are you troubling me like this” Preeta talks with herself

Karan is mesmerized with her innocence and rain adds more passion to his feelings. Preeta goes under tree shade to save herself from thunderstorm.

“Enjoying this rain ? I am sure you are” Karan taunts her for getting wet

Preeta ignores him

Karan : hello I am talking to you, look at your condition come I will drop you

Preeta : I don’t need your help, leave me alone, that day you were taunting me like anything

Karan : now if I leave you alone here I won’t be able to face myself come lets go (gives his hand)

Ranjhna… naino ke teer chal gaye

Sajna… saanson se dil sil gaye
Palkon mein chupa loon, oh tera sajda karoon
Seenay mein samaa loon, oh din reain karoon
Palkon mein chupa loon, seenay mein samaa loon
Tere ang ang rang mera bole

Preeta holds his hand while walking in the car. Their hand touches igniting passion within themselves. On the way to Preeta’s house the road is blocked due to thunderstorm

Preeta : now what?

“If you don’t mind then our guest house is close till rain stop lets go there, even I wouldn’t be able to go at my home due to road block” Karan offers

Preeta agrees hesitantly and goes with him. The duo reaches guest house in heavy rain. Preeta looks around the big mansion something she never saw before.

Preeta : your house is very beautiful

Karan : thanks, my brother built it every structure, you are all wet why don’t you go change

Preeta : but I have nothing to change for

“ There should be something, my sister’s clothes might fit you” Karan shows her the room

Phoenix company 

Pragya and Abhi gets stuck in the office while the whole staff leaves for the day.

Abhi : you didn’t go home? one should not also work too hard

Pragya : actually I was busy with the whole event

“Don’t take my challenge so hard that you forget to take care of yourself” Abhi goes close to her

Pragya : Sir first of all please stay little away I feel very awkward

Abhi : girls die to be in this arms and madam feels strange

Pragya : I am telling you one last time I am not from those girls who run after money, only thing matter for me is self respect

Abhi (gets impressed): impressive, anyway I hope there is no problem in arrangements

Pragya : I think we might have to postpone the date of concert

Abhi : and may I ask the reason for this genius thought

Pragya : because of this season, if something goes wrong technically it will be disaster

Abhi ; look you are event manager, I have given you responsibility just remember one thing the concert should not be cancelled, change location, day I don’t care, sponsors have invested lot of time and money for this

“Okay sir, your concert will be successful and I will make sure of that” she assures him

Promise, self respect, values, relationship were only strength for Arora girls those days and they could go to any extent to maintain those roots “ laughs 

Thunderstorm noise and lights go off

Pragya shouts

Abhi : relax just light went out, wait let me get the candle

“Wait I am going with you don’t leave me alone” Pragya holds his hands tightly

Abhi : I am right here, if you leave my hand then only I could go and fix

Luthra farm house 

Preeta wears Karan’s favorite shirt after not able to fit Kritika’s clothes

Preeta : sorry your sister’s clothe didn’t fit me

“Maybe you are fat than her” teases her

Preeta (gets offended) : excuse me I am not that fat okay you don’t know how to talk with girl

Karan ; right now you look like boy and wearing my favorite shirt good

Preeta : you know what I saw you on TV so many times and my god you have so much attitude

Karan : thats not attitude my self confidence, and every person should have that coffee?

“Thanks” takes mug from his hand

Karan : what are you looking?

“Mom says weather after rain is very beautiful” Preeta looks outside window

Karan ; I never think about those things, my bhai love all these nature stuff

Preeta : he must be interesting person to meet, thanks for coffee

Karan : specialty of this weather

“No for us specialty is corn, fritters and ginger spicy tea” Preeta says

Karan : wow I think I will try one day

Preeta : this is only season of those things, I am sure you will love it

Rain stops

Preeta ; rain has stopped, I think we should leave, mom might be waiting

Karan : come I will drop you

Preeta : no thats okay I will manage, everybody will think wrong if you come like this

Karan : and they won’t if you wear this shirt? (corners her)

Preeta : I was going to change if you move (leaves with shy due to his gestures)

Precap : Purab Bulbul another disastrous meeting in cafeteria. Armaan decides to send Durga alone to India far away. Rishab Preeta friendship goes deeper with time

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