Preeran SS ; Realization Part 9

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The siblings go out for tour showing city to girls.

Shrishti : shorty I have one complain for you all, we both sister were also new to this city but nobody gave us the tour

Sammy : oh so you are taking that revenge on me how convenient

Anu : brother she is not taking revenge but directly telling you to take her on date

Everybody is taken aback with her twisted mind. Preeta laughs

Shrishti : di, its nothing like that hey second shorty what are you blabbering your age is to study

Anu : really? I didn’t know that, actually I tell you what there is no age of anything, its nature truth

Piyali rubs her head

Karan : yaar what did you feed her? (whispers)

Piyali : nothing, you know what I feel whenever she is around you her brain also stops working

Karan : such an insult to me

Rishab : what are you both whispering?

 “Nothing Rishabji I was just saying our siblings are both half cracked” Piyali says

Rishab : thats completely true

Karan : bhai stop taking her side, she is gone case

Preeta gets confused with their conversations

Shrishti : di I was hungry but now his taunts made me full lets go home

Karan ; wait my tall fan you are wasting time on this shorty, lets leave this three boring people (Piyali, Sameer and Preeta) and go for dinner

Rishab : shut up with your nonsense

Anu : he is right sorry elder people but this party is for people like us

Piyali : now come next time with your demand

Karan : who are you threatening?

Piyali : my sister

Shrishti : I don’t want to my stomach to get full with your fights

The group goes for dinner

Rishab : you all can give order whatever you want (gives them menu)

Anu : I will have pure indian food

Preeta : how would you define pure indian?

“I mean didi, sorry I can call you sis right” Anu asks her

Preeta : why not?

Anu : didi, nothing can compare indian food, my favorite pav bhaaji, chole bhature

Preeta is impressed with her attitude

Anu : fabulous just amazing

Karan : it was my choice praise me

Preeta : don’t you have any other thing in life than praising yourself

Karan : of course I do, flirting should I try (goes close to her)

Rishab makes noise

Karan : sorry bhai, you enjoyed? after long time you came with me like this

Rishab : once you win international then we both will have big dinner

Karan : love you bhai

Sameer : somebody ask me also I am your youngest ones

Shrishti : please shorty you are overacting ki dukaan

Anu : how sweet (admires them)

Piyali taps on her head

Later after dropping Piyali and Anu, Karan runs to Arora house to meet his baby doll. He sneaks inside their room with help of his tall fan

Karan : where is your grumpy sister?

“Sir I have brought you here but remember I took big risk mom, dadi is inside, and di is in washroom” Shrishti says

Karan : calm down you go to sleep now good night and I will take your sister to long drive

Shrishti : how exciting Sir first tour then dinner and now long drive by the way did your fiancé refused to go out (teases him)

Karan : are you done? now go

Preeta shouts seeing him in their room late night.

Karan : did you see ghost?

“Actually I would have not get scared seeing ghost but you are worst than that” Preeta taunts him irritably

Karan : see I told you, this girl needs break come lets go

Preeta : excuse me where?

“Long drive baby doll” tells her casually

Preeta : you are saying as if I am your would be wife, one second now I see your fiancé might refused to come with you so you thought let me trouble Preeta right

Karan : stop it yaar, whats wrong with you all? that poor girl was tired and I didn’t even ask her

Shrishti : di if he is saying so sweetly go with him

Preeta agrees hesitantly and goes with him.

Karan : why is your mood off?

Preeta : ever since you got engaged you don’t have enough time for me

Karan : are you jealous?

“Jealous my foot, stop the car”gets angry

Karan ; what happened

Preeta : I said stop the car right now

Karan : okay wait

Preeta comes out of car venting her anger since Piyali came as his fiancé.

“Why are you behaving like this” asks her calmly

Preeta : I don’t know why heart is feeling restless, my marriage will be broken second time, do you realize how much humiliation mom will have to face and taunts I will hear will be separate but you don’t have time to hear my plea

“Just small thing, who said I have no time, why do you think I came back, just for bhai” turns her towards him

Preeta looks at his eyes

Karan : I came back for you and bhai, you know why you both are important for me, consider priceless gift of my life (holds her face)

Preeta touches his palm

“Baby doll, I am doing all this for you and regarding that girl she is no threat to us” assures her safely

“Karan I have lost my dad now I cannot afford to lose your friendship, don’t get me wrong but I don’t have courage to trust anybody other than you “ says in broken voice

Karan : just trust your heart once, and I promised you I will not let you happen anything

Preeta embraces him

Karan : till I am alive no Prithvi or Sherlyn can dare to play with you and bhai, let me tell you one more thing Piyali is not my fiancé

“What” Preeta gets big shock

Karan ; I met her in Cape town and just haloed her for treatment of Anu because she did not have money, being a bar dancer was not enough to save her sister, when I first told her she refused to play act of my fiancé, but she came here just for my sake

Every word makes Preeta pierce about Piyali’s life struggle

Karan : I just needed time to gather proof against Sherlyn and Prithvi so she is acting as my fiancé to distract them, thats it, Preeta imagine for a girl using her dignity everyday to earn money

Preeta ; I am sorry, I didn’t mean to

Karan : thats okay but please this is between us, only us nobody should know this

Preeta : it won’t, not even Rishabji? did you ever thought when families will get to know how will they react

Karan : I know but they will also understand why I had to take this big step

Preeta : whatever happens I am always with you (assures him)

“Look at those shining starts, just like that I will not let brightness go away from your life” kisses her forehead slowly

After a while Karan drops her back home

Luthra house 

Next day Anu and Piyali comes to meet Karan

Anu walks in corridor when glass of water falls on Sherlyn’s cloths

“I am so sorry” Anu apolozises

Sherlyn : idiot are you blind? have you ever seen such expensive dress

Anu throws rest of water on her face from glass

Sherlyn : what the hell

Anu ; you only said I am blind now, a blind person can’t see where he is throwing water and no I have never seen such cheap dress for your information

Rakhi : what happened dear?

Anu ; nothing aunty she is making fun of me, saying I have never seen such expensive dress

Sherlyn : and you spilled this on my clothes

Rakhi : dear go and clean in room

Anu puts leg in middle making Sherlyn fall on floor hardly.

Kareena : Sherlyn are you okay (comes there)

“Oh my god didi I hope it didn’t hurt” Anu gives her hand

Sherlyn : no thanks I am fine

Kareena : come with me (takes her in room)

“This is just beginning Sherlyn Khurana, if I not made your life hell in this house then my name is also not Anu” she smirks

She overhears Kareena asking to Sherlyn to attend their club party.

Anu : now wait and watch how I make your party entertaining (goes to inform everybody else)

Karan : but whats this news of our benefit?

“Very much” Piyali says

Preeta : but how

Piyali : bring her down first in front of person who has hold her string in this house

Shrishti : in this house that grumpy Kareena ma’am lovable daughter in law

Karan : hey

Shrishti : sorry sir but whats in your mind

“Lets go to club then watch the fun” Piyali smirks

Later in evening the group heads to the club following Kareena and Sherlyn. She introduces her to everybody proudly. Prithvi keeps calling “Aunty I will be right back” Sherlyn makes an excuse and goes out to make call

Prithvi : you have been cutting my call

“You are saying as if I am enjoying, that Kareena aunty forced me to meet her so called friends” Sherlyn says angrily

Karan : bua is so naive she don’t know what characterless girl she is

Preeta : don’t worry one day she will also realize how her judgment was always wrong

Piyali spikes Sherlyn’s drink to bring her down in front of Kareena. She takes advantage of Sherlyn going outside and adds powder in drink

Karan ; what is going on in your mind?

Piyali : partner first rule when you want to defeat your enemy cut their resources, bring them down in front of people who keep them on head (adds vodka and pills in drink)

Karan ; you mean in front of Kareena aunty

Piyali ; smart enough to know my move, send this drink with somebody who cannot suspect

Preeta : if we send this from waiter’s hand his job will get in trouble

Piyali : nothing like that will happen, get ready for some fun

Karan ; one last thing to do, Preeta you talk in Sherlyn’s voice and call him here

Preeta : okay (calls him) hello baby please save me I am in big trouble

Prithvi : what happened to your voice? you look so scared, just tell me where are you

Preeta : I am at club the one in bandra please hurry up, my hear is getting scared

Prithvi : baby don’t worry I am coming there (hangs up)

Preeta is about to throw phone angrily

Karan : hello thats mine don’t vent out your anger on it please

Preeta : sorry

Prithvi rushes to the club without thinking about the consequence.

Kareena : what took you so long?

Sherlyn : nothing aunty, you know mom gets so upset with everything

Another lady : so she is going to be daughter in laws of Luthra

Kareena : of course we are Luthras, our choice is always standard, Rishab is very lucky to have her

Sherlyn starts feeling uneasy due to high amount of vodka mixed

Kareena : are you okay?

Sherlyn starts behaving weird like never before. People around watches her behavior. Her favorite music plays in club when Prithvi comes there too. He does not notice Kareena over there and starts walking towards Sherlyn. She starts to dance cozy with him which shocks Kareena.

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me 

Ah Zara Zara .. Oooo Ooo Ooo 

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara

Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah Zara Zara

Oooo Ooo Ooo 

( Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum

Dum Da Dum Da Dum

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum )… (2)

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me 

The ladies make fun of Sherlyn’s character.

“Punnu you are also here, lets party” she gets highly pitched

Prithvi : this girl will make me dead today what should I do

Kareena : what are you doing here?

Prithvi : actually I came to meet my friend and saw you both so thought I should see you

Kareena : why did she call you Punnu? who is that tell me honestly

Prithvi : aunty, I don’t know and see how drunk she is if you say can I help

Kareena : thats okay, I can manage

Prithvi feels relieved but next moment Kareena seeks his help to take Sherlyn home safely.

“He is very good driver aunty you know” she giggles

Kareena : Prithvi what is she saying

“Aunty I don’t know, even I am confused how did she get drunk” asks her innocently

Kareena : I don’t know you focus on driving

The group shares laugh seeing Sherlyn’s condition

Preeta : now I know why this Anu is so shrewd, when elder sister is wicked younger one would be more sharp

Anu : thanks didi

Karan ; okay now time for next action, Piyali be ready you are going to meet our enemies soon

Piyali : I am ready (assures him)

Luthra house 

Kareena decides to give Sherlyn good scolding for playing with image of the family

Kritika : mom are you okay

“I am just tired you also go to sleep good night” Kareena goes inside her room

Next day Sherlyn wakes up heavy head when Piyali calls her.

“Hello” Sherlyn says nervously

Piyali : the moment have come you were desperately waiting for, today at 4 in your house

Sherlyn informs Prithvi about the stalker’s call.

Later in evening both waits to see the person who has given them sleepless night. Piyali starts walking inside while rest of them stays in car.

The duo are hell shocked to see Piyali.

Sherlyn : I knew it, there was something fishy about you

Piyali : really? wow but I must say you both are very stupid I thought you were smart

“Shut up, so you made that drama yesterday” Sherlyn asks her

Piyali : how i wish your words were true, I did all this not to insult you but Luthras

Both gets shocked

Piyali : you both got 400 volt good (sits on chair royally) anyway lets not waste time

Prithvi : why should we believe you?

“Okay don’t then I will add some spice on your drama, and tell your Kareena aunty to investigate more on yesterday’s entertaining picture and then whole Luthra family will question you” shows them video club’s footage

Prithvi : get to point what do you want?

“Thats better, so you both and me have common enemies I have also come to ruin Luthras and that can only happen if I marry Karan” holds glass of wine

Sherlyn : but why do you want to join us?

Piyali : very old saying enemy’s enemy’s is friend, when our goal is same why to do separate

Sherlyn : if you are saying truth why did you try to defame me yesterday

Piyali : why are you so dumb? (gets irritated)

Sherlyn : mind your language and why are you quiet kick this girl out, if you can’t I will

Sherlyn tries to clutch her neck but Piyali twists her hand backwards

Piyali : next time be careful around me or else I won’t give you chance to talk either (throws her on floor hardly)

Sherlyn’s back get small sprain with her push

Prithvi : baby are you okay?

“Oops sorry but I am just warning you keep your hands away from me” Piyali tells her

Prithvi : fine then deal, we are together but what do you want

Piyali : you all want to bring them on streets and I want Luthra empire but for that I need a favor from you both

Prithvi : what favor?

“Your both marriages are too early, and I still have to win heart of those Luthra people, I need time and you can trust me nobody will stop your marriage with Preeta and Karan” forwards hand

Sherlyn : I will tell mom to make excuse and delay marriage but only few weeks not more

Piyali : done, game is on

In car

Karan : Anu why your sister wants to be doctor she is better at acting

Preeta : because she is not duffer like you

Karan : now it will be fun game, Prithvi Malhothra Shrishti : thank god they agreed now we can easily find proof against them

Sameer : but we should waste much time, this two are cunning wolf

Karan : you are right, but to find about Prithvi I have to involve Rishab because it looks like this was both professional and personal


PS : Once again very sorry for late update but I was trying to finish Truth of life first and then continue this one. Hope this was worth waiting

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