Preeran SS ; Realization Part 6


Karan signals Preeta from far when Prithvi follows Sherlyn in trial room.

Preeta : I will straighten them today (gets in attack mode)

Karan : wait wait queen of arc, you will mess up everything in anger

Preeta : how will we bring Rishabji here?

Karan : listen to me carefully, you stay in the trial room for a while (gives her beautiful dress)

Preeta : wow this is so gorgeous

Karan : you forget about dress and go inside quickly hurry up

Preeta goes inside trial room next to Sherlyn’s.

Karan : bhai what are you doing?

Rishab : I was looking for Sherlyn don’t know where she went

Karan : oh yes I saw her going in trials room

Rishab : I wanted to ask her if she is done why don’t you go and call her

Karan : me? no way she is your fiancé, why would she listen to me

Rishab : you and your tantrums (goes towards the dressing room) have some respect for her

Karan : I am not that fool to give cheaters well deserved respect, you are very naive bhai but today I will show people till I am alive nobody can play with your feelings

Prithvi and Sherlyn stays close in the dressing room unaware of everything. Preeta hears their conversation from next room.

Preeta : this two cheaters have hurt my both friends a lot, I won’t spare them

Rishab : Sherlyn (knocks outside room) are you inside the room

Sherlyn : yes (starts panicking)

Rishab : are you done, mom was calling

Sherlyn : just give me few minutes I am coming

Rishab : take your time

Prithvi : don’t worry he will stand for a while and get distracted

Sherlyn : what if he does not leave? don’t you know that Karan is also here

Prithvi : why do you always think of negative

Rishab waits for Sherlyn but gets busy in his work at phone.

Karan : bhai you are still here?

Rishab : yea she is trying dress inside

Karan : we are getting late mom has called ten times now

Rishab tells her to hurry up

Karan ; I am saying something is fishy, why is she taking so long

Rishab : you keep your opinion with you

The guys goes back to clothing section. Sherlyn sees outside and does not find anybody. She tells Prithvi to leave immediately. Karan comes and sees him coming out from the trial room but Rishab unfortunately does not come with him

Karan finally founds out the ugly truth of Prithvi and Sherlyn deceiving his brother and Preeta. He creates drama in whole dressing room.

“You will not marry this cheater, do you get that “ Karan roars in whole store

“Karan, enough” Preeta shouts at him

Rishab “ what is wrong with you?

Karan : bhai, I told you on very first day this guy is fraud, cheater and do you know who that girl is who he have affair

Rishab : who?

“Sherlyn, your so called fiancé” blurts out everything

Rishab : are you in your senses?

“I am in my senses but you both are blind, can’t you see this two are fooling you” tells Preeta and Rishab angrily

Sherlyn moves to the other trial room very sneakingly without being noticed by anybody from the other door.

Karan : Bhai, trust me this Prithvi came out from the same trial room, what was he doing there when his fiancé is outside

Prithvi : because I was looking for her, I don’t know why are you blaming me and other trial rooms were full so I came here few minutes ago

Karan ; don’t you even show me that decency, I know very well you are not what you show to world

Preeta : Just shut up Karan, you are crossing your limits (fakes arguing with him)

“Really, and what about his limits, when will you become sensible”Karan shouts at her

Rishab : Enough Karan, why are you creating scene here

Karan : bhai, if you don’t believe me then open this door and check if Sherlyn is inside or not

Prithvi : Listen, I know you don’t like me but you cannot accuse me like this, i am not big  flirt like you who take girls as toys

“Don’t you dare talk to my brother like that” Rishab intervenes for talking rubbish about his brother

Karan : what are you waiting for brother, just open the door

Rishab takes the step to open the door and end the argument once for all. They all remain speechless when there is nobody in the room. Prithvi keeps wondering about his Sherlyn babes but starts his fake charade. Karan keeps on hitting Prithvi but is stopped by Rishab.

Sherlyn comes from other side

Karan : where are you coming from? you were inside right

Sherlyn : yes I was but I came out like 10 minutes ago but you both went back

Karan : bhai she is lying

Rishab : lets end this argument here, we are going home right now

Preeta : Prithvi ji I am sorry you had to hear so much because of me

Prithvi : let it be thats not your fault, I am getting suffocated here I am waiting in car

Preeta nods. After Rishab, Sherlyn and Prithvi leaves for parking lot the duo gets tensed

“Karan we lost one more chance” Preeta gets upset with everything

Karan : go home Preeta, its too late we will talk later about this (leaves)

Cape town

Anu comes back from her school but finds the home in dark.

Anu : didi where are you? (sees small cake with candles lighted on table)

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Anu’ a sweet voice comes

Piyali : wish you a very happy birthday to my cutest sister ever, may all your wish come true (kisses her forehead)

Anu : thank you didi, today might be my birthday day but my wishes are always for you that my didi gets person who is from million (gets in tear)

Piyali : now wipe those tears does not look good on your personality, I am sorry on your birthdays nothing much I can do for my doll

Anu ; nobody can do this much, not even our parents that you are doing for me

Piyali : now cut the cake we will go out

Anu cuts the cake feeding the sister. The girls decide to go at waterfront to celebrate.

Piyali pays for the ticket

Anu : this place is so beautiful didi, now see its my birthday so you have to bear me

Piyali : sure anything today is your day

“So my dear sister tell me what kind of guy you want in future” Anu asks funnily

Piyali : what kind of question is that? you know marriage is not my type and who will  ask my hand

Anu : person who don’t see goodness in my sister will need to have eyes checked

Piyali : this is all fairy tale stories but our life is reality you don’t worry day you become successful there will be long line of boys

Anu : don’t give me high hopes, I will only marry the day my sister’s hands get adorned with henna (holds her palms) and guy I will get married will not be rich from money but from heart and everything

Piyali : you asked me what sort of person I need in my life truth is your sister is not from those girls who can dream of marriage

Anu : no didi, love does not see anything, thats feeling to live with not a trade

“My dear sister your age is not to think about all this but focus on your career, stand up on your feet that day I will feel more proud this world gives respect to people who have wealth its bitter truth” Piyali tells her calmly

Anu ; I will make you very proud one day, I know you won’t agree but please lets go to india for once

Piyali : okay fine we will go promise very soon happy (rubs her cheeks)

Anu : very happy

The sister share their emotional hug


Rishab and Karan comes back home after big drama at mall. He gets agitated himself for being proved wrong again.

Rishab : Karan open the door

He hits on punching bag recalling Prithvi’s insult badly.

Karan opens the door

Rishab : listen to me, I know whatever happened was not good

Karan : believe me my gut feelings say those two are cheating on you and Preeta that dumbo is not believing me but at least you are my brother do I doubt anybody like this without any reason

Rishab ; are you done? you are my brother, I know you very well, but I have no reason to doubt Sherlyn, is there anything you said and i never believed you

Karan ; then break this engagement, what will happen for worst, everybody will be sad, but when that girl blows reputation of this house nothing will be left

Rishab : I trust you and if you are right I will support you, but don’t forget you have to give reason to family what will you tell them and how will I convince them, just break this engagement based on assumption

Karan : you want proof? fine I will prove that Sherlyn is not good for this family for you and that Prithvi is monster for Preeta and Aroras

Rishab : I am with you at every step just make sure there is delicate thread between both families nothing should affect that

Karan ; anything for you bhai, this time I won’t lose even at cost of my life

Rishab : before doing that, just think about consequence you will lose your brother (turns to the other side)

“Bhai nothing is more important than you in my life just give me one last chance I will save both families without any harm” Karan bends on his knees asking for chance

Rishab : you are my world, I will be your shield nobody will stop you just do what is right (hugs him caressing his little brother)

Arora house

Shrishti tells Preeta to calm down after the chaos happened in mall.

Preeta : how should I? when my friend is in so much confusion

Shrishti : god will help us for sure

On other side at Cape town Piyali and Anu starts arrangement to come india after long time.

Preeta : I don’t know why but I feel scared that something is going to happen

Shrishti : di lets go to terrace, come

Preeta : I am not in mood

Shrishti drags her upstair forcefully

Preeta : wow this air after long time, do you remember in Nasik we both always brought our food on roof and eat

Shrishti : thats what I got (shows her plate with food for both)

Preeta : just one plate where is mine

Shrishti : are we different? we both are also one come on feed me its such long time I didn’t eat food by your hands

“You are so silly my little doll” Preeta feeds her happily

Shrishti too feeds her sister lovingly and appreciates her cooking

Shrishti : di please teach me some cooking, I know it won’t be good like you

Preeta : if you make it with all love then it will taste so much better

Shrishti : love you my dear sister

Preeta : okay now answer my question did you tell Sameer about your feelings

“Yes I did but don’t know why I feel 400 volts going close to him” Shrishti says

Preeta : he is not ghost who will eat you, poor guy so innocent and naive

Shrishti : you are my sister don’t defend him much

Preeta : okay I won’t but take your own time

Shrishti nods

Both have their chat for long time and sleeps on terrace after.

Sherlyn and Prithvi rejoices their victory for breaking friendship of Luthra boys with Preeta

Prithvi ; now you only focus on our goal that plain jane won’t even look at those losers

Sherlyn : how fool is that Rishab, he didn’t even realize how I escaped from there

Prithvi : thats why its easy to trap people like him who lose heart easily

Sherlyn : poor guys, both were standing like loser now who will save them from our motive

Next day Rakhi arranges small party for Sherlyn and Rishab before marriage ceremony. She invites Aroras too with Prithvi much to dismay of Luthra brothers.


Karan introduces Piyali as fiance to families.

Preeta and Shrishti behaves rudely with Piyali indirectly ignoring her.

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