Preeran SS ; Realization Part 54

Quarters house

Piyali : whatever happened was right actually ,after what my cheater dad did with them, I owe that punishment

Nicky : what are you talking about? why would you get punished his nature was deceit

Piyali : at least Sherlyn loves Rishab, I still could not forget pain Kareena aunty had to face because of him

Nicky : will you be able to watch Rishab becoming somebody else’s

Piyali : now I am used of all this Nicky

At night everybody feels restless as well as happy for upcoming day.

Kritika ; finally I will becomes yours officially (looks at her Mehndi)

Roo meets Kabir one last time at terrace before losing him forever

Roo : what are you doing here?

Kabir : see this decoration, lights who knows it might bring dark in somebody’s life later

Roo : just like after big dark night there is morning, sunlight also comes in life

Kabir : I brought this small gift for you (gives her friendship show piece) maybe this will remind you about our friendship

Roo (breaksdown) : I am sorry please forgive me but I won’t be happy if you are sad

Kabir : you promise me in life you won’t ever feel give pain to yourself (holds her face)

Roo : I won’t ever (touches his head)

The shooting start passes from there

Marriage day

Families gets in full swing to arrange for marriage ceremony.

Nicky : guys hurry up there is very  less time left for marriage

Rakhi : Elina can you go check if the girls are ready or not

Elina ; don’t worry aunty relax, all of them are almost ready

“Anu will you do me a favor, can you give this letter to Piyali Rishab asks her

Anu : okay

Elina sees all four girls getting ready. All of them are too nervous

Elina : oh my god look at you all, it feels you are going for battle chill

Shrishti : my body is shivering, I am so nervous di

Elina : I can understand this two but I thought you had role reversal

Shrishti : stop joking please

The boys get ready too in their room. Rishab and Kabir who have lost their love does not show any reaction.

Karan : bhai I am so nervous today , is this sherwani looking good

Suraj ; you have tried this for 5th time come on hurry up aunty is shouting

Sameer : i am ready bhai

Rishab : everybody is ready but this prince is taking forever

Karan ; come on bhai if on marriage day people don’t wait for groom whats the fun

Suraj : its your wedding and my only dear brother there should be some fun

Rishab, Sameer and Karan goes out while Bharadwaj guys stays in room

Kabir : bhai you wanted to talk something

Suraj ; actually yes, everything is going so quick I didn’t get chance, you know ever since Elina came she is friend to you more than me

Kabir looks at him

Suraj : you are sure about this marriage na? I mean this is very big commitment, don’t disappoint me and your bhabhi she holds more trust on you

“I am sorry bhai, bhabhi I can’t share my pain with you even if I want for first time I am breaking your both trust Kabir assures his brother

Suraj hugs him happily

Elina : whats going on here?

Suraj : its between brothers actually so no place for you sorry

Elina : very funny (feels little uneasy)

Kabir : bhabhi are you okay

“Yea I am fine Elina says

Suraj ; then lets go down, groom you all take a seat we will rock stage today

The brides are brought down as well as groom together. Karan’s eyes are glued to his baby doll who is looking angel coming from heaven in front of him.

Arjun : everybody please have a seat there is some time before auspicious time

Sarla : this kids na

Anu gives Rishab’s letter to Piyali.

Arjun, Suraj, Elina and Roo starts performing

Arjun Suraj : Balle Balle Je Soniya De Rang Dekhlo

Bina Dor Di U Dh Di Patang Dekh Lo

Aj Munde Hue Enhan De Malang Dekh Lo

Bina Dor Di U Dh Di Patang Dekh Lo

Ay Kudiyan Kudiyan, Ay Tikhiyan Churiyan

Kudiyan Jawan Hath Na Aawan


Ena Pundiyan De Maare Hue Tang Dekh Lo

Sat Sri Akal Soniyo

Sunaao Sanuun Haal Soniyo

Roo and Elina brings bride for dance   Oh Zaraa Nach Ke Dikhaoo Sa De Naal Soniyo

Na Soch Sawal Soniyon, Ehdi Kyun Chaal Soniyo

Eh Naara Naara Naara, Eh Tikhiyan Tejh Katara

Bijili Di Nangiyan Taara.N, Oh Taara Taara Taara

Je Kol Ena De Aaoge Ta Pyaar De Chakke Khaoge

Baage Vich Aaya Karo

Jado Chand Chup Jaave

Tusi Mukhda Dikhaya Karo

Tu Aagaya To Bahaar Aayi

Haseen Ho Gaye Nazare Saare

Mala Vich Phul Tangeya

Umraan Lang Chali Aa.N

Par Joban Nahin Langeya

Piyali reads Rishab’s letter

“Piyali I know this is too late but before starting my new life I want to relieve the burden I am carrying from so many days. Ever since you went away I always asked question to myself why am I feeling so lonely, Slowly I got my answer why every time I meet you I want time to stay still, I could capture every moment I spent with you. In whole life if somebody understood my deep feelings it was you, my every heartbeat has your name, I don’t know about you but I am only doing this marriage for my Karan’s happiness. He told me until I don’t marry he will not marry Preetaji and you know how stubborn he is. Just consider I chose my duty over love again in life. Before leaving can you meet me once please in room, Rishab ” 

Piyali’s tears flow on the letter. The words she was craving to hear came out in wrong time and their love was going to lose anyway. She leaves the letter in corridor and runs to Rishab’s room who is getting ready. He feels her presence again in room.

“Since when you? Piyali asks him tearfully

Rishab : I dont know from when, love never happens seeing time

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier, when I lost all hopes she hugs him through shoulder

Rishab : I never got chance and you left every time

Piyali : why are you telling me now?

“To get answer to my questions, today I am going to marry somebody else, I might not be able to love Sherlyn my heart will always remain with you Rishab holds her face

Piyali ; its too late for everything

“Bhai everybody is calling you Elina comes to take him and sees Piyali

Piyali : go Rishab, its time for your wedding (runs outside crying)

Nazar has rahi hai 

Yeh dil ro raha hai 

Mujhe pyar laya hai kis mode pe

Yeh bhi dard bhi sehne ka andaaz hota hai 

Piyali turns to see Rishab looking her through window tearfully. Both bids goodbye to each other

Elina : why didn’t you stop her?

Rishab ; I cannot do wrong to Sherlyn for my own feelings, now I can live with her memories whole life

Elina : I won’t let that happen, (goes to find Piyalis’ tape she put in her bag) today you will get your real love I promise


Preeta : Karan I saw Piyali running outside crying we were right

Karan : what? (shocked)

Preeta : they both love each other, we have to stop this marriage

“But how Karan’s eyes fall on Rishab’s letter

Preeta : what is it? letter?

Karan is dumbstruck reading the letter and drowns himself in pool of guilt. He could not hear his brother’s heart beating for somebody

Preeta : please hold yourself

“How should I ? when bhai is making his life living hell burning all dreams in that fire, Preeta will you support me in my decision I am going to take Karan holds her hands

Preeta : I am always with you at every stage

Rakhi and Sarla calls both of them for ritual. Both walks downstairs with heavy heart.

Panditiji : bride and groom please sit down for ceremony (Starts chanting mantras)

The first couple to sit on mandap are Kritika and Kabir together.

Priest explains them meaning all seven vows and importance of marriage. Roo sees them crushing her heart with every word. Kabir decides to fulfill all duties as husband and keep Kritika happy. Both stands up for round

Rakhi : Roo go dear you do gathbandhan

Arjun consoles her and signals her. She ties their cloth together for rounds. The duo starts taking rounds keeping in mind all vows. Kabir fills vermilion in her hairline and ties mangalsustra around neck completing ritual.

Pandit : now you both are officially husband and wife, take blessing from elders

Kabir and Kritika takes blessing from everybody.

Kareena ; Kabir you are taking brightness of our house make sure she never miss me

Kabir : promise aunty

Roo hugs her sister sobbing out loud

Kritika ; hey will you bid farewell to your sister like this

Roo : I will miss you a lot

Pandit : who is next couple

Rakhi : where is this Sherlyn? you do Sameer and Shrishti

The couple completes marriage ritual. During Preeta and Karan’s ceremony  Elina plays Piyalis’ tape.

“What should I say about Rishab? just that i never saw anybody like him caring, loving just genuine in everything. The love I was running away whole life is chasing me today and wants to stop me from leaving. After mom’s death I only saw my destination towards Anu and forgot how to live life. Destiny made meet Karan, what should I say about him, just full of life, cheerful but was that enough for me. On first day itself I found out Karan have deep feelings for Preeta, I stopped myself right there. Then I didn’t realize when I Rishab became my support, till now people only took advantage of my helpless but in this cruel world his pure heart and simplicity made me rethink there are still good people exist. Every time destiny stopped me from leaving one way or other but I could not understand the reason, my heart gave answer, Rishab’s love was pulling me back. When mom was there I always felt god made somebody for me and only question came in my mind who would he be, will he understand me?. Before I found answer mom left me alone and my dreams were incomplete. Leaving no choice I had to dance in bar with a responsibility. God gave me answer today my heart only belongs to Rishab I cannot blame him if he does not love me but don’t know why his eyes always tell something. Like he have so much pain inside but his heart is not willing to share. Tomorrow I am going to tell Rishab everything with a hope he will also accept me. I will surprise him by going with them for wedding 

Everybody gets big blow hearing the tape. Sherlyn comes down in her usual clothes and not in bridal dress.

Kareena : Sherlyn? whats all this

“Aunty you know what mom told me before, I should win Rishab’s heart by love this time but with cheat, where did I know that place is already belongs to somebody else Sherlyn walks to Rishab

“You know everything? he asks her


Karan and Preeta shows Rishab’s letter but she is not surprised.

Preeta : see we know you were going to hurt if you found this after, it would be disaster

Karan ; Elina how could you? your one mistake ruined everything, if bhai knew about Piyali he would never agreed to marry

Elina : don’t you understand he did this so you both can marry

Karan : he has to answer my question

Flashback ends

Rishab : Karan? you did this

Karan claps sarcastically

“Really and what you did was right? bhai you hurt me a lot today, you proved my love fake in front of everything by taking this step, you showed me I don’t love you at all Karan gets hurt more than angry

Rishab (tears) : you think I can ever do this, you know much how I love you

Karan : thats why you are doing all this? you didn’t understand my meaning bhai, I told to get married to girl you love

Rishab ; if I didn’t do this you would have never marry Preetaji

Karan : so you chose death for you, today I am feeling disgusted to myself that I could not understand your heart

Rakhi : you all children took such big steps and didn’t bother to inform us

Mahesh : Karan Rishab you both had made joke of marriage and this two girls

Karan : I have not hidden anything from Preeta she knows my decision

“And even Rishab told me everything Sherlyn reveals shocking truth to all


Day before marriage Rishab reveals everything to Sherlyn including his love.

Rishab ; whatever you decide, I will respect, I don’t know if ever I will get my love but at least we can remain friends in our marriage

Sherlyn ; does she love you also?

Rishab ; I don’t know but even if she does I cannot marry her after happened with Kritika and bua due to her dad

Sherlyn : will you do one last thing for me? (cups his face) before our marriage please tell Piyali your feelings relieve this burden.

Rishab : that time passed away long time ago

“There is no limit for love to confess at least Sherlyn tells him

Flashback ends

Sherlyn : uncle he did not hide anything from me thats why I love him the most

Pandit ; auspicious moment is running out.

Karan ; bhai you did what you wanted to, I am calling off this marriage

Rishab ; what nonsense? at least think of the girl who is waiting for you

Rakhi : Karan this is not a joke, Preeta you say something dear

Preeta : aunty I am with him with every decision

Karan ; if you still want me to marry then you have to bring your happiness

Kareena ; Rishab you don’t trust your family enough, I never blamed Piyali for the past

Anu : she won’t marry you

Elina : why not?

“This guilt has taken over her mind due to dad first Kareena aunty lost everything, then Kritika didi got hurt Anu tells them

Karan : today she have to get rid of those fears, bhai go

Piyali sits outside the temple recalling Rishab’s wedding with Sherlyn. He comes looking for her

Rishab : what are you looking?

“looking for peace, on marriage night you should be with your wife she does not look

Rishab : thats where I am

“Don’t joke this time, my heart is not strong to handle Piyali stops him in midway

Rishab shows her small box of vermilion

Piyali ; what are you doing?

“Giving your rights holds her hands and brings inside temple

Piyali : Rishab leave my hand

“Panditji start mantras, today marriage will definitely happen Rishab looks at her

Piyali : I am not marrying you okay just go from here and leave me alone

Rishab : I have not hold this hand to leave, not I won’t leave you alone even for a minute

Piyali : you cannot force me, you forgot what I said I won’t marry you or anybody

Rishab : if I let you go this time maybe I will lose you forever and I am listening to heart

Piyali ; after what my so called cheater dad did to you all I won’t ever face anybody

Rishab ; you forgot your own saying, one should not feel guilty about mistake they never did (holds her hand tightly)

Both takes rounds making promise to each other for standing thick and thin in every situation. Anu does their gathbandhan for taking rounds.

On other side Karan Preeta also complete their marriage rituals.

Rishab fill vermilion in her hairline and ties mangalsutra completing ritual. Karan too fills Preeta’s hairline with vermillion binding her for lifetime commitment.

Pandit : dear now you both are official wife and husband

Piyali looks at the mangalsutra in her neck and prays for her married life.

Suraj ; so you all are officially in same boat welcome guys

Elina : did nobody ever tell you how to behave decency on marriage day

Suraj : I was very decent until you came my love I became too shameless


Precap : The couples share emotional and happy moments.

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