Preeran SS ; Realization Part 53

Quarters house

Piyali looks at the color of her Mehendi that turned out to be extremely dark.

Anu : I heard somebody saying more dark color, husbands’ love is more deep

Piyali : my dear love doesn’t need to be proved by a color of henna they are matter of heart

Nicky : Anu you have school tomorrow go to sleep

“Good night di’ Anu leaves

Guest house 

Preeta admires the color of her henna. Karan comes to her

Karan : what are you looking?

“You know this all rituals are very important for me they have so much meaning hidden, this Mehndi is symbol of our relation Preeta looks at him

Karan ; and for me this precious smile is my gift, you have showed me real importance of marriage, how one needs a partner to share pain more than happiness

Preeta ; after two days it will be our marriage we will be one for lifetime

Phone rings

Karan ; yes my would be bhabhi

“Oh you remember my voice not bad brother in law, keep it up Sherlyn tells him

Karan ; thats why we are perfect devar bhabhi we got great attitude

Preeta : what are you both talking?

Sherlyn ; now listen, I am coming tomorrow but this is surprise for Rishab you won’t tell him

Karan : certain promise, he will be shocked to see you come soon

Sherlyn : and did I miss anything

“You missed lot of fun one more entertainment Preeta reveals everything to her

Sherlyn : god no how did I miss it? I want to see that recording send me right now

Karan : calm down queen of arc, anyway now that you are planning for surprise make sure my brother gets real shock

Preeta : at least show some respect to your brother he is so innocent

Karan ; baby doll this is Sherlyn, his would be wife she should know how to pacify bhai

Preeta : crazy bhabhi devar, you both chat I am leaving now good night move

Karan ; wait I am also coming with you

“I am going to heaven want to come she asks

Karan (laughs) : why not i will follow you everywhere now

Preeta leaves stamping on his feet

Karan : oouch this kareli

Sherlyn ; serves you right ha

“You don’t fly too high okay or else I will tell bhai everything Karan warns her

Sherlyn : no please I said sorry na, and I will be there by tomorrow but make sure you send Rishab out for a while before I come

Karan : okay fine now put phone down I am too tired see you tomorrow

Later at night Piyali and Rishab sees each other through window smiling. Sherlyn gets into his thinking too recalling his decency.

Sherlyn : I can’t wait to see you Rishab (looks at his picture) and in few days our marriage, baby you will be very proud to call him dad (talks to her baby) how can somebody be so nice

“Every time I meet Rishab there is always another feeling in my heart why is he so nice, does he same feelings for me maybe thats why he didn’t agree to marry anybody, maybe I might have misunderstood that day Piyali gets confused

Rishab ; whats so special in this girl every time she leaves her affect her on me? (looks at her given bracelet) how can she always understand whats going in my heart and mind

Oooh Ho…

Tum Ho

Tum Ho Paas Mere

Saath Mere Ho

Tum Yun

Jitna Mehsoos Karoon Tumko

Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon

Tum Ho Mere Liye

Mere Liye Ho Tum Yun

Khud Ko Main Haar Gaya

Tum Ko, Tumko Main Jeeta Hoon

Oooh Ho…

Tum Ho


Aaah Haa Aa…

Kahin Se.. Kahin Ko.. Bhi

Aao Bewajah Chale

Poochhe Bina Kisi Se

Hum Mile

Bandishein Naa Rahi Koi Baaqi

Tum Ho

Tum Ho Paas Mere

Saath Mere Ho Tum Yun

Jitna Mehsoos Karooon Tumko

Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon

The scene freezes on the trio faces with different emotions.

Roo walks on terrace when somebody pulls her in corner rapidly

Roo : what the hell?

“Now even my face bothers you really? here I am killing myself every moment with guilt and you are walking as if nothing happened Kabir twists her hand on wall

Roo : saying me anything won’t change my decision and you think I am enjoying, only my heart knows how I am bearing this

Kabir : then let me break this marriage, what will happen at most Kritika’s heart will break but after marriage she will herself break, right now she will handle herself and I won’t let her feel alone

“You are not understanding, my sister is not that strong to face one more storm and I am already cause of that, please don’t make me more weak, didi’s hands are adorned with Mehndi with your name Roo holds his face

Kabir : and me? do you know that arrow has hurt me right here on my heart

Roo : you have to move on from me, just consider we were not made for each other

Kabir ; so easily you said that I am not big hearted like you Roo (holds her hand tearfully)

“Listen to me you cannot be weak, at least for sake of our friendship please, good night buddy hugs him

Kabir does not let her go but she jerks his hand running away

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja Aai Mere Dil Bata

Tutata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Is Pyaar Me Ho Kaise Kaise Imntihan

Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastan

(Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar

Dilbar Pe Ho Na Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar) – (2)

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja Aai Mere Dil Bata

Tutata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Roo goes to back to her room sobbing recalling her sister happiness and Kabir’s  love for her.

Kaisa Hai Safar Wafa Ki Manjil Ka

Na Hai Koi Hal Dilo Ki Mushkil Ka

Dhadkan Dhadkan Bikhri Ranjishe

Saanse Saanse Tooti Bandishe

Kahi To Har Lamha Honto Pe Fariyad Hai

Kisi Ki Duniya Chahat Me Barbad Hai

(Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar

Dilbar Pe Ho Na Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar) – (2)

Next day everybody starts preparation for marriage.

Rakhi : Nicky, Piyali you both know everything right marriage is tomorrow so there should be no mistake

Nicky : no worries aunty, Daksh (employee) make sure all mandap are properly fixed

Daksh ; yea

Piyali : Nicky why are there four?

“If there are four of course they will 4 not 10 Nicky asks her

Piyali : who is the fourth couple

Nicky : that (gets interrupted) what are you doing? that flower are for decoration of brides

Piyali : so strange I never got to know about other couple (collides with Rishab)

Rishab : I am so sorry

Piyali ; no thats okay, do you need something

“Actually I was going to get gift for Karan, Sameer and Kritika do you want to come if you dont’ have any work Rishab asks her

Karan : this is good chance Preeta go an explode bomb you can do it

Preeta :shut up (goes to them) Piyali I also have some work from market but I can’t go out will you do me a favor

Piyali : yea sure why not

“I want to give gift to Kritika here is the design of that necklace will you pick it up from store Preeta gives her receipt

Piyali : okay should we go

Rishab ; yes (leaves with her)

Karan : wow baby doll you are not terrible at acting either

Preeta makes angry face

Sanjana ; great that girl didn’t inform me, and told her devar I see

Karan ; aunty you won’t understand this is between devar bhabhi no third person allowed (looks at Preeta)

Elina ; why don’t you tell your dear bhabhi to cook for you also, right Preeta

Suraj : honey she is bhabhi not a wife and its your job to cook for us

Rishab Piyali finishes their work and starts heading back when it beings to rain.

Piyali : wow rain I just love it

Rishab ; thats my favorite season okay

Piyali : and its not my fault that our choice are same (laughs) lets enjoy this rain, after long time I got chance

The duo gets of the car to enjoy the weather.

Piyali : I heard sunlight after rain is very beautiful and rainbow

Rishab ; that adds magic right, seven different colors I wish life was also like that

Barsaat ke din aaye
Mulaqat ke din aaye
Betaabiyon ke
Sharaare beetche hain
Yeh saawan ki
Rimjhim jhadi hain
Kadam bekhudi mein
Behakne lage hain
Yeh madhoshiyon
Ki ghadi hain
Barsaat ke din aaye
Mulaqat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke
Us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye
Jalte rahe hum khayalo ke
Lau se sahi humne barso judaai
Cham cham barasti suhani
Ghata ne ajab si agan hain lagai
Barsaat ke din aaye
Mulaqat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke
Us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye

Rishab lifts her up twirling around happily

Na tum hosh mein ho
Na hum hosh mein hain
Behak jaaye na
Tum sambhalo hamein
Gujarish yahi hain tamannao ki
Sanam baajuo mein tha lo humein
Jasbaat ke din aaye
Mulaqat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the
Jinke us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye

Both takes shelter under tree saving from thunderstorm. Piyali gets scared with the noise holding him closely. In the heat of moment duo shares soft kiss but are interrupted by phone call

Karan : bhai where are you come quickly?

Rishab : yea i am coming bye, everybody is waiting for us

Piyali gets uncomfortable with their gesture but also is little happy inside.

Guest house 

Karan : madam get ready your would be husband is coming to shock you

Sherlyn : please stop your bad cranky jokes

Preeta : you didn’t tell us how were the shows

Shrishti : why would she? she would only tell Rishabji how cute

Sherlyn : see you know, everybody else don’t understand I have big surprise

Nicky : oh god, please help my sister she won’t be able to handle all this

Rishab and Piyali comes back home wet

Mahesh ; why are you both wet? I know it was raining but did the roof break of car

Rakhi ; you never see timings to joke, Rishab look who is here (points towards Sherlyn)

Rishab is shocked to see her sudden visit. Sherlyn goes to hug him happily piercing Piyali’s heart again in million pieces

Karan : she bothered your brother too much, explain her after marriage I won’t listen to her

Piyali (stammers) : whose marriage

Elina looks at her with guilt

Preeta : oh my god we didn’t even tell her, Rishabji’s marriage with Sherlyn

Piyali is freezed again with shattered heart and dreams she was aspiring while ago.

Nicky : please hold yourself

Sherlyn ; hi Piyali how are you

She does not respond much

“Now time for big surprise, I got that big contract from Paris league, Rishab is very lucky for me Sheryn keeps holding his hands

Sanjana ; in your happiness don’t forget tomorrow is your marriage lets go back to sleep

Arjun : come on its celebration time, nobody will sleep tonight

Roo : only owl stay up late at night

Arjun ; and only cats can do meow in between

“You she points finger

Kritika ; whats the plan?

Arjun : dance guys, we should have memories of you all couples happy moments

Roo : you think they will have sad moments?

Elina : who knows this poor girls except Sherlyn might come in our hands

Karan : what do you mean except

Elina : now look at your brother and you so much different he is so innocent but is surrounded by siblings born from mental case

Sameer : bhai this is not fair

“Smart people argue better but duffers can’t scientifically proven Shrishti laughs

Suraj ; which big leader said that, just give me the name

Elina : you are saying as if she pointed on you, my husband is so smart proud of you

Dadi : and to add entertainment cough syrup is must right boyfriend

Karan : thank you girlfriend love you

Mahesh ; no way, yaar think about time and day no drinks her

Sarla ; beeji I will throw that cough syrup, this children can’t handle themselves

Sherlyn ; lets start dance na, forget drink

“You have become so sensible good, influence of my son Kareena taunts her

Sherlyn : aunty

All the couples begins to dance when Arjun puts romantic music

Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke

Dil diyan gallan haaye…
Karaange roz roz beh ke
Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke

Sataaye mainu kyun
Dikhaaye mainu kyun
Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake
Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke

“You know Rishab I really missed you Sherlyn talks with him

Rishab’s eyes are focused on the girl whose dreams are crushed. Piyali hurts her hand breaking glass but does not feel pain. Everybody does not hear glass break noise due to loud music

Nicky : your hand is bleeding, let me get first aid box (runs to room)

Rishab feels her pain but is not able to go after her

Nicky : where did she go?

Piyali runs outside without letting tears fall out from her eyes. She feels thorns in her heart more than glass break.

Kabir sees Roo happily dancing with Arjun forgetting his love. His heart pierces too.

Karan : baby doll don’t make wait tomorrow

“On marriage if we don’t make you wait whats the fun my groom Preeta wraps him around

Karan : i am very sensitive you know, something is weird na

Preeta : what?

Karan : i couldn’t see that happiness in bhais’ eyes seeing Sherlyn like he didn’t expected her to come here today

Preeta : dont know about you but I noticed something, whenever he is with Piyali he has different glow and with Sherlyn it looks again he is not interested

Karan ; no way, bhai don’t Piyali he would not agreed to marry Sherlyn, and she is only good friend of bhai

Preeta ; whatever you say but I don’t believe he is happy with Sherlyn his face says it

Karan ; when that day I told you bhai and Piyali looks good you didn’t agree now what

Preeta : things were different na

Karan too starts doubting about Rishab’s feelings for Piyali.

Nicky :I told you before, you won’t be able to handle all this stay away from Rishab

Piyali : I am tired of running away (cries) how will I run away from myself

Precap : Marriage day, final verdict of destiny will take place

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