Preeran SS ; Realization Part 52

On shop 

Rishab and Piyali goes to jewelry stop to pick up necklaces.

Rishab ; hi we have pick of Rakhi Luthra order

Shopkeeper : wait a minute I will be back

Piyali looks at mangalsutra (wedding chain) in the showcase carefully.


Piyali : mom you give this chain to polish every month why

Chaaya : dear this is mangalsutra, it might look just a chain but its very powerful, you are not aware its importance, husband’s long life, seven birth vows, faith to your marriage

Flashback ends

“Why am I looking at something not destined to wear, god have given it those lucky women Piyali puts chain back

Rishab : should we go?

Piyali nods and leaves with him

On road their car breaks down

Piyali : whats wrong?

“I think there is problem in engine Rishab goes to check

Piyali (calls Anu) : why is she not picking up my phone, this girl and Nicky are very careless

Rishab ; engine is very hot

Piyali ; now? (asks nervously) will we go barefoot from here

Rishab ; maybe

“What she makes O shaped

Rishab : just joking, I called mechanic he should be here soon

Piyali : how will we get home, I am so hungry, you know I didn’t eat anything

Rishab : but you are good cook? and now you have got friend too

Piyali : please Nicky and cooking? my Anu is better than her, if I let Nicky go in kitchen. it will take me forever to clean and her food is always burned

Rishab (sits on bonnet with her) : you know I used to cook for Karan when he was kid

Piyali  ; really? why you didn’t have other people to cook

Rishab : sometimes its good to make by your own hands. mom dad used to go out a lot, and you know how Karan is hungry bee

Piyali : my Anu is same, 24/7 she wants to eat something, in any worst situation she will ask for food

Guest house

Anu : uncle, we will take a break now okay, I am very hungry

After Anu put spray on all goons, family tied the goons to pillar with rope

Karan ; even I am hungry

Preeta : are you both crazy? gluttons

“Hello kareli, we did all work what did you do, couldn’t even handle gun Karan taunts her

Preeta : at least I tried, and Anu brought that spray not you, don’t take call credit

Suraj : stop it guys, first think what should we do with this people

Elina : I called cops they will be here soon, till then they are our guests

Suraj : sure why don’t you give them hospitalization, ask what they will have

On road

“Piyali, I always see you working on every profession only for a reason, you didn’t have the dream of real one Rishab asks her

Piyali : my one and only dream was to become surgeon like mom, but responsibilities never gave me enough time to chase after my dream, after mom I didn’t get good work so I started bar dance, then after Palak di died in encounter police needed my help to identity those terrorists and I also wanted to know about mom’s murder, and you

Rishab : football (shows her the big poster on road) I was in college that time when we got selected for tournament but dad got a stroke and I couldn’t go back, even I could not get enough time to live that dream

Piyali : now I have only one hope that Anu will will live our dream which I could not

Rishab : for me only Karan’s success matters and he worked very hard for this day

The mechanic comes and repairs their car.

Rishab : thank you how much?

“500 he says and leaves

Piyali : should we go?

Rishab : yes come (gets in car)

Piyali : god knows whats happening in-house, nobody is picking up phone

Rishab ; I only have hope with Preetaji and Sameer others are busy in their own world

Piyali ; you better not talk about your brother he is crazy and now Preeta also got influence

Rishab ; what do you mean?

“Anu madam saw them last night going out and now both are sick in cold Piyali tells him

Rishab : and what was that queen doing? spying at people

Piyali : she is crazy, wait stop stop

“What is it he asks

Piyali : corn on cob, speciality of monsoon weather please

Rishab : so much noise for that, really?

Piyali (pouts) : please

Rishab : okay lets go

“Uncle two corn on cob Piyali asks excitedly

Both enjoys together after long time forgetting years of bitterness.

Guest house

One of the goon Sumer is able to break the rope and points gun on everybody. He grabs Shrishti tightly through neck

Karan : hey stop

Preeta : please don’t do anything to her, you can take me

Sumer : stop your nonsense, now you and this girl (Anu) will do our work, get all jewelry from everybody and the ones you have in room

“Aren’t you ashamed of making woman do that deed Suraj gets angry

Raghu : you are right we are very bad people and can kill anybody (puts knife on Shrishti)

Elina : don’t bother her me and Preeta will take all jewelry

Anu secretly runs to other side and goes out for some help. She sees Piyali and Rishab coming informing them everything

Rishab : what? I will go teach them lesson

“No wait, they might be dangerous, we should be wise enough, Anu you do one thing Piyali tells her something

Anu : okay di

Rishab : I will get cops don’t know where they are upto

Anu : we called them but they still didn’t came

Piyali : Rishab you go, I will handle

“Take care Rishab leaves to call police

Piyali : you go and get my gun right now then go inside

Preeta and Elina collects all ornaments, money from elders. Karan and Sameer feel helpless seeing view.

Preeta : here is everything

“That ring Damu tells Preeta

Preeta (cries) : I gave you everything but I can’t give this ring please

“Decide what you want this ring or your sister Sumer puts knife on Shrishti

Anu : do you work in KBC show? always give one option

Kritika : Anu be quiet

Anu : didi, I am asking valid question, uncle?

Raghu : no we work in death show, want to see how that goes? (starts walking to her with gun in hand)

Anu throws marble on floor to stop him.

“Sir all goon rushes to him quickly leaving Preeta from grip. The boys pick fight with the goons when the whole big gang comes there with knifes and guns.

“Hey hold them all Sumer tells them and puts knife closely on Anu and bleeds on her neck

Somebody fires bullet on his feet.

“Who is it Sumer looks around

Piyali ; behind you (tells him)

Anu ; didi, what a shot, hey goon uncle

“And how dare you touch my Preeta, you were cutting her finger Karan grabs neck of Damu who was going to cut her finger and beats him black and blue

“Enough, we had enough, you all have to come with us Sumer tells all youngsters

Raghav : and you all elders will stay here and we will take your children as hostage so you don’t open mouth, our goons will surround you

Rishab too comes there

The goons take all youngster as hostage to their den in shuddered area.

Raghu : we should not leave them easily until we find solution

Sumer : they have seen our faces

Preeta : Karan I am scared (holds his hand tightly) what are they going to do

Karan ; as if I am astrologer

“Your sister is one ask her Arjun refers to Roo

Roo : excuse me

Kritika ; guys don’t start here please we are in big trouble

Piyali : guys you all didn’t call police why? you had good chances

Elina ; if anybody got time from making pranks with them

Rishab ; cracking jokes with goon? I am sure it might be this Karan and Shrishti

Karan ; are you my brother or foe, it was not us but this kareli and this Anu

Piyali : Anu learn to be serious sometimes, you could have gone to call cops

Anu ; di scene was so entertaining how would I have left

Kabir ; god has forgot to put some brains in some people

Kritika ; are you talking about me?

“No no I can’t dare to, I was talking about your sister Kabir laughs

Kritika ; why are you all behind my sister? I know she is pea brained but she is not bad

Roo : only you understand me didi

Anu : Rishab bhai I have made all arrangement

Piyali ; to make us die, please don’t use your brains

“Didi I got that from you, see I made this fabulous recording, all these goons are gang of robbers , they are not ordinary ones and government is looking for them Anu has uploaded the video to social media and address to police

Karan : wow amazing, that means we will get out of here soon

The goons sees police coming to their place with big force.

Raghu : no we cannot take this risk, if police find our location

Sumer : bhai I am telling you, shoot all of them

Guest house

Rakhi and Sarla beats all the goon badly with sticks throwing them out. Security hits them

Rakhi ; Sarlaji our children are in danger

Dadi : nothing will happen to them, you see they will come back safely


Police are able to trace the goons location.

Karan ; wait they troubles us a lot, and this girls they should be taught lesson

Elina : when will my karate chops come in use

Suraj ; make sure you don’t use on us

The girls beats goons with sticks funnily. Police takes them away and thanks to whole group for nabbing dangerous gang.

Karan : how will we go home?

Rishab informs Rakhi about their safety and tells to send driver at the place to pick up.

Rishab : mom said she will send driver, I guess we should wait here

Roo : its so hot in here

“I wish inventors had made AC everywhere Arjun taunts her

Roo : whatever

Arjun : you both don’t get tired with fighting same thing again

Karan ; I am very tired, this needs lot of work

“Sir you know I feel you all are problem magnet, like wherever you go something sticks up to you Anu tells Karan

Karan : you know this Preeta di of yours ever since she came in our life, there is no lack of drama and action

Preeta ; at least speak truth in front of kid

Karan ; first of all don’t call her kid (keeps pulling Anu on side)

Preeta : you are teaching her wrong things and spoiling her

Karan ; oh wow you are very simple and decent thats why all villains target on you

Rishab sees Piyali’s hand bleeding while fighting with dacoits. He takes her aside and ties his handkerchief on her injured hand to stop bleeding.

Rishab : at least learn to take care of yourself, we all behaved badly with you but still you help us every time

Piyali : one should not judge by face, they often deceive, we should see heart and they never show wrong path

Rishab holds her hands close to him sharing eye lock. They are interrupted by Anu’s noise

Anu : di please save me they have made me basket ball

Piyali : you deserve it

“Di’ she frowns

Rishab : Preetaji you also became kid with Karan and spoiling her

Anu : only you understand me

While bantering everybody goes back to house. Family thanks Piyali and Anu for showing smartness

Rakhi : we know we made big mistake in knowing you, but you always end up helping

Piyali : aunty please you are making me embarrass, you all are like my family

Karan ; hey, first you should thank me I was the one who brought you

Piyali raises her eyebrows

Karan (hugs her friendly) : sorry for being so rude buddy

Piyali : this emotional does not suit you

After a while families does ritual of haldi for all three couples. Everybody goes to rest before evening Mehndi ceremony

Preeta brings haldi bowl of Karan secretly from downstairs in the room.  She feels his presence in her room bringing back the flood of moments they spent.

“Were you missing me baby doll give her back hug from behind

“No closes her eyes nervously

“Thats why you had put that haldi here, should I help you  turns her towards him

Preeta : karan go from here its not good for us to meet right now (takes step back)

“Really what about our love is it so weak that small ritual can break our foundation blows her hair flying on eyes pulling close through waist and tells to paint him in her love

Both puts their hand together on haldi bowl. Karan runs her hands gently on his face. He wraps his around her whole neck with haldi. She rubs her cheeks on his both sides with small drops of tears in her eyes.

Ang laga de re

Mohe rang laga de re

Ang laga de re

Mohe rang laga de re

Main toh teri joganiya

Tu jog laga de re

Karan hold’s Preeta’s face standing near the window kissing her forehead.

Jog laga de re

Prem ka rog laga de re

Main toh teri joganiyaan

Tu jog laga de re

Ram ratan dhan

Lagan magan man

Tan mora chandan re

Ujli kori preet piya

Satrang laga de re

Ang laga de re

Mohey rang laga de re

Main to teri joganiya

Tu jog laga de re

Everybody gets ready for Mehndi in evening

“Girls put Mehndi properly my both son’s name should be written carefully okay Rakhi tells ladies who are putting henna

Elina adds some entertainment in function for her friends and sister in law.

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

O Hariyali Banno

Le Jaana Tujhko Guiyyaan Aane Waale Hai Saiyyaan

Thaamenge Aake Baiyyaan, Goonjegi Shehnaayi

Shrishti shares her hug with Preeta emotionally and Tanya as friendly

Angnaayi, Angnaayi

Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali

Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan

Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain

Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko

Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

“Come on groom’s family we are waiting or else you want us girls to finish this Elina asks them for dance

Surah : wait what is so hurry movie has just started

O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..

Karan and Rishab joins them too.

O.. aa..
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna

Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna

“Hello ladies and gentleman Mehndi function and without me no chance Arjun voice echoes in house

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Aji rahey jayenge rahey jayenge

Paisewaley dektey rahey jayenge

Le jayenge le jayenge

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

Rakhi : Piyali you also join us in putting Mehndi on hands

Anu : I will also put on my hands

Elina : of course you have rights come I will put henna on your hands

Anu : thank you

Girl puts Mehndi on Piyali’s hands.

Preeta goes out to get fresh air as well as her Mehndit to dry. Her hair troubles blows on face due to high wind blowing. A familiar hand pulls away all the hair and tugs behind her ear.

“Thank you Karan looks at him staring

Karan : why are you looking tired?

“This Mehndi is taking forever to dry I can’t wait for you to find the name pouts

Karan ; Baby doll I don’t need to prove my love but if this makes you happy then fine (puts her hand on her bare waist)

The grooms find name on their bride’s hands happily.

Precap : Sherlyn comes to Pune shocking Piyali who gets to know Rishab’s marriage. Preeta finds out Ruchika’s feelings for Kabir during marriage.

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