Preeran SS ; Realization Part 51

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Piyali : mom always shouted at Anu for not studying properly, her mind was working in other stupid things

Rishab : you didn’t have any other siblings I mean any cousin

Piyali : there was one but like always fate took him away my crazy brother

Rishab : after all this whats your plan? go back or stay here

Piyali : I have nothing there left, me, Anu and Nicky will stay here for our job, she was the only one who I can blindly trust

Rishab : sometime more than close one, outsiders understand us (looks at her)

“I need to go, good night Piyali is about to leave

Rishab (holds her hands) : I am sorry for everything that day you have to hear so much

Piyali : one should not ask apology for something they never did (removes his hands and leaves)

She turns back to see him smiling. Both waves at each other and goes back to their room. Anu sees them through window

Later at night somebody sneaks into Karan’s room secretly. Person turns out to be Preeta who hits him to wake up.

Karan ; let me sleep

“Oye karele wake up she hits him with pillow

She throw water on him

“I didn’t do anything Karan wakes up from sleep

Preeta ; stop its me (turns on light)

Karan ; you? did you get influence with my habits also

Preeta : why not? I am not sleep lets go out

Karan ; don’t ruin my, let me sleep

Preeta : if you don’t wake up then I will call Sophia should I (scares him)

Karan : noo, fine I am coming let me go change

Preeta : 5 minutes downstairs

Karan and Preeta goes out to roadside

“Now what are you thinking Karan asks her

Preeta : Karan don’t you think we did mistake by breaking ties with Piyali

Karan ; did you bring me here to talk about this? seriously (gets little angry)

Preeta : this morning I met Anu, you know what I told you with all this her mind is also affected

Karan : oh come on she is a kid, she won’t understand all this

Preeta : exactly but she is same kid who only have her sister, we did wrong

Karan ; and what about Kritika? her whole life was going to be ruined

Preeta : even Rishabji was going to suffer same fate but he was saved on time, good things happen with good people

Karan feels guilty hearing her words

Preeta : you know what Anu said to me

Flashback (extended conversation)

“Didi you have your whole family, mom, sister, dadi and now in laws who loves you more than a daughter but we have nothing, there is nobody behind my sister who can take stand for  her respect no friend no lover o family Anu emotionally tells her

Flashback ends

Preeta : she was right some people are not lucky enough

Karan ; you might be right, we are blaming her for something she didn’t do intentionally

Preeta : we should make everybody understand her innocence

Karan : I promise soon she will part of our life (hugs her) you are so pure na, you find small happiness in everything

Preeta : don’t praise me so much I am not that good (gets in tears) whenever I see Anu my heart pierces how much that small kid had to see in young life, mom died her sister is struggling everyday

Karan : listen to me you cannot change anybody’s fate, god have written their destinies and who knows maybe her future might be so good than present

Preeta : I have lived that life without mom I know how it feels

Karan : another meaning of life is to move on baby doll you cannot fight with fate , come let me cheer up your mood ice cream

Preeta : look at weather you will get cold

Karan : don’t be so unromantic come, which flavor mango?

Preeta : vanilla

“One vanilla Karan tells vendor

Preeta : why one

“We are also same na, me and you Karan tells her teasingly

Both eats ice creams in cold weather. While coming back duo starts sneezing

Preeta : if anybody gets to know they will make us ice tomorrow

Karan ; good night (runs in his room)

Somewhere in small cottage. The goons make plan to rob at Khurana house knowing they are much rich. All of them changes their attire to go inside posing as caterers.

Next day family holds haldi and Mehndi ceremony together. Piyali makes flower design bracelet for three girls to wear on haldi.

Arjun ; what are you making? thats so gorgeous you are so talented

Piyali : I used to sell this and help mom to get some money

Arjun : you know my sister also loved making such things she was very possessive

Nicky : hey Piyali take this mogra flowers

She starts sneezing

“You know I am allergic to those flowers and still giving me Piyali scolds her

Nicky ; sorry sorry but who will do this I am not good at decorating flowers

Arjun ; why fear when I am here? tell me how

Piyali guides him to make chain of flowers and decorate at the entrance.

Arjun : perfect (stands on ladder)

He loses balance falling at Roo who was standing behind. Both shares eye lock

Galliyan bg 

Roo ; get up, your bones hurt my leg

Arjun ; who told you to stand like cat behind me

“You called me cat? wait I will show you Roo looks for something

Arjun ; wait no hockey sticks or else remember

Roo : sorry Piyali, but I won’t hurt you today

She smiles seeing them fighting

Roo : wow who made this pearls and flower bracelets

Arjun : you don’t have talent so cut your name from list, Piyali made it

Piyali : don’t be so rude, she is a girl

Arjun : from which angle you think, I thought girls are like you, who have manners to talk so politely but look at them

Roo ; and what about you boys? you don’t have manners how to behave with girls

Arjun : ask anybody in my friends group or family they will say one thing nobody is decent like me anywhere

Roo (giggles) : joke of century you and decent, you are devil in form of human

Piyali ; okay cut it enough, you are fighting like kids really

Roo ;  but you see na how he is picking up bones with me

Arjun ; she is my friend she will take my side

Roo ; excuse we know her before you, so she will be my side

Arjun ; you and your nonsensical ideas, which book said that

Roo ; common sense which you don’t have

Arjun : I have much more than you do okay

Nicky : if you both don’t stop fighting my working partner will not able to complete

Arjun ; and you? we called you here to work but I see only Piyali is working

Nicky ; she is my friend and better than me

Rakhi ; how much noise you are making, there is so much work, Roo Arjun you both are busy cracking jokes

Roo : mom you tell him na, he is always fighting with me for no reason

Arjun : you are complaining like a small kid

Kareena ; stop right there, Arjun you go and make sure the caterers have come or not and Roo madam you come with me

Piyali continues with her work when Anu comes to join her.

Anu : let me help you

Piyali : make sure to put those pearls properly

They hear Preeta and Karan sneezing at the same time.

Piyali : look at them

Rakhi : haaye rabba you both got sick

Shrishti : but both are sneezing at the same time so weird na

Rakhi : where did you both go last night?

Karan : mom actually

Anu : aunty last night I wanted to go for ice cream so I asked them for treat and I missed their engagement

Rakhi : really? you told me

Preeta nods to save them

Sarla : I have medicine you both take it

Sameer : then how did you not got sick? you are not even from here

Anu ; thing is my immune power is too strong, we have habit of eating outside food

Rakhi and Sarla leaves


Karan : hey champ thank you but how did you know we went

Anu : I am night queen who have eyes everywhere

Piyali : right but there is shortage of brains

Karan : don’t say anything to my fan she has better sense of humor

Piyali : really? thats why your big fan is good in skipping classes right Anu

Karan : oh hello one does not need to go classes to be smart

Preeta : Piyali dont mind him, he never attended classes so he lacks common sense

Karan ; kareli you

Rakhi : Piyali dear, can I ask you for small favor

“Yes aunty sure she says with smile

Rakhi ; I ordered three necklaces for this girls to wear in ceremony would you go and pick it up

Nicky ; but aunty there is strike of auto and taxis today how will she

Rakhi : I know, Rishab’s car is outside everybody else is busy why don’t you take him

Piyali gets little hesitant but agrees to go

Rakhi : Rishab dear you take Piyali with you to jewelry shop and pick up necklaces

Rishab : okay mom (signals Piyali)

The duo heads to shop together. Rishab turns on the music

Soona Soona Lamha Lamha

Meri Rahein Tanha Tanha

Aakar Mujhe Tum Tham Lo

Manzil Teri Dekhe Rasta

Mud Ke Zara Ab Dekh Lo

Aisa Milan Phir Ho Na Ho

Sab Kuch Mera Tum Hi To H

Their hand touches while changing music.

Goons enter house before ceremony changing attire. They take chance of putting everybody on gun point

“Hey hands up One of them shouts

Raghu : nobody moves we won’t harm anybody but let us do our work

Karan : what nonsense? you don’t do who we are Luthras

Damu ; shut your mouth or else I will blow (grabs Preeta)

Sarla : don’t do anything to my daughter please

Damu ; then be quiet and let us do our work

Anu starts laughing with Karan

Preeta : have you gone crazy

Anu : actually didi, I have seen many goons in movies I thought it would be so much fun in real life but this people are disgrace

Raghu : hey what you mean

Karan : she means you all look like jokers more than goons right

Anu ; only you understand me better I know, I will show real acting wait

“Yeh Gun mujhe de de thakur (give me this gun Thakur)” Anu pretends drama queen in front of the thief and snatches gun and give to Preeta

“Aye, you don’t have status to be chindi chor (thief) and came to rob us ” Preeta puts gun on the goon

Anu ; didi how does this gun work

Karan : being a sister of spy you don’t know, such disgrace you are

Anu : dont’ worry sir I will learn that right now, hey mice give me that gun

“Don’t forget to teach me” Karan tells Anu

Preeta fires bullet accidentally

Karan : are you crazy

Preeta : sorry sorry

“Dear give me gun too, I want to fire in air” Rakhi asks her

Mahesh : Rakhi what are you doing?

Rakhi : nothing will happen, dear please only one time

Karan ; Preeta no don’t give to her

Rakhi : hey don’t move or else I will (fires but hears no noise) there are no bullets

The goons snatch away the gun and loads the bullet

Karan : kareli you don’t do one thing properly

Anu : Preeta di how many enemies you all have in life, more than security guards in Luthra house you all have villains

Karan ; this happened because of this dumbo she creates new enemies, first that Deepak and then Prithvi, Neil

Preeta : who are you calling dumbo? that Akshay and Prithvi were your villains

Karan : but at least they were away when you were not with us

Preeta : what type of person are you? at least talk with respect in front of kid

Karan ; from which angle she is a kid (pulls Anu on his side)

Preeta : at least she knows how to deal with goons (she agains pull Anu)

The goons get irritated with their bantering

Elina : uncle what I am saying you all take this boys with you, save our gold

Suraj : honey I am your precious gold, you girls don’t respect your husbands shameful

Sameer : absolutely, uncle this tall pole have taken away my peace you take her

Shrishti : shorty if I knew you were so mean I would have punched you long time ago

Sameer : see

Roo : I have better option, Raghu uncle this Arjun will chew your brain take him

Sumer (goon) : if anybody says one more word than (fires bullet) quiet

Anu : just like one needs pesticides to kill bacteria, there is pepper spray to clean off society’s’ dirt (takes out bottle of spray)

Karan ; give one

Preeta ; me too

Anu : I only have one bottle, and only smart people keep with them

Precap : Preeta Karan romantic haldi together as well as Rishab Piyali have first intimate moment

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