Preeran SS ; Realization Part 49

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Sherlyn could not join the trip due to some office work and will come after few days. The youngster decides to take tour in city at the lake side except Rishab. The couples goes alone to spend some time.

“Hey baby doll come sit na Karan asks her

Preeta : didn’t you find something weird about Rishabji

Karan : I did but dad did not let me ask bhai and avoided the topic

Preeta ; hey look what they are doing? (sees some children with dolls and making them marry)

Karan : puppets getting married?

Preeta : you never saw that before, sorry how would you

Karan ; should we try taking? remember you said we will take our own vows

Preeta smiles and starts walking to havan kundh near temple. Karan stays in front holding her hands

Preeta : in first round we promise each other to stay together in every situation

Karan : second round

Preeta : we both will respect our families and stunt with them

Karan ; in third vow I will always take give you respect and not let anybody play with it

Preeta : fourth vow no third person will come between us, only you and me

Karan : in fifth vow we will trust each other no matter what situation is

Preeta : sixth round we will never hide anything from each other

Karan ; and last one?

“In last one I will come forward if death comes I will embrace before you Preeta goes in front but is stopped

Karan (holds her hand) : wait if death comes we both will face together

Marriage music behind. Both hugs each other in front of god.

Karan : by the way one more thing is left?

Preeta : what?

“Come Karan takes her to car

Preeta : what are you looking?

“Found it Karan gives her gift

Preeta : what is in it? (starts to open)

“Wait baby doll whats so hurry? look at the gift at home now lets go Karan tells her

Preeta pouts but he does not reveal

Roo goes in church to avoid seeing Kritika and Kabir together. Arjun follows her

Arjun ; what are you doing?

“Ssshhh be quiet ” Roo lights the candle

Arjun is taken aback with her gesture. She prays for her sister’s happiness.

“God you gave me everything but please if my choti is alive she gets this whole world’s happiness Arjun prays too

Roo : should we go?

Arjun : what was this for?

“Its said if we light up candle here and ask anything, Mother mary fulfill that Roo tells him smilingly

Arjun : interesting, you always show me new side of yours

Roo ; you are not bad either (touches his shirt and starts running)

Arjun : hey wait (goes after her)

Piyali picks up the dress from some place and heads to guest house.

Guest house

Rishab is doing some of his work and he feels a similar presence. Wind blows as Piyali starts walking inside the house. She looks around but does not find Nicky

Piyali ; god where did this girl go now

She reaches Rishab’s room who is facing his back

Tu safar mera

Hai tu hi meri manzil

Tere bina guzara

Ae dil hai mushkil

Rishab turns around seeing her standing outside room. Both gets freezed seeing each other getting flood of memories

Tu mera khuda

Tu hi duaa mein shaamil

Tere bina guzara

Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami

Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Junoon hai mera

Banoon main tere qaabil

Tere bina guzaara

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Piyali recalls his bitter words of leaving him forever. She does not move from the place when Rishab starts walking towards her.

“You? he asks her softly

Nicky sees them together

“You are here Nicky taps her shoulder bringing back to senses

Piyali who is standing on edge is about to fall when Rishab hold her through waist. Both share very passionate eye lock.  All siblings come there at same time but does not see Piyali except Elina who is surprised.

Rishab ; what are you doing here?

Nicky ; sir actually we both work in same company and I called her to help me

Piyali : here is the dress

Nicky : thanks, come with me i want to show you something (takes Piyali with her)

Karan : bhai (sees her) what is she doing here

Rishab ; relax she came to help Nicky, employee of that event company

Karan : she always pop up from somewhere

Rishab ; you all came back?

Karan ; oh yes it was I know why you didn’t came, Sherlyn was not here thats why

Rishab : you are too much (leaves)

Luthra family gets shocked to see Piyali

Nicky : actually uncle sorry Sir, I needed some more people and she is very creative

Mahesh : okay (says hesitantly)

Arjun sees her very strangely

“Why did I feel I know her from years Arjun questions himself

Nicky : did you make the list? fantastic I knew you are my life saver

Piyali ; now stop battering, by the way how many marriages are there

Nicky : i heard it was four, one of the bride is not here yet the one whose house this is

Piyali : where is she?

Nicky : maybe in Bombay you forget all that and continue I will be right back

“Karan and Sameer I know who is other couple Piyali gets into thinking but starts working instead

Preeta opens the gift quickly only to find a white and blue dress with simple design.

“I don’t need to praise my baby doll but tonight moon will be embarrassed in front my moon’s brightness, will wait at 9 on terrace love your Karan Preeta blushes holding dress

Shrishti ; on terrace? wow so romantic di

“Now listen to me you have to make sure nobody comes there or else you know Preeta tells her

Shrishti : I promise there won’t be any mistakes love you (hugs her)

Elina : how I wish our partners were so romantic but not they have marred with work

Shrishti ; exactly (curls Preeta’s hair) god knows what type of fitting they did

“Were you talking about me honey Suraj holds her from back

Elina : let it be, you and your love, I know everything (removes his hands)

Suraj : this Karan has made us doomed like seriously

Karan : one needs that charm to woo girls and i am the Karan Luthra

Preeta : oh hello Mr self obsession sometimes look at the world outside

“When dream is so beautiful why should I care about reality Karan pulls her closer

Shrishti : you all don’t make me jealous or else i will vent my anger on your friend (Sameer) right now (stamps the curl iron)

Kritika : why are you torturing poor thing? what can we do if your fianc is unromantic

Shrishti ; Kritu let it be, don’t rub salt on my wounds

Elina ; Shrishti this boys don’t understand our feelings anymore (pretends to be sad)

Suraj ; aww my honey bee is upset no worries we will try our best now promise (teases her)

“Urggh move away idiot Elina goes irritated as well as Shrishti

Sameer : what happened to them?

“You only ask but only to Shrishti not Elina Kritika makes fun of him

Sameer : don’t fly so high or I will tell Kabir to take you quickly

Kritika : don’t mess with me or I will show my karate chops

“Oh my god, Kabir you better be careful in front of her or there will be two fighters in same ring Suraj warns him

Kabir : bhai there eis not need to worry, I know how to handle spicy item

Kritika : really?

Arjun ; thats right, one should know how to handle spiciness or else it will burn

Roo ; you better not say anything, because you will get that type of girl only

Arjun : are you astrologer? then also mention the time and day for my marriage

Roo : how I wish I knew but I would still not tell you, only real man deserves to know that

Arjun : excuse me?

Roo : not the one who are scared of fake ghosts (sees Karan and Suraj)

Karan : insult? wait today I won’t spare you

Roo ; bhai I was just praising you (runs around whole house) Rishab bhai save me

Rishab ; whats going on

Karan : bhai this little one got big tongue I have to reduce that

Rishab : nonsense shut up

“Bhai save me Roo hides behind him

Arjun : wrong people does not know how to argue and give back

Roo ; you? (starts throwing things) did somebody not taught how to talk with girl

Arjun : I know how to but only if you were one, god might be asleep while creating you

“You don’t have limit to this tongue, where is my hockey stick Roo grabs stick

Arjun : hey put that down

Rakhi : Roo what are you doing? stop you all are creating ruckus

Roo : nobody will come in between today, this is between girl and boy

Arjun : correction its boys vs boys

Roo : shut up

Arjun ducks down when stick hits on Piyali

“Oouch she shouts little

Rishab : are you okay? Roo put that down

Arjun : I am so sorry, let me get first aid

“No its okay I am fine Piyali holds her head

Rishab : sit here drink water

Nicky : what happened? Piyali

Piyali : nothing I am okay you all don’t panic

Rishab helps her get up

Kareena ; wow not bad, whole decorations looks very good

Nicky ; thats my friend’s creativity

Sameer : you can give tough competition to other people

Shrishti stares at him. All youngsters except Rishab, Preeta and Elina ignores Piyali’s presence in house.

Nicky and Piyali sits outside talking. Their house is opposite to Khurana’s.

Nicky : I am so sorry, if I knew this earlier I had never called you

Piyali : don’t be sorry thats fine, its part of job, and I will stay here till whole marriage

Nicky : working in marriage house has different feel

Piyali : right that time is very special and for girls very emotional

Nicky : not girls like us, I am very tired I will go to sleep you also take some rest good night

Piyali : good night you go I will come

Nicky ; okay bye love (leaves)

Piyali looks outside the house decorated. While everybody is chatting Preeta runs upstairs to meet her Karan desperately She sees whole terrace with flowers on floor and lightning.

“Welcome to our small world baby doll’ Karan calls her in the tent

Preeta : oh my god this is so cute (sees their pictures inside tent)

Karan looks at the dress she wore.

“By the way you look very hot tonight Karan tells her sensually

Preeta : you are not looking bad (wraps arm around him)

Karan : you are in romantic mood today, look what I got for you

“Samosa and jalebi thats my favorite Preeta smells the food

Karan : I can do anything to see this precious smile on your face

Both feeds each other lovingly. Karan shows his childhood album

Karan ; wasn’t i cute from childhood?

Preeta laughs

“I am offended, you think I was not cute Karan pouts

“You are my prince charming, nobody can be like you ever Preeta kisses his cheek

Karan : this picture was when we went to Darjeeling trip, I got hurt in leg and bhai carried me on back

Preeta : so nice, he loves you a lot, you know even Shrishti used to hurt her leg, and then dad always scold her (gets emotional)

Karan consoles his baby doll pulling into soft kiss holding her face. Much to his shocking Preeta reciprocates with passion.

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan Dhadkan Bani Zubaan Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan Dhadkan Bani Zubaan Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Karan slides down shoulder putting small kisses from back.  She closes her eyes while laying down. Karan stops himself remembering their promise

Preeta : we should not cross our limits before marriage

Karan : I am sorry don’t know how it happened

Preeta : its too late, I should leave good night

Karan nods while she leaves

Rishab gets restless recalling Piyali again.

“Why did you come back, making things difficult for me again he gets little furious

Anu : no di I won’t let you go there, Nicky di can find somebody else

Piyali : but we are already shortage of people and you know her she can’t manage alone

Anu : didi those people don’t like you, why you want to insult yourself

Piyali : listen to me I know how to handle personal and professional life okay go inside

Anu ; fine go and put yourself down if this time anybody said something I won’t tolerate (runs in)

Elina stays annoyed with Suraj for ignoring her

“You are my sweet honey bee, how can I stay away from you Suraj carries her in arms

Elina : what are you doing leave me?

Suraj ; fulfilling my sweetheart’s wish, I also have to show much I love her

Elina smiles in his arms. Both consummates their marriage romantically.

Next day bright sunshine rises

Preeta wakes up early in morning before everybody. She sees her sister sleeping like always and not wake up. Karan wakes up before his siblings going out for walk. He does not see Preeta in the whole house.

“Baby doll where are you Karan goes outside

He hears beautiful noise of anklet this time and not get scared like every time. Preeta runs in grass wearing blue salwaar covering face with duppatta.

Preeta : Manwa Laage.. O Manwa Laage

Laage Re Sanware

Laage Re Sanware

Le Tera Huya Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka Ye Gaanv Re

Manwa Laage.. O Manwa Laage

Laage Re Sanware

Laage Re Sanware

Le Khela Maine Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka

Hai Daav Re

Karan (removes duppatta from her face) Musaafir Hoon Main Door Ka

Deewana Hoon Main Dhoop Ka

Mujhey Na Bhaye.. Na Bhaye, Na Bhaye Chaanv Re

Preeta (walks holding his hands) : Manwa Laage.. O Manwa Laage

Laage Re Sanware

Laage Re Sanware

Le Tera Huya Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka Ye Gaanv Re

Hey Hey

Preeta : Aisi Kaisi Boli Tere Naino Ne Boli

Jaane Kyon Main Doli

Aisa Lage Teri Ho Li Main, Tu Mera..

Mm.. Tune Baat Kholi Kacche Dhaago Mein Piro Li

Karan (lifts her from back ) : Baaton Ki Rangoli Se Na Khelun Aise Holi Main

Naa Tera..

O.. Kisi Ka Toh Hoga Hi Tu

Kyun Na Tujhe Main Hi Jeetun

Khule Khabon Me Jeete Hain, Jeete Hain Baaware

Mann Ke Dhaage, O Mann Ke Dhaage

Dhaage Pe Saanwre

Dhaage Pe Saanwre

Hai Likha Maene Tera Hi, Tera Hi, Tera Hi To Naam Re

Both lays on grass together holding hands and looks at each other

Precap : Karan Preeta engagement. Goon sequence during Mehndi sequence

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