Preeran SS ; Realization Part 48

Luthra house 

Rakhi : wait wait where are you rushing? (stops Karan, Kabir and Kritika)

Kritika : mami please let us come na

“Whats so hurry madam, you have done such wonderful job, rest of them can come inside, you three stay here Kareena teases them

Roo : you are right bua, this two have did such big job they deserve gift

Rakhi does aarti of Karan first for winning the international

Mahesh :all hugs to only mom, show some love to your dad also

“Dad love you Karan hugs him with smile

Mahesh ; very proud of you

Karan ; thanks dad

Kritika is about to enter but is stopped again

“You are so desperate, I am thinking I should call Pandiji and get you married right now what say Elina Kareena tells her

Suraj ; you said such great thing aunty at least now he will give some space to his bhabhi

Elina : hey have shame, his would be wife is standing here

Suraj ; she also knows there are big nut case in our family

Rakhi : didi why are you teasing her? look how she is getting red, Roo get that plate

Roo : yes mom

Rakhi does their aarti together (Dharmic music in bg) while Kabir is looking at Roo who runs to her room secretly. She locks herself in washroom sobbing loudly.

Roo : why did you do this with me bappa? I asked for only one thing and you could not give me that wholeheartedly

“Nothing will happen complaining to god, you brought this to yourself Kabir comes to room

Roo : what are you doing here? somebody will see you just go

“I won’t go Kabir pulls her closer

Roo ; leave my hand (tries to leave but ends up being more tight) don’t forget you are going to be my sister’s fianc

Kabir : you are doing wrong to three lives, and mind it Ms Ruchika you will be behind your sister’s pain and tears

Roo : I am already responsible, but won’t do mistake again

Kabir : fine I will marry Kritika but on one condition you have to marry somebody else

Roo : you have lost it? how would I marry? you forgot I need a boy to marry

Kabir : why? you are famous Ruchika Luthra, there are line of boys right

Roo : you don’t know I am more stubborn than others, and if you think of ditching my sister then you don’t know what I can do

“Roo where are you ” Kritika comes to her room shocked

Roo : di (leaves his hand)

Kritika : whats going on here?

“Nothing you know we both have normal arguments, your sister is getting emotional that I am taking you away Kabir goes to her

Kritika : oh hello don’t teas her, you know what I love her the most in whole world (hugs her)

Roo : and nobody is allowed between us

Kritika : and Mr your bhabhi is calling you

“Bye Ruchika Kabir waves her

Kritika : your both fights will never end, I am very happy today now you also quickly find somebody

Roo : di you know me I am not meant for such things na, and marriage no way

Kritika (taps her head) : fool I hope you get guy who will keep you on toes and straighten your mind, big fat ego you carry

Roo : you are there to help me (hugs her)

Kareena : Elina, Suraj we want to know what you both think, you both are elder for Kabir, you are okay for this alliance right

Suraj : aunty why do we mind? I mean I am very happy at least I will get some relief

Elina ; yea right till now you were suffering

Suraj : did you say something?

Elina : no no do I have guts to speak in front of my husband, god will not forgive me

Rakhi ; hayee so cute, nobody cast evil eye

Kareena : good then we will call Panditji and fix the dates for engagement

Rakhi : didi I think we should have all children’s ceremony on same days

Mahesh ; you got smart brain love you wifey

Karan ; because she is our mom

“Hello, she is your dad’s wife first and only then you were born Preeta says

Karan : was it necessary to taunt me

Preeta : god forbid I cannot do that

“Kareli I won’t spare you today Karan runs after her to their room

Preeta gets shocked to see their pictures in room and Karan Rishab as well

Preeta : oh my god you made your room as photo studio so many pictures

“Baby doll, see you and bhai are very much important I can’t do partiality, mom said when wife is pregnant the person she sees more baby comes like him, I want our baby to be like you Karan holds her face

Preeta ; like us, you know how I am feeling right now

Karan : how?

“World’s luckiest girl, that I found you plays with his shirt buttons

Karan : there is a guilt inside me, its killing me inside everyday

Preeta ; guilt for what?

“We all are getting married and bhai is alone, I actually told him that I won’t marry you until his bride enters this house I am sorry’ Karan apologizes to her holding hands

Preeta (cups his face) : hey listen to me, I have nothing against you, and Rishabji is no just your brother but my friend even I want him to get married with a nice girl

Karan : I won’t be able to marry you till Rishab agrees (hugs her) sorry baby doll

Preeta : now don’t be emotional it does not suit your cool attitude, we both are destined for lifetime, and I can wait for you whole life

Karan : I love you (kisses her forehead)

“Love you too Preeta embraces him

Rishab hears Karan’s conversation again and decides to take another big step for his brother’s happiness.

“Mom Rishab knocks

Rakhi ; why are you knocking, come inside

Rishab : I am want to talk something important with you

Mahesh ; dear you always have important, not like your brother have cracking jokes

Rakhi : why are you joking? you say dear

“Mom I am ready to marry Sherlyn, I wanted to tell you this earlier but then her pregnancy came in between Rishab says

Mahesh ; what are you saying?

Rakhi ; Rishab such decisions cannot be taken in haste

Rishab : mom, even I feel I should bring a girl in my life and as far as her pregnancy goes, I will accept her child if you all are fine

Kareena ; Rishab, dear we have not forced you for anything

Rishab : bua, I am in my senses and rest I will leave at you all

Rakhi : then we will talk to Sanjana ji tomorrow

Kareena : don’t worry bhabhi i will talk with her but Rishab think once again

“For my Karan’s happiness if i have to do anything I will do bua Rishab says in mind

Next day everybody are surprised with Rishab’s decision.

Karan : but bhai suddenly agreed, I smell something fishy

Mahesh ; you better not use your brain, he agreed by his own nobody forced

Sherlyn who has returned back is extremely happy with his decision.

Sherlyn ; mom I am so happy today

“Now stop jumping, your kid will also get affected inside Sanjana asks her

Sherlyn : that means Rishab liked me but I know he is very reserved person

Elina questions Rishab about his sudden decision of marrying Sherlyn

“Marry Sherlyn? have you lost it Rishab, I can’t believe you can take such big decision Elina gets little furious

Rishab : you don’t know my brother he is very stubborn but he forgot I am his elder brother

Elina : this is not competition of who loves more its about marriage not a joke

Rishab : I know but someday I have to move on in life and Sherlyn also needs a friend

Elina : oh my god I don’t believe this, you cannot ruin yourself and god forbid if Karan finds out what you did, he will completely refuse to marry Preeta

Rishab ; but I won’t let him find out and by that time I will be married with Sherlyn, she is also nice caring what else I need the girl who loves my family like own

“But you don’t love her, will you ever forget Piyali she rules on your heart nobody can understand you more than her Elina says

Rishab ; what difference does it make? when I sent her away by myself and you won’t tell anybody about this if you consider me your brother (leaves)

The elders gets the date fixed about all couples ceremonies. Ring ceremony after two days, haldi Mehndi after that and marriage in two weeks.

Sanjana ; since all dates are fixed, we should hire event organizer

Kareena : yea right this time we cannot tell Shrishti either its her marriage also

“Aunty you all don’t worry at all, I have contacts with biggest event company they will sent their employee Sameer says

Sanjana : actually Kareena, Rakhi ji I wanted to talk something important

Rakhi ; please go ahead

Sanjana ; actually Sherlyn’s dad’s last wish was her marriage happens in our Pune ancestral house if you all dont’ mind

Kareena ; why would we? right bhabhi

Rakhi ; of course then we will start making arrangement, how about all our children’s ceremony takes place there Sanjana ji

Sanjana ; that would be big honor for me, and they are like my children only

Arora house

Karan comes home running to give Preeta good news. He twirls her around

Preeta : hey put me down I am feeling dizzy whats wrong with you

Karan : baby doll now you don’t have to wait for lifetime bhai has agreed to marry Sherlyn so our dates are fixed

Preeta : oh my god really? (hugs him)

Shrishti : how romantic, I wish your brother was little bit like you

“Were you saying something about me Sameer holds her from back

Preeta : what were you saying lambu

Shrishti ; di don’t interrupt, I was praising you shorty don’t mind I am your fianc

“Wow thank god you told me I completely forgot about it Sameer keeps holding her

Karan : guys we all siblings are getting married except Roo

Preeta : spare her, she is a kid think about her later okay

Sameer : I still can’t believe Sherlyn is marrying bhai

Karan : mom said they will perform haldi and Mehndi their other rituals are done before

Preeta : most surprising Kritika Kabir our newly couple both look so cute na

Shrishti : di that reminds me we have to do so much shopping

Sameer : then hear latest news we are going to Pune for wedding

Shrishti : oh my god one more trip, people don’t travel world tour more than that we are going around everywhere

Preeta ; I know, we just came back from South Africa and now here

Karan ; its good na, we get time for romance, that will be fun guys chill

Shrishti ; when are we leaving

Karan ; in two days our engagements are coming so tomorrow

Preeta : so early?

Karan ; don’t make that face

After two days everybody leaves for Pune. The families reach Khurana house in few hours. 

Karan ; that was just amazing

“Arjun, did you talk with that employee when she is coming Rishab ask him

Arjun : bhai I called her she will be here soon

“Excuse me a voice comes

Arjun : yes

“Are you waiting for me, I came from that event management company, by the way my name is Nicky girl introduces herself

Everybody greets her

Rishab : you remember there are four weddings here no mistakes

Nicky : Sir you don’t worry, this will be memorable marriage for you all

Arjun ; Nicky why don’t you start your work today, engagement is tomorrow

Nicky : sure Sir no worries

The youngster put their luggage in different room. Karan takes room close to Preeta and Shrishti smartly

Nicky : oh god so much work, I definitely need a partner (calls somebody) Piyali my buddy I need badly only you can save me

Piyali : what happened now?

Nicky : see I have so much work here, and I cannot go out can you come to help me and on way can you pick dress of one of the bride you only have to pick up I will send you address

Piyali : okay fine don’t start ranting I will be there soon

Nicky ; love you, bye

Precap : Engagement ceremony of all couple. Arjun feels strange connection with Piyali. Karan Preeta romance continues

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