Preeran SS ; Realization Part 47


Preeta asks the manager for key

“I am sorry ma’am but that room is closed from so many months Manager says

Karan ; thats impossible, how can somebody go inside

Rishab : you please be quiet

Sameer ; can you give us keys to open? just to make sure

Manager agrees after lot of thinking and gives them key to enter the room. Karan keeps holding Preeta as well as Suraj holds Elina tightly.

Roo : what if there is really ghost (tells Arjun)

“It will first scare you with anklet noise, then pounce on leg, slowly ghost will come in your body then Arjun scares her

Roo shouts in fear

Kritika ; hey smarty don’t scare my sister, nothing is there (consoles Roo)

Roo : didi I am very scared please hold me

Rishab opens the door without any fear.

“Bhai please be careful Karan tells him

Preeta : you don’t have to tell him, he is very mature than you all

Karan ; baby doll this is no time to joke

Preeta : really? look who is talking the one who have no limits

Rishab : shut up guys please save this for later lets go (opens lock)

Suraj ; jai hanuman guan gun sagar

Elina : how do you know she is indian ghost what if she don’t understand this prayer?

Suraj : honeybee look I am not in mood of cracking jokes

Everybody starts walking inside with so many fears in dark.

Rishab ; turn on the lights

Preeta : manager said this room lights are not working

Karan : ah (hugs her tightly)

While walking inside all of them find nothing except furniture.


Shrishti : shorty did you hear that noise, please be with me

Sameer makes fun of her. Rishab looks around some pictures when a mouse runs over all of them. Everybody shouts except Rishab and Preeta. Karan jumps to his brother in fear.

Rishab ; there is nothing in here, lets go

Preeta : see clearly Mr loser luthra, there is nobody here

Elina : you boys are disgrace to man seriously now lets go

After all of them leaves a frame on wall moves down little bit.

Rishab : okay everybody go back to your room and Karan I will come with you

Preeta: good night

Somewhere in india 

Anu walks on road depressed recalling her sister’s struggle after their mom died. The insult her sister faced everyday and working hard to raise her up. She does not realize the car coming behind her and gets unconscious. The person finds Piyalis’ number from her pocket diary.

Piyali : excuse me, I am Anu’s sister somebody brought her here where is she

Nurse : she is Room 206

Piyali runs upstairs with distress with all bad feelings coming in her mind. She sees Anu sitting on bed holding her knees

She looks up

Piyali (hugs her tearfully) : my child, you scared me like hell, how many times I told you to cross road carefully

“Didi Anu sobs in her arms

Piyali : why is my chirping bird crying today? did anybody said something

“Di why this is happening to us, we never did wrong or thought bad about anybody why can’t we live normally like others Anu pours her emotions

Piyali : why are you saying that?

“I can’t see you like this, you are killing yourself everyday so I can stay alive, I don’t have courage to see you like this Anu says

Piyali ; listen to me god is testing us, when your sister have not lost her courage with so much why are you getting weak

Anu : di I don’t like to see when anybody insult you

“Look at me, your sister is very strong she will not let anybody play with self respect and you are my only hope to live, please don’t say again you will leave me Piyali consoles hugging her

Anu : why does nobody see your goodness? everybody always look at wrong side

Piyali : every person has their own view to judge others, we cannot blame them (recalls Rishab’s words) but we never know whats inside their heart

Anu ; if our mom dad were with us our life would never be like this, you might be married happily by now

Piyali goes into flashback of her father abusing her.

South Africa

Arjun and Rishab feels restless about something.

“Why do I feel somebody close to me is in pain, my heart is also feeling that Arjun talks to himself


Small Arjun is playing his younger sister carrying on his back. Both feeds each other lovingly. He used to call her Choti

Choti : bhai this gift

“For my beautiful sister, a small gift ” Arjun gives her bracelet

Choti : love you bhai (gives him hug)

Flashback ends

Rishab ; I hope everything is okay, I feel something is not good (sees Piyali’s bracelet he kept in pocket)

Later at night Suraj goes out of room for fresh air when he hears some noise. He turns around terrified and stands out of the haunted room.

Same noise Karan heard before. This time door is opening itself

“Come inside a girl says sweetly waving hands towards him

Suraj : noo (starts shouting) Elina, honey please save me

Elina does not hear his voice in deep sleep. He wakes her up quickly

Elina : what is it? let me sleep now

Suraj ; there is somebody in that room, she called me inside

Elina (in sleep) : then go na why are you disturbing me

Suraj ; she will take me with her

Elina hits him with pillow and goes to sleep again not listening to him.

Next day everybody meets again downstairs. Karan and Suraj are still under shock.

Preeta : just look at their faces, hello our beloved at least change your mood now

Suraj : I am very angry at Elina

“Why? what did I do she asks him

Suraj : you told me to go with that ghost yesterday

Rishab : you both are still yesterday’s headline lets go now

A small marble comes near their feet.

Preeta : wow marble amazing but where did it came from

Karan : how would we know?

Later when everybody comes back from tour. They see lights blinking in whole corridor scaring girls this time.

Karan : now say there is nobody

Preeta : is there really someone here? Rishabji this boys were right

Elina : lets go check that room again

Suraj : yea yea why not lets go, she will welcome you with flowers

Kabir : should we really go inside? what if we get trapped this time

Kritika : we all are not even married yet

Roo looks at her

They goes inside the room again. This time there is bridal jewelry, lehenga on table.

Preeta : ah

Karan ; what happened now? go and talk with the ghost.

The ghost appears in front of them under veil and all hair in front of face.

All shouts together and looks for place to hide in room

“You all didn’t do good by coming inside she starts walking towards Karan Preeta first

Karan ; no no (cries like child) kareli now save me from her

Preeta : I am not god who will get rid of ghosts okay

Rishab looks something in dark and turns on his phone flashing. He sees a person hiding behind the couch and runs after him.

“Hey wait somebody is there Rishab runs after the hooded guy

Karan: bhai, something is wrong

The girls hold the bride together and brings outside the hotel.

Shrishti ; who are you? what do you want

Rishab beats the guy as well as other boys

The boy and girl are named Kaya and Rahul who are runaway from their house.

Suraj : who are you both?

Rahul : we both love each other very much but our parents were against all this so we had to run from our house

Kaya : whatever you all heard or saw was our plan, we both came here the night Karan’s won match, we thought you all will realize our presence since whole hotel is empty so we charade this drama to make you all leave

Karan ; I don’t believe this, for your benefit you were scaring us like hell

Preeta : if you both love each other so much then convince your parents, by running away won’t do good, did you both thought how much your family might be hurt

Rahul : you are right, we will go back and convince them

Kaya ; thank you for support, Rahul lets go

Arjun :Rishab bhai one thing I must say you were not scared of anything

Karan ; he is my brother after all, love you (hugs him)

Rishab : now stop with your battering

Preeta : he only knows how to make such sweet talks and trap person

Karan : hello kareli you better not say anything

Next day everybody reaches airport to go back at their home.

Arjun (asks Rishab who is lost in thoughts)  : what are you thinking bhai?

Rishab ; nothing this love is so strange sometimes when its close we don’t realize how much deep that is and when it goes away we realize its importance

Arjun : if we respect our love they would never go away from us (looks at Roo who is busy with Shrishti)

Elina : our flight is announced lets go

Arjun : come bhai

In flight Roo is about to sit next to Kabir but goes with Arjun again seeing Kritika.

Kritika ; mom will be very happy, I will surprise her when we go back (rest on his shoulder)

Kabir feels guilty for hiding truth from her seeing the love she is carrying for him. Karan and Preeta have some romantic moments feeding each other in flight.

Suraj : when will you feed me like this

“What she widens her eyes

Suraj : nothing lets continue eating

Elina feeds him smilingly. Kritika burns her hand while touching bowl.

“What are you doing, be careful Kabir blows her finger

Kritika is lost in him

Arjun : Ruchika madam are you not hungry

“Roo, call me that name people close to me says that Roo smiles at him

Arjun shows her picture of his childhood with his young sister.

Roo : wow she is so beautiful, you might be missing her badly

Arjun : she was my jaan but circumstances took her away from me

Roo : who knows she might be close to you and you don’t recognize her

Arjun : this high level talking does not suit your personality

Everybody reaches back to Mumbai peacefully this time.

Precap :  Preeta and Karan’ pre marriage ceremony starts. Rakhi requests Sarla to take wedding in Pune at their ancestral house for both couples.

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