Preeran SS ; Realization Part 45

Sunset point

Kritika breaks the hug holding his shoulder

“We should go its getting late Kabir starts walking but sees her standing facing sunset

Kritika ; can we sit for little while please, if you want to go you can don’t worry

Kabir : I cannot leave you alone here (sits next to her on the edge) at least I am some use to you

Kritika : I guess much more (laughs)

Kabir ; can I ask you something if you don’t mind?

“Will you not if I say no asks him teasingly

Kabir : after all this whats next plan? job or again marriage

Kritika : I am still not ready for marriage, I want to do something for work related

Kabir : what’s your work? I never knew

“i wanted to be a journalist but for that one needs lot of courage and I am not that strong Kritika shares her fear

Kabir ; you don’t needs guts to fulfill your dreams but confidence in yourself maybe you lack that

Kritika ; you are right, whole life I was under shelter of my family thats why I could not stand against Akshay’s torture

Kabir : I told you before dont’ look back, past is not to make weak but learn from that

Kritika : why are you so nice?

“Dont praise me much, just that I saw this world like my brother at young age so we can judge people easily Kabir puts hand on her

Kritika : sometimes life give you such experience and you learn from them

Kabir : bhai was always busy in work, after bhabhi came he just got distracted (laughs)

Kritika : whatever you say, she is really bomb

Kabir : now can we go, I gave you long lecture

“Yea she agrees happily

Kabir gives hand to her which she happily holds. Both starts walking when she is setting

Shrishti is coming to Sameer and Karan’s room. Karan is about to leave from door when he hears anklet noise in corridor scaring him again.

Karan : not again this ankle whoever made this rot in hell (curses)

Unaware to him Shrishti’s anklet is making noise.

“Hey where are you hiding, I know you are inside now come out Shrishti bangs on door

“Jai Lord hanuman please save me Karan covers himself in duvet

Shrishti (says in scary voice) : hey shorty come out, or else I will break the door

Preeta : what are you doing?

Shrishti : di see na that shorty is not opening door, I am banging (knocks hard)

Sameer comes there. Girls are shocked

Preeta : you are here?

Sameer ; where do you think I was? ah I see bhai is inside the room

Preeta ; then why is he not opening door

Karan gets scared and hides behind Preeta hearing anklet noise

Preeta : what? (laughs)

Karan : do you hear that noise

Elina : what noise?

Karan : duffer that anklet, I don’t know which unlucky person made that jewelry

Suraj : what happened again

“Anklet noise Karan holds Preeta from back

Suraj holds Elina too : ghost

Elina : what nonsense

Shrishti (walks forward) : Sir listen

Karan ; see that noise again

Preeta : excuse me, it was Shrishti who was wearing it and banging door

Karan : Shrishti?

“Yes Sir I came to see this shorty but he was outside and then you got scared, please don’t say anything to my anklet your brother gave me Shrishti says blushing

Karan (fumes) : Sammy idiot, fool whole night you sleep with her dreams and taking away my sleeps, didn’t you find any other gift to give her (beats him funnily)

Sameer : bhai what are you doing?

Preeta : okay stop enough, poor him, you both are so coward seriously

Suraj : ever since I watched that movie, my heart is pumping fast when I hear noise

Elina : that noise was of coin and he thought it was anklet one

Rishab : what has gotten to you both? there is nothing here stop ranting

Karan and Suraj leaves their respective beloved.

Rishab : your team is here go down, coach is calling both of you

Preeta and Karan goes to meet coach

Coach : hello captain all good

Karan ; yes Sir

Rohan ; by the way why is hotel so empty?

Manager : actually Sir due to off season, hotel is not full so you all be comfortable

Coach : thanks, and you all can rest we will meet at field tomorrow morning

Preeta : and captain will wake up at 4

Karan glares at her

Coach ; Karan (calls him)

Karan : sorry coach, I will be on time

Coach ; good night everybody

Karan stares at Preeta who is smiling with everybody

Preeta : what? you are staring as i am ghost

Karan (irritated) : shut up, you love seeing me scared but from now I will not get scared okay

Preeta : really? we will see hmm (leaves with attitude)

Karan ; I will show you what attitude is my love wait and watch (text Shrishti something)

At night after everybody sleeps Karan goes to Preeta’s room but does not find her

Karan : where did she go? this girl

He gets annoyed when she is not in room. Karan walks in corridor texting on phone when he reaches to the corner room. Preeta comes in front of him scaring him

“Booo Preeta laughs

Karan : oh my god, baby doll you know I am very sensitive it and still making this

Preeta : I am so sorry, but you were still using old trick to meet me

Karan : you knew?

Preeta stands crossing her arms. She saw his message on Shrisht’s message to keep door open

Karan : thats not fair you are spoiling my plans (pouts like child)

Preeta : aww so cute come lets go out

Karan : you are holding a guys’ hand in middle of night have some shame

Preeta : I am going to sleep good night (walks)

Karan ; baby doll wait, I am also coming (runs after her )

The door both were standing opens slowly

Preeta ; i don’t want to hear anything

Karan ; so you will not listen to me?

“No Preeta stays firm

Karan : fine (lifts her in arms)

“Now you are not ashamed of carrying a girl in arms in midnight Preeta taunts him

Karan takes to their practice ground holding her in arms all the way

Preeta : now put me down

Karan : thank god we are here, my back is hurting, massage it please

Preeta : I know slap massage very well should I try it on you

Karan : I will happily get slapped from you (holds her close)

Preeta : Mr Luthra you are crazy, in few hours you have practice

Karan : weather is so romantic and you are concerned about practice

Preeta : if you don’t win this match then

Karan (leans to her) : then

“I will go away from you Preeta says funnily

Karan : if again you talk about going away from me then mind it I will die (leaves her)

Next moment he feels passionate kiss on his lips which he reciprocates quickly.

Preeta : did you get your answer?

Both shares eye lock and starts walking back.

Karan : Paune Bara Baje

Dono Ghar Se Chale

Whats Going On

Whats Going On

Soye Hain Raaste

Yeh Kaha Ham Chale

Whats Going On

Whats Going On

Preeta : Bulaya Kisine Tumhein Kya

Yaha Jo Tum Lehrake Aaye

Kare Ham Jo Chahe Tumhein Kya

Jo Aaye Hamko Samjhane

Both : Ham Toh Chale

Pitche Tum Ho Pade

Whats Going On

Whats Going On

Paune Bara Baje

Dono Ghar Se Chale

Whats Goin On

Whats Going On

Hey Hey Hey

Hey Hey Hey

The duo reaches back to hotel and goes to sleep. Everybody enjoys the trip for few days. Arjun finds Roo very fascinating behind her jolly nature. Kabir and Ruchika comes close than before. Kritika’s feeling also gets deepens for Kabir with time. He decides to confess love to Roo after Karan’s match.

International match 

Karan and his team goes to the cricket match for the biggest match of their life. Today’s match will decide their fate of playing in future. The stadium is filled with people’s hopes, expectation and honor of their countries. Karan recalls his brothers’ words of playing it for himself more than anybody.

The coin tossed gets in favor of rival team and starts with their batting. Karan bowls with all the energy but Rohan drops many catches.

The rival team score 295 runs, losing only three wickets in half time  Karan passes his century, while most of the later wickets fall. Rohan returns to bat with the help of a runner and passes his half-century, reducing the target to 30 runs of 18 balls. The game goes down on the last over with Vicky on strike and team remains for one ball and down five runs.

He hits the ball up in the air towards the boundary.

Everything freezes in the moment and only focus on the ball in air. One of the rival team catch that but realizes he caught the ball outside the boundary giving it six runs to Karan’s team. This leads to the victory of Indian team and winning the international. People raise their flag up as the symbol of their honor and victory. The whole team lifts up Karan while Rishab and whole family gets in tears after seeing how their son made whole country proud.

The team lifts Karan in air for victory. He runs to Preeta and hugs her happily. Coach makes him wear the gold cloth on shoulder

Karan ; There are lot of people behind this success, coach, my team mates thank you guys, my brother who is everything to me and gave me courage, one last call to the person who is my inspiration she did not let me get weak, Preeta thank you for best thing in my life

Preeta gets in tears hearing his words and runs to hug him emotionally. He bends on his knees proposing in front of whole stadium

Karan ; will you always stand with me like this? become my inspiration

Preeta nods

Shrishti : congratulation Sir

Karan ; thank you my sister in law

Coach and team raises their flag and sings national anthem.

Rishab ; i am so proud of you

Karan : thanks bhai


Anu is passing from a place when she sees everybody talking about Karan’s victory. She gets excited at first but stops herself recalling her sister’s insult. She leaves from there

South Africa 

Kabir makes preparation in hotel banquet hall. He tells hotel waiter to give the letter to Roo who is standing with Kritika in lobby.

Waiter : which girl sir?

Kabir : that girl in black dress (Roo and Kritika are wearing different design black dress) hurry up

Roo leaves before waiter comes to her. He misunderstands it to be Kritika and gives the letter

Kritika ; yes?

Waiter : somebody gave this letter for you

Kritika : for me?but who gave it

Waiter : he came with you all for trip and told you to come in banquet hall at 8

Kritika understands it to be Kabir and gets very happy. She reads letter

“Hey gorgeous I know you are very fond of being praised for yourself. So this dress is for you come quickly I am waiting

Kritika : yes (starts jumping and looks around) sorry oh my god

Preeta : are you serious?

“I don’t believe this, Kabir called me alone in banquet hall, I am so nervous Kritika tells her

Preeta : now stop jumping, get ready he will be desperate to meet you

Kritika opens the box and finds very beautiful white long dress.

Preeta ; this is so gorgeous, not bad, hurry up

Kritika curls her hair little bit and puts very light make up. She goes down at 8 to meet Kabir.

Waiter : sir madam is coming here

Kabir ; okay you know what to do right?

As soon as Kritika enters it becomes dark.

“Kabir where are you Kritika says

He does not listen to her voice as he goes out to bring something. Kabir comes back and stands at the window

“You know ever since mom dad left, I had no hopes of getting love from girl and then Naintara also left me, I might have not loved her but she was very close to me. You are little silly but I never realized when you made that special place in my heart that only bhai have. We fight so much but every time I see you I want time to just freeze right there not move, you made me fall so badly for you Kabir starts moving towards her

Lights turn on

Kritika hugs him happily. Kabir stands still seeing her instead of Roo. He does not react to her gesture

“Yes I will marry you Mr Philosopher she holds him tightly

“Surprise everybody comes there

Karan : oh this was going on from few days, you both are big spy

Elina : this time you played big game you didn’t even tell me (twists his ears)

Much to his shocked Roo comes there standing at back near door without reaction. Her eyes are dry showing no emotions. Arjun doubts them

Shrishti : oh my god (hugs Kritika)

Sameer : lambu be careful you will break her bones before marriage

Shrishti : shut up, since when this is going on


Roo tells Kabir to marry Kritika for her sake. Karan hears somebody dancing noise from corner room.

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