Preeran SS ; Realization Part 44

On flight 

Rishab sits with Kritika while Kabir Roo gets seat next to each other. Arjun who have joined them have nobody next to him

Preeta holds Karan’s hand when flight is about to take off.

Preeta (murmurs) : god help me, please

Karan laughs seeing her innocence. She ends up scratching his hands

Preeta : thank god I am safe

“But I am not Karan shouts

Everybody looks not

Preeta : what?

Karan show his hands to her angrily

Preeta ; I am so sorry (blows his hand)

Karan : you know if I knew you were like this then I would have not taken seat next to you actually not bring you in flight

Preeta : fine I am going with Shrishti, no I won’t disturb them, Rishabji can you sit with him I will take your seat with Kritika

Karan : baby doll I am sorry

Elina : you both started here

Suraj : I don’t blame Karan, you know first time even this madam got possessed, she brought blood to my arm

Karan : oh my god why does such people travel in flight

Kabir : they know we are always with them

Roo : idiot Arjun is much better than you, excuse me can I change my seat, I am suffocating here

Kabir : yaar why this girls create so much scene

Everybody sees Sameer Shrishti sleeping peacefully

Preeta : just look at them, so much love they have for each other

Elina : I have great idea, you boys can party here we all girls will go to other side

Suraj : honey wait, I am very scared in landing you know

Karan : you all are disgrace, bowing down

Preeta : not everybody is like you stupid

Air hostess : will you all please quiet down? other passengers are getting disturbed

Karan : sorry hey kareli don’t disturb others

Air hostess : ma’am would you like some to drink

Karan : I will have merlot

Preeta : on what occasion

Karan : why don’t you start eating almonds? its our first international flight trip

Preeta : and you already ruined it

Rishab put cotton on ears getting annoyed with their bantering.

Roo : hello (Comes to Arjun)

Arjun : were you bored with others and came to do time pass

Roo : oh my god you have more attitude than me I like it

Arjun : what do you don’t like?

“When somebody wrongs me if I am right says grinning her teeth

Arjun ; and that big smile for?

Roo : you are so boring anyway, tell me something about yourself

Arjun : why ? do you need that for marriage qualification

Roo : I am going to sleep good night (covers herself with duvet)

Arjun laughs at her cute antics. Kabir sees Kritika lost in thoughts outside

“One should not look back and move on in life Kabir puts hand on her

Kritika : I am not even thinking about that

“Really, then tell who were you lost in? there is nobody outside Kabir teases her

Kritika ; you never look chance to crack jokes, I am getting bored

Kabir : oh lord I wish I was a time pass but unfortunately god made me person

Kritika : yea right god was sleeping while making you person

Kabir : now thats getting too much, i wonder how your life partner will handle you

Kritika : why ? am I so bad (asks seriously)

“Nobody can be honest like you, anybody would be lucky to have such girl, good night Kabir takes the blanket

Kritika ; I want to become that lucky girl in your life (looks at him lovingly)

Rishab is not able to sleep thinking about Piyali


Piyali ; I can blindly trust you (hods his hands)

Rishab : thanks for being such a nice friend

Piyali : wait I have brought something for you (gives him friendship bracelet)

Rishab : whats that?

“Small gift that will always remind you of me, I cant’ give you much Piyali ties on his wrist

Rishab is lost in her

Flashback ends

Rishab removes the friendship bracelet from his hand and puts away.

Preeta and Elina gets annoyed seeing their partner snoring and sleeping peacefully.

Elina : this boys took our sleep look at them

Preea : I can’t sleep (takes shot from Karan’s drink to get sleepy)

Elina too gulps drink. Both goes back to their seat properly. Arjun sees Roo resting on his shoulder in sleep with all hair on face.  Teri Galliyan bg. He tucks it behind her ears

After a while everybody hears a giggling. Karan looks around but is not able to recognize voice. He hears it again but this time scary noise of anklet around.

Karan (stammers) : Pre. Preeta hey kareli what are you sleeping get up

Preeta (shouts in sleep) : let me sleep double duffer donkey

Karan distracts himself and turns on TV. He get scared to see the horror movie coming. The girl in movie makes same noise he hears.

Suraj does not find Elina anywhere and hears anklet noise too. The passengers gets scared

Elina starts laughing loudly

Suraj : oh my god did ghost entered in you?

“Hey leave me, I want to dance Elina gets highly pitched drunk and goes to scare Karan

Karan : stay away from me

Preeta pushes him to other side who also start getting affected with drink.

Rishab : one more world war is ready today

Shrishti : Sammy what has gotten into them?

Karan drinks one more shot to get rid of fear.

All the passengers wake up

Preeta : Upar zamee neeche aasman

beech me atki apni jaan
mehenga par gaya humko yeh safar
kya ho ga aage ab kisko hai khabar

Arjun (To Roo) : jo hona hai wo hona hai
phir kis bat ka rona hai
jo hona hai wo hona hai
phir kis bat ka rona hai
kis bat ka rona hai kis bat ka rona hai
jo hona hai wo hona hai

Karan : are mana maine mana ye time hai rishky
isse jo bachna hai to maar le do whisky
tere gale ke neeche hai do ghoot uthar jayegi
Preeta : hai jannat jaisi tujhko ye dunia najar aayegi
mat ghabra mat sharma mat ghabra mat sharma
le le iska maja jo hona hai wo hona hai
fir kis bat ka rona hai kis bat ka rona hai
kis bat ka rona hai jo hona hai wo hona hai

Elina : chiz tune kya pilai chad gayi
bat maine na badai badh gayi
chiz tune kya pilai chad gayi
bat maine na badai badh gayi
khwabo me aa khone de
hansne de rone de khwabo me aa khone de
hansne de rone de chiz tune kya pilai

Karan and Preeta dances with other passengers

Kabir (makes funny antics) hamko bachale o upar wale
tu mushkilo se sabko nikale
sabko nikale nikale sabko nikale
hamko bachale o upar wale
Roo : tu mushkilo se sabko nikale
ek siwa tere bhala pukare

Suraj : nam kiska hai khuda uska nahi hota
hai koi jiski hai khabar hamko tu bando ki
sada sunta hai teri marzi
ke bina hilta nahi hai patta

Sameer ; hamko bachale o upar wale
tu mushkilo se sabko nikale
jo hona hai wo hona hai
fir kis bat ka rona hai kis bat ka rona hai
kis bat ka rona hai jo hona hai wo hona hai

marne se yara mere na tu ghabrana
khushi se tu nachle sun ke mera gana
balle balle sawa sawa bhangda tu pana
he mar gaya mai

The passengers too enjoy the whole trip filled with all fun, romance and entertainment. With hours of journey all of them reaches South Africa airport.


Nicky : see forget whatever happened? think about Anu and your new job (talks on phone)

Piyali : you know I still cannot forget that pain I saw in his eyes, like not me he was hurting himself

Nicky : look I know you love Rishab a lot but he also have to understand you

Piyali ; you are not getting my point, when I was leaving I felt he wanted to share so much with me but could not

Nicky : don’t think too much take Anu and go far away you got very good opportunity start new life now, that client really loved your work of designing and he wants you to organize all upcoming events

Piyali : tell him I am ready just message me place and time

Nicky : best of luck bye

Piyali (Goes to Anu) : where are you lost

Anu : whole life I pushed you to love and now when you lost I feel guilty

Piyali : you are very small for all this, you have to do a lot in life (hugs her)

Anu (in mind) : di, in life again I won’t ever look back at people who insulted you

South Africa

Elina and Preeta shares laugh seeing Karan and Suraj’s reaction

Rishab ; it serve you both right

Suraj : at least don’t take their side, who told them to take drink

Elina ; really? its payback you did in Ranakpur

Suraj ; you know how much sensitive I am then why such pranks

Roo is half asleep when collides with Kabir

Kabir ; Ms sleeping beauty can’t you see?

Roo : my back idiot god has given eyes to see

Kabir ; the pot calling kettle black, you broke my back how will I go

Roo : do you walk through your back?

Kritika : bhai lets leave them here we should check out

Elina’s anklet noise scares Suraj and Karan

Karan : can you please remove that anklet?

Elina : escuse me

Karan ; I mean you can wear them in alone please its scary

Preeta : you are so rude, what should she do if you are coward

Karan : I am the Karan Luthra, be respectful

All of them reaches hotel while bantering.

Rishab : here are the keys, lets meet after a while (goes to room).

Karan, Sameer share room while girls have their double rooms. Elina Suraj have different suite of couple. Karan’s room is luckily opposite to Preeta and Shrishti.

Roo : di I am so tired, its only first day

Kritika : madam go get freshen up then we will go out for tour, after bhai’s team come we won’t be able to go

In afternoon all goes for lunch in hotel.

Rishab ; Karan coach said they all will leave tomorrow for here

Karan : okay bhai

Kabir plays with Roo’s leg under table. She kicks it thinking about bee screeching

Elina ; what happened?

Kabir : nothing bhabhi, ant was screeching

Roo hides her laugh and reciprocates him

Rishab : Arjun you never told us what you do

“Bhai do you want to know this for marriage verification Roo says

Rishab : what? (asks her confusingly)

Arjun : bhai I am computer engineer, and ignore her words, some people only show off by giving their name

Roo : what do you mean?

Arjun : you continue I am talking about general girls we ask their name and they end up telling their family history

Everybody laughs

Roo ; very funny

During shopping Kabir buys a dress for Roo hiding from everybody.

All of them goes to beach in evening

Suraj ; wow beach so much fun

Kabir ; who wants to go to that sunset point

Roo : I am not interested

Kritika ; can I go?

Roo ; aren’t you afraid of heights? you will faint

Kabir : at least she is fearless not like you, queen bee

Roo : fine go, I will stay here

Kabir : Kritika lets go today I will get that fear out of you let this nut cast stay here

Roo : whatever (sees Arjun clicking picture) hey take one for me

Arjun : why? do you want to add for next modeling portfolio or on marriage bureau

Roo : can’t you answer straightly

Arjun : only to people who understand straight language

Roo : I will show you (splashes water on him)

Arjun : hey wait crazy girl (runs after her)

Karan takes Preeta into the water lifting in arms

Preeta ; put me down somebody will see us

Karan : nobody cares here

Preeta : okay but put me down

Karan ; should I ?

Preeta : pleass

“There you go Karan drops her in water

Preeta : oouch donkey you are

Karan ; you only said drop me, I am so obedient husband always follow your orders

Preeta ; give me hand

Karan : did you got old already? (is about to give his hands but starts running)

“Loser luthra wait I won’t spare you today Preeta runs after him in water

Kabir takes Kritika to sunset point.

“This is so beautiful, I never seen such view before Kritika stands at hill

Kabir ; told you it won’t be scary at all, you felt better now

Kritika : let me feel this place (closes her eyes)

Kabir looks at her carefully

“I feel like staying here, whole world’s stress can be relived here she says

Kabir ; why do you want to take all that stress? just live your own life

Kritika : doing something for others can give peace sometimes

Kabir : only if thats benefit for them

“I don’t remember last time when I saw such view, when dad used to take me at hill point and then he just left us alone Kritika recalls her father playing with her

Kabir : I am sorry, recalling old memories are good sometimes (wipes her tears)

Kritika ; I miss my dad, I cannot cry in front of everybody, specially mom she feel bad and more guilty

Kabir : my mom used to say sharing pain with others is more good than happiness

Kritika : sorry I just made you emotional lets go

“Wait you should not be sorry for breaking down  thats part of relieving pain Kabir holds her back

Kritika hugs him emotionally which he is not able to reciprocate

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