Preeran SS ; Realization Part 43

On terrace 

Karan ; baby doll this time saving you became very heavy for me (Teases her)

Preeta : you forgot I am very priceless in your life (hugs him)

Rishab : this hammer is not working

“Wait I have one way Piyali divides hair pin in two parts

Karan ; there are only 5 minutes left

Preeta : why you all are risking your life? please leave

“Leave you, and what about those promises we made together, one more thing I won’t let you enjoy up in heaven alone Karan ends up pulling her leg

Preeta : how do you find jokes in such situation

Karan (holds her face) : because this life is precious gift we should not waste it

Piyali uses the trick to often handcuff turning around

Preeta ; did you work as blacksmith also?

Piyali : no but I have experience in police field for months

Karan : oh I see you must have helped criminals escape

Rishab ; shut up Karan this is no time to joke and you hurry up

Shrishti : sir (shouts from downstair) I am coming

Karan : hey wait nobody will come

Anu : di, Rishab bhai said nobody will come upstairs there is bomb

Sarla : what? (Shocked)

Rakhi : wahiguru help my children

They see Piyali opening lock with hair pin

Anu : my di is so smart

Piyali opens the handcuff finally when two minutes are left.

Karan : lets go

All four starts running as fast as then can fighting with death.

The bomb blasts

“Di, leave me Shrishti starts screaming

Sameer : wait there is danger

“I want my di Sammy Shrishti breaks down

Anu stands still when Kritika consoles her

The building turns into ashes in shaking everybody’s world.

Rakhi : Maheshji, I want my sons back do something they cannot leave me alone

Kareena : bhabhi please hold yourself

“Di Anu faints in shock of witnessing the incidence

Kritika : Anu (pats her face) mom uncle

Roo : I think she went in shock (looks at something shocking)

Sameer : what are you staring?

Everybody sees four of them coming out safely but little injured

“Karan Rishab Rakhi, Mahesh and Kareena goes to hug them emotionally

“Preeta my child Sarla and Shrishti too hugs her

Piyali : Anu what happened? see your sister is here wake up

“Di she murmurs

Piyali : yes didi is here

Rishab : lets take her back to home (picks up Anu and puts in car)

Luthra house

Anu gets flashes of blast in her dreams and wakes up in fear.

Piyali : Anu see I am here, nothing will happen dear

“Didi, for a minute I thought Anu sobs out loud first time in front of everybody

Piyali : your sister won’t go anywhere, okay

Preeta is not able to overcome the fear and holds Karan tightly.

“Everything is fine now calm down Karan keeps her close

Preeta : Karan for first time seeing death so much close I can’t forget that

Karan : till I am with you no death can touch you (kisses her forehead)

Preeta : if somebody had happened to you, why didn’t you leave me

“My world resides in you how should I left you alone there, my every heart beat have this name Karan pulls her close

Preeta : promise me you won’t leave me alone no matter what (hugs him)

Karan ; but you know what I am not going to forgive that girl

Preeta does not further argue with him regarding the issue.

Kareena ; mistake is mistake no matter why you did that, I was guilty for past thinking because of me you had to struggle in young life, your mom was not with you but again you brought past in front of us

Piyali (begs them) : I am sorry aunty, you can give me whatever punishment you want I will accept it

Rakhi : you left nothing to say and explain rest you are wise enough

Mahesh ; did you ever think if this marriage had happened our innocent daughter whole life could be spoiled for once you didn’t think

Karan : let it be dad if she had thought she would have told us earlier, I don’t want to see your face in this house just leave

Anu overhears everything feeling bad for her sister. Piyali goes to meet Rishab in his room who is unable to forget everything.

Rishab : what did you get by doing all this?

She remains quiet

“You know till today I thought life gave you only pain but you never think bad of anybody Rishab turns towards her

Piyali : my mistake is unforgivable but as a friend won’t you understand

Rishab : you lost that right also, today almost everybody hates you, till yesterday all were only angry, being a girl how could you even think of this

“I tried all ways to get rid of Akshay but that day when I got chance I could not find other way to convince him, I thought maybe he will change if he meets Kritika Piyali folds her hands while talking in tears

Rishab melts seeing her repentance but recalls Kritika and his family.

Rishab : I always considered you a friend who understands my feelings, the one I can share my heart (holds her shoulder)

Piyali : you can punish me if please don’t hurt yourself for my mistake

Rishab : you want to do something for me please go from here (holds her face tightly and pushes away)

Piyali ; Rishab (in tears)

“Do me a favor, just get out of here and never come back again in my life, stay away from my family ” Rishab’s every word pierces both of them

Piyali : you really want me to go? (asks him again like softly)

Rishab : if in life you considered me a friend for that relation go far away from and don’t show me your face again

Piyali’s heart breaks into million pieces with his every words. She walks like corpse recalling every moments with him. Elina comes to console him hearing their bitter conversation. Everybody gets emotional with Anu’s departure. She bids goodbye to everybody.

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

Piyali looks up to Rishab’s room who is hiding behind pillar. Both girls leave

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Rishab hugs Elina who only is able to understand him. Piyali sits in middle of road crying loudly after losing everything

Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Humari adhoori kahaani
Humari adhoori kahaani.. (x2)

Piyali wipes her tears and leaves with Anu.

Elina : you let her go like this?

Rishab ; what could I have done? after what she did I have no courage to stop her back

Elina ; will you be able to live without her?

Rishab ; I have learned to stay with memories and whatever I did was for her well being

Elina : you cannot run from your feelings

Rishab : everything is over, and who said I am alone mom dad, siblings friends and you are there na my love guru sister

Elina hugs him tearfully

“I am sorry Rishab, but I don’t have courage to give you that tape and make you more guilty Elina apologizes to him

Kareena ; bhabhi tomorrow is ganesh utsav what do we have to do

Rakhi ; we will celebrate it like every year but only difference this year our family’s laxmi are here they will do prayer

Sarla ; we wil be there

Sameer ; but tomorrow we have to leave for Cape town in evening

Shrishti : shorty we know you lack brains but at least don’t show it

Sameer ; you

Kabir : flight is at night and prayer will be in morning by the way where is match

Preeta : Cape town (says sadly)

Kareena ; you all listen to me forget whatever happened like bad dream, Kritika, Preeta you both try to move on

Rakhi : tomorrow is Ganesh utsav, you see god will remove all bad vibes from our life

Preeta nods

Mahesh (takes Elina to side) : dear I don’t know how to thank you

Elina : for what uncle? Rishab is more than brother to me I know he is carrying big burden on his heart thats why I didn’t have courage to tell him about Piyali’s feelings

Mahesh ; my son looks strong from outside but he is totally broken

Elina ; uncle I am there na and see how his face glows, tomorrow we are going to cape town he will feel better

Mahesh : I hope he does not meet that girl again over there

Elina ; we are going there for Karan’s match and Cape town is big city uncle don’t worry

Mahesh : god bless you

The family thanks Arjun who helped them getting location of Akshay

Kareena : you had done big favor on us going against own brother is not small

Arjun : aunty for me nothing matter more than right

Nandini ; my Arjun is very naive, he has my upbringing

Rakhi ; you saved our daughter’s honor, god bless you dear

Arjun : now you all are making me stranger

Dadi ; tomorrow is ganesh event in our house why don’t you both come

Nandini ; for sure

Later at night Karan takes Preeta for outing to make her feel better

Karan : you are still thinking about today, baby doll please

Preeta ; inspite of everything I cannot forget Anu, Karan imagine what affect her mind had when we all were blame her sister

Karan : I am telling you last time, Piyali made mistake and she deserved it, that matter is closed ,I brought you here to feel better not to remind same things

Preeta : sorry what were you saying? tomorrow we are going to cape town

Karan : coach said I have to leave early and other members will come after two days

Preeta ; I am hungry lets eat something

Karan : pav bhaaji I heard its speciality and look at this romantic weather

Both goes out enjoying cool weather forgetting recent events. Karan sees a boy trying to propose his girlfriend

Karan ; see that poor guy is working so hard but dare you girls agree for once

Preeta ; excuse me

Karan ; I mean I was talking about that girl you are my sweet kareli

Preeta : don’t batter me okay (Starts walking)

Resham si hai yeh hawaein sanam

Aao zara paas aaye sanam

Resham si hai yeh hawaein sanam

Aao zara paas aaye sanam

Jaage jaage armaan hai jaage jaage hum…(2)

Ho jaane do ab faasle kuch to kum

Jaage jaage armaan hai jaage jaage hum…(2)

Resham si hai yeh hawaein sanam

Aao zara paas aaye sanam

Jaage jaage armaan hai jaage jaage hum…(2)

Jaage jaage armaan hai jaage jaage hum…(2)

Karan twirls her around in middle of road. The duo enjoys in rain

Angdaai leke hawaein chali to kyon na khushboo bikhre kali 

Khushboo hawaon mein kaise bhare kaliyan hai sharmaati haay kya kare

Kya pata hai yeh kya sharam hai ya saja

Kyon hai betabiyaan intezar ek zara

Ek pal ki bhi doori to ab hai sitam 

Jaage jaage armaan hai jaage jaage hum…(2)

Karan drops her back to home. Preeta is not able to sleep properly with the nightmares of bomb blast.

Preeta : Karan I can’t sleep (calls him)

Karan : do you want me to sing lullaby for you madam

Preeta ; you are joking, good bye

She hears his voice and stops

Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere

Kitna Hun Betaab Main

Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke

Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main

Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere

Kitna Hun Betaab Main

Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke

Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main

Mere Saaye Hain Saath Mein

Yaara Jis Jagah Tum Ho

Main Jo Jee Raha Hun

Wajah Tum Ho..

Wajah Tum Ho..

Main Jo Jee Raha Hun

Wajah Tum Ho..

Wajah Tum Ho.. O…

Preeta dozes off hearing his voice.

Next day families gets busy in preparation of Ganesh Utsav.

Rakhi : Sarlaji today’s prayer will help our children get rid of those bad things

Sarla ; after all ganesh ji gave them blessings

Kareena ; you all come its time for aarti

Preeta lights up the lamp in front of god and start doing aarti.

First elders does aarti followed by Karan Preeta together.

Shendur Laal Chadhaayo Achchhaa

Gajamukha Ko

Dondil Laal Biraaje Sut Gaurii Har


Hath Liye Gud Laddu Saaii Survar Ko

Mahimaa Kahe Na Jaay Laagat Huun

Pad Ko

Jai Dev

Jai Dev

Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai

Jai Jai Jii Ganaraj Vidyaa Sukhadata

Dhany Tumhaaro Darshan Meraa Mat


Jai Dev Jai Dev

Jai Jai Jai

“Bappa, you always helped us in everything please keep your hand like this and save from all evil Preeta prays

Karan : I don’t want anything for me but please always take care of my family they mean a lot to me

Bhaavabhagat Se Koi Sharanagat Aave

Santati Sampatti Sabahii Bharapur


Aise Tum Mahaaraaj Moko Ati Bhaave

Gosavinandan Nishidin Gun Gave

Jai Dev Jai Dev

Jai Jai Jai

Jai Jai Ji Ganaraj Vidya Sukhadata

Shrishti and Sameer does aarti together followed by Luthra sisters

Dhany Tumharo Darshan Mera Mat


Jai Dev Jai Dev

Jai Jai Jai

Ghalin Lotangan Vandin Charan

Dolyani Pahin Roop Tujhe

Preme Aalingin Aananden Pujin

Elina and Suraj are the last one after Kabir to do aarti

“Bappa, you have always been with me in every situation, but today I am feeling very helpless for my brother, please give me a way so I could give his happiness back Elina prays

“God I never asked anything from you, just make sure nobody cast evil on this family again you returned my lost happiness Suraj asks for everybody’s happiness

Bhaven Ovalin Mhane Nama

Tamev Mata Pita Tamev

Tamev Bandhushch Sakha Tavamev

Tamev Vidya Dravinm Tamev

Tamev Sarvam Mam Dev Dev

“Bappa, I have no big hopes for anything, after Akshay I don’t expect love but whoever I get married please let him be alone mine without any cheating ” Kritika prays for true life partner in her life

Kaayen Vaach Manasendriyairvaa

Buddhyaatmanaa Vaa


Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai

Naaraayanaayeti Samarpayaami

Achyut Keshavm Raamanaaraayanam

Krishna Daamodaram Vaasudevam Hari

Shriidharam Maadhavam

Rishab ; I only want to see my family’s happiness nothing else, I don’t know what you have for me in future but please don’t let that affect my family, you know with heavy heart I let Piyali go away from me, take care of her wherever she is


Jaanakiinaayakam Raamachandram Bhaje

Hare Raam Hare Raam

Raam Raam Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Ganpati bappa ” Pandit plays conch

“Morraiya everybody shouts

In evening the families get ready to drop their children at airport. Suraj, Elina and Kabir joins them too.

Roo : wow first trip I am so excited

Kabir : keep excitement in control, or else whole flight will shake up

Roo stamps on his feet

Kabir helps Kritika lift the bag from car touching her hands accidentally. Rishab goes with them unwillingly and hoping to not meet Piyali again. Sherlyn heads to Paris for the her work at the same time.

Rakhi : you are going alone dear don’t be careless on anything

Sherlyn : don’t worry aunty I will take care

Mahesh : did you all take your boarding pass and passports

Karan ; you must be happy na we are leaving

Mahesh : of course now I will get sense of relief but only because you are going

Karan : mom

Rakhi : don’t trouble my son

The group checks inside the gate

Precap : Kritika misunderstands Kabir’s love for her and gets happy. Roo gets heartbreak

Karan and Preeta’s romance continues

PS : Piyali and Anu are not in Cape town so nobody will meet them. 

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