Preeran SS ; Realization Part 41

Luthra house

Kareena calls designer for Kritika’s bridal dress.

Rakhi : I can’t believe you will be leaving from here in two days

Kareena ; we will miss you a lot, you both girls are soul of this house

Kritika : mom (hugs her emotionally)

Roo comes back home seeing her sister getting emotional

Kritika : but I am telling you, more than you I will miss my little princess

Roo (in mind) : how much di is happy with this marriage sorry didi but I am choosing your safety and for that I have to take this big risk


Kabir and Roo are able to trace Piyali by getting number from Anu’s bag.

Piyali : you both here

Kabir : we got to know everything, Akshay is cheating on Luthra family and you have some connection with him

Piyali : thats my own problem

Roo : no its about my didi’s life and I can do anything for her safety tell me

Piyali : right now I only came to save your sister and myself from that cheater, his family is using your sister to come out of debt

Kabir : whats the plan? marriage is in two days

Piyali explains them everything

Roo : but if something goes wrong we cannot take this chance

Piyali : we don’t have other option, till marriage day you both will stay near Kritika don’t let her out of your sight Roo

Roo nods

Piyali : I will come to wedding changing attire so nobody recognize me

Flashback ends

Kritika : hello madam where are you lost

Rakhi : she might be also crying, who will take her all tantrums

Kritika : dont’ worry mami we will find for her or maybe she must have found right princess

Roo blushes hearing it but changes the topic and runs away

Kareena : bhabhi be careful I think both girls will get married at same time

Rakhi : nothing like that didi, Roo is still a kid

Upstairs Roo leans against door breathing heavily

“Once this mess is over I promise di I will share my feelings with you first before mom Roo recalls how Kabir always took her every tantrums after Kritika.

Rishab goes to meet Sherlyn who is feeling much better than before

Rishab ; what are you upto ?

Sherlyn : I am reading my favorite book love story its just so amazing

Rishab : you also have that hobby I didn’t knew that before

Sherlyn : I have so much to share but only if you have time for me

Rishab : then done on holidays whole day I will be with you happy

Sherlyn (hugs him) : very happy

Rishab : okay now let me go or else I will have to stay back

Sherlyn : sorry good night

Rishab : good night

Sanjana : Rishab wait, don’t know what to say but I want to apologize whatever happened

Rishab : aunty please it was not your fault, you only did a mother’s duty and now as a friend looking after Sherlyn is my responsibility

Sanjana :thank you for everything, take care

Rishab : good night


Elina goes through her desk to find some files when she gets hand of Piyali’s tape

Elina : whats this tape? let me hear it today (puts on the cassette)

What should I say about Rishab? just that i never saw anybody like him caring, loving just genuine in everything. The love I was running away whole life is chasing me today and wants to stop me from leaving. After mom’s death I only saw my destination towards Anu and forgot how to live life. Destiny made meet Karan, what should I say about him, just full of life, cheerful but was that enough for me. On first day itself I found out Karan have deep feelings for Preeta, I stopped myself right there. Then I didn’t realize when I Rishab became my support, till now people only took advantage of my helpless but in this cruel world his pure heart and simplicity made me rethink there are still good people exist. Every time destiny stopped me from leaving one way or other but I could not understand the reason, my heart gave answer, Rishab’s love was pulling me back. When mom was there I always felt god made somebody for me and only question came in my mind who would he be, will he understand me?. Before I found answer mom left me alone and my dreams were incomplete. Leaving no choice I had to dance in bar with a responsibility. God gave me answer today my heart only belongs to Rishab I cannot blame him if he does not love me but don’t know why his eyes always tell something. Like he have so much pain inside but his heart is not willing to share. Tomorrow I am going to tell Rishab everything with a hope he will also accept me. I will surprise him by going with them for wedding Tape is over 

Elina remains stunned hearing the emotions which Piyali have poured her heart out.

“Oh my god that means other Piyali came to Luthra house when we were leaving but why didn’t come with us and just left. She doesn’t know how much Rishab bhai loves her Elina tries to connect dots

Elina : god what is going on? first I have to meet Piyali before giving this tape to Rishab

Elina goes in hunt of Piyali after knowing she is in same city.

Arora house

Karan comes to drop Preeta who is recalling Kritika constantly

“Baby doll are you planning to settle down with me here Karan snaps his finger

Preeta : sorry I was thinking something, good night (Comes out of car)

Karan : wait baby doll why do I feel you are hiding something

Preeta : nothing like that, I am just little stressed out with your match

Karan ; great I have to stand on field and madam have is feeling stressed by the way just give me that medicine to relieve your stress

Preeta : have some shame we are outside

“Come on we are fianc now Karan pulls her closer

“Would be fianc Sir a teasing voice comes from nearby

Karan ; whose that?

“Your favorite fan Anu comes from inside house scaring them

Karan : yaar you here again (gets irritated)

Shrishti : sir explain her I am your biggest fan and she cannot take that place

Preeta hides her laugh

Karan ; I am going bye

“Wait take your fan, i am coming too bye didi Anu sit in Karan’s car

Karan : what? get off the car

Anu ; you didn’t understand I don’t want lift I am coming to your house

Karan : oh god you are crazy (leaves with her)

Shrishti : di she is so cute

Preeta : you know when she is around our house feels so alive I wish we could keep her with us whole life

Shrishti : thats only possible if Piyali is married in Luthra house

Preeta : always blabber nonsense (goes inside)

Shrishti : no di its true, I can clearly see Rishabjis’ feeling for Piyali ever since she went

Anu puts on loud music in car

Karan : whats this for?

Anu : Sir can I ask you something

Karan ; will you not if I say no

“I was asking for formality, how did you confess to Preeta di Anu irritates him

Karan : hey little mice, you better focus on your studies there is lot of time for such things

Anu rolls her eyes looking outside

Karan : and where is your spy sister?

Anu ; as usual on her mission

Karan : I give you best tip for future, if you get any boyfriend make sure he supports you no matter, you know this Preeta she is dumbo but when I am in problem she always stands with me

Anu : I don’t know about me but I want somebody like for my sister, she needs love in her life

Karan : I tell you what she is afraid of loving somebody

Anu : not afraid sir losing that love

Karan ; well everybody has their own fear but your sister does not like from those who give up easily

Anu recalls the day Piyali came back with shattered heart.


Anu : di you are back now tell me quickly what did Rishabji said

Piyali sits on floor not reacting

Anu ; please tell me i am getting worried seeing you like this

“I told before your sister is not born to get love but you didn’t understand Piyali burst out in anger and tears

Anu ; di (gets little scared) he rejected you

Piyali : only if he got to know, I went at his house but he found his happiness in somebody else

Anu : who is that?

“Sherlyn, I didn’t wanted to disrupt his life again so from now on I have nothing to do with that family Piyali tells her

Anu : how could he do this? that girl who left no chance destroy them

Piyali : what did I just say? everybody deserves a chance if Rishab is happy with Sherlyn I won’t ruin his happiness

Flashback ends

Karan and Anu reaches Luthra house and goes to their room.

Marriage day of Kritika

Rakhi : hurry up we don’t have enough time, baarat will be coming soon

“Guys are we ready Roo talks on walkie

Piyali : I am near the kitchen areas, Roo you know what to do right

Roo : yes I am ready, Kabir you have to bring Akshay at gate somehow and then our people will handle everything

Arora family comes there. Karan corners Preeta

Preeta : Mr Luthra today is your sister’s wedding do some work

Karan ; thats what I am doing this is my work and yesterday it was incomplete

Preeta : have some shame

Karan ; there is no limit for romance

Both are interrupted by Rakhi again

Rakhi ; Karan today is your sister’s wedding and you are busy romancing come with me

Karan ; but mom

Rakhi takes him away forcefully. Piyali mixes Vibhuti in havan kund which is less harmful.

Preeta : there is still some time left Kritika please don’t do this to yourself

Kritika ; I have made my mind Preeta and nobody can change that

Preeta ; why don’t you tell Kabir? who know he might also be waiting for you

Kritika : today is my marriage Preeta, I cannot tarnish my family like this

Piyali (stands outside room) : Sorry Kritika once I made attempt to ruin your life unintentionally but now i have to rectify my mistake in my senses

Kareena tells Preeta and Roo to bring Kritika down for ceremony.. Deepak enters venue posing as decorator and looks for Preeta. During ceremonies Piyali sees Rishab taking extra care of Sherlyn reopening her wounds again.

Piyali : no I cannot let my feelings distract, I came here to only help Kritika nothing can stop me

Elina : where did this Kabir go?

Suraj : at least leave him alone for sometime, you have no time for your husband

Elina : please don’t emotional blackmail me okay

The procession arrives where Rakhi and Kareena welcomes groom and his family. The girls bring Kritika down for rituals. She sits in mandap with Akshay but is not at all happy with everything. In between the ceremony Kabir makes private call to Akshay who is busy in ritual

Kabir : damn it

Roo ; what now? he is not picking up phone

Piyali ; don’t worry I have made arrangement as soon as fire will light up everybody will get affect of that powder

Roo : wait I hope its not harmful

Piyali : I have checked it, thats painless and right now our focus is to stop this marriage, Kabir you go towards gate

Kabir : okay (leaves)

Elina finds something fishy in Kabir and Roo’s behavior but is not able to go.

Elina : this two are definitely planning something and somebody is helping them

Preeta goes to get leaf from backyard when Deepak gets chance. He makes her unconscious and takes away hiding when everybody is inside.

As soon as Panditji lights up fire in havankund, everybody starts coughing.

Kareena : oh my god, what is happening

Mahesh and Sameer takes both dadi to room safely while rest of crowd is inside. A servant tells Akshay his car is beeping with alarm. He goes out to stop the noise while coughing too much. Kabir puts chloroform on his mouth from back and goons take him inside the jeep

Piyali : yes guys we done it

Roo : but everybody is coughing

Piyali : you both go inside or else somebody will doubt us go

Kabir and Roo goes with family when everything is cooled down

Rakhi : mummyji are you okay

Luthra dadi : yes I am fine but rituals remained incomplete its not good

Kareena : its okay mom, at least you are feeling better now

Roo : what happened dadi?

Karan : nothing she was not able to breathe (coughs)

Elina and Shrishti brings water for everybody

Sakshi ; Kareena ji, Panditji is calling for ritual, Ayaan will stay with Dadi

Kabir comes there too but is looked fine

“Everybody was coughing how did he not get affected’ Elina doubts seeing him normal

Everybody comes back to continue for ritual but finds Akshay missing

Sakshi : where did he go?

Vikram : I have no idea, he was with us while ago

Sakshi : try his phone ask where is he

Karan and Shrishti looks for Preeta

“Shrishti did you see Preeta Karan asks her

Sameer : bhai chachi sent her to bring some leaf from backyard but she didn’t came back

Karan : what do you mean?

Rakhi : its been long time I sent her before ritual started don’t know where she went

Karan starts to panic and goes outside as well as Shrishti and Rishab

Rishab : nobody is here

“Sir, this bangle is Preeta id’s Shrishti finds bangle in grass

Karan : oh my god

Shrishti : did somebody kidnapped her?

Suraj : Elina you go and trace Akshay’s phone hurry up I will help them find Preeta

Elina : okay (sees a girl jumping form the wall and running away) hey wait thief

Piyali manages to run away from there but her bracelet falls on floor

Elina : who was she? (sees bracelet on floor) this I think I have seen this before but where

“Piyali did you leave, hurry up everybody is busy in finding Akshay Kabir says in walkie the place Elina saw Piyali running away

Elina : I was right this was full proofed plan but if it was for Akshay where is Preeta

Karan : bhai please do something, lets go find Preeta she might be nearby

Rishab : first calm down

Karan : how should I bhai? she is missing and somebody took her inspite of all security

Shrishti : I have a strong feeling that person might have planned this from long time and somebody from family have helped them

Precap : Elina points gun towards Piyali after knowing her truth about Akshay

Table turn when Akshay kidnaps Anu and make Piyali down in front of Luthras 


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