Preeran SS ; Realization Part 40


Piyali goes somewhere and warns Anu to not leave alone anywhere

Anu : but di I will be bored alone

Piyali ; listen carefully, don’t go anywhere this city is not safe

Anu ; but where are you going?

Piyali ; to set things right you stay inside nobody should know we are here

Anu ; okay di you go I will stay back

Piyali leaves somewhere. After a while Anu gets bored and lights go off in chawl. She decides to go nearby for walk and come back before Piyali returns. She sees people fighting for light in evening.

Anu: this is so much fun, wow late night Mumbai tour (gets excited)

On the way Anu eats some street food and when somebody puts packet of drug in her pocket to save from police. She runs behind him thinking as robber and beats him up badly.

“You don’t have status, trying to steal, I will show you” Anu punches him

At the same time police comes to stop her and arrest seeing drug in her pocket

Anu ; what the hell this is not mine?

Constable : hey no arguments, come quietly

“Leave me, I will file case against you for troubling underaged girl” Anu shouts at them

Luthra house

At midnight Karan goes to kitchen feeling hungry. He looks for something when Rishab comes there to unaware of his presence.

Karan shouts seeing him

Rishab : what? its me

Karan ; bhai you gave me heart attack, I am  not even married yet

Rishab (taps his head) : do I look married to you? idiot

Karan : I am hungry and there is nothing, dad ate all sweets

Rishab : what do you expect? you sit here I will make juice for us

Karan : my brother you sit I will make something

Rishab gets little shocked with his attitude

Karan ; don’t be so surprised, if I can do it for that kareli I can do it for my brother

Rishab : don’t bother, let me cut apple for you

Karan : I can’t sleep can we go for walk, we will be back soon

Rishab even I could not sleep with so much happening today lets go

The brothers go out for walking talking randomly about their childhood

Karan ; bhai you remember in childhood we used to go for hiking in Ooty

Rishab ; you and that Sameer got scared of going to that forest

Karan ; don’t make fun of me like that

Rishab and Karan goes nearby to police station while walking.

“You don’t know who am I, daughter of billionaire, my dad’s one call will make you suspend “ Anu create ruckus in police station

Constable : hey sit quiet we know other ways to shut your mouth

Anu ; just try for once, I will cut your hands, let me call my brother will straighten you give me phone to call

Constable : this is not your home phone

Anu ; do you pay extra for charges? let me make call (dials Rishab’s number she kept safely in pocket)

Karan : who is it?

Rishab ; don’t know its some unknown number

Karan : pick it up

Rishab is about to speak

“Hello bhaiya, you come quickly to Kolvarri police station, this constable is behaving rudely with your sister come fast” Anu shows off in front of cop

Rishab ; Anu? you?

Karan looks up confusingly

Rishab : but how did you?

Anu ; you just come I will explain everything

Rishab ; I am coming

Karan : what happened?

Rishab ; police arrested Anu but what is she doing here

Karan ; did she fly from sky and landed up here

Rishab ; stop joking let me go and check

Karan : wait I am coming


Piyali : Anu where are you? (looks for her) god where did this girl go, she is so stubborn never listen to me how should i find her

Constable : hey put that phone down now? you are done na

Anu : I am very thirsty is there water

Constable : this is not your big mansion

“What type of cop you are, its your responsibility to look after suspects” Anu orders

Constable : its right there go drink it

Anu sees Rishab and Karan coming there who are much shocked to see her

Anu : bhai thank god you came here, make them understand who am I

Rishab : first tell me what are you doing here

Anu : I will explain everything later

Karan : inspector why did you arrest her that too in midnight

Inspector: Sir she was beating a guy in middle of road and we found this drug packet with her

Rishab : there is surely misunderstanding, we know her very well she belongs to decent family let her go

Karan : yes sir

Another constable brings the guy who was beaten by Anu

Contable : Sir, this girl is right he was putting drug in her pocket and running away

“Because of you i have tolerate so much, torturing poor girl aren’t you ashamed” Anu starts hitting him again

Rishab ; hey leave him no violence here lets go

Anu : no he is number thief

Karan ; bhai before she kills him lets go from here, look at his condition

Inspector ; please take her away

“You are such corrupt officer, while ago I was shouting and seeing my brother you changed mind I will file case” Anu keeps blabbering

Thief gets scared seeing her behavior and tells constable to put him in cell.

Rishab ; calm down queen of arc

Karan : oh my god, for first time I am feeling bad for their thief

Rishab ; Anu what are you doing here? and why did you leave alone in midnight don’t you know it is not safe in India

Anu (in mind) : what should I do? this is between devil and deep sea, if I say truth di will peel me like potato and If I lie then also I will get trapped

Karan : what are you thinking?

Anu ; actually di got some work here in india from her office so she brought me too, the thing is even if don’t miss india but this country brings us back (starts her acting)

Rishab ; really? where is your sister

Anu : I don’t know she said she is going for some work and din’t came back

Karan : bhai lets take this FM radio at our home or else she will create another ruckus

Anu : but di

Karan ; don’t worry if she its outside people will be safe but you don’t wander people will be unsafe lets go

Anu goes with them to Luthra house

Rishab : you can sleep down here in guest room just let us know if you need anything

Karan : I could have taken you in my room but you know after today I am scared

Anu : don’t worry I never harm good people, good night

Karan ; bye (leaves with huff)

Rishab : good night

Anu : Rishab bhai thank you (smiles at him)

Rishab leaves

Anu calls Piyali from landline number and informs everything

Piyali : what the hell? I told you not to go out and you troubled them

Anu : di relax, I am fine now you do your work peacefully I will stay here till then

Piyali : shut up, I am coming there to pick you

Anu ; di listen to me, I am safe here from everybody don’t worry

Piyali does not further argue with her and lets Anu stay in Luthra house

Next day everybody gets little surprised seeing Anu in their house

Kareena ; but when did you came?

Anu : actually aunty Piyali di had to meet somebody

Karan ; tell the full story, its not good to say hal part come on

Rishab stares at him to be quiet

Rakhi : anyway you both came at right time, Kritika’s marriage is fixed after two days

Anu : thats so exciting

Karan : and one more exciting news, my international match is in South Africa

“Oh my god congratulations” Anu hugs him excitedly

Karan ; thank you

Preeta comes angrily to meet Karan who is again late for practice

“Karan Luthra come out” Preeta roars

“Oh my god, tigress is here bhai save me” Karan hides in balcony area

Rishab ; even god won’t save you be ready to face the storm today

Preeta : where are you hiding? come out

Karan gives her fearing smile and behaves normally

Preeta : stop giving me that stupid smile, first tell me reason for being late

Karan : I am sorry baby doll, but this all happened because of that Anu

Preeta : how much you lie, that poor girl is not here and you are billing on her name

Karan ; poor? I wish she was, criminals look poor in front of her (whispers)

Preeta : oh hello are you thinking to make another story it won’t work give me answer

Karan ; calm down baby doll

Preeta : I know you might have woken late like always and at night didn’t sleep

Karan tries hard to explain her while Rishab, Sameer and Shrishti enjoy their conversation.

Rishab ; god knows who will stop their fight

Anu brings bucket of water

“Wait no” Shrishti tries to stop her

Anu : di this is only way, let me do it

In fight of bucket both ends up throwing cold water on both Karan and Preeta

Preeta : oh my god? are you crazy Shrishti

Anu hide behind Rishab

Shrishti ; di its not me, this Anu (looks for her)

Preeta : you both are hovered with Anu’s ghost or what she is not here

Anu comes giggling seeing them

Karan : now who needs check up? see

Preeta ; you? what are you doing here and why did you throw water

Anu : so you both get cooled down, there was too much hot in here

Karan : what were you saying? poor girl, if you compare her with robbers they will look victim in front of this demon

Preeta ; okay (tries to calm him down)

Anu : sir I am your big fan, you cannot do this to your favorite fan

Shrishti : no I am his best fan, thats my title

Both girls fight holding Karan from both side

Preeta (laughs) : till today I heard people fight to get autograph from their idol but fighting to receive best fan title first time I am seeing and that too from two nut case fans

Karan ; baby doll you are so mean, save me from this two crazy

Rishab : actually you are in same category, and you are their leader

Preeta starts running in house when Karan follows her everywhere. Both reaches his room and starts throwing things around. They end up falling on each other and roll over in carpet. Preeta is over him holding his collar. Both leans towards each other but are interrupted by Rakhi’s noise

Karan ; you are all wet, tell Kritika to get some clothes

Preeta nods and goes to Kritika’s room who is busy in thinking

Kritika : you are all wet, wait take this towel and dry yourself I will get dress

Preeta comes out wearing her dress and ask about the marriage

Kritika : what are you talking about?

Preeta : don’t hide anything from me, tell me honestly are you really happy

Kritika ; of course I am

Preeta : dont’ repeat the mistake I did in my life, do you love him

Kritika ; love happens after marriage, and everybody deserves a chance

“Kritika your face is saying something else please tell me truth” Preeta asks her

Kritika ; I love Kabir (reveals tearfully)

Preeta : what? you are getting married in two days and now this

Kritika ; even I didn’t realize, whole life I never expected love ever since I saw mom, but did you ever seen him carefully he is so genuine

Preeta : does he love you?

Kritika : I don’t know, but one thing is true I won’t be able to love anybody else

Preeta : listen to me, if you love him stop this marriage and tell everybody

Kritika ; I can’t do that, everybody is very happy with this marriage and if Kabir told he loves me I would myself stop this marriage

Preeta : why are you ruining yourself?

Kritika ; sometimes we have to put our duties over feelings

Preeta : you (is interrupted by Karan)

Karan : Preeta now you are not getting late? lets go coach is calling us

Preeta : I am coming you go

Karan leaves

“Preeta if you consider me your friend, then you will not tell anybody please promise” Kritika makes her swear

Preeta shares emotional hug with her but leaves when Karan calls her again

Kabir waits for Roo outside her work place. Both share little awkward after their first kiss

Roo ; you?

Kabir ; I was passing from here so thought we can go together

Roo ; sure

Kabir : I am sorry for other day, I don’t know how did that

Roo ; its okay, I know you didn’t do on purpose stop the car (starts shouting)

Kabir : oh my god what happened

“Coconut water” Roo shows him vendor

Kabir ; just for that so much noise crazy

Roo : please don’t lecture me, I am very thirsty

Kabir ; then drink water

Roo : don’t be so miser, nothing can compare coconut water

Kabir ; hey don’t call me miser I can buy the whole coconut shop

Roo : but right we only need one come

Kabir : this girl is crazy

Roo ; uncle one coconut water

Kabir : give two

Roo : I thought nothing can compare water

Kabir ignores her attitude

Vendor : sorry but there is only one coconut left

Roo ; uncle then give one he will be fine with water right

Vendor gives them coconut water. Roo starts drinking alone but asks for another straw

Roo : hey come here

Kabir ; I don’t like to do show off, hurry up I am getting late

Roo gives him another straw and shares with coconut water

Kabir ; are you not ashamed?

Roo ; really? should I tell you meaning of that (comes close to him playfully)

Kabir ; move back please

Both share same coconut water happily. While returning they both see Akshay going somewhere

Roo : hey its Akshay jiju

Kabir ; where?

Roo ; over there, but where is he going

Kabir ; it looks like some old house, lets go and check (follows him)

Both reaches old godown where Akshay meets Prithvi who is hidden by him. One more is included none other than Deepak. The trio have joined hands to bring down Luthras and revenge from Preeta.

Kabir ; don’t make noise, who is that third one

Roo ; I am not sure

Akshay ; plan is going full proof, once this marriage is over those Luthras will be under my thumb

Deepak ; you both remember I want Preeta, because of her I lost so much

Akshay : she will be with you, I have plan you come to wedding changing attire and take her from there

Deepak : fine

Prithvi ; Akshay this is only chance, no mistakes this time, after marriage make it big nightmare for those luthras

Akshay ; right now we just want to go out of that crisis and then handle kritika

Kabir and Roo are extremely shocked

Prithvi : what happened to that piyali?

Akshay : don’t worry about her, that poor girl does not know even if she makes move I will turn tables on her, she will lose her respect in front of those Luthras, she is in india

Roo is about to confront them but Kabir takes them out

Roo : how dare that cheater? he will destroy my Kritika di I won’t let this marriage happen

Kabir ; listen to me, nothing will happen to your sister I promise

Roo : but how? nobody will believe us without proof

Kabir : we have to look for Piyali first, now I see why they both are here

Roo : where will we find her and whats her connection with Akshay

Kabir ; only she can tell us her whereabout and her location Anu might know

Piyali takes help from a constable who helped her during Karan’s case. She bribes him to kidnap Akshay from marriage.

Precap ; During Kritika’s marriage Akshay is kidnapped but Deepak ends up taking Preeta from venue

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