Preeran SS ; Realization Part 4


Preeta’s mind and heart freezes ever since she heard Sherlyn’s voice on phone. She walks to Prithvi’s house depressed recalling Karan’s every words and his genuine concern for her. She opens the door slowly but does not see anybody. Some noise comes from room upstairs. Preeta hears Sherlyn’s voice and gets another blow. She sees both of them talking intimately with each other that takes away her senses. Her energy and strength leaves from her body and leans against the door. Sherlyn and Prithvi busy in their talks does not hear noise. Preeta runs away broken from everything and her feets does not stop for even a moment.

“I am sorry Karan, for being worst part of your life and insulting you” Preeta falls on floor hardly

Her eyes get dry with no emotions left to shed.

Arora house 

Preeta comes back when nobody is at home. She throws away her ring in anger with all gifts given by Prithvi and her family.

“I hate myself, I curse that time when this marriage got fixed and ignored my best friend, I am very bad thats why Karan left me” Preeta breaks the mirror

She picks up the knife and is about to cut her wrist recalling Karan’s all moment. As she is about to

“Di are you crazy” Shrishti comes there but gets late when Preeta sheds blood falling unconscious

“Di please wake up” Shrishti panics in fear and calls Sameer

“Yes tall pole after ages you called me” Sameer complains to her

Shrishti (cries) : Sameer please come here quickly di has cut her wrist

“What? are you serious” Sameer gets shocked

Shrishti : yes please come, I am very scared and don’t tell anybody just quickly come

Sameer : you don’t worry I am coming okay you try to stop the blood tie handkerchief on her hand

Shrishti : okay (cuts the call)

Sameer runs immediately to Arora house without telling anybody. Shrishti ties cloth on her sisters hand to control bleeding.

“Shrishti where are you” Sameer shouts her name

Shrishti : I am here Sameer (calls from inside)

Sameer puts Preeta in his car and takes to hospital with Shrishti.

“Di we are okay nothing will happen” Shrishti keeps holding her hands

Doctor : you all wait here

“Sameer my di, if something happens to her I will die she is my world” Shrishti cries on his chest

Sameer : nothing will happen she is strong girl, but why did she do this

Shrishti : I know for sure she might have find out about that cheater

Sameer : what are you talking about?

“Please dont’ tell anybody” Shrishti reveals him about Prithvi’s real colors

Shrishti ; its true that guy is not good for my di, from day one Karan Sir has been telling us he have affair with somebody but nobody believed

Sameer : but how will we save Preeta from all this families won’t believe us

Shrishti : and di was also saying Sherlyn is also cheating on Luthra family and Rishabji

Sameer ; is it possible that this two cheaters might have affair within them

Shrishti (shocked) : What

“I am not sure but isn’t it weird both are having affair and cheating on Preeta and Rishab bhai, what if it turns out both are together” Sameer shares his doubt

Hearing his words Shrishti also recalls the instance when Prithvi and Sherlyn defend each other on every occasion.

Shrishti : you might be right, even I feel that and only Karan Sir can help us

Sameer : bhai said his flight is tomorrow, he is coming in morning

Shrishti : thank god, doctor how is my sister

Doctor : she is fine, you did good by bringing her here on time and tied that cloth

Sameer : can we take her at home

Doctor : definitely just fill some forms in the reception

Shrishti : thank you doctor

Cape town 

Karan feels restless about something bad happening.

“Why is my heart feeling so nervous right now, like something terrible happened” Karan feels uneasy

He follows Piyali from hotel.

Piyali goes to the bar club where the crowd does not seem appropriate but she does it for her sister’s life.

Nicky : best of luck

Piyali : thanks

The manager tells her to go inside and get changed for performance. Karan reaches there following her to place with Suraj.

Suraj : this place is so sleazy yaar, and you are trying to woo that girl

Karan ; listen I am trying to woo her but something is wrong, I mean she is girl and might be in some problem

The crowd cheers for Piyali during entry

iyara Jiyara Lyrics

It’s showtime ha aa
It’s showtime ha aa
It’s showtime ha aa
It’s showtime ha aa

Let’s go yao shake a leg and move your shoulder
DJ them now taking over
There is a party round the corner
Bring a friend and bounce all you wanna

Aankhon mein tu rehne laga
Saanson mein tu behne laga
Hah aa (get closer baby) – 4 times

Shaam o saher athonpehar
Bechain dil kehne laga
Ke mera jiyara jiyara tarse tarse for you baby now

The manager is happy with the response and gives her permanent job as dancer. While coming out from club Piyali spots Karan waiting for her

Karan : you dance very well (stops her)

Piyali : excuse me  thats none of your business

Karan : It is for the person who saved my life other day

Her phone rings

Piyali : hello (picks call)

Doctor : congratulations Ms Piyali your sister’s operation was successful and you paid full amount for treatment

Piyali gets extremely shocked with the news with happiness at the same time.

Doctor : we can give her discharge in few days, you come in morning to fill formalities

Piyali : thank you doctor (Cuts call and looks at Karan)

Karan : don’t look at me like that

Piyali : I see you did all this so I get suppressed  in your burden and do anything you want

Karan ; I respect girls a lot, my brothers says even if many criminals get free but an innocent should not get punished

PIyali :  you know nothing about me don’t try to befriend me

“Yes I know nothing, your mother died, sister in hospital, you could not graduate from college due to responsibilities” Karan narrates her story

Piyali : who told you all this? you should know this is all personal

Karan ; of course I know, but I am star cricketer who can get anybody’s information

Piyali : you will get nothing by using me or befriending me alright now move, I know how to live my life and there is no place for people like me to live with high status

Karan : won’t you do something better so you can be proud of yourself and your sister could also tell her friends that see this is my sister who fight for self respect

Piyali : I know this society much better than you they will always look at me with same eyes like now, my status will never change you will only get humiliated if you make part of this high society of yours

Karan : this is all nonsense, I don’t see status for judging people, I see their character and way of talking with others

Piyali : anyway now tell me what is your motive? I know very well in this world nothing is for free

Karan : firstly I didn’t do this for any bad motive, second yes I need your help but not like this

Piyali : what can I help with? I have nothing to give you

Karan : yes you do, I want you to take india as my fiancé will you

“What? are you in your senses” gets angry

Karan : my brother and friend are getting married to wrong people, both are very innocent and cannot see bad in their fiancé but I know truth

Piyali : if you are so sure why don’t you tell the families and stop marriage, why me?

Karan : I tried but those evil people are very smart and cunning every time turn back my table and escape, I need time to gather evidence against them

Piyali : whats the logic here? come to point

Karan : if I take you as my fiancé they will think I have moved on and I can easily convince my family to know you better and postpone wedding

Piyali : you are star who have million girls around and can take easily anybody from your country

Karan : but none of them are like you, except Preeta you are the only girl you don’t see me as celebrity to use for benefit, everybody loves the Karan luthra for his stardom

Piyali : you did a lot for me, and I could not repay such big favor but please understand my helplessness, I vowed to never go back in that country after what happened with my mom

Karan ; I won’t force you but remember if in life you need any help I am always there, I saw you as person for who trust and honest matters most and will not leave hand in bad times

Piyali : please forgive me I won’t be able to do this, whatever you did for me will always big favor for me and I can do anything (folds her hands)

Karan : I didn’t meant to hurt you at all, if not anything else I can ask you something else, my flight is tomorrow noon will you come to drop me at airport for one last time I want to be your passenger (teases and wipes her tears)

He leaves her in dilemma



Preeta regains consciousness finding herself in hospital.

Shrishti : di, are you okay

Preeta does not respond to her

Shrishti : how dare you did this? for once you didn’t think about me what will happen if something happened (hugs her)

Preeta : silly girl you are not alone, now you have whole family

“Shut up with your lectures, I don’t care about anybody I only want you, understand?” Shrishti cries like child

Preeta : I am sorry Shrishti but what could I have done, whatever came in front of me I was carried away with emotions

Sameer : you didn’t do this right di, we care about you, just for that cheater you were going to take your own seriously

Preeta : how did you know?

Shrishti ; I am your sister, nobody knows you better than me alright

Sameer : you don’t have to worry Karan bhai is coming tomorrow I know he will help you

Preeta : I don’t have courage to face him, what should I tell him

Shrishti : di only for few days you have to pretend  as his fiancé so they don’t get alert I know this is very hard for you

Preeta : I don’t want to see that monster’s face, he tried to kill Janki aunty, and you know that Sherlyn is his real girlfriend not Tapsee

Shrishti : I knew it, did you see Sameer I told you, that witch is the one

Sameer : hello I gave you that brilliant idea and you only had doubt

Shrishti ; shorty don’t argue with me okay I am very stressed right now

Preeta : can you both please stop, Sameer I want to meet Karan, he is coming tomorrow

Sameer : yes without him I don’t like anything

Shrishti : should we inform Rishabhji and involve in our plan, I mean he have right to know

Preeta : not right now until we find solid evidence against this two

Sameer : its quite late come I will drop you both or else everybody will get worried

Shrishti : yes lets go

Later Sameer drops both girls to their home.

“Di what are you thinking” Shrishti finds her in thoughts

Preeta : nothing Karan was always right I am such a big dumbo, have no sense in judging people properly

Shrishti ; I will tell you best way, when he comes back just give him sweet type hug (tells her with action)

Preeta throws pillow at her irritably

Shrishti : I am telling you this is best way to woo a guy like him

Preeta : I didn’t mean in that way but I feel whichever girl will marry this luthra brothers will be very lucky

Shrishti coughs

Preeta : no no I am talking about Karan and Rishabji don’t be offended not your shorty

Shrishti shows her tongue funnily

Preeta : I know he is reserved for my sister, am I right, why don’t you both get married in that same mandap anyway my marriage is not going to happen

Shrishti : so what ? you will bid me farewell you are so mean to me

“My little doll is so cute” Preeta showers her love

The sister share their affection together.

Cape town 

Karan goes to meet Piyali who is at hospital with her sister after operation.

“Hey didi this is the Karan luthra, I know him” Anu gets excited and asks autograph

Karan sings his name on her palm

Piyali : when did you see him?

Anu : god you are so boring, he is that cricketer I was so crazy about, I wanted to see your last match but then (recalls her accident)

Karan : hey champion this sadness does not suit this beautiful face

Anu ; how sweet (pulls her cheek) of you

Piyali ; are you both done with your silly conversation? and you cricketer what

Karan : you forgot your promise, you need to drop me at airport remember

Piyali : I arranged for cab who will drop you, I cannot leave Anu alone here

Karan ; in that case she will come to drop me right champion (gives her hi five)

Anu : di you get the car ready we are going to airport I will be ready in few minutes come on

Piyali : what time have come? I have to deal with crazy people around

Karan : get used to it buddy, shall we go

Piyali : are you deaf? that storm just said she wants to come with us let me call Nicky to get the car from hotel

Karan ; okay you start heading we both will come

The trio heads towards airport in car.

Anu : Karan Sir are you here for match

Karan ; I am here for holiday if I was on match then your sister might have to deal with my whole team right driver

Piyali : how many times I told you don’t call me driver, idiot

Karan : whole world calls me smart and your sister thinks I am a fool

Piyali : of course you are thats why you tried to save that worker alone and I had to save you

Karan : oh please don’t get stuck on one needle

Anu : you both are so cute while fighting, keep doing, its entertaining

Piyali : Anu sit back quietly or else I will throw you out in middle and you will reach home alone

Anu : I am not scared di (says with attitude) today my life long dream of meeting my favorite star has come true no more complains

Karan ; today I feel so proud on every country there is at least fans for me

Piyali brings them to airport.

“Here is your boarding pass and ticket anything else I can do for you” Piyali asks him sarcastically

Anu : why can’t we go with him to india? you never took me there

Piyali (shouts at her) : be quiet and go in car right now I am coming

Anu : bye Karan Sir it was nice meeting you

Karan : don’t worry champion the day you become big come visit me

Anu : okay (leaves)

“Karan thank you again for everything and sorry for not helping you but I will pray that you will get victory in everything you want” shakes her hand

Karan :If anytime you change your mind and come to india, just visit me, I will also give you best guest service promise (gives his phone number and address)

Piyali keeps holding his hand lost in his eyes

Karan : are you planning to keep me here?

“Can I hug you for one last time” asks him softly

Karan first time is not able to say anything seeing her plea. Piyali gives him friendly hug before leaving from there

Suraj comes there too scolding him for not informing him.

Karan ; so sorry buddy, I came this morning but you were not in room

Suraj : take care of yourself okay, and who knows we will meet again in future this world is very small

Piyali : okay he is getting late, you go now or else I will stop you here if you miss flight

Karan ; no more tears driver, and hatts off boss (salute her and leave)

She stands till he goes inside the gate. Karan boards on the flight recalling her every instance.


Luthra family gets in full swing to prepare for the marriage. Preeta waits impatiently for Karan to arrive since morning.

Shrishti : di relax being doctor you are very impatient

Preeta : you won’t understand

Shrishti : I know everything

Rakhi cooks Karan’s favorite food remembering him always pouncing on it.

Rishab ; mom are you okay

“Ever since Karan left I feel soul of this house went away, his laugh use to echo in every wall and now even they are silent” Rakhi gets emotional

“But not anymore, now things will get to normal mom” a voice comes

Everybody turns around to see their brightness of house standing in front

“Karan, my kiddo” Rishab goes first to embrace his brother after long time of separation

Karan : I missed you bhai, (gets in tears)

Rakhi : where were you? do you even realize what we went through all this days

Karan : but now I have come back, I realized one thing mom how important is family, only few days away from you I felt like torture

Preeta gets confused and happy with his arrival. The girls stands upstairs behind pillar

Shrishti : di go and hug him

Preeta waits in his room instead

Rishab : you might be tired go freshen up we will have lunch together

Karan ; i want to sleep, this jet leg is worst don’t worry our dinner will be together

Rishab : okay go (leaves)

Karan comes to his room throwing his luggage. He sees Preeta standing in front of him

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